Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Answers Your Questions

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Thanks to Joe Lhota for coming on The Call tonight. Below is just some of the many e-mails we received before, during and after the show, either giving a comment or asking a question of Lhota. Tune in tomorrow for Independence Party Candidate Adolfo Carrion!

You can't ask a question at the next and last mayoral debate. But you can speak directly with Republican Joe Lhota tonight at 9:00 on NY1. The former head of the MTA will join our John Schiumo to take your calls, answer your emails, and respond to your tweets for the full hour.

One day after a heated debate with Democrat Bill de Blasio, the former Deputy Mayor is looking to make up ground in the polls before the election on November 5. Last night, the candidates discussed safe streets, charter schools, and raising taxes. What should Joe Lhota talk about tonight? That's up to you.

Send your questions using the link above.

Mr Lhota if u do become mayor would u give my buddies at the MTA a decent contract they're doing a extraordinary job getting people to where they want to go they need to be treated with respect i already know who i'm voting for i just want to know if any mayoral candidate cares about the people that work for the MTA

Upper West Side

My question, The local community should have internet access to their NYPD local precincts whereby one can email the pct about a non-emergency problem. Do you agree and what can be done to initiate this service?

Lawrence (the Independent)
Howard Beach

Ask what Lhota is going to do about the increasing government interference in our private lives and violations of our freedom and property rights. Like smoking bans, drug regulation, unconstitutional, stop and frisk violations, the corrupt, abusive Business Integrity Commission?

Port Richmond

Looking forward to Joe’s visit tonight. At least he showing up to answer whatever
questions are asked of him.

I myself think that Joe should verbally hit DeBlasio harder with some negative
Ammo they have on him. He’s getting off to easy. He keeps mentioning Rudy
and also he goes into certain mode when he can’t answer a legitimate question.

As for himself he had no relationship at all with Bloomberg and plus as Public
Advocate his accomplishments were nil.

De Blasio is far from being qualified to be Mayor.

I wish Joe good luck.

Morris Park

Lhota should talk about what de Blasio did as Public Advocate, nothing. As a full voting member of the largest City Pension Board, what did de Blasio do? What proposals did he make? Why is the non-managerial staff of NYCERS demoralized? Does de Blasio even know?

Sheepshead Bay

What are you going to do about charters schools taking over our public schools ? How are you going to improve our public schools instead of focusing on charter schools?


One way that would help increase city revenues would be to reinstate the commuter tax, why should people who work inside New York City limits, but do not reside within the five boroughs enjoy or services free of charge?

With this in mind, why should city employees, including teachers, uniformed employees, Police, Fire and Sanitation Workers be allowed to reside outside of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island; with the interests of building a strong economy and community shouldn't New York City jobs be for New York City residents?

Kew Gardens

Why do you want to take the horse carriages off the street/ central park.


You an Giuliani were bosom buddies during the primary. Why is he now the invisible man during your general election run?


Why did you create such a hateful and wrongful attack ad against Bill DiBlaso? I could not believe you would swoop so low. Campaigns and politics have gone too far left.


1. Have you EVER owned a gun? What kind?
2.Can we expect to see your daughter in ads? We see a lot of de Blasio's family, but not yours. Why?

can you please ask Mr. Lhota his beliefs on the proposed mandate on pre-schoolers in having the flu vaccination by Mayor Bloomberg, and the quota of less than 2% of all students set by Mayor Bloomberg for exemptions for their children in obtaining these vaccinations?


The city has many locals that have not had a contract under Bloomberg when you negotiate the contracts for the more than fifty locals will retro pay be addressed?

E. Benjamin

How would you handle the union contracts. That are waiting to be settled

We have been asking the MTA to add machines into the Access-A-Ride vans so we could pay as we go with a metro-card. Can this project be done under your administration for the physical challenge individuals since once you were former chairman of the MTA or you think it would be waisting money?


Do you have a fear that your current ads, depicting NY as receding back to the high crime status that plagued the city from the 70's to the 90's if de Blasio is elected, peg you as "desperate" and willing to try anything to shift your low polling numbers?


Why focus your campaign on the fact that you have the experience to get things done and have shown a lot of leadership in all that you do? Also why not focus on the fact that you are a New York native?

The Bronx

Rudy didn't have a stop and frisk policy targeting minorities and crime went down. Don't you think this policy is offensive and angers people as being prejudicial?

Park Slope

I don't think the problem is not stop and frisk, is comp stat. If you really want to change the NYPD's policy, on racial profiling you need to fix comp stat and let police officer be police officers.


