Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: The Winners And Losers From Primary Night

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If you had told me three months ago that Bill de Blasio would come out on top of the Democratic mayor's race, I would have not believed it. But here we are. I think all in all though, the polls were pretty accurate. They were all over the place in the beginning, but I think they were just reflecting the voters' indecision. Now we move on to the recount, and perhaps a runoff - unless Thompson bows to party pressure.

The votes will be recounted on Friday, and paper ballots won't be opened until Monday, but preliminary results from yesterday's primary show Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota as the top vote-getters in their respective contests.

So far, Bill de Blasio has 40.3% of the total vote, just above the 40% threshold to avoid a runoff on October 1st against Bill Thompson. Thompson finished second with 26.2% of the vote, followed by Christine Quinn with 15%, John Liu with 7%, and Anthony Weiner at 5%.

In other races, Scott Stringer narrowly beat out Eliot Spitzer 52% to 48% to be the Democratic nominee for City comptroller. And City Councilwoman Letitia James will meet State Senator Daniel Squadron in a runoff to determine the winner of the Democratic primary for public advocate.

Who are the big winners and losers from last night? Which election result is the most surprising to you? Should Bill Thompson leave the race so Bill de Blasio and the Democrats can focus on the general election?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

The big winners are the politicians and their cohorts. The big losers are the citizens of New York City. None of the candidates were worth voting for.

Port Richmond

I truly think Thompson is far enough behind de Blasio that he should bow out and save everyone time & money. It is a good time to unite Dems, consolidate support, and work together toward November. Granted, I am a big BdB supporter and thrilled to see him do so well, but I do think the bow-out serves the party and city well. (Congrats to gale Brewer on a GREAT race, to!)


There's a curious symmetry behind the answer to your question -- the biggest winner is New York City, based on the fact we finally expunged Christine Quinn, the biggest loser, from its political landscape, one hopes once-and-for-all. A third-place finish at 15% in her first race outside of her council district is pathetic, given her years in public office and the time and energy with which she pursued the electorate, across more than one election cycle -- and the fact that she couldn't even carry her own council district is another nail in her coffin; the voters who knew her best rejected her as much as everyone else did.

And that finish was AFTER she played every card she had: The experience card, the female card, even the lesbian (and history-making) card . . . .

Of course, the city could still end up the biggest loser in all of this if Mr. De Blasio actually becomes mayor -- we don't need a trip back to the 1970s and 1980s, when left/liberal wishful "thinking" passed for policy-making and problem solving.

Upper West Side

Bill Thompson had his opportunity and should now bow out of the race so that Bill de Blasio may concentrate his efforts toward the general election which will be a hard fought effort for the future of the city.

Bay Ridge

I don’t feel that Thompson should just drop out because there are many write-ins
out there. It pays to give it a try.

I agree with Kelly in that none of the ones running are talking about security.
Although I have mentioned in previous e-mails=but why is he so adamant about
it now. I don’t feel any of them running want to retain him and so it becomes a touchy
subject. Also many people felt that it was like their way Bloomberg/Kelly and
only their way but down the road many people suffered by just going along or
being followers of the Bloomberg administration. There comes time that when one
has to stand up for themselves.

Morris Park

Well if Anthony Weiner didn't quit with all is his sexting and lies I don't think that Bill Thompson should quit until the Fat Lady Sings and she ain't sung yet!

Throggs Neck

I think the biggest surprise was the Public Advocate spot. I was anticipating a runoff of the Mayor's spot.

The other surprise was the 27th City Council District. There were so many candidates that I was surprised about DaneeK Miller winnning but I am glad. He attended Cornell's Labor Program Certificate Program as I too am a graduate of their program.

Now on to the runoff and the general election.


I think what Thompson is pulling is deplorable. HEY BILL THOMPSON? YOU LOST THE PRIMARY GET OVER IT!! Face reality. De Blasio blew you out of the water. Making the city count each and every ballot after your dismal showing of just 26% is simply outrageous. Tying up the process won’t help you. Your desperation is showing.

