Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayoral Candidates Enter Final Week; Poll Finds Bill De Blasio Maintains Large Lead

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One week and one day. That's all that's left. After months of speeches and soundbites and promises, New Yorkers will soon finally have their say. In eight short days, voters head to the real polls to select a new mayor. Don't use the opinion polls as an excuse not to vote.

A New York Times/Siena College poll released today finds Bill de Blasio is poised to win the mayor's race by the largest margin since 1985. The sampling of 701 likely voters shows the Democrat leading Republican Joe Lhota by 45 points. The poll also finds 87 percent say they expect de Blasio to win, and fewer than one in ten voters are uncertain about their vote choice.

With polls slated to open one week from tomorrow, we learned late last night the final debate between the two leading candidates will now take place Wednesday night. The Campaign Finance Board moved the date back one night after both campaigns suggested it would be insensitive to debate on the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail today, Lhota criticized his opponent for being "absolutely silent" on the absence of promised affordable housing at Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards development. This, as Bill de Blasio rallied with nurses from Long Island College Hospital who may lose their jobs if the hospital closes.

What's your reaction to the new poll finding Bill de Blasio holding on to his significant lead? Do you agree with the 87 percent of voters surveyed who say this race is over? Which candidate will create more affordable housing in New York City?

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Hi John

I'm glad Bill Diblasio is leading in the polls i hope he wins because i had enough of Bloomberg i know Diblasio will give my buddies at the MTA a new contract, keep the hospitals open i hope he can save the nurses jobs at LICH, put a end to stop and frisk and revamp the education system because the kids are our future

upper west side

Its a DEMOCRATIC town and for years, since reagan, liberals have deliberately eschewed the L word shrouding the meaning and hiding from the right wing conspiracy the Clintons alluded to. But the fact is this electorate is demographically along the lines of Debs, Stevenson, the Kennedys and Martin Luther KIng and thats why the GOP is doomed unless they stop goose-stepping and scrap the facism (corporate and social) , the class warfare and the womb to tomb claptrap.



I don't believe in God, but God help NYC if Bill de Blasio is elected. He will destroy freedom and restrict our rights to a degree greater even than Bloomberg-Chavez. And he will continue the destruction of the NYC we know and love.

Port Richmond, SI

Bill de Blasio can go suck an egg.


Hi John,

I don’t believe in the polls period and I never will. This DeBlasio continues to make promises that he can’t deliver and he keeps repeating the same thing about his family over and over again and again. We got it, okay. Just what are you going to do about housing which you have failed with your promises in Brooklyn and you can’t deliver on your say so the day care for 55,000 kids because it’s not your call. What happened to all the jobs promised? You are talking about a better life and you want to bring back the middle class and yet you do nothing but hang out with the elite and accept their money for your campaign. How many hospitals closed even when you were Public Advocate and you did nothing about it. In fact you let it happen. You just made a showing with the last one that seems to be hanging on by a thread anyway. All of these so called promises that you insist on making just to generate votes for you. You can’t possibly deliver any of this at all. All of these Hospital sites were also closed because they wanted to turn them into apartments and you went along with it and if I were you I would stop attacking Giuliani and he DeBlasio should knock that smirk off of his face.

Thank you John,

I am voting for Lhota but yes this race is over. Deblasio caught fire and has never looked back.


I'm sorry, but DeBlasio reminds me too much of Al Gore with that same phony smirk!

Richmond Hill Queens.

These polls are just numbers, Bill De Blasio may be up there but low to be the next mayor of NYC. . If De Blascio is a better candidate as mayor I asked myself the following: Why nobody from the media discusses his brilliant record under the Dinkins administration and so forth? Honestly, they can't say nothing at all since there is nothing to find. Why the other mayoral candidates under the Democratic Party are not there in the compaign trail backing him? Those candidates are not there because they know one to another that he's not the best candidate. I don't blame them for thinking that, I would be hiding as well rather than giving him my support. He fills in the blank using his kids because his record indicates his experience is low and doesn't have the character to face the different issues of NYC. Joe Lhoda, is the candidate not just for republicans but democrats. Some Newyorkers, don't vote smart and that's them for not thinking but we got others that vote smart.

bronx, ny

I have heard many New Yorker's on The Call, say that they are not voting for the popular guy, because DeBlasio hasn't the knowledge and experience of running a city agency, like Joe Lhota. Polls aside, anything is possible, but Lhota's campaign is negative and divisive He is an admirer of the Guiliani legacy, how can that possibly be good for the city?

