Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Tonight's Final Mayoral Debate Comes As Bill de Blasio Tops 40%

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A lot of people with a lot of power will be spending a lot of money over the next seven days trying to get Christine Quinn in a run-off. It will be interesting to see if power trumps people. It certainly has in the past.

With exactly one week before Primary Day, a new poll shows Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio with a lead big enough to avoid a run-off. The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds the Public Advocate with the support of 43% of likely voters, the highest mark any candidate has tallied all year. Candidates need to win at least 40% of the vote to avoid a run-off with whoever finishes second.

The poll finds Bill Thompson second with 20%, Christine Quinn with 18%, Anthony Weiner with 7%, and John Liu at 4%. In the Republican primary, Joe Lhota leads with 48% of likely voters, John Catsimatidis in second with 24%, and George McDonald with 10%.

The results come hours before the five leading Democrats are scheduled to meet in their final televised debate. What's your reaction to the latest Quinnipiac poll? Why do you think Bill de Blasio is polling above the 40% threshold?

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People criticize BdB's proposal to tax the wealthiest in the city to pay for universal pre-k, saying that it is not likely to get passed. People forget the momentum a "millionaires" tax had in Albany a couple years ago. For me, it is important because I do not hear anyone other than de Blasio saying anything -- at leader he has a vision. The others have a failure of vision, compromised by their cynical view of the system and it's limits.

We are in Woodhaven!

Hey where's Freddy Ferrer? I'm a Puerto Rican man with a Puerto Rican wife I guess I can't be mayor.

Bronx Dave

I am hoping that Bill DeBlasio wins the primary. That way, when he runs against Joe Lhota, Joe will have an easy time running against the most liberal and beholden to special interests candidate.

Jenny, Murray Hill (Manhattan)


I think a runoff is possible. I admit that the numbers are hard to believe, but I'm for DeBlasio. I think he has connected well with the city. For the caller who brought up that his only platform was his black wife and biracial kids, that is just ridiculous.

No one took DeBlasio seriously, except for Quinn who I believe was involved that smear against his wife earlier in the campaign. And now they're shocked and don't know what to do.

Carmella, The Bronx (Olinville)

My vote goes to Bill Thompson. He has the most diverse experience as a city manager- Deputy Borough President, Board of Education President, 2x City Comptroller and Private Business!

All the candidates talk about the Middle Class. What is the salary range that defines the Middle Class? I bet people will be surprised.

Michael from Clinton Hill Brooklyn

I think Weiner is the best candidate for mayor. He will do a great job, he clearly cares about us the middle class. He has proven that many times. What he did with his personal life only concerns him and his wife. She is supporting him 100%. We need to remember that at the end of the day we are voting for a great mayor that could get the job done, we are not voting for a husband. My vote goes to Weiner.


I think there's too much confusion when it comes to These politicians . I like anthony and jon cause I hope their agenda will be for working people. But ya never know .. look at Obama !!! Gauntimino still open and we still have bad situation all around there should be more transparentcy all around. Really cant get that though. Im a vote for the person the media trashes on . It tells me that person is not gonna be the same oh shinanagans! !


I also don't believe in the Quinnipiac poll, I also think the sample numbers and demographics of the polls are way to small or limited. How many Asian Americans have they polled about LIU?

I thought it was incredibly exploitative of De Blasio to use his son, to show he loves blacks, which is when his polls went up. Quinn did the third term thing. but nobody had to vote for Bloomberg for a third term. They chose too. We shouldn't have term limits because it is insulting and condescending to voters to think it is needed.

Anthony Wiener is OK but his only issue that I know about is health care. He shouldn't give up so easily.

So I like Bill Thompson, very much I klike they way he is low key abouta stop and frisk and wanats to get the community involved to lessen the need for it. Hes also really good on education.

I don't mind Chrisstine Quinn and I live the way she characataerises de Blasio. I agree.

Some of the polls lately sound more like identity theft. People call, saying they are doing research on the coming primary and the next question is how old are you and how much money does your family make.?? When we get 6 polling calls a day I make up something different for each one. I believe my ballot is private and they don't have a right to know what I think I am doing.

