Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Candidates Prepare For Debate, Jockey For Position On Key Issues

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We asked our viewers tonight what questions they would ask the Democratic mayoral candidates at tomorrow night's debate -- and they did not disappoint. There were great questions for the candidates on everything from Stop, Question and Frisk to affordable housing. Judging from these responses, I think New Yorkers, at least definitely our viewers, are ready for an earnest discussion on the issues. Press conferences and attack ads may make for good TV, I hate to say it, but it's not helping people make up their mind - candidates, are you listening?? Your many, many thoughts, questions and answers are posted below.

With exactly three weeks to go before voters head to the polls on Primary Day, the Democratic candidates are preparing for tomorrow's first official debate hosted by the Campaign Finance Board. The seven leading Democrats will debate in front of a live audience at Town Hall in Manhattan at 7pm. You can watch it live on NY1 News, NY1 Noticias, and

The debate comes as the candidates continue to position themselves as leaders on key issues affecting New Yorkers. For example, today Bill de Blasio spoke out against the closure of Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, while Bill Thompson unveiled a plan to make police officers more accountable during street stops.

What question would you ask all the Democratic candidates during tomorrow's debate? Is there a specific issue you would like one of the candidates to address? Are they doing an effective job getting their messages across during this election season?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

What will you do about the street conditions throughout NYC? What will you do about staten Island not having a public hospital? P.S. It has already been looked into. What are you going to do about it? Do you think illegal immigration has over burdened our health care system?

Park Hill

There are so many issues and they all seem to harp on the same issue.
We all know the ones responsible for the closing of the hospitals being
Bloomberg, Quinn and Stringer. I believe that there were 12 closings
during the Bloomberg administration and the three mentioned were in
on this deal made so that their cronies could purchase the sites in order
to make High Rise Housing. We have Bloomberg disrupting the candidates
with his remarks and Quinn and Stringer are trying to be coy when confronted
about the hospital closings.

Quinn and Stringer know very well what we think of the 3rd term and so there
is no need for them to get so defensive when asked questions that should
be answered. The next time show that you are leaders and not followers
and I hope it was worth it selling out people that are in their communities
that more than likely voted them.

Time is getting short and they had better go at it tonight and if they hold back
and seem disinterested then they should stop playing games and drop

Morris Park

I was quite disappointed that Sal Albanese was included in the debate. Not only is he not a viable candidate but he seems to take cheap shots at his opponents except for Quinn. Sal Albanese doesn't criticize Quinn's record. Based on forums I attended, Sal doesn't add any value to the debates and seems to take away time from the leading candidates.

Morris Park

Here's my question for the candidates: Have you ever read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Most of your ideas and actions are in violation of these two founding documents. People who violate rights and restrict freedom are criminals. Why shouldn't you all be arrested, prosecuted and locked up?

Port Richmond

Simple question: Why is Christine Quinn not in prison?


I want to know, what is their outlook on city & state workers a fair contract, retro pay, better housing, sky rocketing rents, crime and JOBS


As Mayor - how would you address the fiscal mismanagement of the New York City Housing Authority - how would you proceed in the reorganization of the authority to bring back the basic essential residential services this administration has removed.

Lower East Side

I would ask speaker Qinn and all the candidates who would they create education reform because we know Bloomberg made the education system worse and how would they revamp the NYCHA

Upper West Side

When i watched the last debate, and commercials Weiner is the only candidate that spoke on discipline in schools. Mayor Bloomberg's grading system has left principals scared to report the issues, because it will bring down the schools rating.
Testing is the least of the issues in schools.


Why doesn’t Christine Quinn answer the question of what kind of kick back did she get on the property that was housing St. Vnicents and How Developer Rudin got his hands on it?

Brooklyn Heights

NYCHA is planning to press forward on plans ton generate income by inviting developers to come up with proposals to build luxury housing on public land. Where do each of the candidates stand on this issue? How would they protect public lands from private real estate interests?

Washington Heights

Bill DiBlasio: A centerpiece of your campaign has been raising taxes on the rich. But raising income taxes is actually not a power of the Mayor, but a power of the governor and the state legislator. When governor Cuomo, Dean Skelos, and Sheldon Silver have all opposed a millionaires tax, it true that you can't keep that promise?


if the job for mayor paid minimum wage and you had no other means of income would you accept it?

what will you do to set a minimum wage that new yorkers can realistically survive on?

Jackson Heights

I would like to know how soon after they are elected can the transit workers and all other city union employees expect a new contract with a fair wage and benefits increase?


Question for Quinn. Seeing as Mike Bloomberg has spent a good amount of his "THIRD" term harassing the poor, ( I would say middle-class too but you and the Mayor all but eradicated that level of class), my question is, since you gifted him his 3rd...How do you sleep at night?

Upper East Side

I have a ? for CQ…why should I trust you when I know that you trampled on my vote for term limits? You want people to believe in you now? CQ, you are too young not to remember what you did and i am too old to forget!

Upper West Side

I would ask the candidates,how will they improve funds and Relationships with not for profit organizations that provide social services to families in washington height and other communities that help these poor community

Washington Heights


2. What Commisioners of other City agenciesare the candidates going to replace (particularly DOT who has done a terrible job)?

3. Bill Deblasio....What income level will be considered wealthy? Who is he going to TAX to fund pre-K programs?

4. Quinn..why do you have your lawyer wife spinning your terms -limits vote (yes, you wanted to give NY'er the right to maintain status quo.

