Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Democrats Sweep To Victory; Bill De Blasio Elected In Landslide

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So many of the callers we've heard from who supported Bill de Blasio say they voted for him for change. The problem with that is change is hard to measure and if de Blasio doesn't quickly deliver some concrete results, he may lose that very support. It's an unfair position to be in, with such high expectations riding on your first term. It'll be interesting in that regard to see which among the many policy issues he campaigned on he will actually focus on in office.

After months of campaigning, New Yorkers have spoken. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Bill de Blasio beat Republican rival Joe Lhota 73 percent to 24 percent. It's the largest margin of victory for a non-incumbent in modern New York City history.

Bill de Blasio met with Mayor Bloomberg this morning at City Hall to talk about the transition process. The Democrat is hoping his landslide victory gives him the political capital to accomplish many of his campaign promises, like raising taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers in order to fund universal pre-kindergarten.

Democrats also won office in the other two major citywide races. Former City Councilwoman Letitia James will be New York City's new public advocate, and former Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer easily won his race to be the next City comptroller.

What does Bill de Blasio's victory mean for New York City? What should his first order of business be? Are you surprised Democrats won across the board so easily last night? What's your political analysis of the election?

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Just one thing to say: I am very disappointed in the low turn-out last night. Only 1 million votes when we have 6-8 million residents? And I don't think people actually read all the propositions or understood them, or else we would NOT have gambling in New York. It's a shame the majority of NYers chose ignorance over just a little knowledge about their city/state.

Dina and Ed
Throggs Neck

What does Bill de Blasio's victory mean for New York City?

It means may God help this city -- between his wide-eyed good intentions and his sheer inexperience, and that of Scott Stringer (I still don't know what it is that the public advocate actually does in terms of the functioning of the city), New York will essentially be running on auto-pilot and the momentum of the prior administration for at least six months. And De Blasio has as much chance of getting that tax increase as my rabbi has of being the next Pope.

Upper West Side

I am not surprised, especially with the condition of our schools. As usually happens the candidate can't always carry out his promises,and may disappoint his supporters. Let's give it time and see what happens.


De Blasio's first act should be to resign. He is an empty suit and a destroyer. MYC will suffer from his policies.

Port Richmond

To me personally I can’t see how DeBlasio can have a smooth transition of office with
Bloomberg. Bloomberg never liked DeBlasio and DeBlasio stayed out of the mayors way. So
why should Bloomberg accommodate him now. DeBlasio really didn’t campaign because
all he did was to promote his campaign around his family and children and yet everyone
else that lives their life as they please and have families with their wants and need and
yet we are going to be taxed in order for them to send their children to pre-k. They want
what they call a decent wage and all that I can see is that whatever the voters wanted
DeBlasio said yes and how could he just agree on all of these wants and expect other’s
to pay the bill. The most common want is affordable housing and in every election since
the beginning of time the politicians have promised they would build and it never
happens. As far as family goes DeBlasio held other offices and should have tried to
help and make suggestions to the constituents using his family as a role model.

As far as The Comptroller and the Public Advocates offices go it seems to me that it
is something that is etched in stone that they just climb the ladder to the top
jobs and we the citizens paying all the taxes are not really represented and it’s the
same people over and over again.

DeBlasio has to much excess baggage and he thinks that by giving in to all the
whims of the voters that this will make him a success.
I don’t think so.

What happens with the security in New York ? We should have been informed
about the new Police Commissioner.

Morris Park

I'm not surprised Diblasio and the other dems. won across the board it shows that the voters were tired of Bloomberg's policies for 12 years. Mayor elect Dibnlasio should abolish stop snd frisk first then education, affordable housing and contracts for the union workers, i know Mayor elect Diblasio can make this city vibrant again for everyone

Upper West Side

I am very happy that deblasio won the election to be our next mayor. i voted for him.

Far Rockaway

Are you surprised Democrats won across the board so easily last night?- No...and here's why.

