Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: City Council Overrides Veto, Passes Police Reforms

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Another day, another setback for the Bloomberg administration. In just a few months, it seems years of positive news have been replaced by a string of defeats. It's interesting we didn't see this level of opposition to him before -- maybe it's because he's on the way out?

The City Council just voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of the Community Safety Act. The vote came despite intense pressure from City Hall, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and police unions that argued the two bills would make New York City more dangerous.

The measure that will create an independent Inspector General to oversee the police department passed by a vote of 39 to 10. The IG will have subpoena power, but will only be able to make recommendations on policing practices. The second measure passed by a vote of 34 to 15 and will give people more latitude to sue in State court if they feel police targeted them because of their race, sexual orientation or other factors.

Are you pleased or disappointed in the City Council's vote today? What message did lawmakers send to Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of New York City? Will an Inspector General who can only make recommendations be able to actually change the practices and tactics of the NYPD?

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Very disappointed. Pressure from minority groups will destroy this city as they did with the educational system. Bloomberg did a great job for this city.

Cobble Hill

Its really a moot point and a duplication of effort insofar as the court ordered federal monitor; whats the point?



Upper West Side

Believe me I am not a fan of Bloomberg and Quinn at all.
I think we are headed to dangerous ground because this
stop and frisk was to be looked over and modified and now
it seems as though the public are the ones making their
own man made laws. The politicians are going along with
it just to get votes.

To many decisions are being made to accommodate only
a few and they are also making to many behind closed
door decisions also.

Basically then we don’t have any need for the NYPD’s
services any longer.

They need to stop being so selfish and give this another

Morris Park

The police and the police commissioner need to be reined in. As part of their swearing in ceremony, they must pledge allegiance to the 4th Amendment. And comply with it 100%.

Port Richmond

Will the real Christine Quinn stand up? First Quinn stated "NYC is lucky to have Ray Kelly as NYPD commissioner". Also stated she would hire Kelly as her NYPD commissioner if elected Mayor. Yet she passes these bills that undermine Kelly and questions his performance. Quinn stated today "stop and frisk" and police practices have gotten "out of hand". Yet as Speaker, Quinn has subpoena power and oversight of NYPD and has done nothing for the last 10 years. Quinn plays politics and causes more dysfunction and waste.

Morris Park

City council had over ridered Mayor Bloomberg's veto over policy of stop and frisk. Now we will all be unsafe and more innocent children will surely die. More guns will enter our city and the criminal element will rule the streets. The middle clase will move out of New York. Now that in my opinion makes this a very sad day.

Glen Oaks Village

It is clear that the city council is opening NYC up to more lawsuits and pandering to the Hispanic, Black, and Democratic voters. With the rise of the Democrats comes a rise in racism degradation of society.

Park Hill

Hi John

I'm pleased with the city council's vote today i believe a I.G. who isn't racist can change the polices of the NYPD espically stop and frisk no minorty person sahould be stopped if he or she isnt doing anything wrong Ms Quinn do have what it takes to become a mayor for everyone

Upper West Side

It seems probable that the end of Stop and Frisk will fall most heavily on the minorities who are in favor of it's stop. The politicians who support it's end are not interested in the victims of random shootings. After all the vicitms are dead and not able to vote for them. They are only interested in pandering to minorities to get their votes. NYC will probably quickly backslide into the Dinkin's era. Recently "gentrified" areas will watch their real estate values plummet as a new crime wave begins. If non-minority people feel they were targeted by police because of their race will they be given an opportunity for a fair and nu-biased hearing?


It angers me greatly this law was passes. The city is so safe, so livable, and it's absolutely due to policies like this. Put one in the win column for the criminals.

I see nothing wrong with overriding the vetos. It keeps the NYPD honest in their work. No abuse of power behind the badge they wear, less unnecessary intimidation with the threat of law suits and repercussions for unlawful profiling. Police can still do their job effectively but it's important to keep integrity. If there's reasonable cause to stop & frisk someone it shouldn't be hard to prove. Let's stop whining and working together to fight crime in our neighborhoods.


