Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Census Finds New Yorkers Living In Poverty On The Rise

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We had such a big response to our show tonight; every line ringing from the minute it started. It seems like New Yorkers just have no love for Mayor Bloomberg anymore, and we see it time and time again on our show. Tonight's snap poll found 78% of people thought Bloomberg did a poor job addressing poverty - 78%. And just 7% thought he did an excellent job. The number speak for themselves.

The latest U.S. Census data is painting a troubling picture of the struggles of New Yorkers living in poverty. It finds the number of residents living below the poverty line is on the rise. The poverty rate, defined as $23,314 for a family of four in New York City, rose to 21.2 percent in 2012. That's up from 20.9 percent in 2011 and 20.1 percent in 2010.

The data also found the 2012 median household income in New York City was $50,895, slightly higher than $50,657 in 2012. In addition, 14 percent of New Yorkers had no health coverage, either private or public. Despite the findings, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs said Mayor Bloomberg's administration has been "a national leader in creating jobs and breaking the cycle of poverty." What do you say?

Are you surprised to learn that 21.2 percent of New Yorkers were living in poverty in 2012? What signs of this struggle do you see in your neighborhood? How would you grade Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to reduce the number of poor New Yorkers during his 12 years in office?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Increase the findings by the number of homeless who probably were unable to participate in the census to get your accurate numbers.

Fort Greene

Now can a family of 4 live on 25 thousand I support myself and a partner on 55 thousand and i never have anything extra or left over No insurance and i cant afford a policy And rent and food and transportation and utilities Forget about something I want not need Half of my salary goes to rent

Upper East Side

This poverty report states the obvious unless your living in a bubble of luxury like Bloomberg and his deputy mayor Linda Gibbs, and it reinforces the point that de Blasio has been making on out on the political stump.

Bay Ridge

Bloomberg has caused more poverty than any major by raising taxes and by sticking more and more regulations on businesses and individuals. The quicker he's gone, the quicker we will have a chance to rebuild the NYC he has destroyed.

Port Richmond

Instead of this mayor sending out yet another deputy to inform us of another set of numbers
referring to the census count

he should once and for all STOP FISHING for compliments to add
to his phantom legacy he should GO FISHING and accept that there is no legacy concerning

I believe everyone running in this race past or present knew very well the conditions that people
were living in and the hardships to go along with it. Just think of it for a moment no job, no food
sky high rent, transportation. Add the unemployment to all of this. We still have people sleeping in
the streets and in homeless shelters. And this is news??? And you can add the two senators that
are all over the place and I will be kind in my remarks=they seem like the channel four peacocks.
They are in everything except they do nothing and they never even show up in New York
at all and if they do all they do is concentrate on Manhattan.
All the money we pay in taxes there still isn’t enough because all they do is tax and spend.

They all need to get out so that we can start all over again.

Morris Park

I don't understand how it's possible for anyone to live in NYC with such a small income,
when you consider how much it is to rent an apartment. I live in a middle-income
neighborhood, and still a one-bedroom apartment is around 1,600/month. I'm shocked
that the median household income is only $50K, when we have so many very high
earners living in luxury accommodations in Manhattan; there have to be a lot of low-
earners in order to bring the average so far down. I would love to see a breakdown
of all income levels to see how they came up with the average. In any case, it's
appalling that we have so many very very rich in NYC, and then more then 20 percent
living in poverty.

Jackson Heights

Iam not surprised Bloomberg has not cared nor has done anything for the poor or middle class - the rents have quadrupled. A family of 4 earning 40k will pay 2000 in rent - is this affordable?

Lower East Side

I find this whole thing disgusting and appalling. Congress refusing to sign the "Job Bill", holding our economy "hostage", and today is the icing on the cake, they voted to cut Food Stamps $40 Billion in cuts. No I am not surprised at all, I find it disgusting that these people have no regard for the people they are suppose to be serving. As far as Bloomberg, he made it so that his "buddies" did well in this economy while the city did without.

Upper West Side

1. Based on my own observations (not scientific method) I believe I see more apparently homeless people in midtown and asking for help on the streets.

2. In addition to myself, I know of at least a couple of other middle class seniors actively looking to buy or rent in states and countries outside Manhattan to avoid slipping into poverty if we remain here.

Turtle Bay

I'm not surprised by the census numbers today. I know a lot of people that were forced to leave the city due to the cost of living here. It seems that the working man doesn't stand a chance in this city. Soon the only residents of new york city will be the very wealthy and those on section 8 and public assistance. It's sad but this is what the city has become; a tale of 2 cities.




As a business owner, volunteer in the schools, I have never seen it this bad. There are schools that are collecting used uniforms because parents can't afford to get school clothing. Breakfast and lunch for many children are the only meals these children get during the week. Many families are renting rooms to make ends meet. I am not surprise about the numbers. I know many working poor who rely on food pantries to feed their families. We need to stop spending money in other countries and take care of our country. I know people who go to housing court every other month because they can't keep up with rising rent cost. Bloomberg did make it possible for business owners to get certified to get city and state contracts but many owners didn't take advantage of the process.

