Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Call Blog: After Months Of Campaigning, Polls Open In The Morning

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We finally get our opportunity to have a say. Don't throw away your rights. Vote.

After dozens of speeches, forums, and campaign stops, it's time for New Yorkers to head to the polls. Election Day is tomorrow, and voters will elect New York City's next mayor, comptroller, public advocate, and more. Polls are open across the five boroughs from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

On the final day of campaigning, mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio greeted commuters in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The Democrat said he isn't taking his lead in the public opinion polls for granted, and he needs "to be scrappy, to have an underdog attitude." Republican Joe Lhota met commuters on Manhattan's Upper East Side and said "the only poll that counts opens up tomorrow." What do you say?

Who are you voting for and why? If you are still undecided, how will you make up your mind tomorrow? How will you remember this election season? What were the highs and lows of the campaigns from the primary and general elections?

Send your thoughts using the link above.


I'm not voting for any mayoral candidate. I'm pulling the lever of the least objectionable one, Lhota.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John

i'm voting democratic across the board, i'm a life long democrat i know the Republicans wont do anything for the middle class. I just hope Diblasio will give my buddies at the MTA a fair and decent contract and abolish stop and frisk because the policy is racist this is 2013 racism have to stop.

upper west side

I look forward to it. I'm voting for Mr. Blasio and we welcome whomever he brings along. I met Mr. Blasio very briefly in 2011 and his vibes and energy is genuine in my opinion. I feel that he (unlike the current mayor) actually gives a darn about NewYorker's, regardless if you were born here or arrived by boat a month ago.

With him in office, I welcome the change because as we all know, NYC has many issues. Let's ALL say goodnight and sweet dreams to the old mayor and his dogs. :-)

Fin. District.

Hi John,

Tomorrows the day and I vote for Lhota because I feel he has experience in management of many kind. This is what we need at this time. He will be the Mayor for all five boroughs and not only Manhattan. We have had to live with the dictator for to long a time and personally I am grateful that his reign is finally coming to an end. He certainly won’t be missed.

DeBlasio is not experienced enough in anything other than to make promises and then flip flop continuously. When confronted with issues he denies them and then starts the name calling. Very unprofessional to say the least.

Thank you John,

Bill DiBlasio and the reason why is because he is pro public school education, supportive of teachers and other labor unions and will be fair to the average joe, which encompasses most of NYC.

I wouldn't vote for Lhoto - 1) because he is in favor of Charter Schools! and 2) he would let a litter of kittens be killed simply to avoid stopping a train! The man is not human. He did a lousy job running our transit system so I can't see how he could possibly run our City.

Jessica, Arden Heights

Hi John;

The main reason I am voting for Joe Lhota is that he supports the NYPD and will allow them to continue the dangerous work that they do to keep law-abiding citizens safe.

While DeBlasio did not have to announce who he is planning on appointing Police Commissioner and certainly does not need my vote, perhaps he could have garnered support from voters like me who consider Public Safety the most important issue facing our City.

midtown east
retired NYPD

Lhota is depending on voters taking it for granted that DeBlasio will win and, therefore, not bothering to vote. If you really do NOT want Lhota, then get out and vote for DeBlasio. You can bet your bippy that Lhota's fans will vote!

East Village

I vote for Bill deBlasio he understands the need for Nyc shelter reform too many healthy, adoptable animals being killed in shelters in one day. We need a mayor to stop the abuse going on shelters before they are killed!


Hey John, this is Chezza. The clear better candidate is Joe Lhota, he has more experience and would handle the job with ease. Deblasio will make us go backwards, not forward. Joe knows how to make jobs and knows how our transit system works. Knowledge of the transit system will help prepare us for future storms. We need Joe Lhota!

Thanks John.

I'm a registered Democrat and I'm voting for Adolfo Carrion. I'm appalled that he hasn't been included in any of the debates or any of the media coverage. He's an intelligent voice and a gifted young man. DiBlasio changes his views depending on which way the wind blows, I do not trust his convictions on anything. Lhota was no friend to the arts during the Guilliani administration.

Mary from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Does it matter who wins? You still won't be able to afford the rent, taxes, heating bills, you're still gonna get violations for no reason at all.

QUEENS. 11419


About a week ago when the Koch brothers decided not to put any more money behind Lhota that was the death nail for him. DeBlasio will make a great mayor, and will be a refreshing change from the negativity of Bloomberg. By the way in twelve years I never saw Bloomberg come on a local news show and do an interview. Guiliani, Dinkins and Koch were always willing to do an interview. What was Bloomberg afraid of all of these years?

Chris from Brooklyn

Edjucation Right. i wish this Marxist de Blablasio starts living in the Real World. Stop selling hope. To real New Yorkers.


To Guliani lovers, Can you say Amadou Diallo and the poor guy assaulted in the bathroom, Louima? I can.


If you look into Lhota's past political ties, it will suggest that he is a man who is not afraid to deny other's their rights, if you look into his culture.

He was a Barry Goldwater campaigner who was AGAINST the civil rights movement. He was a deputy mayor under Guiliani, who's policy was to ignore with the Black community , with an air of contempt.

I'm not crazy about Deblasio but who wants someone who MAY or MAY NOT hold certain communities with benign contempt?


Who I'm voting for? Carrion. Deblasio and Lhota are both weak candidates. Carrion is bi partisan has real experience as a borough President and supportive of outer boroughs. Deblasio is just running on the hot topics. Lhota is too timid and real substance.

Aliana, Harlem

Lots of Republicans out tonight... I'm voting for De Blasio. When I wrote to him regarding my environmental hazards in public housing, he was there in a flash!


I'm voting for DeBlasio. the fact that Lhota wont even consider retro-pay for municipal workers is a show stopper. Other factors against Lhota: pro charter schools and school closures. Bloomberg has ignored its own employees and made of mess of the city streets to benefit tourists.

david from Hells kitchen

I am voting for DiBlasio but really not very enthusiastic about it. I am yes on prop 1 as a revenue maker and most people bet with there heads as most drink responsibly although there is always minority that become addicted.


New Yorkers are ready for a change. More and more of us are fed up with the ever-increasing inequality and racist police state policy we have had throughout the Guiliani and Bloomberg years. The Republicans would love for us to stay fearful and divided, but New Yorkers are ready for a mayor that actually cares about the people of this city. I only hope that DeBlasio is able to accomplish half the things he has promised.

Sarah, a CUNY grad student from Brooklyn

As a democrat, I will be voting for Lhota because he has more experience of how to run this city, We need a strong candidate and not a cartoonist like bill de Blascio.

Bronx, NY

I am voting for lhota. How can you trust someone who changed his name from warren wilhem to bill deblasio. What else is he hiding?


Vote? I have always voted since I was 18 and that was 35 years now. But I have little faith in this system anymore. It doesn't matter who wins. Things only get worse for the taxpayers. Casinos? Gambling? Where does the revenue go? It was supposed to be for schools and education originally and look where that got us. Rents are higher, electric bills, food bills. Health Insurance -- a joke. My son works hard and makes a meager wage (at least for this city). Yet he can't get health insurance unless he pays $300 a month for it. But many many people have NEVER worked, have NEVER paid taxes and they get Medicaid AND Food Stamps. Why not allow more immigrants into this great country of ours???? They live with their families yet collect from the funds that WE HAVE PAID for so many years. And let's not forget the illegals that work with no papers and send back money to their countries. This country is in a state of chaos. But only us "working" insignificant people feel the wrath.

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