Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Should Bill De Blasio Keep Any Of Mayor Bloomberg's Commissioners?

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If Bill de Blasio's team needs a few suggestions, our viewers have plenty!

On the campaign trail, candidate Bill de Blasio said he would replace Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, and Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky if he won. Well, he did win. And in the next seven weeks, the Mayor-elect and his transition team will be deciding whether to ask any of Mayor Bloomberg's other commissioners to stay on the job.

What about Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan or Housing Authority Chairman John Rhea? Should Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio ask Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano or Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty to stay? Would you like to see Health Commissioner Thomas Farley remain in his position? We're asking you tonight how you would advise the new Mayor.

In Bill de Blasio's administration, who should stay and who should go? Do you want de Blasio to keep his promises and replace Ray Kelly and Dennis Walcott? And if you want to see a commissioner gone, who should take over the department?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Keep the TLC, he seemed to care about the drivers, but all the rest have to go especially John Rhea, he is a disgrace and should have resigned yesterday. He must be one of the most hated men in the city or at least in city housing.




Before anyone else, de Blasio should boot TLC Commissioner Yassky and Transportation Commissioner Sadik-Khan. The yammering TV screens in the back seats of taxis, the useless "Look" logos painted on crosswalks, the dangerous bike lanes, and the visual blight of Citibank bikes and bike racks should push these two commissioners to the front of the unemployment line.

Jay -- Murray Hill


Get rid of the Sanitation Commissioner Doherty first. Get a whole new team of players. Start a fresh. Pick folks that are progressive.

Jamaica, NY

Doherty is too old, Cassano is mensa/mensa and Sadik-Khan has to go the bike racks and the traffic signals are loony and its her doing even though King Michael the First called the shots and those curbs in the middle of the street, they belong in Old Greenwich not here.


Hi John,

I believe that DeBlasio should change all of the heads of state. He should start
anew otherwise we will have the same tired old faces that will do nothing until
they retire.
To me all of his supervisors, etc. anyone and everyone in charge should have been
spoken to already and instead of going off to Puerto Rico he should have had all
of these posts filled and in the same sentence the situation with his son should
have already been decided.
If DeBlasio was aware when he claims that he has had many jobs in civil service
and he also worked for Cuomo. I believe that others will end up choosing his
staff members and maybe if that happens then we have tradeoffs.
I personally do not think that he has any experience in management at all and
he brags about his stay as Public Advocate and yet he never helped push through
the affordable housing and NYCHA is just a complete disgrace and even though
the jester made when all the candidates in the very beginning of their campaigns
offered to sleep over they very knew the conditions these apartments were in.
Since then what have they really done to make some sort of improvement on
all of these sites.
I still worry about the security and the education in New York City and once again
I would like to mention that he should have stayed in New York and get started
on his administration.
There are sacrifices to be made in certain situations.

Thank you John,

Obviously Walcott has got to go. We are urging de Blasio to implement an open, transparent inclusive process for his search for a new chancellor.

Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters

Hi John

Mayor-elect Diblasio should give Comissoner Kelly, Rhea, and Walcott their walking papers if the Mayor elect keep Kelly stop and frisk won't be abolished and racism will still exist within the department and that's no good. Rhea needs to go because NYCHA needs to be revamped from the top down when superstorm Sandy happened the residents that lived in the buildings were not prepared a lot of elderly and handicapped people live in the buildings there was no elevator service for them to get out of the buildings safely that's bad. chancellor Walcott should be the first to go because some of the kids are doing poorly in school, i know all the blame isnt on the chncellor. everyone have to get envolved to help the kids get promoted to the next grade so they can go to college the teachers have to help the kids if they need help and definetly the parents have to sit down and help their kids with homework and study for tests remember the kids are our future. i think there should be a new HHC commissoner too i dont want any hospitals to close some hospitals like Mount Sinai have nurses that care and have compassion for their patients some nurses are smart enough to be doctors, Hi Ivonne.

upper west side

de Blasio should change his position and keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner. Otherwise, he'll be a one term mayor after crime spikes dramatically.

Sheepshead Bay,


All of the Bloomberg Commissioners should be replaced. But I fear that de Blasio's replacements will be even worse.

Port Richmond, SI

The DOT Commissioner has to be the first to then the Housing Chairman, Schools Chancellor, and the Department of Health Commissioner. We need a new regime and rid our selves of the Bloomberg Oligarchy. Doherty and Cassano are good people and can think for themselves. keep them. Kelly is good, but he rubs the liberals the wrong way they will make life miserable for him, keep him. Do not know much about Yassky, but the green cabs are nice so keep him.





Fire everyone. Leave the windows open as long as possible.

Steve from College Point

deBlasio should start with a clean slate. With all of the time he has spent in ny politics I'm sure he knows a few people. Police commissioner should be Bratton to show he will stay tough on crime. Schools chancellor could be Kathleen Cashin or one of the previous superintendents.