Miss Mae

I believe Bloomberg has been a superb mayor. The city however has been a victim of its own success though in many ways however because the city has never been safer and a more attractive place to live thus driving up housing costs due to demand.


How can people even think Bloomberg is a good mayor with all the homeless & jobless @ an all time HIGH...all the construction of new condos in NY yet, there's barely any rent controlled apartments for the middle class and poor


If you have never been poor, how can you understand what poverty is??

Bay Ridge

Many of the people in NYC living below the poverty line now are former professionals from the financial sector. In addition to outsourcing jobs, especially those in IT, qualified people are being denied the opportunity to have even their resume read once they’re out of work more than 6 months. Those resumes are “rejected” by the online “Applicant Tracking Systems”, as well as by recruiters. Almost everything is done online without a face-to-face with any real humans who can assess their abilities. Many of these people are running down their life savings and using up their retirement money, so you don’t always “see” them as living below the poverty line, even though they have no income.


The mayor has made it abundantly clear that special interests are his only interest.

Garden City, NY

I'd like to know why minorities are singled out to be the 47%, who are lazy and depending on govt. benefits, when the tale of two mindsets are so prevalent? In New York City, I see many people, apparently wealthy, who are so comfortable in their leisure activities. During the day, there is such a disparity between the homeless, and disenfranchised, and the wealthy aloof, eating in expensive bistro's, as if they have nothing better to do. Who are these people jogging with Starbucks coffees, and getting their pets groomed, while people starve?


Bloomberg simply doesn't know how to relate to the poor and middle class, too many insensitive comments tell the story. He says DeBlasio's solution to finnance crises is to tax the rich, but all I remembrr is that he was the one who wanted to charge tolls at the 59th street bridge and he was the one who - at one point- made us feed the meters on Sundays.


I live on Staten Island just like the caller who has three jobs and going to school. I have a master degree and I cannot find a job. I am presently unemployed and not received public assistance. The city has not improve job wise because I live in poverty.

Staten Island

the increase in poverty amoung the population is not only nyc it is a national problem and it is a reflection on the congress of the United States . The president is trying his best to do what is right, but the republican controlled congress blocks every effort to do what is right for the people.


Every city, suburb, town, and village in the U.S. has a rich and poor population. NYC is no different. Work hard, strive, and succeed. It's the American way.

Forest Hills

New York is in a good place because of Mayor Bloomberg. You have only been listening to the complaints. New York has not been taxing the taxpayers out of the city.

Morningside Heights

Bloomberg is the cause of poverty letting the rent and basic cost of living in new York. Reach unbelievable amounts keeping minimal wages at a low while all his rich friends and associates get richer.

LIBEREALISM LIBERALISM LIBERALISM, enough said. LIBS dont help the middle class they help the upper and destroy the middle . Bloomberg is a RINO,he only ran as a Republican due to not being able to defeat Green.

All the complaining about food stamps this and that looking for hand outs .You want to help poverty ridden folks, get them JOBS not hand outs !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Before you know it, Detroit happens quick.Lower taxes to invest in jobs. Deblasio wants to tax the people out of the city and state who work hard and earn their money. This will only creat a more dense poverty. Its common sense poor people don't hire, if you have the people coming in to create jobs good things will happen . This city is heading right down the toilet.Improving economy LOL OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

Staten Island

I am not at all surprised by this study. During Mayor Bloomberg's 12 year reign the wealthy have gotten wealthier, the middle class has eroded as more and more move out of the city and the homeless shelters are full to their capacity with a high percentage of children living in them. Perhaps Bill de Blasio is correct that New York City has become the tale of two cities -- it is not so far fetched given this new study showing that the poverty rate is on the rise. Is his message the tale of two cities really class warfare or is it a reality? People can either elect Bill de Blasio who will fight for the middle class as well as the poor or for Joe Lhota who is elite and backed foremost by the Koch Brothers and Wall Street.

Joe Lhota is not a conservative republican nor is he center-right and if a Lhota Administration comes to fruition, the Koch overlords will be there right along side of him.

Upper East Side

A person that cannot afford a home, an education or food can only afford to beg, steal or mob.

New York is SUPPOSED to be one of the best cities in the world.
But what good is a city that does not take care of it citizens. How do we decrease insecurity or promote tertiary education when we can't even afford it.

I, like many others are disappointed in Bloomberg and his administration and I hope we all take into consideration what we really need when electing the next mayor.


As city worker and public housing resident, I feel betrayed by "mayor " bloomberg. Nearly six years of no raises for city workers,no new affordable housing but groceries gas,rent etc steadily climbs and outsourcing, he has turned the working class into the poor class. This is a disgrace, were the working poor. Bring on diblasio, hopefully he can help turn things around.


Is it any wonder our billionaire mayor is so concerned about preserving stop and frisk? Whenever the divide between rich and poor grows too wide, historically, they arm themselves and rise against their oppressors.

