Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: Bill de Blasio And Joe Lhota To Debate; Adolfo Carrion To Protest

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A tie goes to the front-runner. Both candidates performed well tonight. But when you are trailing by 50 percentage points, performing well is not enough. Two more debates to go. Two more opportunities for Joe Lhota to outperform Bill de Blasio.

The two leading mayoral candidates met tonight in their first debate before the November 5th general election. This is the first of three debates between Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota. Recent polls show Bill de Blasio with a lead of about 50 percentage points.

Tonight is not one of the two official debates sponsored by the Campaign Finance Board. Unlike the debate on NY1 last week, an invitation was not extended to Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion. The former Bronx Borough President didn't meet the threshold for raising money and performance in the polls. Carrion is calling for his supporters to protest his exclusion.

Who won? If you are supporting Bill de Blasio, can Republican Joe Lhota win you over with a strong performance in the debates? Should Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion be included in this debate season?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

A plurality of New Yorkers including myself will be voting for democrat Bill de Blasio come November 5, as for Mr. Lhota , he can thank his fellow obstructionist republicans in Washington for making his election bid that much more daunting.

Bay Ridge


Ever candidate should have been included. To not do so cheats the candidate left out a chance to express his views. And the voters are cheated out of hearing them in a competitive atmosphere.

Port Richmond, SI

Question to the Mayoral Candidates:

Each year, 65 million tourists come to NYC to enjoy nightlife. Despite nightlife being a $10 Billion per year industry (twice that of Film), there has been little discussion about reforming the 1926 Cabaret Law that restricts dance. As Mayor would you be interested in removing the requirement for small businesses to have a license to dance?


Hi John,

Hi John,

I enjoyed it and I did think that Lhota did come out ahead but this DeBlasio is very arrogant in every way. He is making to many promises and he continued to bash the GOP and the Tea Party. I resent this very much because we are tax paying American citizens and we are not a piece of dirt to stomp on. He talks about the tale of two cities but he surely knows where to go to get his money and that would be from the rich. So already he owes favors to many a donor. He has his beliefs and others have theirs and I really don’t think that he can handle the problems of this city. He seems to continue to talk out of both sides of his mouth. PROMISES PROMISES!!!!!!!

Thank you John,

I thought Joe Lhota informed New Yorkers of Bill de Blasio's lack of experience. I did not know until tonight about Bill's stand with Fresh Direct. I honestly thought Bill came off as a bit of a bully with talk time. Lhota may not have the personality, but after tonight, I'll vote for the nerdy guy who's more knowledgable, than the big, popular prom king with little substance.


Bill de Blasio clearly won the debate tonight.


Clearly Joe won the debate, Deblasios whole case was he is a republican so he is automatically unfit for the job. That's a cowardly thing to do IMO, Lhota has said many times he disagrees with congressional republicans. I'm a democrat that's voting for Lhota, the more qualified candidate!


Hi John:
The only good thing about Rudy Guiliani was that he had the guts to stand up to Al Sharpton. Joe Lhota should stop running on Rudy's coat tails.


Mayoral hopeful, Joe Lhota has a plan that I believe has merit for all New Yorkers. Joe Lhota's plan would reduce NYC'S share of Hotel Occupancy tax from 5.875% to 5% and as such might increase tourism. He than will eliminate General Corporation tax for start-ups with no net income. In addition he gradually would phase out 4% Unincorperated Business Tax. He also plans to undertake comprehensive reviews of the Property Assessment Systems and if possible lower property taxes. He would also gradually phase out commercial rent tax In my opinion these are truely ambitious goals that are achieveable under the right leadership.Now to taxing the rich who generate jobs and income can only adversely effect the poor and middle class, as proposed by Bill de Blasio . And added to that to a certain extent would force some businesses to move out of New York. We need more job creation and an environment where business can florish. Joe Lhota's plans need to be considered.As Joe Lhota pointed out and that is we don't have a revenue problem but a spending problem. Now that needs to be looked into. And I feel Joe Lhota is the man that can do the job.

Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

Hi there my name is Chezza and I say Joe Lhota won the debate. I'm a Democrat but I dislike Deblasio. He barely said anything different than Lhota is a Republican. Your whole basis can't be just that...

DeBlasio won hands down. He kept an even keel. Lhota tried to play both sides - a right wing conservative and a moderate- he has to pick one, he can't be both.

Chris from Park Slope

I missed the debate tonight, but in watching the candidates up to this point, Joe Lhota seems to be a man reaching out beyond his Republican box, I commend him on that. However, I get the sense that Lhota is only distancing himself from the tea party, for the benefit of his campaign. We need a someone who is clearly in tandem with his political party, and wants the best in uniting this city, that person is Bill DeBlasio.




