Friday, October 24, 2014

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The Call Blog: Amid Heightened Security, Who Is Best To Lead?

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The most talked about issues this election season have been Stop and Frisk, economic inequality, and who supported the overturning of term limits. No one is really talking about the threat of terrorism and what ideas they have to keep New York City safe. Maybe that can be considered a compliment to the current administration.

Global politics have made their way into the race for City Hall. President Obama met with Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio tonight in Midtown. The meeting comes amid heightened security in New York City for the General Assembly, and in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks at an upscale mall in Kenya.

Republican Joe Lhota said today he's prepared to lead because of the experience he gained in the Giuliani administration. Lhota said, "The most important thing you can do in an event of an emergency is to make sure you've had practice and you've had drills. The last thing you want to have when you have a terrorist event is your staff standing around saying, 'Oh what do we now?'"

What do you say? Which candidate do you trust to lead New York City in today's climate? How important is safety when it comes to deciding who to vote for? How has the Bloomberg administration handled security issues in the last 12 years?

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I don't have a doubt in my mind that De Blasio will do a better job as the Major in keeping the City safe due to his transparency in handling issues as the City's Public Advocate and his other experiences. Joe Lotha was only doing his job during hurricane sandy and should not be used as a better choice for City's safety. Certainly, I'm confident De Blasio will keep our City safer. Thank you NY1.

Dotun, Queens

I find it interesting most De Blasio supporters focus on his personality and his family, and totally overlook his lack of experience, and rich real estate backers.

From East Flatbush


How is Joe Lhota the best when he was part of the team that allowed the Emergency Command Center to be build at the World Trade Center when it was attacked in the mid '90s by terrorists?

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

If lohta raised the varrazanno bridge toll to $15 imagine what he'll do to taxes.

Shawn: Bushwick

People seem to feel that Republicans will do a better job of crisis management when it comes to big issues like terrorism etc. This is not true. The Bush administration searched for Osama bin Laden for eight unsuccessfully, but Obama is the one who brought him to justice. While Joe Lhota has experience dealing with emergencies and terrorism in New York City it doesn't necessarily guarantee that he will do a better job than de Blasio. We are electing a Mayor not hiring an emergency manager that's why my vote is going to DeBlasio. Hip hip hooray that Lhota got the city's trains running a few days after Sandy-- wasn't that his job??!!! Shame on those closet Republicans masquerading as a registered Democrat who is voting for Lhota. De Blasio will probably turn out to be better in an emergency then Giuliani Bloomberg and Lhota combined.

Idris, flatiron

I don't understand how anyone can feel De Blasio would keep us safe. Lhota has helped NYC through 2 of its greatest crises: Sandy and 9/11.

The woman Rose just said that De Blasio is an executive. He is not. He is a professional political hack. Being a "people's person" will not keep the city safe.

Christine from Bay Ridge

It's obvious that Joe Lhota is more qualified because of his experience with 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and is a much more experienced leader overall. The city has been safer under Bloomberg but one mistake Bloomberg had during a crisis was during a blizzard a few years back. Joe Lhota is more experienced and I don't believe a mistake like that would happen under his leadership. Furthermore on the stop and frisk comments that De Blasio made about stop and frisk with community relations sounds like a fairy tale. People don't like to rat criminals out in fear of their safety and they don't like cops. Being a cop is the one job that you are hated for doing your job and hated for not doing your job.

Mark from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

I have concluded that several Republicans are calling in claiming to be Democrats.

Alfred in Corona

Did Diblasio really go to Cuba in 1991 for his honeymoon? Wasn't that illegal?


Bill de Blasio is a true leader. Highlight his record in political office. Joe Lhota feels that he is privileged because he served in the Giuliani Administration.


I think that the fact that DeBlasio wants to try new and different policies is refreshing, being that so many new Yorkers are exhausted with the current status quo.


Can you please tell us how Bill DeBlasio is going to help middle and lower class New Yorkers with lower rents and more affordable housing if he is backed by the big real estate lobbies of New York?

Thank You
George from Brooklyn

Hi John

I feel that Joe Lhota is the best candidate to keep the city safe. Lhota gets my vote in november.

midtown east

BILL LOHTA will be able to handle severe problems / emergencies.

Peter in the rockaways

It seems this additional push to re-endorse deBlasio again is overkill. It's damage control on the heels of the NY Times story exposing Mr. DeBlasio's fondness for the sandinistas and an illegal trip to Cuba. Where was this story before the election? 2 weeks to count 700,000 votes, voting machines that don't work, Thompson concedes- and a double push from the president... I say suspect. As for Lhota- I am glad to hear SOMEONE address the issue of security in NYC. Say what you will about Ray Kelly- but we have not had an attack here since 9/11. I also think the media should have given Mr. Carrion more coverage.

Bay Ridge

I think safety is a critical issue when it comes to the next mayor. I may not have agreed with Bloomberg on every issue, but, I think his and Ray Kelly's anti-terrorist and stop and frisk policies have done much for the safety of all NYC residents. I think under a de Blasio administration, safety of the average New Yorker will be jeopardized.

Sheepshead Bay, B'klyn

Hi John,

Why is it that these candidates aren’t announcing their Police Chief. This should have been resolved way before today. Seems as though they are not taking the security of our city serious. I would think that before they start going off meeting with the different politicians they should have at least consulted Kelly. He’s a professional in his field. Even if he is not their choice they can at least compliment him on the job he did. I’m positive that he will be happy to oblige. I will not acknowledge Bloomberg because he is nothing but a gentleman Mayor. He’s always off somewhere and I still remember how he played the blame game as usual by blaming us for blocking the streets during the snow storm as the cause for their deaths. What a low blow that was.

Thank you John,




I don't trust either one of them. De Blasio is a was a Cubanista long before the recent revelations and Lhota is a Giulianinista, another destroyer of NYC. Neither one truly supports individual rights and freedom.

Staten Island

Neither of them.

I think we are in for some troubled times With the first thing to happen is crime is going to skyrocket Gun violence and death are going to follow The democrats win ugh between raising taxes to fund schooling How about people that can not afford children stop having them That way i dont have to pay for it If the republicans get in it will be more president mike and his crappy policies Lets make manhattan nice and completely unaffordable to anyone who isn't in banking

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