Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Bill Thompson Concedes, Backs Bill de Blasio For Mayor

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"Three more weeks!! Three more weeks!! Three more, uh, two more weeks! Two more weeks! Two more, umm, one week? One more week! Or, uh, six more days!!! Six more days!! Eh, forget it." -- the first draft of Bill Thompson's Primary Night speech

On the day the Board of Elections began counting thousands of paper ballots to determine if a runoff was necessary in the Democratic mayoral primary, Bill Thompson dropped out of the race. Standing with Governor Cuomo outside City Hall today, Thompson urged Democrats to unite and support Bill de Blasio for mayor.

During his concession speech, Thompson criticized the Board of Elections for a process that would have had all the votes counted just two weeks before a runoff. The former City Comptroller said, "We can't have what happened to me as a candidate happen to any other candidate for any other City office in the future."

Thompson's decision clears the way for a general election match-up between Bill de Blasio, Republican Joe Lhota, and Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion. Carrion is a former Bronx Borough President who opted to run on a third-party line to avoid a crowded Democratic primary.

What's your reaction to Bill Thompson's decision to concede before all the votes were counted from Primary Day? Will Democrats unite for Bill de Blasio's mayoral campaign? What changes would you make to the election process in New York City?

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Bill Thompson should have conceded before to keep party unity. Thompson was probably pressured by Cuomo to do this. I think it was the right thing. It will be interesting to see what the remaining ballot reveal.

Jamaica, NY

I'm glad that Thompson conceded the election, avoiding a runoff which would have been costly and divisive for democrats who need to show a united front to the republican money and negative onslaught against the progressive ideas of Bill de Blasio.

Bay Ridge

Bill DeBlasio will be backed by all Thompson supporters which will put him over all the others in November.

Arden heights.


Now if we can get de Blasio to quit maybe we can have a new election of competent candidates.

Port Richmond, SI

All I would like to say is, I am all for Joe Lhota and the number one reason why I support him is because he IS FOR Stop and Check. I feel he cares for the people.


Hi John,

The shovel was not big enough for the bouquets being thrown around to one another. I must ask again just what does it take to straiten out these people that work for the Board of Elections. One women didn’t like the questions that I was asking and was quite perturbed and they need to choose people that are aware of the importance and dedication to be involved one way or another with the board. They have to stop conducting these appointed jobs and appointing politicians to certain jobs also because it’s coming to them. That’s why we are stuck with the same people over and over again. Stringer is the best example=He is not qualified to do that important job as Comptroller=He falls in line right behind Quinn and her antics. Of course Cuomo had to make an appearance to add his strong arm tactics to this election. We never see him downstate other than when he makes an appearance to campaign. What Queens=I’ll give him that. Quite frankly the applause was not that great at all.

Thank you John,

Hi John;

Is Jack Hidary still in the race as an independent? Errol had him on Inside City Hall a few months back so he was taken at least a bit seriously. If he has some money, he could at least be putting some message out on TV although Catsimatidis probably spent the most money during the primaries.

Do you know if Adolfo Carrion will be invited to the debates?

Ted from LES

Thompson should not have dropped out. He's the best candidate. Cuomo is a snake for brokering the deal. He's only out for his own political future. All vets will vote against a Cuomo presidency because he doubled the pension buy back cost for vets from 3% to 6%.

Sheepshead Bay, B'klyn

I hope Cuomo and de Blasio plan to compensate Thompson for his decision to bow out of the race by promising him an active post election position either in NYC or Albany.

Washington Heights, N.Y.

Change to election process. Limit on campaign contributions. Limit on length time campaigns can be run. meantime get ready for a return to the Dinkin's Days!

That's All folks!
Eddie J from Brooklyn, NY

this shows the voters just how little they mean to these politicians, party leaders, and pressure groups. All the votes need to be counted, or this is no longer a democracy.


Well it looks like we could be getting 2 Bill's for the price of one! Now whether the voters decide to buy into that concept we have to wait and see.

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

So what happens now to the city unions, specifically the UFT who has thrown all our backing to Thompson? What a waste of effort...