I agree that the NYPD needs a monitor. They need some form of outside policing. I don't agree with Mayor Bloomberg, because we have no idea what effect this action will have on our City. If the police could "frisk" without "racially profiling" specific individuals then I would be in agreement, but they don't seem capable of that. I believe Good Police Officers will do their jobs despite this decision. I am comfortable knowing that there will be eyes watching the actions of the NYPD in this matter.

Upper West Side

This topic just doesn't go away. NYPD need a complete overhaul just like the mta. Does anyone question that NY's top cop Kelly's son was accused of rape and was swept under the rig.


The real fact is that the crime rate began to decrease during the Dinkins administration, continuing through the Giuliani years. The Crack era was on the decline, considerably.
The real fact is Bloomberg is the beneficiary NOT the producer of the current crime statistics . Bloomberg got greedy, exercised poor judgement, and underestimated the will of dignity and justice.


Why aren't all police officers wearing gopro cameras yet? Every social and political problem will be solved. Think about it. They all need monitored live cameras on them. Think about it.


Have you EVER encountered someone who is pro 'stop and frisk' who has actually been stopped and frisked? I highly doubt it.

Also, have you ever noticed that people who say we live in a 'post-racial' society are all white, and have virtually no contact with other ethnicities?
The truth is here; some of us just refuse to see it.


Police claiming that their tactics reduce crime is like a meteorologist taking credit for a sunny day.

We need community policing, not predatory policing. We need more cameras in the streets and less cops. And by the way, if police are going to use their weapons, they need to visit the shooting range every once in a while. It seems like every time a cop pulls a gun, an innocent bystander gets blasted. Maybe we should restrict cops to using tasters.


The police do a great job when they stop and frisk white people. They recover more guns and drugs off whites.

That means they are following the constitution. All the cops have to do is follow the law.
The fear mongers who predict fire and brimstone want to maintain the status quo.

Oversight of the police will mean less lawsuits costing us the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

This will mean I won't have to see Sanford Rubenstein on TV that much anymore.

Vinegar Hill

Stop and frisk is a program, a tool. It is done for a reason, to get the guns off the streets...if Speaker Quinn or her fellow mayoral candidates, do not like the workings of the stop and frisk system, they should be the leader they all claim to be and fix it, not just handcuff the police, in the name of political correctness. New York deserves candidates with real solutions, not finger pointers.

Staten Island

The stop and frisk was a good policy at its inception, which was when a person appears suspect - a bulge, behavior, etc. However under the bloomberg administration and the commissioner reverted its intention which was good and effective - and turned the stop and frisk to become just a quota on police productivity during patrol.




If New York City was truly safe in ALL communities then we would truly have a safe city. The City Council did the right thing, may be now we will all sit at the table to create a real safe city.


I am very disappointed. I feel the police does their job well by stoping and check some
of those they suspected, it protects law abiding people Now, some people are afraid
to walk the streets.


I just like to say what Bloomberg is doing is setting back time by 45 years when blacks were brutalized. When officers are given too much liberty to do what they want they use it to their advantage to get more arrest to get promoted. S-n-F should apply to all citizens or non; not just blacks and minorities.

Fordham Hill

I was moved to see Jumaane Williams tearful vote. People forget about the time this council member and a member of his staff were stopped frisked and arrested during the Caribbean Day Parade a few years ago. As far as I can remember, the police commissioner never publicly apologized to him or even publicly acknowledged the event. The Mayor also remained silent. Where is the courtesy from one public servant to another. Would this have happened to a white public official, and if it had would the incident have been treated in the same way?

