Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: After New Ad From Joe Lhota, Mayoral Candidates Focus On Crime

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If Joe Lhota wanted to get people talking, he did. This 30-second video has several thousand more views than any other on his website. Whether it makes a difference in November remains to be seen. But people are talking. For better or for worse.

Republican Joe Lhota is accusing Democrat Bill de Blasio of promoting a "recklessly dangerous agenda on crime." A 30-second television ad released by the Lhota campaign yesterday uses dramatic video of the now infamous biker gang attack of a family, and warns Bill de Blasio will "take New York backwards" to when the City had a higher crime rate.

The two mayoral candidates differ sharply when it comes to crime prevention and the NYPD. Lhota will seek to overturn the City Council law and federal court decision limiting the use of Stop, Question, and Frisk. He wants to improve training policies so police don't racially profile innocent New Yorkers.

As for Bill de Blasio, he called the Lhota ad "divisive." The Democrat wants to reform Stop, Question, and Frisk, and has called for new leadership at the NYPD and supports the creation of an inspector general and the racial profiling law. What do you say? Which candidate shares your vision for preventing crime? How important is this issue when deciding who to vote for?

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Lhota loses my vote because of his support for stop and frisk which is undoubtedly un-constitutional. Read the 4th Amendment.

Port Richmond, SI

This is quite a laundry list of questions. Mr. De Blasio is already backtracking a bit from some of his primary-contest rhetoric on stop, question, and frisk, in an effort to distance himself from those well-meaning idealists who believe that A) it's unconstitutional (it's not) and B) counter-productive (it isn't) and should be abolished -- although whether he's being truthful in his current statements is anyone's guess. Mr. Lhota's advertisement is confrontational on the issue, an perhaps a bit over-the-top, but given Mr. De Blasio's pride in his work for the Dinkins administration it's hardly unfair -- Mr. De Blasio does seem more concerned with making nice to various constituencies than keeping our streets safe.

As to the issue of the inspector general, I've spoken to uniformed officers who work the streets of Manhattan and they mostly seem to have absolutely no problem with it. They tell me that it couldn't hurt and might help, because right now there isn't any accountability at the senior command level of the department, except to itself and its interests, The reality is that nyone holding a rank above captain keeps it only as long as they have the favor of whoever happens to be police commissioner, and the command of the department is, essentially, a closed, insular system. They've told me that more accountability for those holding the rank of deputy inspector or above, all the way to department chief and commissioner, might well make them less self-serving.

Upper West Side



Hi John,

There is a question about the security and the safe streets of our city. DeBlasio is always ready to stomp on Lhota when he is confronted with a question. But what happened the other night is that instead of answering all the questions asked all he did was call out names referring to Republicans and Tea Party members. He is so far ahead because he is accommodating every whim of the voters. Will do away with stop and frisk, will give in to $15 or more dollars and hour wages. How will he do when he has to answer questions about the budget? All he seems to be is a yes man and tell everyone just what they want to hear. How may I ask is he paying for all of this? He never did anything when he was Public Advocate. I have heard this from many people.

All the promises DeBlasio is making is typical of Democrats because this is how they secure their votes come election time. This is not a job in name only. This is important to all of us. What happened to all the jobs promised? What will happen with the promises he made to the unions? Don’t forget NYCHA? All of you candidates running at the time made it look very impressive by sleeping over one night at the houses which were deplorable and meanwhile all of you have been in New York politics and lived and still do knew about these people living in squalor and did nothing about it and then you all keep promising low income housing. It’s a joke. Get off the soap box Bill!!!!!!

Thank you John,

The Ad seemed effective, however, thank God that crime is down, but I still hear about kids being killed, as what happened in Connecticut. There are kids sexually abused, even in schools where they should be safe. There are still guns being sold as in the case with the man who was trying to sell various guns that he was bringing from North Carolina. There are still bullets that are still killing innocent bystanders, for being in the right place at the wrong time.

I also feel that you cannot compare someone's administration as in the case of former Mayor Dinkins, with what De Blasio or Lhota with Guliani have done. They are not in the position to interfere with what the Mayor is doing. Lhota has also been criticized for his time in the Transit, so he is not in a position to bash De Blasio with this ad.

I don't expect that a Mayor can do it all by himself, so he will have to have the proper person in charge of the various promises that either candidate says he will do. I had voted for Pataki who said he would bring capital punishment and did he do that? No, he just did that as a tactic to win, and he did. Many politicians promise and when they get in office don't remember their promises or they speak without knowing what they will really be able to accomplish in the office they are seeking.

As for stop and frisk, let everyone who wants this to continue, let them (Lhota) and others to apply the make-up that Al Jolson wore, and walk out in the streets where they are doing the stop and frisk and see how the policemen treat them, because many policemen are racist, or just feel powerful with the uniform and a gun, and whether you would then still feel that stop and frisk is good. Just do as the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In every photo that I see I have only seen blacks. Don't the jails have White, Hispanic, Asians in them?