Finally this primary is over!! Bill Thompson did what he should have done -- my respect for him has grown. Now Bill de Blasio can focus on what needs to be done and with the support of the Democratic party beat Joe Lhota and finally put a Democrat in City Hall. This primary was basically a referendum against Mayor Bloomberg and his 12 year regime. The city has to go in a new direction -- Joe Lhota is not it. People who have bitterly complained about Mayor Bloomberg have no business voting for Joe Lhota. Joe Lhota inspires to a lot of Mayor Bloomberg's policies -- stop & frisk, educational policies especially school closures, charter schools, a clear disdain for the teachers union. He has no clue of the income disparity that this city faces -- he has no agenda to fix it. He is backed by the Koch brothers -- is this who we really want to put into the Mayor's office a right wing extremist?? The Koch Brothers are not center-right!

One has to wonder if Joe Lhota has any affiliations with the Tea Party . . . the Koch Brothers sure do!

Upper east side

Tale of two DeBlasios? There's the one that gets in front of cameras in June for LICH & Interfaith hospitals -- and the one today, that holds hands HIGH with the Same Gov Cuomo that has authorizing SUNY to kill 2000 jobs, and create his own security forces to clear out patients and block ER entrances al summer?

Carroll Gardens

I think Thompson was the equivalent of the SS Titantic. Is this man dreaming or what? Why did he wait so long and drag this out? Did we need the dramatics? I think not. Wake up Bill

Ben – Jay
Bklyn Hgts.

Al Sharpton must be happier than a pig in mud.

Forest Hills

Bill Thompson bowed out to save himself the embarrassment of finding out that he didn't qualify for a run-off, after all. Now hopefully Democrats do get behind De Blasio, so many unions are still without contracts. For all Joe Lhota's talk that De Blasio will lead us back to The Dinkins era, I fear that a Lhota victory will lead to a rash of strikes like the beginning of the Lindsay years.

Kew Gardens

The recount of the paper ballots is in motion. If that recount brings deBlasio below 40% the board of elections is legally bound to have a runoff between deBlasio and Thompson. What will happen then? That will be awkward.
The recount is in motion.

Chris from Brooklyn

I've gain a better respect for Bill Thompson, he demonstrated to the people of NY that he cares about the welfare and direction of this city, well done Mr. Thompson, well done!


De Blasio is so far to the left which is great for Democratic Primary but the general election is a lot different. Do not see how could possibly move to the middle. Homeowners, Buisness People & CityWorkers will see their taxes go up.

Prince Bay Staten Island.

I'm afraid that since Bill DiBlasio worked in the Dickens Administration the City will see an increase in crime & unsafety and many New Yorkers will leave the city , losing it's tax base & will cause a more serious financial concerns that will surely be the evident in the next four years if he is elected.

Jerry- Brighton Beach

The Absentee Ballots of the military and others out-of-town on Primary Day should have been counted. Why should anyone bother to do an Absentee vote if it means nothing?

Upper East Side

Bill Thompson did the right thing by dropping out. It is time to u ite the Democratic Party in NYC. We do not want the Republican candidate because be would be a Lhotta 'bull'!


If we had the regular new ballots instead of the old machines, would we have had this problem? Would even newer technology be able to solve run-off problems by asking for your first and second place votes on your original ballot?


Hello this is Jose from Queens, I think that Thompson stepping down was a good move but wrong it shows how the Norad of elections is not doing there job and they choose what ever candidate they want time to start from scratch there. No matter if your a republican or democrat every vote should count.

Are we serious about our democracy? Were New Yorkers going to be harmed if we waited a few more hours to count the paper ballots? Really? Did most of the callers fail math? It is quite likely that many of the paper ballot votes are not votes for DeBlasio (they could be for Quinn and Liu) and would cause DeBlasio's percentage of the votes to fall below 40%.

So what is the truth Bill Thompson? Did you no longer want to see every vote counted? Did you see an opportunity for yourself and your wife (as one caller suggested)?

I have worked so long and so hard to register voters over the past 25 years. I have encouraged people to vote by telling them that every vote counts. Bill Thompson made a mockery of my efforts.


If Thompson had withdrawn gracefully right after the primary, it wouldn't have hurt the democratic party and everyone would have been united. But Thompson dropping out now, under pressure, makes the democratic party look like the political machine and bully that it is - which isn't good for the party. I'm a democrat, and I don't like it. Thompson should have dropped out right away, he knew he couldn't win.

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