Back in 2009; I wrote these lines in a blog I was writing about the rise or “infection” of the Tea Party. I felt the Republican Party was one of the two great political parties of this Country. I think we need both parties to keep our Country strong.
“Real Republicans! Your party is suffering from an infection called the Tea Party…Your Party is disintegrating like the Wicked Witch of the West. You need to save it.”
Rand Paul. Feel free to use those lines as much as you want to.

East New York

I voted for DeBlasio, and I am cautiously optimistic. One of my hopes is that the mayor, the comptroller, the public advocate, all progressive democrats, along with the city council, will find the money to pay for retroactive raises for city workers by investigating all of the contracts with private consultants and companies, looking for the fraud and waste that we all know is there, like the City time scandal, which was probably just the tip of the iceberg. Also, under bloomberg's reign city agencies became top heavy with the creation of unnecessary 6 figure management positions, one of bloomberg's favorite things to do. Many of those positions should be eliminated, and the money used to pay the people who really do the work, ordinary city workers. Fingers crossed.


As a Latino, it was amazing to hear our mayor elect Bill De Blasio address the Latino community in Spanish. He maybe a "gringo" but he spoke Spanish very well last night. I am so happy to see hope for all New Yorkers.


Washington Heights

I would love to see the new mayor make good on his promise yo eliminate horse-drawn carriages from city streets. D'Blasio has an alternate plan for drivers to continue to serve tourists and make a living.


The New Mayor should eliminate solitary confinement at Rikers Island for mentally ill, young people 16-21 and physically handicapped by appointing a new Commissioner of Correction.


I am ecstatic about Bill de Blasio's victory last night! I do believe that after 12 years of Mayor Bloomberg Bill de Blasio was the better choice for Mayor. But I believe that this whole election season was a referendum on Mayor Bloomberg and his policies. From the primary right down to the general election people made it known that they had enough of his policies and his dictatorship style. Perhaps some voters so that same quality in Joe Lhota cause it was somewhat obvious. And Mr. Lhota does share a lot of Mayor Bloomberg's values especially when it comes to education. Please! Joe Lhota would have been a nightmare for all NYC public schools -- close them all down was his attitude and he didn't care who was listening. To hell with the teachers, parents and students!

Last night a traditional public school won a victory while an elite Charter School lost.

Upper East Side

To dismantle Bloomberg's Department of Education by Day 2!

Morningside Heights

End Stop and Frisk

Get ride of all of the Bloomberg administration's policies with regards to schools.
Bloomberg has totally ruined the public school system. Tax the rich and apply that money
to help the poor and people in need.

Bay Ridge

What do I think of Bill DiBlasio’s win (and the more than coincidental near record low voter turnout)? I think that a lot of people got so complacent in their belief that Christine Quinn would win the Democratic nomination that they failed to show up at the polls for the primary – and, then, when as a result of DiBlasio’s win in the Democratic primary, they realized that they now were being faced with what they considered to be 2 completely unacceptable candidates, they plainly REFUSED TO VOTE.

Upper East Side

Congratulations to the Mayor-Elect.

I would like to see our new Mayor work hands-on with the Rent Guidelines Board to hold down rents over the next 2 years while he works on the larger issue of affordable housing.

By affordable - for those like myself who are too young to collect Social Security and don't qualify for either SCREE
or Section 8 housing, but who would like to remain in New York and are still having having major challenges finding
work on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Upper East Side

Despite our economic problems, This entire election is about stop and frisk. Whites hoping that it will be kept and blacks hoping that as the father of a black teen, De Blasio will abolish it. Hopefully as a white man married to a black woman, there is a human solution that we can all live with.


Everyone thinks that DeBlasio will bring "change". That's exactly what Obama promised and look what's happening.

Forest Hills

Abolish all the incompetent bloomberg wall st friends and replace them with competent people experienced candidates to lead the multitude and diversified agencies in this city. How does banking know about Public Housing-need I say more?


Get the police department to work on enforcing traffic come down on reckless motorists who have targeted pedestrians ; motorists and children ending in death !!


