Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: As Election Day Nears, Final Debate To Be Held Tonight

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Judging by the number of tweets and emails that came in during the debate, I think it's safe to say New Yorkers aren't marking Election Day on their calendars with a giant smiley face. Enthusiasm is low. That, or most people just think this race is already over.

Voters head to the polls in less than a week to elect a successor to Mayor Bloomberg. Tonight, Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota will meet for their third and final debate. The two leading candidates exchanged barbs last week over crime, the performance of past mayors, and the Tea Party.

The debate comes the same day a new poll shows Bill de Blasio continuing to hold a significant lead. A Quinnipiac University poll finds the Democrat ahead of Lhota 65 percent to 26 percent. The 39-point lead is down slightly from the 44-point advantage in Quinnipiac's previous survey.

What question would you ask the candidates at tonight's debate? How can Joe Lhota and the other mayoral hopefuls catch up to Bill de Blasio with less than a week to go? If you watched the debate at 7:00, who won?

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These so called debates are a waste, the candidates will simply stick to their talking points which every voter knows by now, and since he leads so hugely in the polls, even if de Blasio makes a major blunder he will still be NYC's next mayor.

Bay Ridge


Question for de Blasio. How long is it going to take for you to get out of town? The quicker the better.

Port Richmond, SI

DeBlaso won the debate. He is for the people, I am a democrat and I am voting for him. He has enough experience to run the city, he will adjust.


De Blasio gets my vote!! He is for public education ! Republicans would love to privatize education by closing schools & turning them into Charter schools which are not unionized and undermine public education!

Awilda from Brooklyn

i believe that a storm like sandy was a learning experience for every person ---so---we cant blame the mayor ------there were too many incidents going on all at once ---so --dont worry ---any candidate which wins will adjust ----

i believe whichever one becomes the mayor and in charge of the police will see how many circumstances become out of their control due circumstances out of the polices control at times-----

i believe that Joe has a fuel inside him and the only way he could get things done is to be mayor--------shouldnt a man who was the deputy mayor already be able to get things done when he is a deputy mayor?.He sounds like he has more experience but he was already in office?i suspect mayor bloomberg knows the answers thru his experience ---


Joe Lhota definitely won the debate. Not only does he have more experience but clearly from the debate he knows more about the city and how it functions more than Deblasio. I agree with Terry and Chezza from earlier on the show. While Lhota is a better candidate I don't think he can win because he's a Republican. I'm a Democrat voting for Lhota!

Helen from Astoria

Deblasio is on a mission to gain office without a reasonable plan, rather a rhetoric to win votes. He is unaware of the tax breaks in the form of abatements received by large developers targeting large box retailers and instead talks aimlessly about taxing higher income constituents when it's been proven that such action never yields improved conditions.

Lhota gets my vote.


The greatest thing about this debate was watching two regular guys have an honest discussion. The working people of new york are the real winners. No matter who wins we won't be ruled by a billionaire anymore. The people who will be freed from the grip of Bloomberg who forced a third term. A third term that brought a crippling blizzard, Cathy Black, hurricane sandy. Karma can be rough.

Chris from Brooklyn



Hey John, this is Chezza again. I'd just like to say that i still feel that Lhota is a better candidate that DeBlasio. In my opinion, Lhota won this debate as well, especially when he hammered Deblasio on his lack of experience compared to his. Sadly though, I don't think Joe has much chance to win because this is New York. Since it's Ny and since Republicans in general are unfavorable at this moment, A Democrat is going to win regardless of their qualifications. So while I'm positive Joe would be a better candidate, he can't win because he's a Republican. It's not supposed to be this way, but it is. It's a shame to see how our Political system is nowadays. Most people only vote by party now instead of who would be a better fit for the job.

Hi John,

the candidates are not talking about anything of "QUALITY OF LIFE" concerns, such as proliferation of Street Vendors & Food Carts, Ugly Outdoor & Subway Advertising and Red Light Cameras and thats why I am not Voting,

Good Luck.

Hi John;

Thought Lhota did very well tonight and plan to vote for him. What really makes me nervous is who Deblasio will pick for Police name in particular that I've heard bantered around was the most corrupt chief in the history of the NYPD. (And I'm not talking about Bratton).

All the best

Midtown East

Hi John,

I still feel that Joe Lhota won and his experience is just what they need to get started. DeBlasio continues to bash Giuliani and the mayor he should be bashing is Bloomberg because he despised DeBlasio so much so he cut his funding and therefor so did they have to cut employees in his so called Public Advocate office. This DeBlasio is just a what can I say a loud mouth that speaks from both sides of his mouth. His record in the city council and HUD has more questions than answers. He has much to much excess baggage and that’s my opinion.

Thank you John,

Hi John

Diblasio won the debate tonight i know he will terminste the stop and frisk policy. i hope he would ask the A.G to look into the department stores that are people just because they're african american, i'm african american and i notice when i go into stores like Macys the security people are following me around people shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin that's racism

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