Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Your Reaction To The Democratic Mayoral Debate

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To the tens of thousands who tuned in to this race for the first time tonight...welcome! You've missed a lot. Now instead of blaming the candidates and the media for not talking about the issues, do some research and get involved. To the rest of you, we've got three more weeks. Hold on for the ride..

The seven leading Democratic candidates for mayor debated in front of a live studio audience tonight. Former City Councilman Sal Albanese, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, former City Comptroller John Liu, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, pastor Erick Salgado, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, and former Congressman Anthony Weiner discussed the economy, employment, policing, and more.

Who won? Which candidate needed to have a strong performance? With less than three weeks to go before Primary Day, who are you supporting? Who will be the top two finishers in this primary race for City Hall?

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All the candidates say that they are against stop and frisk. Why don't they introduce a law that enables the police to stop and frisk a person. For example, any person under the age of 21 cannot be in the street after 10:pm. A curfew.

Tony from Bayside NY

I live in Manhattanville projects, my son is off the lease for years. This years I had 3 visits of police to my house and two visits of undercover officers, even after telling them numerous time that he does not live here, even if he visit I would never let him in, because I need a roof over my head. The new Mayor would have to step up to the plate to deal with individual problems like our old mayor is trying to do. I hope our present mayor will resolve this issue with me. 1. Lui, 2. Bill, and then Thompson.


I believe Bill DeBlasio has the best vision for the city. He will reform Stop and Frisk and raise taxes on the rich to help put more kids in Pre-K classes.


Wiener won the debate. He will not "win" the seat. I feel sorry for him. He lost the respect of the citizens though. That is unfortunate. Too many clowns were on the panel. Thompson is an elitist clown. Quinn is out for the wealthy. I am not wealthy. She does not interest me at all. DeBlasio holds the hope of the people I hope that he will be a dedicated and consistent mayor. He knows the issues facing low income NYer's and our desire to work our way out of poverty & to grow into a middle class. I need a living wage that will help me to afford a home.

I am voting 4 DeBlasio.


Christine Quinn is the winner. She has a view of the whole situation. And please STOP talking about stop and frisk.... the city has much bigger problems than that it is so old and boring!

West Village

Gotta love Liu! He won the debate. With the heat on DeBlasio Liu was able to state his case. I loved his closing.


I would like to hear the candidates talk about issues of sustainability and energy efficiency in the city, and how to deal with climate change in the future.

Martha, Brooklyn

None of the reporters asked the hard questions ; How they would pay for all these programs they're proposing ? How they would handle the Bloomberg Budget mess that's being left them ?


Quinn is by far out best shot, give Thompson a job though!


You have to admit; that "ANYONE BUT QUINN" phrase is so hilarious. Lol !!!

- tom

Quinn won tonight her experience spoke for itself and showed through. Though Weiner was extremely eloquent. diBlasio couldn't take the heat.

Den in Bushwick.

John Liu won, he is the most progressive candidate running. Viva Liu!


Now I have made my decision. Before it was between the two Bills for me. Now I'm going for De Blasio. He seems more focused, has a plan, and loves the city.

Mike From Morningside

I think Wiener is probably the best candidate but I can't bring myself to take him seriously. I think Quinn was the winner is the debate because of her teem limits support I will vote for DeBlasio.

Midtown East

I would like to see every one of these candidates who demonizes the Nypd as racists to agree to a ride along in the busiest command (75 pct) on a midnight tour on a Saturday night on Labor Day weekend.

Dominick (Queens)

I want to comment on Christine Quinn's answer to the question on which one of the candidates she would appoint to a position if she becomes the Mayor. Her answer that she will appoint Bill Thompson to the head of minorities and women's affairs, I found to be offensive and insulting.


There is no clear winner whereas each candidate has a different voting constituency that will diverse the vote into no clear majority. This diversity will create a run-off election. Quinn has the gay and woman vote that will create the bigger block of non-majority results. Thompson has the teacher and some black vote. Bill de Blasio has the black and Spanish vote. Weiner has the Jewish vote. Only thing clear to me is that there is no clear front runner.

Sunnyside, Queens

Bill Thompson has the best experience and agendas for improving NYC. He's great insight, he's committed to the New York working class, and he has the greatest experience. He has my vote.

Yolanda, Kew Gardens

John liu has always remained strong consistent and supports the working class and the first of all the cadidates to go up against public housing.

