Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Primary Season Comes To End, Polls Open In Morning

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If you've complained about government in the last four years, tomorrow is your first opportunity to change it. Don't listen to the polls. Vote with your gut. You won't regret it.

The last day of primary season campaigning is here. Voters in political parties will head to the polls tomorrow and narrow down the field of hopefuls running for office. All of the leading candidates for citywide office spent the day stumping across the five boroughs to shore up last-minute support.

Quinnipiac University released its final poll of the primary season today, and Bill de Blasio led among likely Democratic primary voters with 39 percent, just shy of the 40 percent needed to avert a run-off election. The survey of 782 New Yorkers found Bill Thompson next with 25 percent, followed by 18 percent for Christine Quinn, 6 percent for Anthony Weiner, 4 percent for John Liu, and 8 percent undecided.

Who are you voting for tomorrow and why? Will there be a runoff in the mayoral race? What are your predictions for tomorrow? How will you remember this primary season? What were the most memorable moments?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Although still unsure who I will be voting for Mayor and Comptroller - I can tell you who I am not voting for and why.

I am NOT voting for Quinn or Stringer. They represented (hah!) me. They were the elected officials but but did not represent me.

1) Both allowed St Vincent's Hospital and its thousands of skilled, middle-class, jobs to disappear, to be replaced by condos for the uber-wealthy which will provide a few lower-wage jobs to replace St Vincent's.

2) Both were in favor of overturning term limits. Quinn was Bloomberg;s enforcer and Stringer testified in favor of doing so because he wanted to curry favor with the powers who support him.

3) Both are allowing NYU expansion to replace Greenwich Village, not be a small part of a residential, vibrant, community.

They are not to be trusted. The middle-class tenants and workers will be forsaken under them, just as they have been under Bloomberg.

Lee D.
The Village

Only Thompson is ready to lead day 1.

Washington Heights, New York

Quinn will loose big. It will be close between Thompson and DeBlasio. If there's a run off Thompson will be the winner because he's a safer bet than DeBlasio. Lhota will wins big because his rival is not even in the race!


They both are great at misrepresenting themselves. It doesn't come up often enough, but Quinn blocked every single bill meant for animal protection and welfare. Who wants that? you cldn't pay me enuf to vote for Quinn or Spitzer

Patty from Bx

My vote is for Bill de Blasio. He literally stands head and shoulders above the rest. Little Orphan Quinnberg.and Daddy Bloombucks have destroyed New York City and the sooner they're gone, the sooner we can get OUR city back!

Upper East side

This is NOT the Mayor's race. It's a PRIMARY to decide who can beat Joe Lhota. QUINN is the only one who can best him. de Blasio's initiatives are attractive because they aren't realistic and will fail from lack of funds.

From Daniel

I will be voting for John Liu tomorrow. I made up my mind long ago. He speaks for all the people.


Im voting for Bill DeBlasio, STOP QUN\NBERG. Local DC37 member here. Quinn will probably continue Bloombergs' policies.

Hope for a fair contract,
David from Hells Kitchen

As a city worker, and a homeowner, the Democratic field is quite scary. All the candidates refuse to address the upcoming budget crisis, and DiBlasio, the likely winner, will be a menace, as he will just tax the city and its residents to death to pay for his programs.

-John from Staten Island

I'm supporting Bill De Blasio, in my opinion, he's the best candidate to tun this great city, Quinn, go away, like forever?


I have blonde, hair blue eyes. and. I am as pale. as a ghost. Years. ago. I was searched. by a policewoman when. I. was buying. a cup of coffee. for a homeless man. I was very. respectful.and I couldn't. care l less.Who cares? I'm voting. for. Thompson.


If Peter Vallone wins, Queens will go on the decline like he and his father ruined Astoria by allowing it to be over built. I emailed him in August on his Facebook page with a question. He never got back to me. I then posted why he didn't respond 20 minutes ago. He said he doesn't know what I am talking about. He spelled my name incorrectly. He said to stop hijacking his posts then blocked me. A vote for Vallone is a vote to ruin Queens.


I am shocked at the calls coming in to you. Either de Blasio supporters have taken over the phone system or people are clueless. Since when does having a child in the public school system translate into being a good and effective mayor? de Blasio has no record of getting things done. Quinn has a record or accomplishment. I do not agree on everything she has done, but I think she is by far the best candidate.

Paul form Long Island City

Decided to vote for Quinn. Can't bring myself to endorse a candidate who pimps his son for votes.