Mr. Lhota..You took the bulk of the credit for the clean-up of Storm Sandy with little acknowledgement for the employees and members of TWU LOCAL 100...As someone who was once CEO of MTA, do you @ least acknowledge that we deserve a fair contract? and as Mayor, how would see that we as well as other city, state and union NYC employees receive their raises and retro?


John lhota everyone calls him John including the Staten Island Borough Pres
He is correct that he is not afraid to make a decision. In fact he made one raising the tolls on bridges , trains and buses while he rides and drives across for free and probably still does. Next he said that he will not give a retro active raise to city employees and probably not even a raise.The first thing his buddy rudy did when he became mayor was to give himself a 35000 dollar a year pay raise. Joe loyota has hurt the people of this city. He should drop out of the race today , yesterday He should even be permitted to live in NY. Throw the bum out.

Under the Bloomberg administration there has been significant increases in parking fees.
Will there be a reduction in the cost of traffic fees, and services since there will not be sizeable increases in the union contracts?


What will joe do about public safety and the stop and frisk policy?


What exactly are you going to do for the minorities. Especially regarding the Stop anf Frisk policy, which you are a supporter of... What can you gurantee for those who are racially profiled?


What do you think is your strongest asset or ability compared to Bill DeBlasio,who seems like a nice guy with a nice family?


Mr Lhota, I get your support for charter schools but your refusal to listen to what teachers are saying reflects very badly on you. It's easy for charters to succeed when they can counsel out undesirable students. You are being lied to when you are told that co-location means taking over unused book rooms or basements. Why are you not going into schools to see what charters have done when they co-locate and why do you refuse to talk to public school teachers and parents about what is really going on in public schools?
I think if teachers thought you really listened to them you might have a chance of garnering their support.


As a NY city taxi driver for 41 yrs., the industry does nothing for the Taxi Driver. Things can be done to make things better for the driver and passenger.For example: Taxi's with passengers should be able to make left turns, and right turns where it is not permitted. Would you do anything to make the industry better for driver and passenger's.

I believe that you will make a very good Mayor.

The only reason that you may not become Mayor of New York City is because of your association with Rudy Juliani.

We know that is not your fault.

We watched several of your Debates. They were very good.

We would say one thing to you. You have a beautiful smile.

Keep smiling.

As a parent of Firefighter Michael E. Brennan killed at the WTC on 9/11, I would like to see the museum taken over by the federal govt.
(National Parks service) . What would you do to get this done and out of the hands of the high salaried personnel?

Also many 9/11 families would like to see the remains of victims kept from being placed in the basement of the museum..
A memorial tomb at ground level would be totally acceptable. Please look into this.


Delighted to see that Joe Lhota is on your show tonight. I'm hoping he can turn the tide and help voters understand that his opponent is the candidate for the gullible.

My question for Joe is this: How to you get the attention of the many younger voters who didn't live in the city in the 80s and 90s and therefore have no clue as to what your ads about the bad ol' days refer to? A lot of these people have only lived in the NYC during the Bloomberg years.

A Democrat on the Upper West Side

I direct my question to you Mr. Lahota? What will you do for the poor Senior Citizens and Its poor disabled? and also the poor working poor? and not to forget HUD housing along with its Section 8 housing?


What's your plan regarding the 20 Fire Company closures that are on the books starting next fiscal year? Are you willing to end the dance and restore funding in the baseline? It's a relatively small PEG ($43m) with a very large service impact.

Little Neck

Mr. Lhota seems like a decent, very reasonable, thoughtful human being. But that ad is ridiculous. It uses fear to scare old people (who are the only ones who actually remember the 70s) in a very direct and ugly way. I understand why he's running it, but it lessens his image as a decent, reasonable, thoughtful human being.


Joe why hasn't your fellow republican candidates rallied behind you like the democrats did with Di Blasio?? Do you think this has negatively impacted your chances of becoming the next mayor?

Park Slope

Do you have a short list for possible School Chancellor appointment?


Mr. Lhota, if elected mayor, will you keep Ray Kelly as Police Commissioner?





I'd like to know how Mr. Lhota could possibly make more cuts across the board, within the New York City budget. When all he wants to do, is allocate more police on the streets, anticipating more crime. What is his agenda on job creation, and the future of those who lost their status as middle class citizens paying their fair share of taxes?


Please ask Lhota if he has given animal welfare any thought. Eager to hear his views.

Upper East Side

Joe just wants to lock everybody up. He has no solutions for everyday New Yorkers. He represents corporations, landlords and all those that have too much power in this city already. Say no to Joe.

Lower East Side

Do you feel that murders have decreased because of police officers or that medical treatments are saving more lives now?

Washington Heights

In regards to the homeless population in New York City, I once volunteered for a homeless shelter in Manhattan. One thing I noticed was that every other person asking for a bed and services came from another U.S. State. How could this problem be resolved when there are so many people coming from other U.S. States to New York City?


