Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: On Last Day To Register To Vote, New Mayoral Poll Finds...

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Bill de Blasio got 282,344 votes in the Democratic primary. 282,344 of the 8,337,000 residents of New York City. If that doesn't tell you something about how involved voters are, nothing will.

Today is the last day to register to vote in the general election on November 5th. The New York City Campaign Finance Board is urging New Yorkers to apply, given the low turnout during the September primary. Only 22 percent of Democrats and 12 percent of Republicans cast ballots that day. The deadline comes as a new poll shows a substantial lead for Bill de Blasio, despite a slight drop in support from likely voters.

According to today's Wall Street Journal/NBC 4 New York/Marist poll, Democrat Bill de Blasio holds a 67 percent to 23 percent advantage over Republican Joe Lhota. Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion garners two percent of the vote. The survey of 1,305 likely voters was conducted before Wednesday's first debate of the general election season between Lhota and Carrion.

Why was turnout so low in the September primary? Do you support changes to the voting process to allow for non-partisan elections? What's your reaction to Bill de Blasio maintaining a significant lead in the polls after another week of campaigning? Do you expect large swings of support after the debates are over?

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Hi John;

It's really pathetic that so few people choose to vote during primary and general elections. One of my neighbors replied "i have a kid, i'm too busy to vote" when I asked if she had voted. Only a handful of people voted in the primary. New Yorker might wake up when real estate taxes and crime hit the roof.

Midtown East

Probably because Bloomberg isn't one of the candidates. The middle class and the poor have made their voices heard. We are trying to take our city back. The rich don't give a damn because their leader is out.

Ari, West Chelsea

I think that the Lhota/Carrion debate gave the viewers a better picture of who they are. As I listened to your callers and other show participants there will be a shift in the numbers. Unless de Blasio does something really stupid he will remain in the lead. It is always possible that the other candidates could do something really smart and the numbers could shift in their direction as well. Yes, it is time to take a look at this so-called two-party election system.

kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx


People are disheartened and ill informed. No matter who they vote for, things get worse. Look at the damage Bloomberg has done, how he has violated our rights to freedom, how he has dictated how we should live our lives. Bill de Blasio is one of the worst candidates every in NYC and yet he will probably get elected.

We need for far more people to turn out. We need a new ballot line None of the Above.

Port Richmond, SI

mark green had it right the other day: Deblasio is in the right place at the right time/ mabye its Kharma. People are so fed up with being dictated to by a Wall St type that believes in the caste system that even though hes an unknown, hes likeable unlike the incumbent and after weiners weird antics and eliza doverylittle, Deblasio seems like the mosheich- Ashem.


Hi John,

It seems as though DeBlasio has made all of his promises and they bought it=But can he deliver? I personally don’t believe that he will be able to deliver his promises. All politicians say what ever the voters want to hear. Also many voters are not happy with the choices we have to elect in either party and so they will pass it up. I do support changes in the voting and DeBlasio is still running ahead because he was the first to make promises. Again I think it was a very bad attitude on his part not to show up for the most recent election because he in my estimation is just taking us already for granted. [FACE THE MUSIC BILL] [ THIS IS AN ELECTION FOR MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY ]

Thank you John,

Mr. Carrion does not sound like he will be must different than mayor Bloomberg Or Joe Lhota. He could barely answer your question as to where he disagreed with Bloomberg Or Lhota and you had to ask him twice in reference to his differences from the present mayor. I'm with Bill deBlasio for schools and public safety, like his ideas. By the way I'm a union member and no one can twist our arms and make us vote the way they want. We haven't. Had a contract in 6 yrs. So that's why I m voting the way I am.

That one reason.

Denise in Harlem

I am a shocked at the ignorance of most of your callers. Since when does having someone in the public school system translate into being a good mayor. De Blasio is an empty suit who spouts platitudes that sound good, but I have not heard him explain in any kind of detail how he would manage the city. He has no experience whatsoever whereas Lhota has tons of management experience and a proven track record. We are not voting for Miss America here. P.S. I am a registered Democrat.

Paul in Long Island City



Last month Democratic Party leaders declared the importance of "making sure every vote was counted" in the primary? What they really meant was make sure every Democrat's vote is counted. Because when it comes to nonpartisan elections which would put all the voters and all the candidates on a level playing field, Democratic Party leaders across the board fought tooth and nail against it. That's because their loyalty is to their party. Not to the people. And why would the people come out and vote for that kind of politic? That's why the turnout is paltry. Who is coming out in primary elections are the hardcore partisans ("prime voters") and union members who are being arm twisted.

St George, SI

At my poll; the was a big problem with people going to a closed Poll site, or the wrong Poll site. About 25 people voted at my site. More than 50 were sent to other sites.


DeBlasio doesn't have to go and grovel on SI; he didn't make it prohibitively expensive to get on and off the island you live on!

East Village

Hi John

I hope there will big a bigger turnout at the polls this time around I'm voting for Diblasio because i know he would revamp the school system and the HHC.

upper west side

Has Joe Lotha visited areas such as Brownsville, bed sty and sunset park? I think if he wants to be mayor he needs to visit these areas.

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