Both ads are flawed. DeBlasio continues to say he will raise taxes on the rich to pay for pre-K when Cuomo is basically saying he wants to lower taxes,so that will not happen. Anyone seen any ads lately that are honest?

Queens NY

What gives Lhota the crime or nypd credentials? DeBlasio is looking at Bratton as his top commissioner pick. Bratton is the one who was the architect behind bringing crime down in the first place. If you want low crime DeBlasio with Bratton makes sense.

Chris from Park Slope

The ad is not a lie. If you want to talk about a lie, talk about diblasio. Everything he is promising he won't be able to deliver. His ads are nice but unreal.


I was wondering what took Joe Lhota so long to come up with this ad. It is no more inappropriate than DeBlasio toting out his children to say "look, everyone!! I have black kids!" As a lifelong Democrat and native New Yorker, I am voting for Joe Lhota. I think the Lhota ad is fair and unfortunately very accurate. We're in trouble if DeBlasio wins.

Yvette W.

New Yorkers are smarter than they were 20-40 years ago, sorry Lhota. There is no way we would let that happen. His ad is a slap to the face to the competence of every New Yorker because there is no way we would allow our city to go back twenty years. What r we? A pack of heathens? And with the way technology is growing its getting harder for the crimes of the past to happen at the same rate as 20 years ago. We as a city are closer than we have ever been so Lhota is just showing how out of touch he is with the very people he wants to serve. Lhota is calling the people of New York criminals in a back handed way.

Earl from Harlem

I want to see another candidate one that cares about the people. Not fighting each other.One is not wrong and one is not wright. What Lhota is doing however is not earning my vote. Stop and Frisk is a problem well find another way. Its wrong. Glad thou, the ad is getting people talking and envolved.

-Lisa (Roosevelt Island)

Good Evening to you & all faithful NY 1 viewers, about this Ad, let me say this: Clearly it goes to show how desperate Llota & his camp must be at this point during the race. IF for no other reason, because this is so low & filthy I would NEVER vote for Llota. Furthermore, this ad w/ the motorcycle gang, at the forefront happened DURING THE PRESENT MIKE BLOOMBERG Administration. .....has anyone else noticed this besides me?? Oh BTW, my vote is for Bill De Blasio. Thx!


Bravo to NY1 for actually playing the Willie Horton ad so viewers can truly compare the Lhota ad to the H.W. Bush ad. They are similar: they both pander to base fears. But the Lhota ad doesn't overtly appeal to a racial fear of crime, its racial content is more unspoken, more implied, more coded. Lhota is getting bad advice, he's basically a good guy who did very well in command of the MTA during hurrican Sandy. Still, the city needs a new approach in education and policing. De Blasio can bring a fresh approach to everything.

Park Slope

This add is offensive. Mr de Blasio has not been elected yet. Once he becomes mayor
he will be representing all New Yorkers. Crime is down and will stay down with his leadership. Lhota is behind in the poles and brings back the past that had nothing to do with Mr de Blasio.


DeBlasio doesn't want to end stop and frisk. He just wants the cops to use reasonable cause and reasonable suspicion so it holds up on court. And how does Lhota get away with using footage from the 70's? That would be like Romey using 911 footage against Obama - which he didn't do by the way.

Chris from Park Slope

I'm glad about this ad because its making people more interested in both candidates. To critics of the ad saying Lhota should be saying what his plans are, I question if they even bothered to watch the 1st debate. Although the ad is a bit extreme it does ring a bit of truth. 1992 ....not again....but 95....absolutely. And crime will rise if DiBlasio wins or does not change his anti crime tactics.


It's not just fear mongering. It's a lie. Giuliani claims he turned crime down. But it was Dinkins who hired more cops and led the reversal in crime. Giuliani just loves to racebait. Giuliani did that to Thompson 4 years ago. I guess Lhota does too.

Eric in Greenwich Village.

Why are people so against the middle class & poor?...Why are they so against union members having a fair contract? Why should we have to slave for the %1 for crumbs? ,,,that's what will happen if Lhota becomes Mayor!


He's guiliani's pal. Worst days of NYC were under rudy's watch. We don't need another. The ad is lies. What a joke. Anyone who believes this moron needs to learn to read.

~ Chipper

Who are these guys calling in? All Joe's buddies? Are they among the old white men that feel threatened by fair and equitable policies in this city. Wake up everybody! Its not the 1980's and never will be again. This ad is disgraceful!

Marine Park, Brooklyn

Race hate and ads won't win the race for Lhota. All people have to do is think about how much it cost to buy a metro card and rent cost to leave NYC not crime.

From corona

The Ad that Joe Lhota posted represents nothing but the reality of what will happened if people don't wake up and smell the coffe wih De Blasio. De Blassio, is for progressive but his meaning of progressive is going back and not forward. Fear, is not to be performed for fun but a reality. Do you gays want to see in NYC what the people in the Boston Marathon had to go through? As a democrat, I don't fear to give my vote too Lhoda.

Eric, Bronx NY

There is nothing about this ad that makes me like Joe, he can talk all the bad stuff de Blasio does. My question is, Joe... what are you going to do?