Chris from Brooklyn

to leave if substantive changes are to be implemented and succeed: Dennis Walcott, NYCHA Chair, NYPD Commissioner, Dept of Correction Commissioner

to retain: Dept of Probation Commissioner


I Think Mr. DeBlasio, can keep a small few of the Commissioners from Bloomberg that are "competent" and get rid of the rest. I truly agree that the Police Commissioner need to be changed I think Commissioner Braden who was under Mayor Dinkins should return. I definitely think that Chancellor Walcott should go, he has been absolutely "useless" as Chancellor he was only hired as a yes man. We need a Chancellor with an education background who has the ability to overhaul the Education system. A chancellor who can think on his own. I think The Commissioner from Children's Services can be shown the door also.

Upper West Side

Peter Venezia (ret NYPD COMMANDER) for new PC. A great leader.

From Mike (ret. Lt. NYPD).

Hi John,

I supported Bill DeBlasio in the mayoral election because I think he understands what New Yorkers want and need and will do what is necessary to meet those standards. However, I think he's making a mistake by wanting to get rid of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly because Kelly has worked hard for the past 12 years to reduce crime in the city and policies such as stop and frisk have played a big role in keeping crime down.

Alison, Midtown East


I am 68, with chronic back pain. My plea is for the next head of DOT to give consideration to the needs of pedestrians who are not ideally fit or athletic. Bloomberg's Commissioner has been imposing her point of view (pro-cyclists) to the detriment of aging New Yorkers. Every lucky person will age! Her ideas have been callous and have infuriated me, repeatedly!

Connie in Long Is City

I think he should get rid of all of Bloomberg's appointees . I voted for DeBlasssio for a change. The city and the school system has crumbled under Bloomberg.


Obviously there will be many changes. I don't support outsiders who have never worked with or for whatever agency head they will be replacing. Insiders usually have a better idea of what policies are working and aren't working. All current leaders resumes should be reviewed as well as there accomplishments. If they are just puppets, well then replace them.


School's chancellor, Dennis Walcott should be replaced and Adelaide Sanford, former board of reagents should be considered. John Rhea, Nycha Chair should be replaced by someone that really cares about it's. Employees and tenants. Ray Kelly should be replaced by former commissioner Bratton


Mayor-elect de Blasio should get rid of all of Michael Bloomberg's commissioners. We elected BdB to bring change all across city hall. We need new commissioners and other agency officials. I especially agree that we need to replace everyone on the board of standards and appeals... which is one of the worst agencies in the city, as under Bloomberg, it has become a rubber stamp for real estate developers.

Steven from Astoria

The first person out the door should be Janette Sadik-Kahn, who only got the appointment of Commissioner of the Department of Transportation because her father was the managing director of Paine-Webber. She spent the Department's resources on redirecting traffic, narrowing streets through bike lanes and pedestrian plazas and basically punishing driver's from the outer boroughs for not wanting congestion pricing, and yet it seems that she has not fixed one pot hole. They should send her back to San Francisco.

Kew Gardens,NY

I believe strongly that Commissioner Veronica white from the New York City dept. of Parks and Recreation should stay. she's done a wonderful job under very difficult circumstances. I've witnessed firsthand commissioner whites leadership during Sandy. Commission white is also very well-respected within the rank-and-file of the department.

Jack - Queens

Please find a person who speaks responsively to parents and the public with candor, instead of cooking up bureaucratic jargon that puts all bad news in the passive voice, taking no blame and hurrying to get away from the TV cameras.

Basically, I want people who are not arrogant egotists!

Connie in Long Is City

I would like to see the housing policy change. It is difficult for most people who wants to move out of housing do that safely. People should be able to purchase and still stay in their apartment at least for 5 years,and then give it up. Unlike now you cannot purchase a house and live in nycha. This is one of the reason why some people are still living in housing but will like to move out as I am.


Go : police commissioner.
Stay: school chancellor.
Appoint. Bill Brattain for commissioner.
Bill DeBlaso will be a great mayor. He is for the people.


Housing and preservation commissioner should go as this commissioner has done nothing to preserve affordable housing and in fact has worked at abolishing it in New York especially manhattan.

Melinda M.

Mayor-elect DiBlasio should keep NYC Health Commish Tom Farley - he is a consummate professional

Prospect Heights

In response to everyone out there saying that crime will get out of control with the fall of Commissioner Kelly, let me humor you for a second lets say for just a second that De Blasio delivers on his promises. And fights for the lower class people and middle class people of New York City and improves our situation in the city, example, job unemployment goes down, schools are better for our children. Statically speaking crime show go down? I would believe so. Kelly your time is up. Thank you for your services, but this is an era of change. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Victor from Harlem


I agree with the previous caller.Sadik-Khan has to go. She is one of the original Critical Mass people.

midtown east

Hi John & The Call -

I believe it is long overdue that the Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty should leave. He should have left years ago. The snow storm fiasco should have confirmed it was time for him to leave.

Also, the personnel of the DSNY have been unresponsive when you attempt to contact the Department of Sanitation on any matters for residents.

I agree with the caller that the Health Commissioner Dr Thomas Farley should stay on the job. Also, I think that the Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadit-Khan should stay on the job.

John, Oakwood

What is wrong with some people that makes it sound like Bloomberg was the worst thing that ever happened to NYC? Yes he has some controversial beliefs that many people including myself disagree with but overall he was one of the best mayor NY has ever had. Crime is down and school system is doing better than before. Kelly and Walcott should both stay.