Brooklyn Heights

The biggest loser before, during and after the primaries: Christine Quinn.


I am glad Quinn had a poor showing and self destructed. Is that a bad thing to say? Thompson is reeking of desperation. Does this man actually think he has a shot? It's a sad commentary.

We need unity in the democratic party not division. This man still hasn't gotten over losing to Bloomberg.


The best thing that happened yesterday was Quinn being kicked to the curb.

East Village

Bill Thompson should bow out gracefully. Quinn gets more respect for having done so.

Christine Quinn, may be a loser to those people without knowledge but a winner to those who know that she is a true champion for newyorkers. People say term limits and Bloomberg like if she was the only one who voted for it nor if she's Bloomberg family member.People, are good for judge and listen to candidates who don't know where are standing. We know the true Christine Quinn, and thanks to those who went out to support her with your votes We maybe sad but we never give up, even though there will be some rocks along the road. The word is in, yesterday people voted on two candidates that doen't know how to govern the city and that's fine, but they will pay later when they realized the mistake they made. DiBlacio, is high up because of promoting his family and Thompson is weak and thinks he knows about the school system. I might vote republican or not vote in November.


Hey Mr Ryan, why move my polling place? Voting at the same location for 20 years. Why not inform the voters before relocating. Many seniors go to that site. Very inconvenient to change location without notifying the voters.

Miss Mae

Bill Thompson was PROMISED the 2013 election if he took a dive in 2009, by the same vested interests who PROMISED Christine Quinn the 2013 election if she pushed through term limits, they had two ponies in this race.

Anthony Weiner showed more class in 2005 when he did not demand a run-off against Fernando Ferrer, and its very rare that anyone shows less class then Anthony Weiner.

Thompson is a pawn of the same rich vested interests that were behind Quinn, as I have already mentioned, they had two ponies in this race. Those vested interests will do anything to keep de Blasio out of Gracie Mansion, once he surpasses Thompson, either in a run off or just by having more than 40% of the vote, Joe Lhota will start with ugly politics bringing up the spectre of David Dinkins and all manner of race baiting.

If Bill Thompson were interested in New York City and not filling his own pockets he would bow out immediately.

Kew Gardens

Bill Thompson is just being a sore loser. I wish he had stood his ground like this in 2009 when he was only 3 points behind Bloomberg. What a hypocrite. He should just drop out for the unity of the party.

He should step down. Some of those back door deals are gone including Walcott ?


How could we not count our military ballets? What message is that sending to our fellow American's?

Its un American to ask Bill Thompson to step aside.

And why is it costing more money to the taxpayer for a runoff for Mayor? Runoff election happening anyway...

Murray Hill

My name is Charles from Brooklyn. I would like to see my vote count. Thompson should not fighting until all vote count.


The losers are the people. Especially when the city won't void the MTA lease of NYC transit which is charging us $15 ti travel from Brooklyn to Staten Island


The interest of the Democratic party is to get the candidate who is most likely to beat the Republican candidate. 40% is a large number, but 60% is a larger number - 60% of the people didn't vote for de Blasio - let them have an opportunity if they voted for Weiner or Liu or Quinn to give their second choice. If de Blasio is the person they vote for, then it's clear that the Democrats want de Blasio. If they vote for Thompson, that tells a lot and then we'll know that Thompson is the preferred candidate to beat the Republicans.


I question a judge changing the polling location from Synagogue on East 51 Street to IS 59 (East 56 bet. 2 & third). By changing the location there was no one on the ballot to replace lappin. (we were now in another council district.

Am so happy that Quinn bombed. Springer barely won the election and ran a nasty campaign. Time will tell what Springer will do.

Gale Brewer biggest winner; Letitia James should have won and I will vote for her in runoff. Thompson, get off the stage...he looked ridiculous screaming 3 more weeks. And for Mayor I voted for Anthony Weiner...I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Midtown East

In a run off he could very well win bc Quinn voters are more likely to go w Thompson than DiBlasio

East Village

I understand the new machines werent used because they couldnt be verified in time for a runoff.
The question I have is knowing the rules and time frameframes for a runoff that were already in place, why wasnt that a factor when purchasing the machines during the "bidding" process?