Millie, soho

The middle class Whites are now here in Bedford Stuyvesant and growing fast. They can't afford to live in Manhattan with the rent they are charging. They have become the working poor along with us, so the next mayor should start from the bottom up and maintain the middle class as is. The Affordable rent inwhich they talk about you can't afford it.


Anthony weiner is " a joke "- I called the public advocate office once, and was very disappointed. "They could not careless about my issues". I understand that Deblasio's office may have misrepresented him? However he should learn to run his office better, before he tries to run a city as a mayor. I was not sold on Quinn at first. But I appreciate her honesty about her sexual orientation and acknowledging his wife. It takes courage to do so. I was also impressed by her performance tonight. I am married with a husband and one child and agree it is indeed a personal choice and it is wrong to try to use the fact that she has no children against her. Such a faux pas! Quinn has my vote!


Clear winner? Bill DeBlassio. Technique used for diversion goes back to Nixon then Reagan and Thatcher. The next in line : Christine Quinn. Technique is not substance or truth. DeBlassio cut thru diversionary double talk.

Bill in the Village

From My Understanding I Think Bill Thompson Should Be Picked Because From His Experience With His Mother Being An Teacher He Knows Well. From Watching The News I Think Mr.Bill Thompson Had The Strongest Speech With More Encouragement Than The Other Candidates . He Is More Understanding About People's Life And Schooling Life.


I had three candidates in mind. de Blasio. Thompson. Lui. I thought that Quinn asking Thompson if he was happy with de Blasio answer to his question was uni-nerving to me. I think that hurts Thompson in the long run. It definitely put Thompson lower on my list for Mayor.

Miss Mae - Harlem

Weiner had vigor and energy, but he ain't gonna make it. Thompson comes off as a little angry, but I was surprised and heartened to learn that he's a 1%er. Lui's presentation was strong, but his, not totally authentic, populist progressivism ain't cutting it for the whole city. Quinn seemed forceful and kinda down the middle of the road in this group. She's the only one to say anything about investing in sewer system infrastructure. DeBlasio comes off as formidable. This debate only scratched the surface. What about union contracts and pensions?

Bobby G
East Village

Quinn is a dangerous chameleon-who double talks and presents a different persona at each appearance. has aligned with the developers-cares little about the middle class-and threw me to the housing court pro landlord judges- kept promising to help -have emails from her staff-and never came through-i now know that if she advocated for me,a constituent in her district, she would have lost lots of a wealthy landlord/developers money--and she cared little for the $100,000 she cost me-time to throw her out of office-this city has become a most difficult place to live under her reign as speaker-plus, she is arrogant, extremely volatile and not to be trusted with protecting this great city.

upper west side

Weiner has the most necessary and impactful new ideas and proposed plans! He won the debate for originality.


Debate Winner: Bill Thompson/Bill De Blasio
Debate Losers: Albanese/Salgado/Weiner

I saw a "fire" in Bill Thompson that I have never seen before. Though he spent significant time attacking De Blasio, it shows that he has the backbone to stand up for a city that needs change. I'd like to hear more about his plans going forward, if he were elected Mayor.

De Blasio was clearly viewed as the front-runner by the other candidates.
He benefited from the attacks because he was able to talk about his viewpoints the most to defend his position & get his point across.

The losers of course were Albanese & Delgado who were barely allowed to speak, Weiner had good points but I viewed him as entertainment, a side-show more so than a serious mayoral candidate.

Mosby from Bedford-Stuyvesant

Anthony Weiner and John Liu were the most real and consistent with their responses and records.

I don't know how people don't see that the trio of Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio are what the establishment needs to continue their power... Maybe that is the reason that they are polling so close... I often have the feeling that even the reporters and the "independent" political pundits are working for these three, and the polls certainly feel biased. They even defended each other at times in the debate.

Upper East Side

I am voting for Christine Quinn, she has a proven record despite the spin DeBlasio is trying to paint. I am so tired of hearing about extending term limits- we still had the right to vote and the majority voted for Bloomberg, he has made some excellent changes as mayor and Christine Quinn has been by his side and has agreed and disagreed when appropriate. I also saw Bill DeBlasio standing with Quinn to save St. Vincents...and now he wants to say she didn't try? Its a lie, its spin and it would be a shame if DeBlasio an inexperienced nobody was able to win this election based off of an unnecessary disdain for Quinn....anybody but Quinn? That is bullying at its finest, its disgusting and disgraceful....