I'm voting for Bill De Blasio because we need a competant mayor who can fix the mess that Mayor Bloomberg created. And I think he's the only candidate who can do that. I also agree with ending stop and frisk which is unconstitutional.


hi John,

im voting for bill de blasio was gonna vote for anthony weiner but not with his record..their will be a run off with de blasio & bill thompson..

glendale, queens.

I'm voting for Quinn, but Carlos Danger has been a lot of fun.


Where do the candidates stand on protecting our city against terrorism? What are their plans? NYC is still the #1 target in the U.S. Let's not forget it.

Forest Hills

I am voting for Bill De Blasio! Mayor Bloomberg closed the deal for me with his arrogant and idiotic statement to New York Magazine about Bill De Blasio and his family. Is Mayor Bloomberg a racist . . . one wonders. Congratulations to Andrew Cuomo for slapping Mayor Bloomberg publicly -- why has it taken so long? Bill De Blasio is the real progressive democrat for the middle class. His Administration will be a momentous contrast to the notorious 12 year Bloomberg regime. We really need a Mayor who is not aligned with Wall Street, real estate developers, the wealthy -- one who does not have an absolute disdain for city workers, teachers and unions. And I believe that Bill De Blasio will finally erode Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies and the PEP will be a repulsive memory.

Let's give Bill De Blasio that 40% that he needs to avoid a runoff!

Upper east side

Quinn is the only one who can beat Lhota.


I’m voting for Bill DeBlasio based on his stand on education, affordable housing,helping the middle class, stopping the 2 New York Cities. I live in Chelsea and Christine Quinn has sold out Chelsea by allowing the Real Estate Industry to win on: St. Vincents not being kept zoned as a Hospital a Hotel and an Office Tower to be built on top of Chelsea Market and our Community to lose

Kate from Chelsea


I am voting for Anthony Weiner; In 2009, Anthony Weiner was the first of five out of over a thousand people to respond to me regarding a wrongfully convicted NYPD Officer (the police officer was reinstated this past April).

Anthony Weiner always responds quickly to his New York constituents and I don't believe the polls. He has many supporters. Bottom line, of course, has always been anyone but Quinn.

midtown east

What should be remember is how far Christine Quinn & Anthony Weiner have fallen. Actually I'm voting for Joe Lhota.

John - Woodrow, Staten Island NY

Anthony Weiner

He was the first to state that he would bring the city back to the middle class.
He is a true fighter that can bring the city back to the average working New Yorker. He is what we need after 12 years of Bloomberg. A lot of the voters that shifted from Weiner to de Blasio could easily shift back to Weiner when they are in the voting booth.

Chris from Brooklyn

Good luck to the Candidates in the New York City Elections tomorrow. Who will fight more for the minorities and lower middle classes, Anthony Wiener. Who bucks the trend and stood up for the lower class, Anthony Wiener.

Good Luck Tomorrow!

Malone, N.Y.

My name is Jose

Although I am tired of the Bloomberg years, I think this city has no good candidates I will vote for Lotha and Spiztier however I think this city is headed for the worst.

Dante de Blasio for mayor!! I'm going to write him in.


I'm voting for John Liu, he is the most progressive one.


This mayoral election would have been Anthony Wiener's swan song, because I do believe that he really wants to be mayor, but New Yorkers like their mayors clean, and their politics dirty enough, to see who cuts through the smoke and mirrors. Bill De Blasio is undoubtedly the candidate to beat.


Are people voting for Lhota or are they voting for Rudy. The more Bloomberg talks you understand why Quinn is free falling in the polls.


I must go for root canal tomorrow and that is more appealing than any more of this primary race. My mailbox is jammed packed with junk mail, my telephone hasn't stopped ringing. I have had enough of the current administration. We welcome a change with Bill D.

Upper West Side

John Liu and Anthony Weiner are by FAR the BEST candidates for Mayor of our Great City.
They both possess the best platforms, passions, visions and vocabulary !

-Adam (Upper East Side)

Dear John

I'm tired that the UFT endorses weak candidates. They expect me to vote for Thompson, sorry UFT most of your members are not happy with Thompson so I am voting for Bill DeBlasio. He is the best choice for teachers, students and schools.

Washington Heights

I'll remember this campaign as the first campaign where a chamption of the 99% has a decent chance of being elected mayor - Bill de Blasio.