Staten Island

I think Bill Thompson should follow Weiner when He faced this situation with Ferrar, and bow out graceful for the unity of the party. He is starting to resemble a "sore loser". He lost and there is no shame in that, it happens. He just needs to be a bit more graceful and do the right thing for the sake of his future. People shouldn't remember this part of his character, as a "wiener".

Upper West Side

How could we not count our military ballets? What message is that sending to our fellow American's?

Its un American to ask Bill Thompson to step aside.

And why is it costing more money to the taxpayer for a runoff for Mayor? Runoff election happening anyway...

Murray Hill

I love your show thanks for the platform to share ideas.

We need a runoff ! There are 19,000 votes that have not been counted, I think it's only fair to wait until those votes have been counted to ensure all people have a chance to be heard. We are constantly asking people to engage in the political process, we don't want to do anything to make people feel their opinion doesn't count.


Bill Thompson should bow out gracefully. Truth is I never saw any of the candidates in my neighborhood St. Albans, Queens.


Biggest winner is Anthony Weiner who ran a "bold idea" campaign against obstacles he could not overcome.
Weiner is my biggest winner.

LeFrak City

Am an independent, so couldn't vote yesterday. But if I could have, would probably have voted for DeBlasio.

Still, I feel sorry for Weiner. Wife had an important phone call and too busy to go with him to vote? (And by the way, did she vote later in the day?) I sense the heavy hand of Clinton operatives.


Not only was I surprised (and pleased) by how low Quinn's vote count was in the Dem. primary, but that the LGBT community supported de Blasio overwhelmingly with more than 40% vs Quinn, with only 34% of the LGBT vote. Similarly, de Blasio took her largely gay Chelsea neighborhood by 44% vs. Quinn's 39%. So, in essence, Quinn was rejected by her own base -- similar to what happened with Ruth Messenger who ran for mayor back in the 90's and got booted by UWS voters.

Buh-buy Quinn and don't let the screen door hit you when you leave City Hall.

Upper West Side

I was not born in this country but I like freedom this country has to offer. Thompson should fight for the voters and make it each vote count. If you do not fight for the people now, when will it happens.

We do need a runoff and make everyone vote count. The Military men and women are fighting for this country and I think their vote should count. The same way they are fighting for us they should have something for their vote.

Ji Young

What are the chances of Bill DeBlasio naming something like a bridge or tunnel after Mike Bloomberg? Mike Bloomberg is the loser because all his chickens have came home to roost. Maybe the people in Bermuda can name the airport after him, after all, that where he spends the most of his time.

The Village

If policy is that the declared winner must have over 40% of the vote, then there should be NO option for any candidate to concede before all the votes have been counted! It is undemocratic and unfair to the people who cast their votes to not count them especially knowing that a complete count could change the outcome!

On another note, I am disappointed that The Call hasn't made more public the huge issue of the proposed upper east side dump as this is a real deciding factor for many families on the upper east side, particularly those of us with children who live, go to school and play near Asphalt Green. It is a total disgrace for anyone to think putting a garbage dump in the middle of a children's recreation center is a great idea, and I for one will switch my party vote to support the candidate who adheres to the protection of children and families and does encourage the polluting and contaminating of our neighborhood's most influential recreation center. This is nothing less than despicable.


I voted in the NYC mayoral primary early morning on 9-11-01. To me, a native NYer, 9-11 was NYC mayoral primary day, a bright sunny beautiful Tuesday morning when we last had a choice for mayoral candidates within the both of the parties in NYC. in 2001, the terrorists disrupted our democracy. Shame on everyone who is trying to disrupt our democracy today by trying to muzzle a respectable and possible mayoral candidate.

Even close to WTC than I was in 2001

Yes, Bill Thompson should concede, and not engage in a runoff battle with Bill deBlasio.

