Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Poll Finds Bill de Blasio's Lead Grows To 50 Points

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It's true a lot can happen in a month and polls can change, as we saw in the Democratic mayor's race. But, I think the situation is different here for two reasons: In the Democratic primary, the wild fluctuations in polls were caused by the large number of undecided voters; in this poll, the undecideds are only at 5%. Secondly, the voters have had a lot of time to get to know de Blasio during the grueling primary process so their minds might already be made up. Lhota has a tough road ahead of him if he wants to overcome this deficit.

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota released his first television ad yesterday in advance of November's general election. The former deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani is trying to win over voters by expressing his support for left-leaning social issues like same-sex marriage. If you believe the polls, he'll need these commercials to work.

A Quinnipiac University poll released this morning shows Democrat Bill de Blasio with the support of 71 percent of likely voters. Lhota is a distant second with 21 percent, followed by Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion with two percent. Only five percent of the 1,198 voters surveyed remain undecided.

Bill de Blasio called the poll results "gratifying and humbling," but added he's not taking anything for granted. The candidates will meet for three debates in October, two of which are sponsored by the Campaign Finance Board. De Blasio does not plan on attending a fourth debate next week hosted by NY1 News.

What's your reaction to de Blasio's lead of 50 percentage points in today's poll? Should he agree to debate his opponents for a fourth time, or are three meetings enough? If you support Lhota, Carrion, or another candidate, what strategy would you like to see them use during the next month?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I would like to know just when the candidates are going to debate?

It looks as though they have just either taken the polls for granted and have become phantom candidates. We need to know just where they stand. Already DeBlasio has had a meeting with the upper crust of NYC. What gives? So it’s the same ol same ol. It seems as though DeBlasio he will not attend all of the debates.

How can they pick and choose?

What happens with our concern with security in New York City?

Morris Park

Lhota should never have linked himself or his campaign with Giuliani who was among the mayors who I call Destroyers of NYC.

Port Richmond

Early poll? Really?? We've been in campaign mode for months now. If Lhota hasn't gotten his message out to the public by now with just a few weeks to go till Election Day, he better start checking the Help Wanted ads. Lhota's message: the sound of one voter clapping.

Upper West Side

Lose the stern persona and crack a smile every now and then. Loosen up. NYC is finding you unapproachable.

Forest Hills

3 reasons why it could go either way:

1-If everyone thinks DiBlasio has such a big lead they won't go to the polls. Especially if the weather is bad!
2-Who likes any Republican right now? About 20% sounds right.
3-Lhota could make inroads in the next 4 weeks and an "unlikely event" can always sway voters. Time = the master of all.

Jackson Heights

I feel deblasio does NOT care about public saftey, he wants to get rid of the comissioner and stop the nypd from doing their job . He HATES cops and i feel he uses his son to appeal more to the minorities which i feel is despicable. He probably wont even give a good deal or raise to city workers because he is only worried about gaining votes of the rich and NOT running this city in a safe and good manner. He also doesnt care about people's livelihood in that he wants to raise taxes which will not benefit anyone. Voting for deblasio will cause people to lose EVERYTHING. Lhota cares and knows how to work hard and manage a big company like nyc.

Upper West Side

We need moderate Republicans! Lhota did an excellent job managing the Sandy crisis and I believe he is a centrist who would run this city efficiently. He supports marriage equality, abortion rights and funding for the arts. We need more moderates like him in this country!

Upper West Side

I don't have much to say about Joe Lhota, because I don't know much about him, but he quietly insinuates a guttering of the progress made over the Bloomberg administration, by Bill DeBlasio. It is more insulting to the voters who support Bill DeBlasio, because it labels most of bill's supporters as lazy, unambitious criminals, who seek to destroy this city, rather than uplift it.


Lhota is not the most likeable candidate from the GOP. He doesn't smile. He's stiff. He doesn't kiss babies. DeBlasio is great at that. He's a public advocate. Somewhat similar to a 'community organizer.'

And that's why I'm voting for Lhota.

The last time I voted for a likeable candidate based on charisma and charm, I got burned as he over-promised, under-delivered as he refused to reach across the aisle while his positioning became more and more divisive.

Let's vote with facts, New York. I don't want talk. I want delivery. Lhota is boring which is exactly what I expect of a shrewd budget coordinator.

Upper West Side

People need to be more knowledgable and do their own research about both mayoral candidates and their credentials. I couldn't agree more with Phil from Jamaica estates, the media has painted the middle class family picture for De blasio giving the "middle class" a common reason to vote. Vote based on facts and achievements not the hype.


Personal Advice to Joe Lhota:

1 Tell Joe Lhota to drop the announcer in his campaign ads and start talking more.

2 Bill DeBlazio advertises himself as a "Normal Down To Earth" person; Tell Joe Lhota to stop acting like a "Big Shot Professional" and act more like a normal down to earth person like Bill DeBlazo.

3 Tell Joe Lhota to stop talking about his days as a Budget Director and more about himself and his Mayoral Qualifications.


Bill DeBlasio is out front because most New Yorkers know what directions the city to move.

The Bloomberg years have been far too many


I do not care for Joe Lhota because if this man has fouled up the MTA, he will foul up New York City as Mayor.

Bill De Blasio is too progressive and I feel he will create class warfare because of his animosity toward the rich. I do not know what his definition of "rich" is.

Therefore, I am voting for Adolfo Carrion because he seems more towards the middle.



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