Sean from Flushing.

If ANY agency needs a new leader its the FDNY. For over 20 years it has been run by white males. the racism in the agency is outrageous! There must be a qualified minority. The first ever female Fire Commissioner would be great for all!

The Ortiz Family
Bronx, NY

Hi John .... Most of Bloomberg's commissioners are effective and has done a good job but I hope the new mayor should have a more diverse group of commissioners ...

Park Slope

sadik-khan must go after she has ruined the city and tried to make us like a european city. kelly also is a nightmare. the should keep cassano.

susan in sheepshead bay

The current Commissioner for the New York City Department of Correction should be the first to go, and there are many Correction Officers; Captains; and Deputy Wardens that would very much like to see former Deputy Warden Eric H. Deravin take that office. Aside from the fact that he was a top quality supervisor in the most violent jails on Rikers Island throughout the 80s & 90s, he is also a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Army, who is a decorated combat veteran, who did tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, and most agree that he has the leadership skills needed to restore the care; custody; and control, the department of correction has so far heavily lost under these last two commissioners.

C. Monclova

The people who dislike Janette Sadik-Kahn's policies obviously have never used a bicycle in the city or have never been hit by a cab as I have been twice. The bike lanes are Eco-friendly, support good health and make cycling safe. Cracking down on unsafe cyclists would be a better idea than banning bike lanes



Ray Kelly is not immortal. Bratton served for only two years and he did an effective job. Kelly has been there for 12 years; he needs to go. The people calling in who want him to stay did not vote for de Blasio anyway. We the people who voted for him know he said he will replace Kelly. So why are these people, who never voted for de Blasio, chiming in? De Blasio also said he wants a schools chancellor who is an educator, like someone with a doctorate, not a businessman. There are many qualified people who can be chosen from around the nation. Other people who supported De Blasio need jobs not just Bloomberg's cronies.

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

Cassano is a Giuliani/Bloomberg guy. Mayor de Blasio should find a minority and/or a female Fire Commissioner to truly make it a NYC for all.


The tale of two cities should end with the firing of all the Bloomberg commissioners. Mayor Diblasio has to only increase employment and hiring for the poor and crime will decrease. Hate and racism towards black people doesn't reduce crime because all people contribute to crime.

Stephanie from corona

I believe Pedro Noguera from NYU should be the next Education Chancellor. He is not an educarat, but a progressive educator, with high credentials, who stood his ground against Bloomberg education policy, and as a researcher clearly knows what is best for our children. Manhattan Parks commissioner Castro would be a great Parks and Recreation Commisioner. My humble and respectful opinion.

Washington Heights

I would like to see Ray Kelly stay as police commissioner, because he is very effective, stop and frisk was very flawed, but it was Bloomberg's brainchild, I believe. Under Mayor DeBlasio, I feel his choices will benefit in every facet of his administration.


Ray Kelly has been a great commissioner. In reality you really don't hear too much about other commissioners. Its unfair how the recent politics attacked his very positive and reputable successful reputation. A replacement could be current cod Phillip Banks. It makes sense as he has expertise running the PD including the community affairs bureau. Also he is a black male who grew up and was stopped as him self in his youth im sure he has a good plan to keep crime down while keeping stop/ question/ frisk to a much lower for nycha ....what a mess ...replace chancellor was a puppet, take a great principal and make them the new chancellor, FD doesn't even matter. The rest I have know thoughts.. Good luck to to the new mayor Bill Deblasio.


I think he should keep Kelly. He's a good guy.


Keep Kelly his members reflect the population of NYC. Get rid of Cassano the leader of the all white male club.


From an abysmal response to Hurricane Sandy to ineffectual marketing, to an overblown nanny state strategy, Commissioner Farley must be replaced.

- Morgan in Brooklyn

I would like to see Ray Kelly stay as police commissioner, because he is quite effective, stop and frisk was very flawed, and I believe it was Mayor Bloomberg's brainchild. Under Mayor DeBlasio, I see him making administrative choices which will benefit the city, not take away from it.

Michael in Woodside.

Anyone that claims Kelly is doing a good job while doing it by disregarding the 4th Amendment with stop and frisk is completely ignorant. Let us find a Commissioner that does not violate the Constitution of the USA. I for one, prefer to keep my individual rights rather than giving them up with an illegal tactic like stop and frisk over the illusion of safety.

Rafael, Queens NY.

If you talk about percentage of white employees at NYFD than let's talk about percentage of black employees in public offices such as public assistance and social security department.

David (Forest Hills)

It is really a shame that we are losing Charles Hynes here as Brooklyn District attorney
and to add insult to injury, DeBlasio will probably fire police commissioner Ray Kelly who is a great commissioner. On top of all of that the stop and frisk will probably be reversed.

Violent Crime is running rampant in the 5 Boroughs especially in the ghetto and slum neighborhoods.

Joe from Brooklyn

Diane Ravitch, NYU professor of education and former asst secretary of education during George H.W. Bush administration should be the new chancellor. She tells it like it is when it comes to education throughout this country.

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