Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: While Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota Campaign, Bill Thompson Supporters Discuss Future

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After all these months, what's the hurry? Count all the votes and we'll know the official results early next week. Sounds like the right thing to do to respect the integrity of the process.

Top supporters of Bill Thompson are planning to meet tonight to discuss whether the former City comptroller should stay in the race for City Hall. Thompson finished second in Tuesday's primary, but an official vote count hasn't been conducted yet to determine whether he qualifies for a runoff against first-place finisher Bill de Blasio.

At a rally at Brooklyn's Borough Hall today, de Blasio picked up endorsements from union leaders and Democratic activists in front of hundreds of supporters. On the Republican side, Joe Lhota criticized Democrats for "divide and conquer" language pitting the rich against the poor. What do you say?

Should Bill Thompson quit the race so Democrats can focus on the general election, or should he wait to decide when all the votes are counted? Which Bill would supporters of Christine Quinn, John Liu, and Anthony Weiner support? In a race between de Blasio and Lhota, who wins?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I didn't vote for any of the two Bills, and I believe that neither one of them are going to change radically the trajectory this city is on - they would have otherwise been maliciously attacked by the establishment and had "baggage" exposed like they did to John Liu and Weiner.

However Bill de Blasio looks like a good man, and Thompson seems too insincere (look at his eyebrows when he talks) and changes his position on things - Thompson is a popularist but himself a wealthy man.

I can not stand how people accuse de Blasio of using his family, especially the son, for racial appeal. Maybe they insisted to help him!(people do these kind of things in a family!) I didn't hear much about Quinn flaunting her gay persuasion for votes in the LGBTQ community...

If the Republican candidate wins it will be another blow to equality for the majority of New Yorkers who are already struggling.

Upper East Side


I worked as a poll worker during the past election and I can assure you that the majority of those paper ballots are going to be thrown out because they were given to people that were not qualified to vote. There is no way that it is going to turn the balance of the election


Al Gore conceded right away in 2000 -- if he had let the process play out in Florida, he would have been president! Democracy can wait for all votes to be counted!

Morningside Hts.

Politicians tell the people what yhey wanna hear and yet do the complete opposite. I trust none of them.

Shawn.. From Bushwick






Per the NYT map. The machines didn't work and I filled out a paper ballot. It's embarrassing in 2013 to use these lever machines. Why couldn't they scan the paper ballot? It makes me so angry. While I don't want Thompson to become mayor, all votes need to be counted before he gives up. Every vote counts. They need to tally them quicker and more efficiently.


I think Bill Thompson should step aside, he is not being pragmatic, he is allowing the excitement of the Mayor's race to dictate his emotions, and his logic, for the good of the democratic party.

Sorry, Bill Thompson please obviate the run off so we can save money.


The law is the law. If Bill DiBlasio earned exactly 40% or more - no run off. However, Thompson shouldn't drop out and nor should anyone pressure him to do so. If people take the time to vote, every vote needs to be considered.

Scott from Chelsea

Thompson earned the right to see if there is a runoff. He shouldn't make the mistake that Weiner did in 2005 by ceding to Freddy Ferrer who only had 39%. If deBlasio goes below 40% Thompson should go for it. He has a good chance. The calculus changes in a two person race.

Chris from Brooklyn

If you want people to go out to votr, those votes MUST be counted.


As starch Liu support , we need unity to begin over turn the damage Bloomberg has done to this city the tail of 2 cities. We need to have a campaign to win in November . Finally Thompson did not do this in last election which he lost by5% has sold out?


As a registered voter,who submitted an affidavit after selecting specific candidates, why should we not allow Thompson the right to see them all counted. If nothing else, us voters who had to submit a paper ballot should at least have ours counted too. How difficult is it?The candidate with the most votes will win.


St Vincent's will haunt Christine Quinn for the rest of her life.

East village.

I can't understand all the people who talk about the miserable 12 years of Bloomberg and 8 years of Giuliani. How quickly everyone forgets how miserable New York was 20+ years ago. The Dinkin's days were a dark time in New York history. Are there issues this city is facing, absolutely. However, everyone needs to put things in perspective and drop the hyperbole. Personally, I'm undecided at the moment, but I am looking for a candidate that will solve issues like housing affordability and education, without turning the city into a welfare state.


