Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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The Call Blog: Leading Candidates Discuss Transportation; Independent Candidate Takes Your Calls

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Another night, another candidate. Our hope is you got a better sense of three of the leading mayoral candidates this week. If you missed any of the shows, you can watch them online on this website. And if you want to know even more, I would suggest visiting the campaign websites. You have choices in November.

After hearing directly from mayoral candidates Joe Lhota and Jack Hidary this week, you had the opportunity to speak with Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion tonight. The former Bronx Borough President took your calls, answered your emails, and responded to your tweets on his vision for New York City.

Meanwhile, the current mayor announced a new vision for New York City's streetscape today. Mayor Bloomberg said the Department of Transportation will replace all 250,000 standard street light fixtures in the City with energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes by 2017. But on the campaign trail this week, the DOT's handling of bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, and pothole repairs is what's being debated by the leading candidates.

During Tuesday's debate, Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio said he has "profoundly mixed feelings" on pedestrian plazas, and the "jury's still out" whether he will leave them in place. And on our show last night, Republican Joe Lhota said the current condition of our roads "is the worst I've ever seen in the 59 years I've lived in New York City." What do you say?

What was your question for Adolfo Carrion? Do you want the next mayor to continue the vision of Mayor Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan? Do you want to see more bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, and energy-efficient initiatives from the next mayor?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Does the expansion of bike lanes and bikers not following traffic rules make the streets more dangerous for older New Yorkers? How can the city take into account the impact of more bikers on elderly pedestrians?

Sheepshead Bay

Hi Mr Carrion and John

Mr Carrion if u become mayor how would u revamp the education system all the kids need to pass their tests so they can go to college and become whatever they want to be also all schools should have more bilingual classes for the kids that don't understand english. What about giving the unions new contracts times are tough people have families to feed, Mayor Bloomberg didn't do anything for the unions or education system the kids didn't even past their tests.

upper west side

Hi John,

I welcome Carrion and am pleased that you invited him to the show this evening. I believe it is the only fair think to do. This way we can get another opinion. First of all I certainly would not like anyone that becomes the next Mayor of New York City to carry on the same pattern that Bloomberg did four o so may years. He was nothing but a dictator. This Mayor his trying darned hard to drum up a legacy and in my opinion he should just go and he can leave now as far as I’m concerned.

My concern is that last evening Lhota mentioned Bloomberg is leaving us in the Red but he continues to harp on energy efficient fixtures. Once again he spends our tax money and as far as I’m concerned they can rid the bike lanes, bikes, pedestrian plazas and get busy with filling some of these pot holes. Mind you all the money has been spent only in Manhattan and it was as though the hell with the outer boroughs.

I wish Carrion luck and I do hope he has something to say about the security of this

Thank you John,

Cars and trucks are necessary to keep this city's flowing. There are plenty of parks and public spaces to enjoy. Stop trying to turn our roads into parks and bike paths. NY is becoming over-engineered, confusing and unsafe.

Paul on the uws

Hi John,

I've started watching your show - really enjoy the interaction & thoughtful debates. I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks bike lanes are problematic in this city? We cannot continue to build up, and yet narrow our trafficways. I've also spoken to store owners who say they've lost business due to the parked cars in front of their stores - taxis and car services are now more unlikely to stop there...


I wanted to ask if you would promote additional ferry service around the New York City area? It would be nice to have service to Midtown Manhattan from the Rockaways, Staten Island, and maybe Hunts Point and Throgs Neck.

Clifton, Staten Island

How will you deal with crime and drug problems,

East Harlem

i think opening and closing pedestrian plaza for rush hour sounds like a waste of money for the city because now you have to deal not only with money to maintain the area clean but also have to pay to take it off and store it during those rush hour.

there should be a better way to deal with trafic control assuming also that it would create confusion on driver from out of the city and even for those in the city with taking off and placing back on


Go go go. These are not just for tourists!!! Times Square west is becoming residential, having a place to sit with green space is great. Get rid of the cars!!! Most people in Manhattan don't have cars-upgrade the mass transit and infrastructure. Look forward not both the 2 major front runners!!!!



Sgt. Gary.
Jamaica, Queens.
(Ret. NYPD).


I want the new mayor to remove all bike lanes, all Citi Bike facilities, all pedestrian plazas and all of these destructive elements foisted upon the City by Bloomberg-Chavez and Sadik-Khan Chavez.

Port Richmond, SI

Mr Lhota and Mr Deblasio, Do you believe that It's OK to treat Muslim's New Yorkers differently than other New Yorkers ? Mr Lhota and Mr Deblasio, Do you believe that It's OK to violate Muslims New Yorker civil and constitutionals rights ? Mr Lhota and Mr Deblasio, Do you believe that it's OK to Send a task force Stalk on Muslim's new Yorkers while they go shopping for groceries? Mr Lhota and Mr Deblasio, How many Muslim's live in New York City, How many of them are unemployed, How many of them live on Welfare ? Mr Lhota and Mr Deblasio, Does working Muslim's Pay taxes or Not ? If yes, do you believe that it is fair and ethical to use their taxes dollars to send a task force Stalk on them while they go to work or go shopping for groceries ?

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