People were simply fed up with the Bloomberg years, some of us ran to the polls for change, others simply lost confidence in our Politicians' ability to do the Right Thing. They are so busy serving themselves, taking from the poor and middle class that they have lost sight of the reason they were voted to go to Washington, and that was to serve the PEOPLE, not line your own pockets. The dishonesty and greed has made voters distrust our political candidates.

Upper West Side

With the many changes Mayor DeBlasio has listed in his agenda, I sincerely hope one of his foremost changes is appointing a qualified Correction Commissioner that can repair the irreparable damage the current one has so far horrifically created. Her lack of expertise in that field, as well as her lack of consideration for the safety, and welfare, for the thousands who are employed and detained there, has designed an environment that is so out of control, it is just a matter of time that we will soon be reading/hearing about a horrible incident that could have been stopped, but was allowed to continue, as it did in the state of Arizonia, under this same current commissioner's watch.


No one ever seems to mention that people who have been unable to pay taxes can't vote...even if they want to. This can happen from losing a job & being unemployed for a long time.

It's very humiliating to discuss with others that you are not able to vote due to tax debt, so it's never addressed as an important issue that affects voting turn out.

I hope de Blasio can help create more wealth or job opportunities for those who have suffered from significant financial loss or overwhelming debt that they have not been able to get past yet due to the economy.

Downtown Brooklyn

I would like our new mayor to take a hard look at our government agencies and eliminate waste and put our taxes to good use. Demand accountability and results.

Park Slope

I voted, but I suspect it was the hype of Bill De Blasio's lead in the polls which made too many people take his victory for granted. I sincerely hope that Mayor. DeBlasio distinguishes himself, and creates a climate of positive progress, in all the areas he mentioned during his campaign. He has five boroughs under his watch, and no one is going to benefit, if his administration is looked at as a failure before it starts. Give De Blasio a chance to prove himself,


I believe voters did not come out because of the polls. I believe Bill de Blasio will be a great Mayor. He would be fair to one and all. The city will be better from his progressive services.

East New York

There has been a stretch of potholes on 9th street between 7th and 8th aves.
ever since the great blizzard. They have never been fixed. Does Sakik-Kahn have anything against Park Slope? This is a major thoroughfare two blocks away from Methodist Hospital. With previous dot commissioners the roads were always repaved during the spring. It seems like they gave up on fixing the potholes.


The low voter turn out was due to complete lack of choice. DeBlasio was suddenly shoved down our throats after the slimmest possible win in the Democratic primary. And the Republican ticket was ridiculously weak.


The gentrification is out of control and did not involve any balanced development of housing for low & moderate income families. If wasn't for public housing in Harlem there would be no black or Latino families in Harlem. Housing development under Bloomberg was a travesty.

Stop & frisk means that my son who is an Air Force academy grad now stationed in the Arab emirate could be stopped & frisked while visiting in NYC. Only because he is black. Talk about racial profiling. Horrible policy.


I think DeBlasio should do the following...

Raise the payroll tax for to include wages above 115K (right now that's the cap. so someone who makes 115k and bloomberg contribute the same amount)...

Add a capital gains tax, that would bringsa windfall to fund new transportation projects and provides free tuition to all city colleges...

Bring back Bratton, it was he and Dinkins who should be thanked for the current cities low crime rate, NOT Giuliani!


Fire NYCHA head Rhea and the appointed resident commissioners on the NYCHA board. Work to modify S3754 to allow NYC residents to vote for resident commissioners on NYCHA board like the other cities in the state and nation.

You the media are the blame for low turnout. There were other candidates for mayor, public advocate, and comptroller that you did not cover, What about Freedom party candidates?


I think that people did not go out to vote because they already made the mistake of voting for Obama. DeBlasio is just another Obama, empty promises.


There's a difference between being liberal and being LIBERAL. De blasio is too liberal, disrespects police and made too many promises to too many people that he can't keep.

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