Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog -- President Obama: No Excuse For Health Care Website Problems

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It is a little perplexing that something that officials were preparing to launch for years is still dealing with issues, three weeks after its launch. It was expected the health exchange websites have SOME glitches, considering the magnitude of the launch. But the government now needs to inject some urgency into dealing with the problems.

Nearly three weeks after its launch, President Obama says nobody is more frustrated than him when it comes to problems with the federal health exchange website. In his most extensive remarks on the issue, the President today said the White House is bringing in technology experts to address glitches on the website, where people are supposed to apply for insurance.

The President also defended the actual law itself, saying, “Here’s the bottom line. The product, the health insurance is good. The prices are good. It is a good deal.” The White House says nearly 20 million people have visited and a half million people have applied for insurance in the first three weeks of the six-month enrollment program. That includes 134,000 New Yorkers. It’s unclear at this point how many have actually enrolled in plans.

Here in New York State, it’s a different story. Unlike the federally-run site, officials say the State health exchange website has been running smoothly with few errors.

Are you surprised there are still issues on the federal health exchange website? What’s your reaction to the lack of issues on the State website? Have you logged in to try and apply for health insurance? How have you found the process? Did you find the insurance plans affordable? Do you agree with President Obama that despite the problems, the product itself is good?

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Anytime you can provide health coverage for so many at affordable rates is a good and noble undertaking, and as with any new initiative of course there will be glitches, but those obstacles will be overcome.

Bay Ridge

I will never log into much less subscribe to this version of highway robbery. Obamacare is pure socialized medicine and fascist in it's being forced upon us.

Port Richmond

All new websites have gliches i was able to get on it and i loved it people need to give the website a chance.

Upper West Side

There is no problem with the rollout of obamacare. It's just a Gov't snafu as usual.
That's All folks!

Eddie J

First of all there are to many appointed people in this administration and to many Czars
and that tells me that no one is qualified to run these offices. They are all there in
name only. We had Pelosi fighting us tooth and nail that we should pass it and then
read it and no matter what was told to her she being as arrogant as ever to all and no one
took her on. So that was the time for all to stop this Obama Care from even getting off the
Now Pelosi is once again on center stage telling us that it is going to stay. Just giving
orders to us with authority once again.
The president should be there because he is in charge and should oversee all
of the problems with everything that comes up.

Schumer was on NY1 and he was telling Earl when asked about the new Homeland
Czar and he is raising his fist and saying well he’s from New York and now we can get
more money. What is all of this nonsense?
My God!!!!!!!!!!!
How many states did this president campaign in? Many and one that has many
qualified programmers and he could have also consulted Bill Gates. [CALIF.]
I have never heard of such carryings on with this country.

Also someone should tell these politicians that we don’t appreciate that they and
many others were able to pull out of this Obama Care. They seem to forget that
we the American tax paying citizens pick up the tab they the politicians continue
to tax and spend and we get treated like = I will try to be kind about it second
class citizens.


Morris Park

This Obamacare plan is totally insane !!! please tell me, how a person making minimum wage would be able to afford ANY type of health insurance? they cant even afford to eat !!!

Bay Ridge

The New York State site is also buggy and a mess. The doctor search is not working for, the compare plans option is not working for me and there have been other problems getting the information that I need to make a decision. And my doctors are confused as well as they have not been contacted by the insurance companies and could not tell me what plans they will accept. I have to get insurance by January 1st and I am worried. --

Carroll Gardens

People need to remain positive about your oppertunity to get affordabal hea lth care, dont stop until u get it.


The Facebook web site was down today and I haven't heard a commotion.
This Health Exchange just opened and is important for people.

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