Dana from Brooklyn

I still believe Anthony Weiner is the best candidate for Mayor for NY. I am voting for Weiner.


De Blasio won and it was evident throughout, as he towered (literally and figuratively) over his competitors. As for Christine Quinn -- well, she's our very own Sarah Palin -- maybe she can see Russia from her St. Vincent's luxury condos.


Anthony Weiner is the right man for the job. He's the only one not kissing up to the unions. He will give members a fair contract but will require some givebacks so that the city will not go bankrupt as other cities have. And, by the way, I'm a union member.

Renee from Queens

its all the same, dosent matter who wins.

michael., lower Manhattan.

Well, I had I had been looking at Mr. Liu and Mr. De Blasio. I think that while Mr. Salgado waves a flag for his community he needs to learn to promote his community and at the same time be more inclusive of other ethnic groups that represent the 5 boros. He needs to express an awareness of other populations that have had similar life experiences and challenges. He needs to learn that he hasn't cornered the market on rising up like in Maslow's Hierarchy of Need! No clear winner yet for me. but, getting there.

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

Quinn came off as experienced, qualified, fair and knowledgeable. Deblasio is so far left, he appears to want to take NYC back to the 70's and 80's when the city tottered on bankruptcy and was known as the ultimate mugger's paradise as depicted in the movie, The Out of Towners.


I would like to know why when Bill DeBlasio ran against a 21 year old from Staten Island for the Public Advocate position and John Liu ran for Comptroller they BACKED Thompson for Mayor why did they change their position now ? He did not hold the Office yet to judge him on performance.

Staten Island

I think it is still Christine Quinn's race to loose. People are intrigued with Diblasio just like they were with Thompson last month. Thompson didn't run with it; let's see if Diblasio can. For him to get peoples vote he will need to stop airing commercial's that are false and just state the facts. But in saying this I like Quinn. She is the most experienced, the most clean and seems to really care about the people of NY. Was she aligned with the Mayor on many issues? Yes., but instead of saying alinged you can say they had a good working relationship and things got done and the people of NYC benefited from that relationship. So my vote is with Ms Quinn.

Wayne of Staten Island

I would vote for Mr Delgado, if only there was a true place for a "People's Candidate"- the man's humanity, and his sense of self-deprecating humor, shone through, and the others paled by comparison, in my view. His statement about representing Latinos was nothing less than revolutionary- too bad that the televised candidates' race doesn't allow for equal time for ALL candidates, and that includes for Sal Albanese. Sal had the right to be outraged, as he and Mr Delgado were practically ignored by the reporters. But no one else actually was brave enough to recognize the rights of the immigrants and the voiceless in that bunch!

Cobble Hill

I watched the debate hoping for more clarification than rhetoric but didn't find it.

I was also hoping that one of the moderators would have broached the subject of the Marine Transfer Station project that is going to ruin the upper East Side. I find it really unfortunate that although there is such widespread interest in this and not only from the UES but from concerned citizens about our city government's willingness to place a dump in ANY residential neighborhood, ruining the health and the quality of life of its residents.

Unfortunately, I found Mr. Weiner with the most interesting and forthright contributions but he is out of the race because of his immorality. What a shame for us that we have to choose among this group. Where have all the Statesman gone??

Thank you

John Liu did the best THE BEST!!!!!!'


I think that Anthony Weiner was the only one with new and fresh ideas. The others were getting down to personal attacks or only talking about Stop and Frisk. The big loser was De Blasio as everyone was able to point out that he hasn't done anything as Public Advocate and only started taking public positions since he started running for Mayor. He was also shown as lying and exaggerating in his commercials.

Bullshead, Staten Island

Dear John,

After watching the Democratic Debate for Mayor, my head was spinning with much confusion. All Democratic Mayorial Candidates have no complaint about city employees living outside the city, but yet there are so many New Yorkers who need of a job. Christine Quinne says that Ray Kelly is the greatest Police Commissioner, but yet she supports a bill to appoint an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD.

Clifton, Staten Island

Older new Yorkers vote in large numbers and are the fastest growing part if the city's population, yet NOTHING was mentioned about issues important to them.

Sheepshead Bay

I would like you to be more fair with all the candidates. We need more fair equal debates. You know the media can make or break A candidate. Give them equal time. They are all running for Mayor. They should have equal time. We want equality right? I'm looking for a Mayor who will listen to the PEOPLE and REPRESENT the PEOPLE. And most important honesty, truthfulness and morality. Stop Question and frisk debate is a manipulation and exaggeration of the truth. Handcuff the cops and we will go back to high crime and murders because of lying power hungry politicians. The truth is the standard. I asked Weiner the trust question in Rockaway Park.