Julie on the upper west side

I am voting for Bill Thompson as the most qualified candidate. Should have been Mayor instead of The Dictator Bloomberg


Sal Albanese and Erick Salgado won the debate because they didn't take part in the debacle. The candidates all look like clowns, how come none of them mentioned Bloomberg and Kelly inviting 16 year old kids to Randall's Island to take part in MDMA fueled sexual assaults and deaths, one year old babies being assassinated, while shutting down the subway to save the lives of kittens?

Kew Gardens

Bill Thompson was very weak in his proposals his stop and frisk policy is not doable if police officers will write reports instead of catching criminals our city will fall apart from crime plus his wife stole from city money that was for a African art museum and used it to fund his campaign. my vote is for deblasio.


I am a Democrat who will be voting for Bill Thompson. He has a broad background of experience, as a former NYS Comptroller and is familiar with the N.YC school system.

I am NOT comfortable with either DeBlasio or Quinn. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing a commercial featuring a 15 year old speaking on his father's behalf. I want to hear from the candidates -- not their teenage children. Doesn't Mr. DeBlasio also have a daughter? His wife didn't even speak on his behalf as Ms. Quinn's spouse did.

In closing -- let me elucidate this popular point of debate: It's Stop, Question and possibly Frisk. Anyone in NYC can be stopped and questioned by the police. I was once on my way to work -- I guess I matched someone's description -- and guess what, Mr. DeBlasio ... I'm a white female.

Perhaps if the police were able to stop and question someone questionable this past weekend, an infant that was shot may have not met that very sad fate.


Hi John & welcome back!

I think that Mr. Liu will get my vote. I want to see how his numbers look when the voters do vote. If Mr. Liu had not run at all I would have voted for DeBlasio. As a biracial person I vote for the issues not ethnicity. No to Mr. Weiner. The caller who stated she doesn't mind Mr. Weiner's lies about his tweet was a hoot. She shuld let Mr. Lui hook her up with some marijuana...or perhaps based on her comment she is already smokin' something!

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronz

I would like to know how many pple who are voting for Deblasio reached out to him for help while he was the public advocate, because when I reached out to him i didn't receive help. Everyone likes to hate on Christine Quinn because of term limits....the NY majority gave Bloomberg his thurd term not Christine Quinn. Lastly, shame on anyone that wants to get rid of Ray Kelly, he has done a phenomenal job keeping ny safe from terrorism.

Dana from Brooklyn

If Bill DeBlasio wins the mayoral race, I'll be leaving New York, because then the working people of New York will be forgotten, this will be a city for the poor and the communists!!!!! Thank God Joe Lhota will be the Republican nominee, because then we will have a clear choice, stability continued from the Gulliani and Bloomberg years or the demise of our city under DeBlasio.

Staten Island Resident!!!!!

It was a good fight John but nobody won. In fact whomever gets in, with the exception of de Blasio, means we all lose.


Bill DeBlasio Won the debate. I agree with Liu regarding the witch hunt. Glad that Anthony Weiner spoke up for DeBlasio at this point he has to take sides. Thompson spent to much time on talking about DeBlasio lieing. Should have spent more time on what he was going to do for NYC! Don't trust Quinn.

Miss Mae - Harlem.

Bill Thompson approved every single cost Overrun for Citytime, from $85 million to more than $600 million! Comptroller Lui discovered this and made it all public. I support DeBlazio for Mayor with Lui as a Deputy Mayor.

-Dan from Queens

John Liu won, he is still the most progressive.


Watched the Mayoral Debate tonite and it was quite entertaining watching the candidates making promises they know they wont keep, I'm still voting for Di Blasio

Carmen, Bay Ridge

It seems rather pithy for six candidates to gang up on the front runner, which is DeBlasio. Bottom line, you have an articulate, liberal candidate who isn't afraid to take on the pressure. They are proving his strength, not theirs.


