Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Candidates Turn To Core Supporters, Key Issues

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De Blasio went to LICH, Quinn went to Stonewall, the UFT-endorsed Thompson talked education, and Lhota and Catsimatidis stumped on Republican-heavy Staten Island. Many of the candidates for citywide office pressed the flesh with friends today. Some were probably saying goodbyes.

The final frantic stretch of the primary season is here, as candidates embark on marathon campaign stops in all five boroughs. With only four days left before Primary Day, many of the candidates are focusing on their key issues and core supporters.

On the campaign trail today, Bill de Blasio stood with nurses outside Long Island College Hospital as it received ambulances for the first time since June. This evening, Christine Quinn is holding a campaign event at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, the site of a riot that marked the launch of the modern movement for gay rights.

As school sets to reopen Monday, the UFT-endorsed Bill Thompson outlined his education vision for public school parents. And on the GOP side of the mayoral race, Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis stumped on Staten Island, which is home to the City's largest concentration of Republicans.

What are the key issues that led you to support your candidate? If you are still undecided, what is preventing you from making up your mind? Have you had any interactions with any of the candidates on the campaign trail this summer?

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Quinn is living in the stone age. De blasio is more in tune with current issues. My support goes to De blasio.

Park Hill

My one and only issue is crime, because if you haven't secured your streets, then how good your schools, your hospitals, or your libraries are doesn't really make a hell of a difference, and who will do the best job dealing with it -- and that man ends up being Joe Lhota. Although I'm a registered Democrat, this is no big surprise since all of the Democrats in this race are pandering to the liberal wing of the party (and to that racial arsonist Mr. Sharpton), to whose members crime is merely a manifestation of a set of social problems that, in their view, should be our "real" concern.

But doing the most that I can for the city, and to get Mr. Lhota the mayor's job, is a multi-layered and multi-tiered task, with other necessary tasks to do along the way.

First and foremost is to help the Democrats nominate their weakest candidate -- under normal circumstances this would have been Mr. Weiner, but there being nothing "normal" about him or his mental condition, he's taken himself out of contention; and so we have Mr. De Blasio, who is the most left-leaning candidate and probably the most vulnerable of those who could be nominated; but I also want to see a nice, nasty, divisive run-off on the Democratic side, so it does not make sense for me to vote for Mr. De Blasio. Instead, I will vote for Mr. Thompson, as he is a credible but worn-out candidate who is just strong enough to force a run-off.

And voting for Mr. Thompson has the added advantage, if he makes the run-off, of forcing Christine Quinn into retirement from elective politics, which is another item on my list of "things to do."

Mr. De Blasio will, I hope, come out of a divisive run-off with a fractured Democratic Party behind him. And then, in November, I'll vote my conscience, for Mr. Lhota.

Upper West Side

Hi John,

What are the issues that all of these candidates are running on? There all off somewhere and I don’t see the advantage to us New Yorkers. It seems like they are dividing their own personal issues and so where does this leave all of us. A lot of money is being spent outside of their campaigns and so it will end up being the same old thing. They promise and give and in return they get their votes. Why is it that I noticed that across the street from a school in my neighborhood we suddenly have a day care center with a shingle over the windows advertising the place. I also noticed in the side streets people are selling merchandise in front of houses. What happened to the zoning in residential areas. Yet another promise and more votes. I’ll refer to a call you had last night that the girl said why does she have to vote because they never do anything for her.

Thank you John,

After going to three Town Hall Meetings in Harlem this year I chose DeBasio because I feel he will change the teaching to the test and because he knows the issues that parents face dealing with public schools AND his fight to stop closing hospitals sealed my vote.

Miss Mae - Harlem.

I'm voting for De Blasio because he promises to create urgently needed jobs in all five boroughs, affordable housing and accessible health care for all, I think he'll make a great Mayor.

Carmen, Bay Ridge

All the candidates are avoiding the question of whether they would try to revisit the subject of congestion pricing and/or tolls on the now free east river crossing such as the Queens borough and Brooklyn Bridges if they are elected. People better look into the candidates view on this subject before voting because this could really hurt the middle class and the working poor financially. I know for sure that Christine Quinn is for congestion pricing.


People have been talking about the testing in schools...that comes from Albany NOT the mayor's office

Carroll Gardens

I will be voting for Bill de Blasio for two reasons. 1) He's NOT Christine Quinn. 2) I want to see The Daily News, The Post, and The Times fail in their attempt extend Bloomberg's tenure as mayor through Quinn. In my opinion, their endorsements prove that ANYBODY can be bought.

Upper East side

Among the democrats, the most eloquent and professional from a statesmen point of view is bill thompson. He is on the money on each of the important issues, education, bring back mitchell lama housing for the middle class and revamp stop, question and frisk so that it works the way it should as it seems to in newark.


I wish that I could clone parts of several candidate to get the mayor of my dreams! I am sticking with Liu for first choice and Deblasio is a back up....and Catsimatidis can't be bought! I will spare you and the viewers of my drawing of the final draft of the ain't pretty.

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

Throughout this campaign I was looking to vote for someone/ANYONE who could beat Christine Quinn. Her support for Bloomberg and overturning term limits is unforgivable. Thompson was never a real leader in the African American community; he always played it safe. I like John Liu but too bad he lacked the sophistication to understand that he would be a target. Weiner misled us about his issues. My vote is for DeBlasio. The city needs a progressive leader. Bloomberg only cared about the rich.

Rosedale, Queens

All I have to say is don't you think it's odd that this scandal came out against Weiner right before the election. Think people think!!! Somebody out there does not want him changing New York for the better. Let's vote for Weiner!!!

Roger, Marble Hill, Bronx

I'm voting for Bill Thompson because when he is elected he will get rid of Transportation Commissioner Khan.

Jim -Inwood

Quinn, Lhota and Weiner all have nasty personalities with short fuses. I think that makes them unfit to be elected. It's an ego thing.

East village

I'm am supporting Daniel Squadron for Public Advocate because of his work to get illegal guns off our streets.

Alfred in Corona

The irony is that the Rep candidate Mcdonald on" The Road to City Hall" said it well, that jobs are a major issue. Not one of the candidates on the democrats side has spoken about employment with intelligence and forthrightness .this is coming from a democrat Black man.


Weiner is a "Winner" period.

LeFrak City


Your show has had the fairest and most thorough reporting. Thank you.

2 Reasons I decided to vote for de Blasio:

1. Quinn;s constant attacks on him-when he seems to bring forth facts keeps his cool as she grits her teeth, clenches her jaw , looks at the camera always ready for a photo op

2. Quinn lies- She lied to me as a constituent in her district. She calls herself the Tenant's " Mayoral" candidate-my experience confirms this is the furthest from the truth. She is the "Landlord/Developers" candidate...

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