Midtown East

I'd love to hear the candidates discuss affordable housing; not just for low income families, the unemployed, or the elderly, but for the everyday New Yorker.

My lease is up in October and I found out yesterday that my rent will increase $100 upon renewal. However, my measly salary has not increased. What's the point of having a mayor if the city's natives and dream chasers alike cannot afford to live there?

Midtown West

The amount of whiney lies coming out of Christine Quinn's mouth makes me sick! Dragging her reluctant wife out at the last hour to campaign for her is pathetic. Anybody but Quinn though personally I feel deBlasio is the only "normal" person running so that's where my vote goes. I would like to ask Ms. Quinn if you profess to care so much about animals why haven't you done anything to correct the disgusting and disgraceful state of the NYC shelter system? And don't lie!

Upper East Side

This garbage transfer station on York ave on UES is a disaster, in the middle of a playground right near Carl shur park no less. This is going to destroy a peaceful neighborhood. Chris Quinn seems to be the strongest supporter of this. What happened to the neckless of green parks around the city?

Murray Hill

Question for the candidates:

1. Do you plan on ending stop-and-frisk?

2. If stop-and-frisk were ended, why wouldn't the crime situation return to what we endured under Mayor Dinkins?


My question for the Mayoral candidates: Under Bloomberg, the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) has deferred to developers and has granted most requests for zoning variances against the wishes of the local community. Under what circumstances should the BSA grant and deny an application for a zoning variance? How would you change the BSA's approach to evaluating such applications?


San Francisco has a minimum wage of $10.55/hr. Why is New York's minimum wage so low and what are there plans to raise it beyond the states $9.00 plan by 2016


My question is for Christine Quinn:
Whatever happened to all the public toilets that you & Mayor Bloomberg promised 12 years ago? Your two dogs have more rights than myself or any other New Yorker as they can urinate anywhere they please. We have to first find, then run into a Starbucks, finally wait in humongous lines and then buy something so we don't look like idiots. Whatever happened to those toilets you promised? Why should anyone trust your promises?

East Village

The Democratic candidates all seem to support things like "good schools," "safe streets." "the middle class," and "affordable housing." But they rarely speak in specifics. For instance, I do not recall hearing any candidate mention the words "rent stabilization," whether they support or oppose it, and what specifically they would do to either shore it up or dismantle it.

I recently went on the websites of all the major Democratic candidates and could not find even one mention of "rent stabilization." So what I would like to know is, if they don't want to discuss this topic in specific terms, why not? Do they fear the real estate industry? Do they fear voters? If it's fear that's keeping them from discussing this (not to mention other topics), then would their possible tenure in office also be affected by fear?

Turtle Bay

What will the candidates do to reduce the tolls on Staten Islands Bridges. There were supposed to be free long before now. The tolls should be reduced back to maintainence levels only, not used to finance projects elsewhere. Would they be willing to open Bridge maintainence to competitive bidding? Or end the Mta and Port authority charters and force re-negotiation every 2 years?


This question is for all the candidates. If you become mayor will you revisit and push for congestion pricing and/or tolls on the now free east river crossings or will you let the crossings remain toll free. No one is talking about this issue.


I would like to know what do these canidates plan to do about jobs for people with degrees.

What about the development of the Sherman Waterfront on the Harlem River in Northern Mahattan?

Public access to the waterfront has been historically denied to the communities of Washington Heights and Inwood. Lower Manhattan, West Side Higway, the Brooklyn waterfront , and even Harlem Piers in 125th has been developed, yet the Sherman Creek Waterfront Park Master Plan between 207th an 203rd street remains neglected. This waterfront brings economic development, tourism, jobs,environmental Ed, new parks and culture. Are we not residents of NY?


My question:

I would like to hear the candidates discuss the Marine Transfer Station being implemented at East 91st Street and York Ave. in Manhattan. I am confused as to why a Garbage Dump would be build in a residential neighborhood, 2 feet from a major childs playground and endanger all citizens with toxic chemicals in the air.


What would they do to level the playing field for Minority and women owned construction business to get a fair share of City Contracts


I'd like to ask JUST how the candidates that claim they'll either minimize or eliminate "Stop & Frisk" keep the crime levels down? Without it what would they suggest as a course of action?

Lower East Side

New York is growing beyond the means of those who grew up in the city. Where do those families that used to live in neighborhoods favored by new arrivals go?


I would like Deblasio to define who "the rich" are that he is demonizing. Is it people who work 60+hrs a week in order to pay for rent, taxes, child care, parking, tuition, mortgages,maintenance fees etc. It seems like the Democratic candidates are punishing those who work hard. Not everyone is a trust fund baby or Wall St hotshot.

My other question is why would he put his son in his own commercial. Like I heard growing up in my family "children should be seen and not heard". Dante is entitled to his opinion when he pays his own bills and taxes.


The City's need Money make parking more reasonable Building new garages near Subways less traffic Downtown


Why has everyone forgotten about the second ave subway??? Can any candidate promise us a completion date?


Would you jettison, ignore, or continue to implement PlaNYC 2030?


Why haven't any candidates address the working poor? Everyone keeps addressing the middle class,when in fact the middle class has large decrease and has transition into the working poor. Those who work to pay the basic necessities.


How will you maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of the first SUPERBOWL in metro NY?

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