I am a supporter of Christine Quinn. I think she should put all her eggs on the primary and buy a 90 second commercial and air it non stop between now and Tuesday. I think she should talk from the heart for 90 seconds on all her accomplishments over last 8 yrs. I think she should also talk about her mistakes as well. Most importantly she should talk about being a gay woman. If she can do this, she could win over NYC again. Just my two cents.

From Wayne of Staten Island

From left to right:

Weiner is interesting but too unreliable to count on for stability

Thompson is literally boring and has no specific platform....wish UTF had been smarter about whom to support.

DeBlasio sounds comfortable and his family looks like mine......cross cultural

Quinn......always a blowhard. Strikes me as someone who always needs to talk, cannot listen.

Liu....wish he had better numbers as I'd support him for a run off.....honest, public school parent....he and DeBlasio are the only ones who sound genuninely smart.

Will cast ballt for DeBlasio and hope he will find a place to appoint Liu.

Dr. Laura

The reason a lot of us won't vote for Quinn is because she did exactly what she accuses DiBlasio of doing: say one thing and do another. She overturned term limits notwithstanding the majority of NY voters did not want that; she is an opportunistic liar and ruthless hack. Thompson is a nothing.

East Village


I thought the debate was quite lively tonight and we all saw de Blasio’s adversaries get feverishly desperate. However the best moment of the debate was not about Bill D, rather it was Quinn trying desperately trying to defend her Slush Fund. Kudos to the journalist who would not let her duck the question. Weiner on the other hand provided much needed comic relief.

Brooklyn Hgts.

I have noticed that none of the candidates have really expressed any support for the residents of the New York City Housing Authority and tonight was no exception. The night that some of them spent in a resident's apartment was a joke. Even though there are many NYCHA residents who are law abiding upstanding working people, it’s the same old story of profiling the residents as being second class citizens. The question arises: What will the candidates do as mayor to aid the residents in the area of helping them to improve their quality of life??


weiner had a good night. sorry he messed up his personal life because he probably could beat quinn and be a decent mayor.


DeBlasio and Thompson are the sanity candidates. DeBlasio benefits from a desire to clear away the dark cloud of a possible Quinn mayoralty ASAP. We'll breathe a sigh of relief next Tuesday if Quinn is eliminated without a runoff. Quinn and Weiner are the same: scandal-ridden egomaniacs of dubious sanity. Weiner is a flasher. Quinn is a hostile, vicious bully, the 'Luca Brasi' for Rudin Developers. Weiner can't control his flashing. Quinn can't control her savagery. I'd ask DeBlasio and Thompson about developers wiping out the livelihood of small businesses like barber shops and laundromats who serve neighborhoods, replacing them with gourmet sushi restauarants. I wouldn't ask 'Cloudy' Quinn anything.



De Blasio would get my vote only because he is against stop and frisk. But he loses my vote because he wants to tax the rich. He, like the others running for mayor, are total wastes, unqualified to hold any office in government.

Is this the best NYC can do? God help NYC!

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

I don’t believe the Quinnipiac poll at all. We had this happen last week. There was such a drastic difference between two polls and left many of us suspect even more that usual to the results. This De Blasio is a very angry campaigner and that’s not the way to get your point across. He is also concentrating on the same subject and that is that he will definitely tax the rich to give to the poor and that is just asking for false votes. He is also hammering the point that everyone is entitled to amenities for everything they need. I also noticed that the EX PIT-BULL OF BLOOMBERG AND HILLARY CLINTON WAS SENT OUT TO MAUL DE BLASIO. Why is this WOLFSON still in the picture. It’s none of his business or the business of those who thought it would be a good idea to stir up the pot a little.

Thank you John,

DeBlasio is more in tune with the middle class and showed his concern by fighting to keep hospitals open. My questions: What are you going to do about city road conditions that have went neglected for the better part of the Bloomberg administration? What is being done to put a public hospital on staten Island?

Park Hill

To me DeBlasio and Thompson are similar. As long as Quinn is out I am good. See what happens when you over turn the will of the people? (Re term limits). Not surprised at all that New Yorkers finally woke up to her lies.

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