Rockaway Park


By beating up on De Blasio, they all came off like Snow White's dwarfs ganging up on
Prince Charming. It is fitting to say that Bill De Blasio has stood out in the pack. Tomorrows headlines should be "Longfellow has beat out the chumps".


John Liu won the debate. He spoke the most clearly about what he will do to move our city forward. He made it clear that he supports a living wage, more funding for hospitals, and ending stop and frisk. All of the other candidates offered a lot of fluff. Because of the debate, and because he supports legalizing marijuana, I am definitely going to be voting for John Liu!

Steven from Astoria

John Liu is the best. High intelligence quotient is evident. He exudes honesty, heart and integrity. Weiner impresses me more and more every day, however.

-Adam from the Upper East Side

Has done nothing as public advocate until now, exposes his own son on profiling in ads - Thompson did nothing as President of Bd of Education or Comptroller, Quin is like i-hop - she flip flops based on the flavor of the day. Weiner just takes up space. What a waste.

east village

I would like to know how the 1000 people on the 2nd floor of Town Hall was picked? It seemed awfully slanted in Christine Quinn's favor.

Also, Christine Quinn was very savvy as far as her remarks and attacks on Bill Deblasio. I hope people in the 5 boroughs see through her contradictory opinions, and not just vote for her because she would be the first openly gay women mayor.

Michael in Manhattan

Bill De Blasio! He is by far the most progressive candidate with compassion and commitment to the middle class.


I'm voting for DeBlasio or Weiner; which ever candidate appears in the lead. Christine Quinn left out 10 seconds in her closing statement. She should have included how she and Bloomberg are buying her way into the Mayoral office. If Quinn wins, this city will be in turmoil.

T~ from Bedford Stuyvesant.

I have not heard one word on providing Staten Island with a Public Hospital. Why? With the preselected questions and rehearsed answers, the debate was a dog and poney show.

Park Hill

Still voting for Weiner.

-Ari, West Chelsea

Hi John

I'm voting for speaker Quinn i dont like what Diblasio's wife said about kids and families some people like me can't have kids due to a medical condition i dont want to say what it is on here his wife is very insensitive to other people's feelings speaker Quinn have morals and she definitely have compassion for other people

upper west side


The NYPD does not racially profile. I have never worked with otficers who violated the civil rights of civilians. Stop Question and Frisk is a police procedure that has been around for the last 40 years. Commissioner Kelly did not "invent" this procedure. I am sick of the democratic candidates (with the exception of Anthony Weiner) spewing misinformation re: Stop Question and Frisk.

Re: Deblasio's tax increases to fund Pre-K..Pre-K is designed to fill in for the lack of child-care centers. 3 year old children should be home with their parents.

midtown east
retired NYPD


Question: Why do politicians continue on an ever growing scale pick the pockets of citizens by ever increasing taxation? If taxes weren't so high, maybe hospitals would stay open, maybe transportation would cost less, etc.
All taxation is theft.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

Today they revealed some things about DeBlasio and so this could change his place since yesterday I think in the end it will be Bill Thompson.


I can’t wait for the democratic primary to be over so that attention can be focused on the other candidates, especially the independent ones. These Democratic candidates basically were touting class warfare, as if New York wasn’t built based on economic freedom. From the time of our original founding, New Amsterdam was made great based on economic freedom, and we never had patience for prejudice of any form. The candidates last night talked as if the wealthy are the enemy, when in fact it is the business leaders of this city that attract capital here and help make this City what it is. If you scare those people away, and the rhetoric was pretty strong, then it will kill our local economy. We don’t need higher taxes, we need smarter leadership and management. I’m all for universal pre-school, but I believe a smart mayor can achieve it without taxing us to death. Say what you will about Bloomberg, but he was an outstanding financial manager of our City and didn’t have to raise income taxes to do it. To me, none of the candidates won last night – the only guy I liked was Sal Albanese – he came across as a down to earth hard working guy, but he has no shot of winning. Whoever does win should give him a job to help manage the city in some way.

Steven from Manhattan

Weiner is my choice for mayor based on tonight and other past debate performances.


Bill Thompson was the person with the broadest ideas and appeal. Will do a fine job as mayor.

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