Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: Poll Finds Joe Lhota Leads Republicans; Democratic City Comptroller Candidates Are Even

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According to the polls, we have a different outcome everyday in the different City races. I think it's going to come down to which candidate has the best get-out-the-vote effort, so although the polls say otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised to see Christine Quinn higher up in the final vote.

Is the Democratic primary for City comptroller too close to call? A Quinnipiac University poll released today found Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer with 47% of likely Democratic voters and former Governor Eliot Spitzer with 45%. Stringer's lead is within the poll's margin of error, and is in stark contrast to a survey last week by Siena College that showed Spitzer up 50% to 35%.

On the GOP side of the mayoral race, Quinnipiac found former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota leading with 48% of likely Republican voters, businessman John Catsimatidis second with 24%, and DOE Fund founder George McDonald with 10%. If no candidate reaches 40% next Tuesday, a run-off election will be held October 1st.

Which Republican mayoral candidate is the most qualified to run the City? If you are a Democrat, would you consider voting Republican if your candidate doesn't win the primary? What's your reaction to today's Quinnipiac poll showing the Democratic comptroller candidates in a statistical tie? Who's got your vote?

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None of them are worthy of my vote. Let's start over and see if some qualified candidates can be found. The only certain thing that must happen is that Christine Quinn must be kept out of office. We must put an end to Bloombergianism.

Port Richmond

I believe they should change pollsters because there is just to much of
a drastic change in the numbers.

Someone is instrumental in directing the drastic change.

Morris Park

Stringer, a lovely guy, has a very unexceptional track record, both as State Assemblymember and as Manhattan Boro Prez. Spitzer, warts and all, towers above his opponent, has all the street creds and more. He's brilliant and an activist in the right way.

For mayor, I will vote Republican if and only if Quinn wins the Dem. party primary (runoff included) -- Anybody But Quinn is my position.

Upper West Side




Spritzer is the qualified person for Controller. His private affairs is between him and his wife.

Liotta couldn't run the MTA how is he going to run the City and is also a puppet for Bloomberg. As such is Quinn


I am voting for DiBlasio because I actually like him. A vote for Lhota is a vote for the Koch Brothers. Do we want them running our City?

East Village

I am an African-American female from East Harlem. I always vote and am very familiar with both Spitzer and Stringer. I am with Spitzer all the way and almost everyone else I know is too. I am still undecided in the Mayor's race and will make a final decision in the next couple of days. But I will support the Democratic nominee in the general election - even if he/she was not my candidate of choice. I absolutely will not vote for Lhota and the Koch brothers!

East Harlem

When Springer brags about his newspaper endorsements, including the Jewish Press, he is letting us know that he is indebted to the paper's Editors. God knows what he has promised to get the endorsements.

I still would like to know what pocket Springer pulled the million dollars out of to repair the tower in Harlem; he had the last eight years to do this. I guess he wrote a check from his slush fund.

Two candidates for the Public Advocates office haven't voted in the last ten years. Am voting for Letitia James for Public Advocate.

As for Manhattan Boro President am voting for Gale Brewer. She's done more work in her Washington Heights district than Lappin could even dream of.

Weiner for Mayor, Spitzer for Controller. If Weiner doesn't make it (and it's not looking good), will consider Catsamatidis. Lhota called PA Cops mall cops.. I guess he forgot that 78 of those mall cops were killed on 9/11/01 trying to save his life.

Midtown East

What has stringer done for the city besides fall in line with Quinn and Bloomberg to put in bike lanes and make taxpayers lose parking space, now he's trying to attack spitzer on his stepping down from being governor


I'm a registered Democrat, and there are two others close enough philosophically that even if my preferred candidate doesn't win, I would vote for either of them over any Republican. That said, even if none of them won, I would never vote for Lhota after his comments last week about the cats, and I reject Catsimatidis (sp) on other philosophical grounds.


If Quinn were the Democratic choice, I'd be looking at the Republican candidate, you bet!

Anybody but Quinn. I changed from Indy to Democrat JUST to vote AGAINST Quinn in the primary!

Mary Alice
Upper East Side

I think that John Liu is going to make an impression. It ain't over till the FAT LADY SINGS!
And she ain't sung yet! The real poll will take place next week!

Throggs Neck

Although Quinn is qualified and a lesbian, I cannot vote for her because she'll be keeping Ray Kelly.

If she gets rid of Kelly, I will forgive her for the term limits fiasco.
Therefore, I will vote for Thompson.


I have to say, I do not understand how people can say, "personal issues shouldn't come into play" when discussing Spitzer/Stringer (referring to Spitzer's past). Since when did someone's personal life NOT matter? It's a testament to their character as a person and that does in fact matter when determining how they will do in office. As a female voter, I'm particularly disgusted because if it were a woman running for office and she had these same indiscretions, everyone would be judging her based on her personal life. Personal life decisions DO in fact matter and it's time we stop saying, "well, it's ok that he cheated and slept with prostitutes, that doesn't matter." What sense does that make?!

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