Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor Bloomberg, Candidates React To Stop-And-Frisk Ruling

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Whether the ruling is fair or not may be up for debate, but one thing that is for sure is that this close to Election Day, it will galvanize the voters to support the candidate that will best represent their interests. Make sure you go out and make your voice heard on Tuesday.

One day after a federal appeals court blocked a judge's decision to reform the NYPD's use of street stops, Mayor Bloomberg said he was "very satisfied" with the ruling. On his weekly radio show, Bloomberg said the three-judge panel was also correct in removing Judge Shira Scheindlin from the case, because "we don't want an outsider coming in who doesn't know anything about crime fighting, putting the lives of our police officers and the lives of the public on the line."

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Scheindlin's decision to order reforms to stop-and-frisk is now on hold, pending the outcome of an appeal by the City. But that appeal would likely be dropped if Bill de Blasio is elected mayor. The Democrat said he was "disappointed" by the appeals court ruling, but Republican Joe Lhota said the court "did the right thing." What do you say?

What's your reaction to yesterday's ruling to stop implementing changes to street stops until the City's appeal is heard? Does this decision affect your vote in the mayor's race, given the opinions of the leading candidates? Do you agree with Mayor Bloomberg's claim today that police officers have "had their names dragged through the mud" this year?

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The neighborhoods who were celebrating the end of SQF are the highest crime neighborhoods in our City. I'm certain the law-abiding citizens were not out celebrating with the Criminals (excuse me, neighbors) who perpetrate violent crimes against them and their families 24 hours a day.

Judge Sheindlan is among the 100's of judges who allow perps to walk out of courtrooms without so much as a slap on the wrist. That is why when a crime is so heinous it makes the papers, we hear the the perp has been arrested 10, 20, 30 or more times. Thank you Judges who are pro-criminals and anti- NYPD. Courtrooms are open to the public so any who wants to confirm what I'm saying go sit in Criminal Court in any boro to see what the NYPD is dealing with. It will scare the heck out of you.

It will even make you vote for Joe Lhota. I am.

Kate (Retired NYPD)
Midtown East

I think "stop and frisk" is appalling, and am upset that Bloomberg refuses to see how it has been abused. I am voting for DiBlasio; I'm a Democrat and would not consider Llota no matter what. Also think his commercial depicting NYC in the 70's as what NYC will be with DiBlasio as Mayor is racist and a nasty way of campaigning.

Jackson Heights

Bloomberg's reason for keeping stop and frisk the way he had it set up because he
as always throws in quotas.

DeBlasio was just satisfying the voters to stop it completely by using the excuse that
they are being targeted with racial profiling. You can’t run on these types of promises.
Lhota was for it because of the safety part of it and also mentioned that it should be
modified and correct the way it was being done.

Definitely law enforcement officers should be re-trained as to how they will continue
to use this routine in a way that it will benefit the security and the profiling.

Even with any procedure once it is implemented it should not necessarily be set in

Let’s hope that we never have to put up with another dictator!!!!!!

Bloomberg should withhold his comments about the officers being dragged through the
mud when all they were doing was following orders and Bloomberg's main reasons for
doing anything always boils down to QUOTAS !!!!!!! Money is and always will be the
name of the game with Bloomberg.

Morris Park

Stop, question and frisk is a warrantless search. This is specifically forbidden by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. The police may suspect someone of a criminal act, but they cannot stop, question and frisk the suspect without a warrant.

Port Richmond

I disagree with the ruling because stop and frisk needs to be abolished because it's a form of racism, look at what they're doing in Macys and that other store stopping African-Americans just because they buy expensive stuff . The reason why some police officers names were dragged through the mud isbecause some of them are racist

Upper West Side

I am white with blonde hair. If the majority of crimes were being committed by white, blonde haired men and the NYPD wanted to stop me...go ahead. Stop and frisk me every block, if they so choose. I have nothing to hide. What's the problem if the police are trying to make the streets safe? I'm sure that the majority of NY'ers feel the same way.

Bay Ridge

I suspect that Bloomberg's checkbook had something to do with this.

East Village

I think this decision is unfair. I think the Judges original ruling should have stayws in place until there was a fair resolution. Now these Police Officers will be back on the street with their RAMBO style tactics called "Stop and Frisk", once again targeting Minorities.
This indeed is another sad day.

Upper West Side

Go out and vote residents of Brownsville in the 75th precinct for mayor de Blasio. No one seems to remember that commissioner Kelly was first brought in by mayor Dinkins when community policing was started and 30,000 new police were hired.




If executed properly stop and frisk should lower crime. If a group of people are aimlessly walking the street after midnight why shouldn't an officer on patrol stop and inquire where they are going and what they are doing. If executed properly it will save lives and protect peoples property.


Who can blame some Nyer's for placing their complete faith in the policy of Stop &Frisk? The propaganda surrounding its effectiveness is overwhelming to those who believe whatever they're told, or for those that are unable to think for themselves, which essentially is the same thing.


I believe that the 3,000 people who died needlessly on 9/11 would agree with today's stop and frisk ruling. Had we stopped and frisked the "known"
terrorists who boarded our planes that day, tragedy would have been averted.


Love your program and I think people have no respect for the police, terrible things are happening out there and today there is no such a thing that's black or white everybody is going crazy.

Just look on train stations and inside the trains and you will see what is happening.

Ray Kelly is excellent, Mayor Bloomberg we all going to miss him mark my words.
As far as a Mayor the only one that had Brains was Anthony Weiner unfortunately people forgot about Bill Clinton's love affairs but did not forgive Mr. Weiner, so I am sorry for NY if Bladio wins.


I understand the importance of keeping law in order in this great city. However, when we start exercising stereotypical reasoning, and show disparate treatment when determining suspicion, the only thing that NYC will generate from that is overall resentment. We must find a healthy, and equal, tool of maintaining law & order, because this current discriminating practice of stopping & frisking will only escalate, and grow, into a fascist practice that was once an ugly stain in this country that welcomed racial segregation, and brutal civil injustice.


Stop and frisk is a tactic that helps support marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs, both of which have been complete failures.


The ruling is wrong. This is still America and every right we give away saying it's for safety or it doesn't effect me affects us all. It is the slippery slope down til none if us will have any rights.


Far Rockaway

Stop and Frisk help the people in poor neighborhoods because it allows weapons to be taken off the streets, since most of the crimes occurs in poor neighborhoods


It is wrong that some people get targeted more than others. But it is a part of their job to keep the streets safe. It's better to be safe than sorry and people should not be offended.


I strongly support the Court's decision. We cannot allow feared perception of racial profiling compromise the safety of our residents. The lower court's decision was clearly driven by political concerns and public reaction, rather than by an objective analysis of the evidence presented.

As a mother and lawyer (who happens to be a Democrat), I am greatly relieved by this reasoned decision. At the same time, the police must continually strive to apply Stop and Frisk in the most appropriate and objective way as well, focusing on clear and actual indicators of risk.

Upper West Side

2% of 5,000,000 = 100,000

Go stop and frisk

The judge is biased. The law and decision have proven that. Read the decision!

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