Bloomberg is so out of touch. His quote about "innocent" people being "harmed" is grossly insensitive. What about the 90% of people stopped and frisked who were guilty of no crime. Exactly which innocent people is the mayor referring to?? Isn't being unjustly targeted, roughed up, oftentimes verbally and physically abused and otherwise humiliated in your community harmful?

Furthermore, why is there so much talk about this leading to police officers not doing their jobs? Police officers now get to decide whether or not and how they will do their jobs? They don't get to dictate. They serve as well.

That caller who claims 3 year olds will be shot in playgrounds ought to realize that has been, sadly, happening for years. Just maybe not in his community.

Thank you to the caller Charles from Chelsea. He really summed it up. Youll find crime where you look for it.


I am very pleased that the City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg's veto of the Community Safety Act. I commend all of them. Once again of course we are hearing Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg proclaiming that this is the worst piece of legislation and dangerous to all New Yorkers. However according to the debates that I have been watching it seems as if a Mayor Bloomberg icon will just be in the Mayor's office in 2014. Christine Quinn who has been Mayor Bloomberg's puppet for years & overturned term limits to make sure that he spent 12 years in office or Joe Lhota instead . . . really? Joe Lhota, the candidate who opposes reform to Stop & Frisk, has praised Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies, believes that school closures are the way to fix NYC public schools and wants to double the amount of charter schools. So these 2 will be my options?? I guess I will be staying home on Election Day!

Upper East Side

I believe guns are the main reason behind stop and frisk. Why don't we focus on keeping these weapons off dangerous individuals hands, by eliminating the sources transporting the weapons.


It is politics as usual. Ms Quinn's actions were reckless to say the least; The NYPD needs to make the stop and fristz constitutional but never, ever discarded. Imagine the circus and pandemonium on the way of frivolous and irresponsible law suits. Mayor Bloomberg has been in my opinion the best, ever. Buy the way, I'm Black and Hispanic but I don't play the race card.

The Mayor is right... We have been a safer city ... No other explanation is necessary

Park Slope

It is a good thing, why do the police target a certain group. They are not well trained, they shoot to kill, not to disarm. They are coward and hide under their uncivilised ways of policing. Did you not see the other time in Britain, the police shot the offender to disarm, not to kill, so they can get more information. NYPD should emulate this.

Those idiots who overrode Bloomberg's vetoes of the Community Safety Act should try living in my crappy Washington Heights neighborhood for a day--same goes to that idiot federal judge who voted again stop and frisk...

Washington Heights

The same people calling for the end of this will be the first people screaming That police need to do something, the first time an innocent kid gets hit.


While the program supposedly brings down crime in NYC, it is not worth infringing on the rights of a certain class of people that the police believe don't have rights.

The motto on the side of the police cars says Courtesy and Professionalism. There are a lot of cops that need to be retrained!!


As I understand the highest rate of crime is in a black neighborhood. The residents are mostly blacks. If the police are send in to do their job they will have to frieze people so it is natural that blacks are frieze because most of the residents are black. So it is stupid to condemn the police for friezing blacks.

The residents cannot have both so choose whether they want safety or have high crime rate by stopping the police from doing their job.


There should be white officers in white neighborhoods and black officers in black neighborhoods so no one can say that someone was stopped out of racism.

Staten Island

It is long overdue. Whether white New Yorkers want to accept it they commit more crimes and use more drugs than people of color. However, police only look for crimes in African-American communities. Why don't they try looking for crime in white communities. There will be a big difference. There is nothing wrong with stop and risk, but it is being abused by police officer who are high school graduates. If you check their background most of them were either forced out or barely graduated. They could not pass the military exam and they could not survive in a post high school setting, so they settled to become police officers. These officers are young dumb and lack self confidence.

Every one knows that the city to be sued, for what ever. How many of the Black people being harassed and profiled can afford to hire adequate counsel to sue?

This is political posturing.

Shame on Quinn.

If Blacks get stopped and frisked randomly then so should East Indians, Oriental Asians, and Europeans!

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