Kew Gardens

It is a "tale of 2 cities" and the census stats don't lie. Bloomberg is in denial -- he says when he walks down the street, people are happy. Yes, they are very happy, because he's walking down Park Ave.

Upper West Side

It's a terrible reality to know that our Mayor is a billionaire who enjoys his arrogance, as much as scrooge, and peacefully we New Yorkers are trying to find a solution, The most daunting challenge is convincing the indifferent, the mighty few, who have so much, who choose to see so little.


I’m 62 years old. I worked for more than 30 years in law firms as a “legal assistant” (usually an on-the-job trained paralegal). One firm I worked for folded in 2008. I didn’t work for a year or so. When I got another law firm job, that firm closed too. The longer I was unemployed, my skills became (according to prospective employers) outdated. So, after 2010, it has been pretty much impossible for me to get a job other than occasional temp work. My salary in 2008 was 68,600. At 62 I’ve had to take early social security payments, accept a substandard Obama Care health insurance plan (which expires 12/31/13) and it looks like I might be forced to take Medicaid if I can’t afford health insurance after 12/31/2013. The government at all levels exists in some weird parallel universe where the economy is stabilizing and there’s a gold beam of light at the end of the “tunnel”. I’ve had to devise a plan for the future that is entrepreneurial in order to have even a glimmer of hope that I’ll have money to survive when I “retire” at 80. Bloomberg is an elitist. He showed his true colors when he made that comment about DeBlazio’s family campaigning with him.


Mr. Bloomberg disgraced this city. More people are poorer since he took office.

The city should find a way to tax NON-NY'ers working in NYC. They are taking away our jobs!!!


Look at public housing rents are up to 1500 per month, the executive dept making above 150k all his lehman, bear stearns friends and have no clue about public housing - yet the buildings are in decay, no resident services, apts and bldgs are disgusting - but his harvard and friends are doing just fine. Good job for the rich. Fantastic job against the middle - low income class. He wants us out of nyc - nyc is for the rich bloombergs rich friends.

NYCHA resident

Clearly the voters have a very short memory. Growing up in the city in the 70s the violence was so bad you couldn't walk in the parks nor on the streets at night and everyone was fleeing the city in droves. De Blasio wants to turn back the clock and turn us into the next Detroit ! He is dividing the city with populist rhetoric. It is easy to blame Bloomberg for every problem. Instead he should be celebrated for his selfless accomplishments. When he is gone he will be missed.


Poverty is all over due
To our government not just in New York and not just the mayor. Our country is falling hard because income is not going up jobs r being loss n our government thinks its more important to worry about other countries


yes, today's poverty numbers are appalling. with the stock market and tourism soaring is is unthinkable.

I agree with Al from Bulls Head. We, the middle class, cannot get ahead no matter how hard we work, with degrees, unions and the like.

We cannot even get a raise.

Queens Village

Its all about the rich gets richer and the poor goes pooer on wall streets the Ceo pay can feed a family of 20 look at all the checks that these Ceo make its crazy and the funny thing is people let the Mayor pay his way back in and its going to get worst because all the people with money dont want is just careing about themselves a poor person is paying taxes more thsn the rich


I wanted to how this man get his third time.we; voter have to think twice.
Every time there's an election they ask you to vote for them.but after they forget about you.this mayor will never think about poor because he is rich.
And how he get this money while in the office.

I am a homeowner living in queens and thanks to Bloomberg, I am saddled with an oppressive water and sewer bill that averages $100 dollars a month. This is not a tax that I can deduct, but a fee that thanks to Bloomberg, I have to pay or risk losing my home. thanks to Bloomberg, who changed the law making it possible for the city's debt to be sold at auction, should you be unfortunate enough to get behind in your payments of this relatively new fee, that since it was implemented ,has more than doubled, with the latest increase kicking in this month. To add insult to injury, you can get a payment plan to pay down your arrears at a monthly interest fee of $20 dollars, virtually guaranteeing that your balance will never decrease. My current balance of -$2500 when I started paying $90 dollars a month after a year and a half is now $3000. -this is because the interest and fees cut into what I am paying down by $400 a year, but this is not the real story.... here is the real story... It has to do with why Bloomberg really wanted a third term.

Imagine yourself for a moment a billionaire. What would be your biggest worry in a time of financial turmoil? Having a safe haven for your billions. What is a safe haven for Bloomberg's billions? Why we homeowners who fall back on our water and sewer bills. A billionaire (or anyone else, but who can compete with a billionaire?) can come along and scoop up the debt and earn a cool 22% plus interest and fees. This is a great investment because the debt is secured by real estate. We get the shaft and all for a good cause too.

What a hero. This is why Bloomberg was so hell bent on a third term, so he could see through his Robert Moses style new water authority that can raise its rates anytime it wants to, tax us into default, and secure a safe haven for his billions well into the future -when no doubt by then we will all probably lose our homes in order to feed the Bloomberg machine.

This more than anything else is Bloomberg's legacy and gift to himself. This is a story that must be told...

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