Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: New Yorkers Mark One Year Since Sandy

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One year after Sandy, progress has been made, just by the mere fact that people are more aware to the devastating effects of a storm. I know I won't soon forget all I saw in the days, weeks and months after the storm, especially in my neighborhood in Hoboken. For better or worse, even if the government isn't completely ready as many of our viewers thought, we are. Your thoughts and comments are below.

New Yorkers are marking one year since Superstorm Sandy cut a path of destruction across coastal communities in the five boroughs. Vigils and memorials are taking place around town to honor the 44 people who were killed. And tonight at 8:00, Governor Cuomo is calling for a moment of silence.

Sandy destroyed thousands of homes, flooded subway tunnels and stations, and caused billions of dollars in damage. The storm also knocked out power to many parts of the City for days. Mayor Bloomberg toured some of the hardest hit areas this morning to praise the rebuilding efforts that continue today.

How are you remembering Sandy on this anniversary? If you live in one of the neighborhoods affected by the storm, what does your block look like today? Did you receive federal, State, or City aid in a timely and efficient manner? How would you characterize the rebuilding efforts from the past year?

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I'm remembering Sandy by watching all of the TV specials about the storm.
What hits me is not just the original damage, but that so little has been done to rebuild. Some areas look no better today than they did immediately after the storm hit.

Port Richmond

Despite the fact that we hardly even "felt" the storm compared to so many friends and co-workers, I am appalled at how little has been done in so many of the outer (forgotten) boroughs, and more appalled over the fact that only a fractions of the FEMA and other federal funds have been used/distributed for the rebuilding of homes and businesses. The mayor says he has to "be careful" to make sure the right people are getting funding? When was the last time he took a look at his many "tertiary" boroughs? Have we even seen our governor visiting Long Island? I have friends there who are JUST getting back into their homes a year later, and many of them had to pay for repairs out of their own pockets because their insurance companies have screwed them or FEMA has not responded to their requests. Red tape a year later?!?! Not good!

Dina and Edwin
Throggs Neck

I am remembering how Bloomberg and Molinaro rejected Fema's offering of temporary trailers. I am remembering how they said they need no help and I am remembering how unprepared NYC and NYS were after all of the advanced warning.

Park Hill

In typical fashion: Today Schumer made his appearance one year later about the Sandy
money. Why are people like Schumer and Bloomberg holding all of this money when
many people are still living in squalor. They are in bad shape and they have paid insurance premiums for many policy's and they are still having problems.

I am always grateful that we were not hit that hard where I live other than to be without
electricity for 3 or 4 days. But our hearts went out to these unfortunate people that have
lost everything. One of the excuses and not a reason was that New York was to big to take care of.

What!!!! They were forewarned about other storms and never took heed to do something
about it.

When someone like Schumer makes a statement that he wanted to make sure that the
monies went to right places = HOGWASH !!! He said we should remember Katrina and
what happened and that the monies didn’t get to right place. Something to that effect.
He needs to find one job to do and I suggest looking for jobs for us that are out of work
or an extra job so that these people can pay the high price premiums of Obama Care.

Anyway I always commend the people that helped from the beginning which were and still
are the first responders and some people still have to have their meals served to them.
Why much if not all of this problem could not have been taken care of during our spring,
summer and maybe part of our fall seasons.

Morris Park

Mother Nature is a powerful force the city is coming back slowly but surely it takes time to rebuild everything, the city will bounce back stronger then ever. luckily nothing happened to me or my family. i pray for those that lost everything

Upper West Side

It would be nice if the city would spend more time rebuilding what was destroyed by Sandy, rather than fixing unbroken sidewalks all over our city.

Richmond Hill

I am having trouble understanding why we are celebrating the anniversary of the greatest natural catastrophe to hit NYC? Aren’t there more pleasant anniversaries to enjoy? The only good thing worth celebrating is that Bloomberg will finally be out of office. He and his 16 ounce sodas.

Upper West Side

Bloomberg should have used his positions of power and influence to pressure insurance companies to expedite victims' claims rather than ban Big Gulps.


On the night of October 29, 2012 I was volunteering as a NYC CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member at my local Hurricane Evacuation Center at IS90 in Washington Heights, putting sleeping cots and pet kennels together for the more than 30 evacuees that spent that night there. I can relate to the feelings of the owner of the Bungalow Bar in Far Rockaway that the city showed little compassion when it was charging tolls to both residents and volunteers that had to cross the toll to Far Rockaway. Last Saturday October 26 I was traveling on the Subway from 181st to 110th street, when to no fault by me I was told to take a shuttle bus from 168 street to 137 street, because No 1 train was not running uptown, and forced to pay again to enter the station, mind you after I had already paid my fare. The MTA supervisor on duty refused to open the gate to allow me to continue my trip and threaten to call the cops if I did not pay my fare again. Talking about compassionate government.

Washington Heights

Only people like Bloomberg and Cuomo look to gain from Hurricane Sandy. It's just another excuse for them to get in front of the camera.


I think our local politicians on SI did am excellent hands on job in interceding for their constituents that we're suffering especially Nicole Malliotakis and MIke Grimm and I am a democrat!

Staten Island

Hello, One year after Super Storm Sandy, my block. Beach 135th St., one block off the Atlantic Ocean, and three blocks from Jamaica Bay, looks awful.
Sand at the corner of Beach 135th and Rockaway Beach Blvd. remains piled at the corner. This, despite mu numerous calls for help SINCE LAST APRIL to Assemblyman Goldfeder s office. First I was told the Sanitation Dept. was in charge, then in August, I was informed it’s the Parks Dept. which still has not come to remove the sand pile (lower these days because some has been washed into the city sewer system)

Another awful blight due to the Parks Dept. is that almost all the trees have been chopped down, EVEN HEALTHY ONES that had leaves on them this past summer. I suspect this is due to that poor woman being killed in Central Park by a falling tree limb earlier this year, and the city fears law suits. There’s no hope, or indication that these trees will be replaced. All we have left to show for it are stumps lining our sidewalks.

And the boardwalk in Rockaway Park has not yet been restored. AND the city put up those horrid looking lifeguard and trest room trailers that look like something in a hideous trailer park. I wonder what influential people got the city to OK those.

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