Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: After Leading Candidates Debate, Independent Candidate Takes Your Calls

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Independent candidate Jack Hidary didn't meet the thresholds to join the Campaign Finance Debate tonight. But he met ours. The candidate took viewer calls tonight on our show. Below is a sampling of opinions from his appearance and tonight's debate between Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota.

With exactly two weeks to go until Election Day, the leading mayoral candidates met for their second debate. Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota shared the stage for the first official contest sponsored by the Campaign Finance Board. A Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday finds Bill de Blasio with a 44 point lead, down slightly from previous polls.

No other mayoral candidate met the CFB's threshold to be included in the debate. But independent candidate Jack Hidary was our guest. Who won the debate? Why do you think Bill de Blasio is maintaining a commanding lead in the public opinion polls? What is your question for candidate Jack Hidary?

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The crassness of a bloomberg with his tale of two cities and everythings for sale mentality but having eyes in the back of your head wont help yu cross the street if your hit by a blue citibike going the wrong way and unable to steer or brake. His legacy is hospitals closing, fees, water tax/property tax increases and for what? to enable the grey-poupon hamptons trust fund miscreants with no ethical awareness who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. (sound familiar?)


It seems de Blasio's rhetoric will set NYC on the road back to the good old Dinkins days. Days marked by rising crime, and declining real estate values.

That's All folks!
Eddie J


The debate tonight between de Blasio and Lohta revealed just what an empty suit de Blasio is. He is not qualified to hold any position.

Port Richmond, SI

I already know i'm voting for Mr Diblasio, but i would like to know how would Mr Hidary change the education system because the kids are our future

upper west side

Hi John,

I think Joe won because this DeBlasio always seems to be in a campaign mode. He ends up shouting but never really answers the questions and what I believe is that he forgets what he has said the first time about the subject. That’s why he has the reputation of talking from both sides of his mouth.

I believe that DeBlasio is really not qualified for this job. My question is also that just what did he do when he was Public Advocate. I do know that his record in the council was nil and also he was not a favorite of Bloomberg’s. In fact he stayed out of his path.

Many people were tossed out of their apartments when they built the arena in Brooklyn and he was suppose to make sure that the low income housing would be ready at the same time the arena was complete. He has made promises and they never even get off the ground.

Thank you John,

How would the next mayor oversee Housing Preservation Development's office? Currently there is no oversight at this agency. New Yorkers have been left with construction defects and this agency inspects their own buildings. 3 commissioners in 4 years and staff arrested by the FBI. How would the next mayor assure that HPD is doing what their mission says they do on their website? Also, will the next mayor look at the ongoing contract corruption this agency has when it comes to builders, sponsors who happen to be the largest donor to candidates?


I grew up in South Brooklyn. How do you plan to expand economic prosperity to the outer boroughs?

-Joe T.

NY during the Dinkins administration was dismal. The army of meter maids were created during this time. Living in NY was made much better during the Guiliani administration. We were safer than during Dinkin's days. I see Bill DiBlasio as I see President Obama, the both show a lot a promise and say all the right things but lack experience and leadership qualities.

Joe Lhota won the the debate with his line, do you want to be safe or do you want to be sorry?

Brenda of Forest Hills

What will you do to improve our educational systems in public schools, both grammar and high schools????


Even if this guy had the democratic line he wouldn't have a chance. He makes Sal Albanese seem exciting.

Chris from Queens

Now I understand why de Blasio turned down the offer to appear in the previous debate. He is not authentic and it shows. He might be able to stir up causes and assist in leadership but he is not a mayor. He would be a disaster to the folks in NYC.


Go ahead. Raise my taxes De Blasio! I got a nice neighborhood here, filled with muggings and murders. Let me pay more for this sought of entertainment...

Richmond Hill

I think Lhota is sounder financially and more specific in his analyses... wasn't De Blasio public advocate during hurricane sandy? how did he help in this regard? He associates Lhota with the tea Party on Staten Island but did he come out to Staten Island to advocate fro aid after Hurricane Sandy?

upper west side

DeBlasio got through the penultimate debate with no major gaffes. He is now set up for the final debate to deliver the knockout blow( which means steady as she goes). Lhota is lashing out, looking more desperate. Even if DeBlasio loses a few points he will still win. He has even got the backing of some of Bloomberg's real estate developers. This is a major sign that the people who control large amounts of development have coalesced behind DeBlasio.

Chris from Brooklyn

Hi Jack! I am heavily involved in the music and arts classes at my local schools. As mayor, will you do more to encourage and incubate arts and culture in our great country?


Stop comparing President Obama to NY mayors. De Blasio will be the next mayor and Lhota just full of talks. We are speaking about democracy not autotatian leadership


Please, can you ask Lhota, what is the right alternative to manage a trouble company without raising the price of the company's products that affects 99% of the consumers. Price increase is an easy and lazy way of turning around a troubled company like MTA. He called MTA cops MALL COPS, and The current Mayor an idiot. Hope you are not biased by showing comments that are not favorable to De Blaiso. Nothing stop a moving mountain, whatever God has consented to nobody can stop it.


De Blasio won the debate. He won it when he called Lhota out for his race-bating ad. Lhota's response appeared angry and desparate. Further, Lhota spent the rest of the debate trying to agree with de Blasio. Not exactly mayoral...

Steven from Astoria

Joe Lhota More charter schools!!??

The nerve. More charter schools are the last thing NYC needs. How insulting we need more charter schools for teachers. Because we owe it to our teachers to give them proper professional development. What a contradiction. Teachers in the NYC public school system are required to have a Master's Degree in Education. Not so in charter schools they only are required to have a 4 year Bachelor's degree in anything. So charter school teachers are LESS qualified NOT more. Also how are you going to attract the BEST teachers by paying them substantially less money and making them work many more hours. So if I'm a teacher I'm going to want to work for a school that pays me $20,000 less a year and requires me to work 15+ more hours a week? That makes sense.


Lhota is the poor man's Bloomberg

Chris from Park Slope

Hi John,

It never ceases to amaze me how middle class New Yorkers, the ones most affected by safety and quality of life issues, can be swayed by a smooth talking, good-looking politician. De Blasio's Lindsay-esque agenda could throw this thriving city into a tailspin that will take many years to recover from. The increased taxes on the "wealthy" will the never support a struggling middle class; for it will be targeted to low income assistance and entitlement programs. Or are we now redefining NY's "middle class" to include welfare recipients, as the executive branch already seems to have done. The insulated wealthy must laugh at the liberal middle classes' lack of sensibility.

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