Is Thompson kidding? That the results were CLOSE enough to engage in a runoff? Thompson came in at 26%, deBlasio at 40%. Seems to me that Thompson just doesn't want to get off center stage.

For the sake of Party unity, Thompson should get out now, and throw his support behind deBlasio, instead of engaging in a potentially damaging runoff battle.

I think De Blasio will be the winner, Thompson should stay until all votes have been counted, and bye bye Quinn and Weiner

I would like to see a run-off between Bill DeBlasio and Bill Thompson. Since there will be a run-off for Public Advocate I see no reason not to include the Mayoral candidates. If there is a Mayoral run-off more people will go to the polls.

I like Bill DeBlasio very much. I like that he is progressive and open to new ideas. Mr. DeBlasio is a warm and engaging person. Very attractive.

However, I think Mr. Thompson is better positioned to prevail against Joe Lhota. Mr. Thompson is more of a centrist and can appeal to a broader spectrum of voters. He is not as personable as Mr. DeBlasio, but I trust his judgment as a chief executive.

I agree that Ms. Quinn's voters are likely to support Mr. Thompson.

I strongly believe we should count the paper ballots. As I have done for more than 25 years, I was a poll watcher yesterday (at 97 Street bet Columbus and Amsterdam) and I know there were many affidavit ballots. Those persons who -for whatever reason-were not allowed to vote on the good ol' machines should have their votes counted before we move on.

Upper West Side

Thompson should've taken the route that Di Blasio took and said he'd talk about it later. As someone who voted for him, it's disappointing.


Biggest winner here is Weiner's son - because he got his mother's looks and not his father's!

Mary Kate
Upper West Side

Bill Di Blasio is simply disingenous. Whether it September,11, or September,10th Bill Thompson has the right to complain. I slept through the September, 11th 2001 attacks.


Thompson should concede. A waste of money @ time to do a run off. Let's be realistic 40 against 26 COME ON

I voted for Bill de Blasio, and I still applaud Bill Thompson's right to campaign and have every single vote counted. We all moaned at the voting thievery in the 2000 and 2004 elections! Which one of us would give up our vote in this or any other election to just get it over with?

I want Bill de Blasio to win, but ONLY IN A FAIR ELECTION with all votes counted.


I'm black, gay, and live in midtown...and I voted for DeBlasio! Glad he won. Thompson and Quinn seem inauthentic which is probably why the lost/are losing!


Likability mattered. Christine Quinn is so transparently abrasive that her policies were inconsequential - even though those are bad, too.

New York has had 12 years (actually, 20!) of a sneeringly condescending mayor, and to the voters' credit, that is apparently enough for a while.


I voted for Bill De Blasio. He is the only candidate that I see fit to go in as mayor with a fresh eye. Different views for the city. I hope he wins.


Winner is de blasio. Losers are bloomberg (everyone ran from him) & schumer (his endorsement didn't get squadron over)

I voted for Anthony Weiner but will support DeBlasio in November. The biggest winner of the night hands down has to be Scott Stringer. He didn't get caught in the bloomberg web like Quinn. The biggest loser is New York City for not standing by Spitzer and Weiner.


I voted for de Blasio and I will again, but yes, he did play the race card with his son and the big fro. He did it to get the black vote and to show that he is inclusive.

was it wrong to do? no. but he still did it.


Why should Thompson drop out when the have to have a run off for the public advocate anyway?

say what you will DeBlasios poll nuombers went up after the campaign ad wilth his son. there was a big, kno verbal OH!

Upper West Side

I voted for de Blasio. If Bill Thompson wants a run off, I am all for it because I would like to be better informed about who I am voting for and who I am voting agains. I would like to hear them both speak on issues that have not managed to catch the spotlight so far. For example, where do they stand on issues of individual privacy and government surveillance? In my opinion, a run off would be an opportunity for candidates to get more specific about their agendas and the issues that they seek to prioritize. Likewise, it would he an opportunity for the public to make more informed votes.

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