Michael in Woodside.

very good program !

The most important thing in any Mayoral Race should have nothing to do with any Party !!!! Democrat or Republican, who will be the best leader for the City. In other countries they do not run and rely on their party affiliation, nor should they !! De Blasio is a loose cannon......I am an independent and care about the safety and well being of our fabulous City.


Mr. Llota comes across as being "insincere, cold and detached". It's hard to relate to him, and frankly his Tea Party affiliate disturbs me. New York City needs a change and I feel that Mr. De Blasio can be that change. I find Mr. De Blasio to be more sincere and relatable. We already had a three term Republican Mayor. We clearly need a change. I would like to see a candidate running New York with a lot more "compassion" for the people.

Upper West Side.

Many New Yorkers need affordable housing, or rent control, and I am one of them. What happened the past 20 years is a disgrace. I hope affordable housing is not housing for the poor subsidized by the tax payer's.

Murry Hill

There are a lot of people who think that Bill DeBlasio has already won the election. I mentioned Election Day to a coworker over the weekend and was looked and puzzlingly before being told that the election had already happened. Bill DeBlasio's strategy of having no events until the election may well backfire, because many of the people that support him may forget to vote at all. The people who want Joe Lhota are not going to forget to go the polls. DeBlasio would be wise not to count his chickens just yet, remember how the tortoise once beat the hare.

Kew Gardens, NY



Remember when people said "talk is cheap?" -- DeBlasio did NOTHING for St Vincents, nothing vs. Ratner, nothing for Gowanus canal clean up, nothing but talk. Saw that a Far Rockaway blog illustrating that DeBlasio was nowhere to be found as Public Advocate last year for them -- by putting his face on a MILK CARTON.

DeBlasio joined the fight for LICH mid-July when he was polling at 7% - and has gotten what he wanted? and is now gone.. This is a repeated sentiment across Carroll Gardens, Kensington Brooklyn areas he repped as NYC Councilman. DeBlasio throws ROCKS.

He is for himself -- in reality.

Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

Its absolutely amazing that DiBlasio has such a lead. It should have been Thompson in his place. DiBlasio is a political genius. He wasn't so far ahead in the primary's, then his commercial featuring his son made him. He's kept a very low profile since and promises the world to everyone. YOU CANT GIVE EVERYONE EVERYTHING. Joe Lohta is a real new yorker....his true tough guy attitude hurts him against the tall friendly nice guy.. Lhota asked for 5 debates and DiBlasio turned him down because he doesn't want to be exposed for what he is. Lhota is not Bloomberg or Giuliani.He's not a tea party guy. He's a straight shooter. He is pro charter school, he's pro gay marriage, he is progressive and he should be the next mayor. But I think people will vote for DiBlasio. He's friendly and charming. Lots of promises. And CHANGE worked for Obama so why wouldn't it work for DiBlasio


I agree with your last caller. I voted for deBlasio in the primary but even though he has no chance, I am voting for Carrion. I was taught you vote for who you support and I support Carrion.


For the sake of NY I hope the race is NOT over! As a child of a single mother living under the poverty line, I attended a charter high school. Having a specialized education prepared me for college and placed me in an amazing career-where I make 10 times what my mother made raising three children on her own. If New Yorkers really want to close the gap between rich and poor: EDUCATION! EDUCATION! EDUCATION! Give the children of the poor knowledge and they will be tomorrow's ruling class. JOE LHOTA FOR MAYOR ALL THE WAY!

-Monica from the Upper West Side

We do not need another self-righteous Bloomberg. We need another get-the-job-done-Giuliani!


New York is a microcosm of our country. We have had enough division and "Emerald City" government. Sweep Republicans out everywhere with the exception of Peter King who had the guts to stand up for the middle class and for responsible government.

Barbara from Queens, NY

Joe Lhota was unable to get his vision for the whole city across to the voters and his somber persona was no help. We know little about him as a awesome as well, does he have a family?

Sal from SI

Joe Lhota is the perfect candidate for mayor and has the skill set that can carry this city and help make it better. A previous deputy mayor and head of the finance department for the city, what more can you ask for? Bill De Blasio is just another Obama, filled with promises that cannot be kept and is just telling the people what they want to hear. Bill De Blasio is going to cause problems In the streets and nothing but chaos. Joe Lhota is a great choice for mayor.

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