Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: President Obama Endorses Bill de Blasio, Opponents Sharpen Criticisms

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Two weeks to count 700,000 votes. For this reason alone, I'm sorry the Democratic primary didn't end up a lot closer. The only way to lift the curtain on the Board of Elections is to have an epic failure. And this failure lost traction when Bill Thompson dropped out of the race. Shame.

President Obama endorsed Bill de Blasio today, saying the Democratic mayoral candidate "will be a great mayor of America's largest city." Obama praised de Blasio's vision of "progressive change" and his "bold, courageous ideas" to improve education, create affordable housing, and save community hospitals.

The high-profile endorsement came as Republican Joe Lhota and Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion sharpened their criticisms of de Blasio's past. The mayoral candidates raised questions about de Blasio's time as a young activist in Nicaragua, as well as a trip to Cuba.

Meantime, the Board of Elections is still counting votes from Primary Day. Almost two weeks after New Yorkers went to the polls, an official vote count has yet to be released. It is still unclear if Bill de Blasio won with the 40% needed to avoid an automatic runoff with second-place finisher Bill Thompson. Thompson decided not to wait until all the votes were counted and dropped out of the race one week ago.

Will President Obama's endorsement of Bill de Blasio affect the race for City Hall? Do you consider the details of a candidate's past when deciding who to vote for? What's your reaction to the Board of Elections taking two weeks to count 700,000 votes?

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The Board of Elections in NYC is a disgrace. Two weeks to count 700,000 votes? For such an antiquated system in place is just unacceptable. How can any of us be sure that our vote is actually counted? I cannot imagine anyone conceding the way Bill Thompson has without a full count- unless he has been promised a high ranking position in the de Blasio administration.

As a side bar I have serious concerns for the safety and security of the city especially in light of the Kenya mall attack. None of the candidates has addressed this subject of terrorism at all.

Bay Ridge

Right now, all politicians basically talk a good game. Endorsements mean nothing to me.

DeBlasio has a couple of things going for him.
1. He has a wonderful family.
2. He lives in Brooklyn, and should understand the problems of austerity if he in touch.

Deborah, from Ft. Greene.

Why do all these mayoral candidates refuse to understand that out homicides due to gun violence is way down from last year and from what philly and boston have Yet they all want to stop the stop and frisk This is why we have leas fatalities Due to guns in this city

People wake up if you stop the stop and frisk Gun violence will escalate
Wake up


being an activist in Nicaragra doesnt disqualify him from office. The city bar association had daniel ortega as a guest speaker with the entire junta and dirty tricks lhota of the giuliani bunch wont win by his mCarthy storm trooper tactics; mabye lhota should run elsewhere. Bring back Cubano cigars and not for lhota. These slimy tactics may win him Staten island nowhere else.



Any candidate who is endorsed by the Clintons and the Obamas is certainly not worthy of and will not get my vote.

Port Richmond, SI

Joe Lhota Kitten Hater.

Silver Lake

Hi John,

No surprise because DeBlasio has worked for Cuomo when he was in HUD and he also was involved in ACORN=So the connection is there. He also failed when he said he would help the tenants with repairs, etc. and what he did was he has accepted campaign funds from slumlords. So all three have promised us the sun the moon and the stars and what have we gotten so far. Where are the jobs? Lets not forget the price of rent, food and transportation. His past makes a huge difference because what’s past is present. Did Obama tell the same thing to Emanuel about him being a great mayor in their home state of Illinois. Chicago is a mess and another thing is what makes anyone think that they can fix the wrong doing and mess after this Bloomberg that continues to insult us makes his exit.

Enough already,
Thank you John,


DeBlasio needs to be ahead of the curve on the crime issue. He needs to get Bratton on board or someone with that gravitas. DeBlasio needs to control the crime issue. He can't let Lhota get ahead of him on that.

Chris from Brooklyn

As a de Blasio supporter from the first, I'm not surprised, based on his concerns for the welfare of struggling New Yorkers, that his past experiences in Nicaragua and his affinity for the struggles in Latin America have shaped his point of view on issues that are current and relevant in the lives of many New Yorkers. Attacking him on this and his honeymoon in Cuba is a right wing smokescreen that should have little relevance to the hope of many New Yorkers. Even an editorial in today's NY Times scolds the right for fear mongering.

Kenn from Bayside

How come the President has time to endorse deBlasio, but Governor Cuomo is once again missing in action.


My concern is not who's endorsing Bill De Blasio, but why are we still using these manual machines to record votes?! We are living in the peak age of technology not in a world of horse drawn carriages.

Kanon, Flushing

Hey John

I think the endorsement from the president will be helpful among blacks but might hurt him among others and whites. His black wife and endorsement from Obama could rub those subtle racist the wrong way.

Stephanie from corona

Hi John,

I did heard de Blasio mentioned Bill Bratton's name on Up Close on Sunday with Diana Williams on ABC.


President Obama's endorsement of Bill de Blasio is the ultimate seal of approval in the direction in which our city of Democrats need to move. We need a change!

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