Park Slope


I WILL BE UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN VOTING FOR Bill de Blasio all the way. His progressive agenda is long overdue. The very thought of Christine Quinn holding any office is abhorrent. Bill Thompson isn’t very much better. We need to shake things up in city government and the day Bloomberg is out of office there will be dancing in the streets at least on my block.

Bklyn Hgts

For the first time in many years I am excited to see that a man whose kids attend public school and who is in a biracial marriage has a chance of winning the mayoral race. Go DiBlasio - a true voice for people who work hard and loves all people - of any color.

Audrey - Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

I will be working the polls tomorrow and i belive Bill De Blassio will go head to head with William Thompson in a run off..

glendale, queens.

The majority who don't like #ChristineQuinn is just poor judgment of ignorance and refuse to see reality because their anger is covering their view. As city council she did a lot but most importantly pays sick days to all employers and defends the rights of all etc. Poll numbers are not as effective as when you go out to vote, so wake up and smell the coffee. DiBlacio, maybe the front runner to the eyes of those polls because people are going wild for a person who they don't know nothing of and started coming out when he announced he was running for #NYC mayor. He doesn't have a record and with that is a clear indication that, he uses his own family and explodes them to get votes.

Eric, Bronx, NY

Hi John,

Quinnipiac is still the pollster and I don’t think they should be because of the controversy with their numbers. So now we wait for the results and I myself would love to vote for Bill Thompson. I see how Kelly is concerned about the candidates not really bringing up the concern of the security we need in our city and I myself mentioned that amongst a few other topics in an e-mail last week.

Thank you John,

Dear John:

As a life-long Democrat, I'm torn as to who to vote for in tomorrow's primary. However, after the past two weeks of at least 40 robo-calls from candidates in both parties, I'm tempted to consider any candidate who will propose legislation to ban these incessant and useless calls. My vote will be decided on the issues, not on who's endorsing who or which candidate has me on their speed dial.


1) What are your predictions for tomorrow's primary? NYC Mayor: The Democratic Primary will be close...The GOTV effort will be key to victory. Christine Quinn is the most qualified candidate in the race. However she was never able to regain lost time by not early on challenging false accusations...or highlighting her long record of achievement. Time will tell if she makes the runoff tomorrow. I predict De Blasio wins the Primary and loses the General Election. DeBlasio may appeal to partisan elements of the primary but he will not have enough time to backup or explain his campaign rhetoric to attract other general election voters (moderates, independents, small business owners, and business community leaders)

Upper West Side.

I'll be voting for Bill Thompson, partly because he deserves it -- if he'd been elected four years ago (which might well have happened if not for Christine Quinn reversing herself on term limits) -- even though he seems something of a spent force, and partly to help push Christine Quinn into third place, out of the run-off and OUT of elective politics. And also to help set up a nice, nasty run-off that will give my real choice, Joe Lohta, his best shot at winning in November.

Upper West Side

I hope whoever carries the torch for their respective party tomorrow does so we honor and respect. We need a Mayor who is a mayor for all of the people not just a segment of the city. We need a mayor that is concerned for education, safety of all its citizens and not cater to special interests groups. That's why I'm voting for John Catsimatidis who is in my book a man of the people. John Catsimatidis is a non-politician who will own no one but who will be dedicated for his love of New York City and its' people.

Freddy -Glen Oaks Village

Deblasio and mabye a knockout in Round one. I just want her out; additionally I feel slightly guilty about Weiner since I feel you the media manipulated all us voters by saying aint it awful what he did; its weird, dysfunctional but thats it.



Even though I don't agree and dislike him, I'll vote for Lhota just because the Democrats are worse. I'll remember this election as including the worst bunch of politicians ever to run for NYC office. I predict no mayoral runoff and even if there is one, I predict Quinn will still be a loser.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John;

I'm voting for Christine Quinn tomorrow. It's unfortunate she's taken a lot of heat for actually doing the people's business. In congress Republicans stonewall and Democrats call them obstructionist and the party of no. Christine Quinn actually works with the mayor and they she didn't do enough to fight Bloomberg, but for the left wingers supporting de Blasio she could probably never have done enough to satisfy them. The problem I have with the other candidates is that all they're doing is giving opinions, yes they have a record from casting votes in the past but they were not actually negotiating, they were part of the herd voting on what someone else already decided. In the debates de Blasio was asked what legislation he actually initiated and I'm still waiting to hear his answer. I also think that the City Council skews to the left and I don't want a mayor that is also far left or else there are no checks and balances.


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