Theo (Roosevelt Island)

DeBlasio is not Dinkins. We get leaders like George Bush and Mayor Bloomberg- who trample our rights and tell us how to live- because segments of the public are gullabul enough to fall for these fear mongrring ads. We should never pick a leader out of fear. We have seen who we get if we do.

Chris from Brooklyn

Deblasio started good now a he keeps putting his foot in his mouth he is now very scar with his plan for city it is time to leave Lotha is no better


Chicago has one murder a week? Wow thats good. The bronx has one murder every two hours.

Joe from Ft Lee

The lhota campaign has been a disaster from day one. What a joke.


Lhota is 100% on the money. I remember the NYC under the Dinkins adminstration. Dinkins was soft on crime and the murder rate was at an all time record. The subways were unsafe and people were afraid to go out at night.

from Staten Island

Lhota is trying to distract everyone from his failing campaign, especially after his horrible performance at the debate on Tuesday. Now he's trying to appeal to the bigots in people with the new ad.

Steven from Astoria

The ad is racist, and a shame. No surprise that a GOP candidate would stoop to the Fox playbook of scare tactics and distortion. Future Mayor de Blasio should remind Lhota in the next debate that it was Lhota who called the men in blue mall cops.


Not only is Lhota right, but, anticipating that deBlasio will win, I've recently gone into contract on my apartment to get the hell out of NYC.

I've lived in NYC since 1985 and I remember the way it used to be. Liberals hate the cops. They hate law and order. They make the criminals the victims. (Also, they think graffiti is the words of the prophets.)

I'll give it six months before the exodus out of NYC begins.


Lhota is playing to fears and racial prejudices to say that he is quite capable of running a city, keeping EVERYONE safe. Whatever happened to creating environments that produce fair employment, fair housing, and fair education? Is he really speaking to EVERYONE?


Lhota is the only candidate that can deal with crime in a realistic way. Some folks think that being PC will save the world. Unfortunately, it will not. The word racist has been used here several times for the convenience of some people. There is no racism in the ad. The truth is that there are fewer cops on the streets and more cameras. God forbid you are raped or mugged, the cameras cannot help you. Just the hype of stopping the stop and frisk practice has already caused a spike in crime recently. According to the news this morning, crime is up again.


The candidates should concentrate on promoting positive improvements - plan for new York city. Lhota is hurting himself showing that ad.

Thank you,

This type of advertising is "low and classless". This doesn't reflect the character of Bill DeBlasio, this does reveal the Character of Joe Llota, and his desperate attempt to win an election no matter at what the cost. This is how the Tea Party Republican candidates are they "slander and lie".

Llota shows no "honest character traits".

Upper West Side

Here we go the best scare tactic of this election season -- Bill de Blasio will be soft on crime and we all will go back to the Dinkins era. Where's the evidence? Because of his position on Stop & Frisk? News Flash: A Federal Judge has already ruled that Stop & Frisk the way it is now performed is unconstitutional. It does not matter who is elected to be the next Mayor of NYC, Stop & Frisk as we know it under the Bloomberg/Kelly regime is over!

But is this not the same Joe Lhota who told the Staten Island Tea Party that he believes that it should be easier to obtain a gun permit in New York? Just what we need -- great crime fighting technique Mr. Lhota!

Upper east side

President Norman Seabrook and COBA The Correction Officers Union is endorsing DeBlasio. Enough said about crime.


Agree with earlier comment from Joe re Lhota only hurting himself with this stuff. Not that I was ever a Lhota supporter, but I am very disappointed in his churlish behavior and would have thought him smart enough to ignore plainly stupid advice of whoever he hired to run his campaign.

Ellie - Turtle Bay

Is it just me, or is Joe Lhota trying to scare NY'er s into voting for him? The images used (especially the unfortunate attack on the Liu family) is more damaging to his image than his opponent. The ad is effective only for Lhota who's grasping at strings trying to keep up with de Blasio who looks to be the inevitable Mayor-elect.


It's a GREAT ad and true too. De Blasio will bring us back to the early 90's and the 70's. God bless Lhota and I hope he can overtake the Socialist, inexperienced and pandering De Blasio!




The Republicans have mastered the art of scare tactics. I thought Mr. Lhota deserves our gratitude for his leadership during hurricane Sandy. But seriously, does he really believe in a roll back to the Dinkins era? Does he think the public is that stupid? It just keeps getting worse and worse each day. For me, that's a low blow and loss of my respect

Park Slope

I AGREE with Joe Lhota. If Bill was any good he would have talk against those shameless bikers and encourage that they all be in jail. Shame on Bill !!!!!


Lhota should have included a photo of Abner Luimer on a gurney after being brutalized by the cops. There was a lot of police brutality under Giuliani, who was a very, very racist and cruel mayor. I do not admire Lhota at all.

East Village

I think that Lhota is grabbing at straws like his republican party. His ad is destructive and racist. He should be ashamed for trying to sway intelligent New Yorkers with fear tactics and lies. Shame on you Lhota!!!

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