As a democrat, Joe Lhoda won the debate and I will vote for him. Bill de Blasio is obsessed with #Bloomberg. This is why he doesn't have a record, he uses the names of others rather than coming with ideas. The way he speaks is like a fairy tale and Newyorkers we don't need fairy tales but tough solutions for all and not some. He may be up in the pools but not forhis record but exploiting his racial family especially his son Dante.

Bronx, NY webster ave

Hey John, I'm Denny. As a proud supporter of the President and Democrats in general, you'd think i'll be voting for Deblasio. Sadly, this isn't the case because i feel he is not more fit for the job than Joe Lhota. Like someone said on the show earlier, Deblasio's Public Advocate record barely gets mentioned because there was not much done. Joe Lhota has a clear record of business and budget management. Also Deblasio's main criticism of Lhota is that he is a Republican. No specifics why he thinks Lhota won't be a good mayor, just pointing fingers saying "REPUBLICAN". If i recall, i didn't hear Lhota mocking Deblasio for being a Democrat in the debate. That's appropriate etiquette.

My name is Alfredo, and I'm part of the group of Democrats that will be voting for Lhota. He is way more qualified than Bill Deblasio in my opinion. There is just something about Deblasio that doesn't seem right. I feel that our system is corrupt because since Deblasio is a Democrat he is almost sure to win with all the mess going on with House Republicans nowadays. I bet some people will barely know anything about Deblasio but vote for him anyway just because he is a Democrat. A message to my fellow New Yorkers, don't compare Joe Lhota with House Republicans. Focus on his record and you'll see why he is the right man for the job!

After 8 years of Mayor Guiliani and 12 years of Mayor Bloomberg, it's time that the middle class have a champion. New York City is a Tale of Two Cities and it's time for the middle class to stake out their territory!


De Blasio totally uses his black family to get votes and attention. The guy has no experience and has done little for the city. He's tricked New Yorkers into thinking that not being racist= good leader. God help us.


I have to say that the more I learn about Deblasio the less I like him. We need a democratic machine politician with union ties and a spending mentality like we need a whole in the head. I am not pleased when I hear about favoritism used to get kids into public school. The DOE middle school and HS selection processes are broken and need to be corrected to give bright kids who have not received proper preparation a fair shot. They should overhaul the entire process and work harder to make it fair. The god's honest truth is Lhota would not do anything either, so I am stuck with Deblasio.

Audrey C.

Democracy only works when the voters are informed and nothing will change as long as people are told their only options are to vote for the candidates of the two main political parties. The lack of media coverage of the only person of color puts the debates into question and therefore makes Carrion's campaign seem less viable.

If the "Rent is Too Damn High" party candidate Jimmy McMillan was allowed in the 2010 NY Gubernatorial debate, then the Independence party candidate should be included the next debates on October 22 and 29.

The citizens of out great city have the right to an open and balanced election process resting on the values of our democracy, which is open to all candidates. The right to vote is the right that protects all other rights. That includes all official candidates.

NYPD Hispanic Society

Hi John,

It never ceases to amaze me how middle class New Yorkers, the ones most affected by safety and quality of life issues, can be swayed by a smooth talking, good-looking politician. De Blasio's Lindsay-esque agenda could throw this thriving city into a tailspin that will take many years to recover from. The increased taxes on the "wealthy" will the never support a struggling middle class; for it will be targeted to low income assistance and entitlement programs. Or are we now redefining NY's "middle class" to include welfare recipients, as the executive branch already seems to have done. The insulated wealthy must laugh at the liberal middle classes' lack of sensibility.

Midtown East

You just said, quite flippantly, that he changed his name twenty years ago. Perhaps technically true but deliberately misleading to your viewers. He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. in 1961 and he legally changed it to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm in 1983. He, then, at age 40+, changed it to Bill deBlasio Nov 3, 2001, three days before election day. He later crossed out Nov 3 and changed it to Dec. 4, submitted it to the court on December 18 and it was approved January 4, 2002. For the record, his term limited predecessor for the 39th Councilmatic District was Steven de Brienza. I wish I had the actual NYC ballot. de Brienza, de Blasio, certainly close enough for the media to question his motives, calculation and timing. In 2001, his name change was published in the weekly Boston Phoenix, his 1983 change was published in the New York Law Journal. I do know that a name like Warren Wilhelm would not go over well with the largest Jewish population outside of Israel so looks like he got a twofer even a threefer because he also grabs the Italians and hence many other ethnic groups. He also voted as Bill de Blasio for ten years and held elective office under a false name. The last time I checked offering a false instrument for filing was a Class E Felony. Wikileaks said he never repaid his college loans which I assume was in the name of Warren Wilhelm, Jr. Perhaps that's why he changed it the first time, out of college, to avoid bill collectors. If he's deadbeat on his student loans, there is a record and the NYC voters have a right to know that.

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