You've accomplished so much for New York. Please let people know that in your campaign from now on.


I dont understand why DiBlasio would want to weaken the NYPD. Most of the crimes occur in the minority communities and you would think he would be more concerned about protecting the communities than not.




Currently property taxes are assessed against the poor on the market value, the affluent are assessed on the actual value, would you change this?

East Elmhurst

I have not heard very much concerning the New York City Housing Authority. There are many NYCHA residents who do care about where they live. I am interested in knowing what, if anything, would be done to help these residents improve the quality of life in the NYCHA developments??


Thank you mr. Lhota for running in this mayoral race. Finally we have an intelligent voice that will honestly represent all new yorkers in a decent manner.


I see Mr Joe Lhota and he seems to have lots of answers. However, nobody asks about a Mayor plan for renters. What's his plan to control rent increases for citizens who keep working and trying to keep up. Pay raises don't go up as consistently as rent increases. Can he elaboratem


How will you go about restoring teacher- confidence and stop teacher-bashing and scapegoating? Other professionals are not treated in this manner.

Mount Vernon

Hi, I'm a minority and feel a need to support Joe Lhota.

I'm concern that De Blasio is too liberal and will take the city back to the 80s & 70s as far as crime is concern. I will gladly give a bit of my right and let the police department stop and frisk people to keep us safe.

I don't trust De Blasio to keep us save. My main concern is safety!!!

I have noticed that punks on the subway are already gaining confident because they sense that De Blasio will be lenient or tolerant of crime!


What will you do with the green cars that are taking buss from the yellow?


What steps would you take to help the WTC Memorial Museum become a National museum?


I am a Democrat but I will be voting for Joe Lhota. The more I hear from Lhota the more I am confident that he will improve on good parts of Bloomberg while eliminating the bad part. Lhota's chance may be slim but he is definitely a better choice than Bill with his condescending smirk and promising the world to everyone.


I missed the mayoral debate that occurred between Democrat Bill deBlasio, and Republican Joe Lhota. Even though this is their first debate, I am sorry to say that neither candidate has the advantage, because of one candidate that was purposely excluded; and that was Independence Party candidate, Adolfo Carrion. I did not know that there was a “raising money threshold, and a performance threshold”. I have never heard of these terms before, and they were never applied to past Republican, and Democratic candidates, who had ran for public office. This is a created excuse released by the Campaign Finance Board to cover up the fact that they have committed an act of blatant discrimination on a partisan level. Adolfo Carrion is equally a legitimate candidate for mayor.

I am a registered voter in the Independence Party, and I am therefore excluded from participating in a primary. I had gone to my polling place on September 9, 2013. I wanted to vote for my chosen candidate, Adolfo Carrion, and I was denied my right to participate in the Primary, because I was not registered as either a Democrat, or a Republican. However—I believe that I should have been allowed to show my support for the candidate of my choice. This situation in my life is a basic demonstration on how a closed primary, excludes me from the first round of voting that is supported strictly by a two-party system, that is enforced by the Board of Elections, who would publically stress the importance of getting “all” New Yorkers to registered to vote, and participate in this democratic process, according to their past television commercials. Make certain that “their” voices are heard, on one hand, but will secretly silence those registered New Yorkers, who are not part of the two major Parties with the other hand. It does not matter if the voter is registered as being “non-affiliated”, or “not wishing to enroll in a political party.” The 1965 Voting Rights Act is supposed to guarantees an American Citizen’s right to vote. The Federal Law does not say that you must be “affiliated with a political party.”

The establishment of a “closed primary” system, excludes citizens from active participation in our democracy. The injustice of this established system has gone on for far too long. Our primary system must be opened up to include all registered voters regardless of party affiliation. This is a true demonstration of democracy that is virtually unhindered. We need this for our City, and our State; this type of “open-primary” system would do away with a lot of the “partisanship” that dictates the course of our future, which is strictly governed by party interests, rather than citizenry needs. Nonpartisan elections would make our public officials beholden to all New Yorkers, and not the party interests. We need a non-partisan electoral process enacted on both the City, and the State level as a demonstration of democracy in its truest form.


Hi this is Jay from the Bronx .

Cops are under paid and over worked. Nypd is down by 7,000 cops and now the stop question and frisk issue is only going to make it worst for police officers to do their job. There's way too many guns in the hands of criminals. "Mr. Lhota what would you bring to the table in regards to more cops patrolling the streets to control the raise in crime.

1. Why don't you talk about De Blasio's total lack of experience more, especially on television ads

2. What's with those kids of his doing tv ads? Why don't you call him on using his children in that way? They're both so irritating.

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