Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Call Blog: Christine Quinn Endorses Bill de Blasio; Joe Lhota To Meet Rev. Al Sharpton

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Bill de Blasio remains the candidate to beat. A new poll shows him beating Joe Lhota 65% to 22%. Even though it's early that's a pretty impressive lead. I'm especially surprised by the low number of undecideds - 9% to be exact. And as always, our viewers closely reflected the poll findings; our snap poll found 66% would vote for de Blasio, 24% for Lhota, while 10% are undecided or voting for some other candidate. As the election grows closer, look for this snap poll again as we keep gauging the viewers' opinions.

The call for unity in the Democratic Party continued today as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsed Bill de Blasio in the race for City Hall. As candidates, the two traded sharp criticisms for months on the primary campaign trail. That ended today when Quinn urged her supporters to vote for de Blasio because she trusted he "will be a terrific mayor for the City of New York."

On the Republican side, Joe Lhota looked to make inroads in traditionally Democratic circles today. The former head of the MTA met with leaders of the City's largest municipal employees union, District Council 37. And later this evening, Lhota is scheduled to meet with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Will Christine Quinn's endorsement of Bill de Blasio make a difference in the general election? Do you welcome Joe Lhota's attempt to listen to the concerns of those outside the Republican Party? Are you more likely to vote for Bill de Blasio, Joe Lhota, or someone else in November?

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I still would love to know just what they are running on. So now everyone is supporting
everyone else.

What will the benefit be to us taxpaying citizens of New York? As of today I must mention
once again that no one is speaking about the security for New York.

Why do the candidates have to meet with Al Sharpton?

I have no idea just who I will vote for now. They need to present their case without all
of these hangers on that are not running for anything but they all seem to have a lot
to say.

The ones running are going to be running the city.
I will have to take a long look see.

Morris Park

Endorsements don't mean much these days, and I'm sure some of Quinn supporters will gravitate towards de Blasio or Lhota, as Lhota tries to make inroads with more conservative democrats, whose supports he needs to stand chance in November.

Bay Ridge

Quinn took a lot of pot shots at DiBlasio. When you attack you lose. Her endorsement probably doesn't mean much but it does show unity within the part with the endorsement by Bill Thompson. Ultimately, the voters make the decision anyway. Former MTA chairman is trying to cater to all groups but that may not work. He's still a Republican and he should have started catering to the most diverse city in the nation from the very beginning. He's just another bureaucrat looking to enter the game for self aggrandizement.


A vote for Lhota is a vote for the regressive Giuliani. A vote for de Blasio is a vote for the regressive Quinn. Either vote is a vote for continued destruction of the City. Who could I vote for to get a choice, not an echo?

What a pitiful and repulsive collection of candidates.

Port Richmond

Neither Christine Quinn's nor Mayor Bloomberg's non endorsement will make a difference. They both proved to be manipulative and deceiving.

Park Hill

I will be sitting this election out. I will neither be voting for Lhota who is anti labor, nor will I be voting for de Blasio who is another Obama socialist who will give away the house and bankrupt the City as Obama is doing to the country.

Sheepshead Bay

I keep this short and sweet - Anytime a candidate or public official stoops so low as to go after Al Sharpton's endorsement - they have lost my vote.

Upper West

I am voting for Deblasio, but, Ms. Quinn looks like the ultimate Flip Flopper now.

I didn't know that they made pancake turners that big!

Throggs Neck

After Quinn mopped the floor with De Blasio now she is endorsing him?? and we have to deal with Rev Al Sharpton's mouth too? oh Lord have mercy on us


Quinn is Jeckyll & Hyde. I think now she's just trying to stay relevant and keep her name in the news before she's history. Bill De Blasio needs her endorsement like a fish needs a bicycle.

Upper West Side

the democrats look like they just graduated High School,

Joe Lhota looks like the wise Professor


Guiliani was one such man that had the good sense to stand up to Al Sharpton. Joe Lhoda is groveling. He is an embarrassment. Shame on him.

Brooklyn Heights

If de Blasio can get Bratton on his team as Police commissioner, Lhota won't be able to get him on the crime issue.

Park Slope

I've been a De Blasio enthusiast from day 1. The show of support is necessary even if just on the surface. A Democratic win will set a correction for the sins of the Bloomberg years and, hopefully, keep in place the truly efficient aspects of the consummate businessman that he is. Affordable housing and a sane and sound educational policy hasn't been present since Bloomberg assumed the mayoralty!


Thank you Occupy Wall Street for starting the campaign that Bill Diblasio will end up finishing. Occupy first raised the issue of a "Tale of Two Cities", the 99% vs. the 1%, and throughout the primary campaign DiBlasio was consistent and stayed on message. People are suffering and want things to change. Yes, Joe Lhotta, it is class warfare, and new Yorkers are finally fighting back!


Bill deBlasio will become the newest mayor despite getting praise from Christine Quinn because it look like the democrat wanted the New York Mayor office so bad after twenty-four year of Gop rules. de Blasio sure know how to make the right speech and it will help make de Blasio look like winner.

Bay Ridge

I think everyone is forgetting what it was like when Lhota was running the MTA. During his tenure he raised fares a couple of time and he had the same mentality as Bloomberg, his way or no way. Deblasio is the one to vote for.


If de Blasio can get Bratton on his team as Police commissioner, Lhota won't be able to get him on the crime issue. DeBlasio would be a lock if he got Bratton. This is very possible since Guiliani and Bratton had a falling out I don't see Bratton going to Lhota.