For the Unity of the Party....Step off Bill Thompson -


I am voting for de Blasio but I am asking if it is mathematically possible for Liu to get enough votes out the 80,000 ballots to make it a 3 way run off Just asking

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx


I understand where Thompson is coming from... however-- if counting the emergency, affidavit and absentee ballots DOES lead to run-off, how does Thompson think he is going to beat De Blasio, short of it being revealed that De Blasio is a compulsive sexter? I voted for De Blasio, by the way.

~Gabrielle in the West Village

Aren't there only about twenty thousand votes separating Stringer and Spitzer? If there are about 80,000 uncounted ballots what does this mean potentially for that race?

Morningside Heights

DeBlasio is so boring AND "safe". Looks like I am going to have to vote "Carrion" now !
(I want Bill DeBlasio to take a drug test)

Adam from the Upper East Side

Thompson should not quit! Keeping fingers crossed for the runoff. Don't want to be forced to vote for Lhota...

Brooklyn Heights

What planet is Bill Thompson living on? Is this man so delusional that he actually thinks there is going to be a run off? How many of those absentee ballots are from people who aren’t even registered to vote? By winning 40%, de Blasio proved he is the winner. Thompson is just a big cry baby and a sore loser. We need unity not division. Hey Bill get over it. Bottom line: You lost the primary.

Brooklyn Heights

Have we not learnt our lesson in the past? Egos need to place to the side and we need to move forward and embrace deBlasio. We do not have the luxury of entertaining a run off at this time. The sooner all of my democratic sisters and brothers unite the better our chances of taking back city hall. We cannot afford 4 more years of a republican mayor. "Let's go deBlasio



Thompson should quit the race to unite the party. DeBlasio won this election hands down. Re: Military guess is that they will all go to Lhota.

midtown east



Why should Thompson quit the race? Marcia Kramer of CBS-2 News just reported that there are 54,000, and possibly as many as 70,000 uncounted paper ballots -- that's a LOT more than the 19,000 we were being told yesterday, and a hell of a lot more than the 1200 or so votes that seem to put De Blasio over 40%.

This election is far from over, and if anyone doesn't like the 40% threshold, they're welcome to try and change it -- for the NEXT election!

Upper West Side

Thompson needs to bow out, and Lhota needs to get real and acknowledge the divide between rich and poor which were exacerbated during the Bloomberg years.

Bay Ridge

Hi John,

I feel that Bill Thompson has the right to wait for all the votes to be counted. I’m sure that if it were the other way around this angry Bill De Blasio would have been sounding off about wanting to do the same thing. Also there are many stories today practically accusing him of being the same as Quinn. He is very much mixed up in the real estate deals starting with Bloomberg and the chain of command meaning Quinn, Stringer and De Blasio.

Thank you John,

Bill Thompson should stay in race until all ballots are counted.

Sheepshead, Brooklyn

As a John Liu (who proved his capacity to lead, investigate and expose Bloomberg corruption) supporter, although undecided, I'm leaning towards de Blasio.

Thompson had an exponential momentum in the election. He could have won had he tried or cared. Part of the Bloomberg entourage, he went with the Bloomberg program! NYC dwellers are losing everything, forced to leave more than stay. As comptroller, he lost money in pensions, took money from pension enablers.

Too many quality resources, middle-aged Americans, NYC residents are unemployed, struggling to keep a roof over their heads. What are you going to do for the local residents, especially and specifically the seniors who made this city? Yes, all votes should be counted. A run-off is necessary. (I wish there were one between comptroller, especially since there is a run-off for Public Advocate.)

Right now, I am apathetic with ALL politicians both Democrats and Republicans are ALL CORRUPT; Work hard like you have never worked before, put it all on the table, beg, pour your heart out for the struggling people's vote!

Deborah, Ft. Greene.


I'm sick of this election. What a bunch of incompetents.

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