Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: When It Comes To Education, Which Mayoral Candidate Has The Best Plan?

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Ladies and gentlemen, Adolfo Carrion. The former school teacher unveiled his vision for the New York City school system today. He chose to avoid the Democratic mayoral primary so his message could be heard. With seven weeks to go, the two-time Bronx Borough President better start screaming soon..

Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion detailed his vision for the public school system today. The former school teacher and Democratic Bronx Borough President wants to extend the school day, expand charter schools, and create a "lesson-plan bank" so teachers can share ideas. Carrion also wants to institute a social contract for parents to get more involved.

Later today, Bill de Blasio is meeting with delegates from the United Federation of Teachers. The UFT is looking to endorse another candidate in the general election after backing Bill Thompson in the Democratic Primary. De Blasio's education plan calls for universal pre-kindergarten to be paid for by increasing the income tax on New Yorkers who earn $500,000 or more. He also wants to expand Career and Technical Education schools and increase parental involvement.

As for Republican Joe Lhota, his campaign website is short on details about education. His platform reads as follows: "Promote innovation and reform in education, including support for choice and charter schools, so our children are prepared for college and to become active participants in the 21st century economy." What do you say?

Which mayoral candidate has the best plan for the public school system? What ideas do you have to improve performance in the classroom? Should the next mayor continue Mayor Bloomberg's education policies?

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I'm with DiBlasio! Charter Schools are a good idea in theory, but I'm suspicious of them and staying away. I like his idea of raising more money for education by taxing the rich. The public schools need more money. I'm tired of seeing items like copy paper and paper towels on my school supply list!

Jackson Heights

Mr. Carrion's plan is innovative, but realistically he will not be elected, Mr. de Blasio's pre-k plan will need state level approval, Mr. Lhota has no plan except for empty rhetoric, but in the end the UFT will endorse Mr. de Blasio because he stands the best chance of winning the mayoralty.

Bay Ridge

I want a mayor who values teachers and their ideas. I feel I am a puppet on a string. Always being pulled in all directions. But, truly think about what is best for kids....... In the last 12 years.......nobody has!



Lhota has the best plan of the three. But the real best plan would be to get government totally out of education.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

The first thing is that the parents/guardians have got to start to take full responsibility in backing the teachers where the children's education is concerned. They need to have a better showing on open school week night. If not then there should be no complaints. If they don’t participate then they just can’t play the blame game. That’s not fair. The idea of extending the school day should really be given a much more serious thought behind it. Because then they shouldn’t be allowed to play the blame game. try this out with at least a few classes? The only thing with De Blasio is that he is proposing ideas that he want’s implemented with our money. We cannot withstand any more increases in our taxes. Carrion has to make up his mind and not be a stranger if he is serious about running.

All three should already know by now who the Chancellor and the Police commissioner will be if they win. ONCE AGAIN WHY NO DISCUSSION ABOUT THE SECURITY FOR US NEW YORKERS?

Thank you John,

I love what Joe Lhota did for the MTA. He took an antiquated subway service and turned it into a modern and sophisticated one. I have no doubt that he would do the same exact thing as Mayor, by transforming this city. New Yorkers will eventually will be rewarded by a better quality of life and crime reduction.

De Blasio in my estimation, is nothing but pure puffery. Lhota is the real deal.

Madge in Brooklyn

What baffles me is that students and teachers are never given a voice in education policy. More college students are in remedial classes because more students are told to go to college. Colleges are making money while teachers are being vilified. The first shot of the class war was fired at the start of the current administration's reign.




I'd like to know how Bill de Blasio expects to implement his universal pre-K when it has to be passed in Albany and most everyone thinks that's never going to happen. What is his plan B?

Todt Hill

how about jobs in new york ? what are the candidates doing to bring jobs back to new york ? how about stopping tax breaks for banks that out source jobs to foreign countries? what good is it if you get a good education and there are few jobs for graduates?

aj from Bay Ridge

Need to hear more on what the candidates is going to do for special education - -i.e. Children with IEP, Behavioral Issues, homeless families, traumatized children from abuse, foster children etc Will any of them add more services in-house for these children and where is this money going to come from?

Miss Mae - Harlem

Bloomberg's handling of education for the last 12 years has been a joke and a disgrace. Test scores only went up when he was running for election. Carrion and Lhota will continue the gutting of the system that Bloomberg has almost completed. DeBlasio is the only one who can bring the system back to life and get back to the business of educating our kids.

Chris from Brooklyn

As far as I am concerned Mr. Adolfo Carrion, a former Democrat, is running his campaign by bashing Democrat Bill de Blasio. His insinuation that Bill de Blasio's policies is like going back to the 70's & 80's is the great scare tactic of this election season. Mr. Carrion's expansion of charter schools rings to my ears as a continuation of Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies -- I think that Mayor Bloomberg also talked about extending the school day. Joe Lhota stated throughout the primary debates that he praised Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies. He is all for school closures instead of fixing them, he wants to double the amount of charter schools . . . do charter schools fix public schools? I like Bill de Blasio's plan for public education -- more money is needed for public education -- less emphasis on charter schools. And I know that with Bill de Blasio as Mayor we will not have to endure those horrific Panel for Educational Policy meetings where every school is closed regardless of the outcries of students, parents and teachers.

Let's finally end Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies.

Upper east side

No, I have not heard enough about education and public schools from Bill De Blasio whom I'm voting for, so tell me, I'm listening.........

Carmen, Bay Ridge not Bayside, lol

Less cops. More money for teachers. That will attract more talented educators. Cops can be replaced with video systems, which are less biased than live officers, are more effective, and don't shoot at innocent bystanders.

Michael in Greenpoint

The UFT endorsement is a toxic one. They only protect teachers who shouldn't be teaching instead of focusing on salary and benefits. I guess the public has forgotten that before the Bloomberg administration, the former Board of Education was full of corruption where schools and principals were not held accountable for helping students graduates. It was not unusual for principals to pay bribes to be placed in their jobs. I don't understand why there are people protesting the closure of schools which fail to get more than 50% of their students to graduate. Please- we can't go back to the days when schools started their year with no budget.

Carla from Astoria

If New Yorkers choose evaluate academic success in terms of test scores, they need to be careful with their support of Charter Schools-their standardized test scores are similar in comparison to Public Schools...terrible. Honestly, I believe any Mayor elected will disguise the same old things as something new and innovative.

By the way, the UTF endorsement of diBlasio seemed insincere and forced.

Oscar, Princes Bay, Staten Island

How many of the 650,000 who voted were union members? Age breakdown?


I am hearing of how certain people from the Bronx think that Carrion is the right for Mayor, I live in the Bronx all my life and as a community activist Carrion in his time is office as Bronx boro President never supported the LGBTQ community in the Bronx what so ever, And as suppose his Christian walk he surely rob the Bronx with the scandal he did in the Bronx. Just like the other bad political who was trying to get back in the political ring. How crazy is society to bring these men back and Carrion is one of them.


Let's be serious New York! Did anybody REALLY know who Joe Lhota was prior to Hurrcaine Sandy? Standing at a podium telling us which trains are running or not running does not qualify you to be the mayor of New York. Just like being a billionaire businessman didn't really help us either.

Upper East side

If we want children to learn, why don't we stop jamming them into moldy outhouses where their playgrounds used to be? I know, radical idea.


Frankly, I don't understand why every politician keeps hollering about fixing schools. Why doesn't anyone just call parents and/or caregivers who have children in underperforming school districts out, and tell them that they need to get involved in their child's education?

In my opinion, a parent/caregiver who values education will pass that on to their child and will help their son or daughter succeed because they will be active/involved in their child's learning process. Parents who believe that education/the love of learning is something that the government can some how teach, should give their children up to the state.

The sad reality is children in underperforming school districts probably have parents who have low levels of education. This cycle has no simple fix.


I will vote for Bill. To make nyc schools Work you need to finally be about the students 100% not teachers. If schools are failing fire all the teachers and get new ones. The teachers union is out of control and teachers overall do not educate NYC students. Parents need way more involvement and kindergarten should not be mandatory it will only lead to unnecessary acs cases.

Stephanie from Corona

Under our current Mayor, the NYCDOE has been an unmitigated disaster, despite his claims of improving graduation rates, closing the achievement gap, and completely destroying the morale of teachers with his "gotcha" attitudes.

I'm particularly interested in learning what the candidates (particularly Bill deBlasio) will do about improving Special Education for those many students in our city that receive these services. I've not heard any of the candidates address the educational needs of these students. These students are also part of the public school system, yet it appears that they are forgotten by all.


Mayoral control should be abolish & should be return to the Old Board of Ed. The problem with Mayoral Control is every 4 to 8 years there will be policy changes with the New Mayor. Unfortunately that's never going to happen.


Interesting !!!! All the things these two candidates promising ! All this about student having an education, my question is: when people obtain a certificate or degree etc., and apply for jobs which of these candidates will help them get a job WITHOUT EXPERIENCE cause thats what MOST human resources dept., asking for as if experience sells in the market place or maybe thats a form of discrimination just covering under the logo "Experience" ??????????


The problem with education in the city is the parents lack of responsibility. There is only so much that teachers can do.It has to be a team effort from the teachers and the parents; as well as the community.


I agree with Joe, take the politics out of education. I work in a school system with fantastic teachers, who in Bloomberg's decade, would be considered "Bad" teachers because of our children's scores. To the contrary, they are fantastic teachers. You want to fix education I have six suggestions: 1. Make the children responsible for their education....what they do in class should determine if they are promoted or not (just like when we were younger), not a one time a year test. 2. Teach parents the importance of making their children responsible by setting limits if they don't do well. 3. Teach parents the importance of their participation in their child's education 4. Have more vocational schools with internships for high school students (contrary to the push, not every child is college bond) 5. Let teacher's teach. and 6. Don't change the curriculum, the standards, the test every time someone says boo. Give an idea time to work, not to fit what government wants their statistics to be.

Ms. T - Public School Teacher.

It's very difficult to determine what the candidates positions are on education because everyone speaks in sound bites :-)

Michael from Brooklyn

Unless the new mayor takes a serious look and commits to not only re-evaluate but change the UFT contract our public school education system is unlikely to change - I am a firm supporter of Charter schools which DeBlasio seems to be against - he doesn't have my vote

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