Park Slope

Vote for DeBlasio and you vote for New York to become Detroit!! He is a Dinkins' disciple!!! Remember 3,000 murders in our city!!! High Taxes and take from the working people and give to those who don't want to work for a living. Did anyone say welfare!!! What ever happened to Mayor Rudy's workfare, you know clean subways and the Staten Island Ferry if you want to get paid. Vote Lhota, Vote Lhota if you want New York to be the New York that it has been the past 20 years!!! Last chance before our city becomes a crime ridden ghost town!!!!

Staten Island Resident

Can someone explain to me why it is so vital for any of these candidates to meet with Al Sharpton?

Why do they feel the need for his blessing...Is he going to be deputy mayor or something?

Just asking.

Bay Ridge

I agree with Mary Ann: DeBlasio is too much to the left. And he is also a hypocrite: he has been taking money from real estate interests, same people he is raging against in his campaign. I do not trust him as a person and I do not trust that he will make life in this city better. Cute and smart kids do not a mayor make. I will be following the mayoral debates closely, and if I do not find compelling reasons NOT to vote for Lhota, this registered democrat will be voting for him.

Brooklyn Heights

I hope diblasio is the answer we need. it seems the people want a change is bill the change we're asking for? god help us.


you've got almost 300,000 people who have not gotten a raise in more than 5 years while everything else in this town has gone up!

go De Blasio


Simply baffled here on the UWS as to why so many Democrats are wowed by Bill de Blasio. I don't see that he has the experience or know how to run a world class city like ours.

I plan to vote for Joe Lhota (despite a Giuliani endorsement) because he's intelligent, accomplished and reasonable.

My estimate is that in less than 2 years people are going to start to be nostalgic for the Bloomberg years-he's been a wonderful mayor.


It seems smart for a candidate to talk to voters of every stripe to at least give the appearance of being a concerned, interested leader. It is not such a surprising or impressive move. Will it lead to votes for Lhota? Maybe, but not many. I am sticking with de Blasio all the way.

Upper West Side

My choice for Mayor? Bill DiBlasio of course!

Do not trust Joe because his past shows that he is a Lhotta 'bull'!


How can people still say Bloomberg was a good Mayor...with all the homeless and jobless that's grown in his 3 terms. Bloomberg is worth more NOW...than b4 he was Mayor..yet he did nothing for the middle class & poor...all those condos could have been rent stabilized apts.....We need change.....and that's Bill De Blasio


The recent poll showing Bill de Blasio leading Joe Lhota by 65%-22% is exciting however I do not want to take too much stock in this poll. I am still concerned that New Yorkers will vote for a republican due to scare tatics like those as I have just heard tonight that Bill de Blasio will ruin this city; we will go back to the Dinkins era with respect to crime; and that Bill de Blasio will bankrupt this city. Really? And what has Mayor Blooomberg done for the Middle class in this city for the past 12 years? Nothing -- middle class people are moving out in groves while he has been focusing on the wealthy and tourists. Our school system is a disgrace and the income disparity within this city has never been wider. To think that Joe Lhota will fix our schools when he aspires to Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies is absurd. To think that Joe Lhota does not have a disdain for unions just because he is speaking to DC37 is laughable. But most importantly to think that Joe Lhota will represent and fight for the middle class when he is backed by the Koch Brothers is preposterous!

Upper East Side

Joe Lhota mismanaged the MTA and now he's asking to mismanage the city of NY. He claims he won't raise taxes and he'll look for ways to make NYC gov't more efficient, much like the way he didn't raise subway/train/commuter fares and how efficiently he ran the MTA (not).

Joe Lhota all the way.

He does not get enough credit for keeping the subway graffitti free, clean, and out of bankruptcy. He's a great problem solver and I would like to see him in action on other city issues.


What I find interesting is that Gov. Cuomo appointed Joe Lhota to head the MTA. So I guess that means he competent. It kind of puts the Gov. Cuomo in an awkward position. As far the fare goes Gov. Cuomo had to approve it right ?

Staten Island

I am a democrat but I am voting for Joe Lhota. Bill is making too many promises that may sound good in the beginning but too many promises usually means more broken promises after getting elected.


This city is a tale of two lies, partly because each party makes promises they can't keep, but De Blasio is the lesser of two evils, because if his intent is to unite this city, there can't be anything wrong with that. People need to stop the Bill bashing and get on the Bill bandwagon.

To the gentleman that just called in and claimed that after Giuliani & Bloomberg that "the City is in shambles"...Really??? What do you know about the city being in shambles?

Where were you during the 70's & 80's when this city was left for dead?

DeBlasio & his policies will put New York on a fast track to becoming the next Detroit.

Upper East Side

Although Lhota has good management experience, I don't see any overall balance for all NY citizens. The rich get richer and the middle class get nothing. Diblasio, hopefully can bring equal balance.

I vote for Diblasio!!!

Dj Ea-One



I voted for Thompson in the Primary and will now enthusiastically vote for Joe Lhoto in the general election.

Remember what Ghandi said. What does Joe Lhota's lack of compassion for animals say about his character? No way could I vote for him.

Upper East Side

People are complaining about paying $15 on the Whitestone and Verizano Bridges because of Lotia. Well if Lotia becomes our next mayor I'm sure he'll only be too happy to put tolls on the free East River crossings such as the Queens Borough and Brooklyn Bridges.


Maria from Whitestone, says we need a stronger mayor. We need a democrat who wants to help the poor not squash them. Bloomberg only helped the rich get richer. The city is in shambles no jobs, no affordable housing, MTA fares rising. We need Bill Diblasio who wants to make a positive change for New Yorkers .

When Bloomberg got in he also met withcivil rights and labor leaders leaders and then proceeded to attack both for 3 terms. Lotta is a "great administrator" like Bloomberg and his crew but they were administrating to make the rich richer (Bloomberg first and foremost) and working people poorer. Diblasio is the way forward. ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP