Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Democratic Mayoral Candidates Meet As New Frontrunner Emerges In Poll

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The primary polls appear to be all over the place. But, no matter the month or the method, there is one constant. Christine Quinn garners the support of approximately 25% of registered Democrats. Never more, never less. That will land her in the two-person runoff, but it also means 75% of Democrats are firmly in the "Anybody But Quinn" camp.

Several of the Democratic candidates for mayor are meeting at another forum tonight, one day after a new poll found a shake-up at the top. According to Quinnipiac University, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is now the choice of 30% of 579 likely Democratic voters. It's the first time he's led in any poll this election season.

The survey found City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in second with 24%, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson third with 22% and former Congressman Anthony Weiner dropping to 10% after leading in the poll less than a month ago. City Comptroller John Liu and former City Council Member Sal Albanese round out the poll with 6% and 1% respectively. The five leading candidates debated last night on WABC, and will meet again on NY1 on Wednesday, August 21st.

What question would you ask the candidates at next week's debate? What's your reaction to the latest poll findings? Why do you think Bill de Blasio surged almost ten percentage points in the last two weeks? Can Anthony Weiner still win the Democratic primary?

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Anthony Weiner is not trustable. Bill de Blasio is just lucky. Bill Thompson- is qualified and is the person we need in City Hall.

Arden Heights

Hi John;

de Blasio has clearly picked up what Weiner has lost and has staked himself far to the left which will play well in the primary but may open the door for Joe Lhota in the general election. Conversely, Quinn has tried to cast herself as a centrist and her Bloomberg connection would play well in the general election but current polling says even if she gets in a runoff, she loses to de Blasio or Thompson so we may never find out. One thing I found out watching last night's debate is that de Blasio grew up in Boston (he mentioned going to high school with Patrick Ewing) which I haven't heard him mention (to my ear he has no discernible Boston accent); perhaps because a certain current mayor whom he has gone to great lengths to criticize also hails from the Bay state.

Ted from LES

I watched the debate- Weiner, Lui, and Thompson are now irrelevant. It's Quinn versus DiBlasio and I predict a run-off with the campaign getting very ugly. DiBlasio is making himself credible and relevant. Term limits are coming back for Quinn.

Midtown East


Nobody likes a bully and that's exactly who Christine Quinn is. From her bullying the rest of the city council into voting Bloomberg to a third term (despite the fact that the majority of voters did NOT want them all to have a third term) to holding back funds to our representatives who did not "play nice" with her to allowing council members who support her to have more money/ability to hire help than the ones who do not support her ... She's always supported Bloomberg and his reign and now she is trying to distance herself from him because she wants his job. Has he even endorsed her?

~ Dina and Ed from Throggs Neck

As to what questions I would ask . . . of Christine Quinn, if she were to become mayor, would she try to alter the term limits law again? But regardless of her answer, why should we believe her, since she previously categorically denied any intent to change the law, and then did precisely that?

Upper West Side


I don't see any reason to vote for any of the candidates. They are all godawful. Isn't there anybody, anybody with the qualifications to be Mayor?

Port Richmond, SI

My question for Spitzer in a debate would be... For someone who prosecuted, and sent to jail, those involved in prostitution, do you believe that justice was served when you served no jail time? and Do you believe that folks who have broken the law should be permitted to run for public office? If not, how do you justify your exception having participated in the solicitation of prostitutes?

Robin in the Village

Hi John,

My question is why did some of the candidates have to pay a visit to Al Sharpton? Do they have to consult him on matters? I hope not for our sakes. As far as I’m concerned he has never been a help but more of a hindrance to whatever cause irises. He’s all talk and no action and many times was a no show. The polls will change when a few at the bottom drop out and also eventually Weiner will have to drop out and his numbers as well as the few left at the bottom of the heap will be taken up by someone else. I’m not meaning to say that I am in favor of Weiner but I think the press is the one that really did him in along with his own lies and stories that changed day after day. He is qualified more than some
of the others are.


Thank you John,

Weiner is a goner. Getting involved with the hospital that was to close in Brooklyn was a big plus for de Blasio. Showed his concern for the people of the neighborhood not the developers. Where was Quinn?

Park Hill

We want DiBlasio because we want New York City to go back to being a DEMOCRACY, not an Oligarchy.

East Village

It seems like Wiener would have to come up with something big and profound to rise in the polls. Bill de Blasio has good ideas, however taxing the rich is going to become the Democrats Mantra, and over the long run may not be effective.

Malone, New York

P.S. I am also a relative of Mayor Lindsay's family.


Bill's surge is due to his affable son Dante and his 'fro. No, really, his message is on point and daring. Am dissapointed, though, that John Lui isn't doing somewhat better. Best debate comment: Quinn to Weiner: Not for nothing, you were on Congress and HAD to leave...


Well I don't have any scientific evidence to explain why Mr. De Blasio's numbers have improved, but, I think that Mr. DeBlasio 's participation in the efforts to save hospitals LONG BEFORE it recently became a media topic of worth. Those employees and their families and friends see him taking the hands on approach fighting for patients and employees. Now being arrested was a little bit over the top ,but, after he was arrested some other politicians signed up to get arrested too. Well finally being arrested is now in fashion. Well all right!

I think that Mr. DeBlasio's son's commercial doesn't hurt either. But it sends an unspoken message about why he wouldn't want his son to be stopped and frisked. As for Mr. Weiner's numbers...this is NY anything can happen in the next couple of weeks. My advice to him is to pah-leeeeeese don't bring out HUUUUU-MA. He needs to speak for himself and not have mommy coming out to say "My Johnny is a good boy!" Man up if he can.

kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

Quinn and Weiner appear desperate. Deblasio appears stately.



During the mayoral debate Quinn came across as entirely disingenuous, she was plastic, false. De Blasio is cashing in on Weiner’s fall from grace but he is very far left. Isn’t it interesting that all the candidates are against stop and frisk and God help us all in NYC if we become like Chicago.


It is clear that the public advocate Bill de Blasio has been working on behalf of minorities has been consistent. There is no other candidate that has the experience on advocating on the rights of the citizens of New York City.


I am out right surprised! I have to applaud Bill De Blasio on this one. He has focus and direction. While Quinn and Weiner are trading insults, De Blasio stayed on point. I'm impressed!

Mike from Morningside

I totally agree with many of the callers that Quinn aligned herself with Bloomberg too many times and people don't want another Bloomberg. She also demonstrated the same elitist attitude that Bloomberg has consistently demonstrated throughout his three terms as Mayor, including the obvious going against the will of the people and allowing Bloomberg to run for another term by overturning term limit legislation that was voted in by the voters. She did this based on the assumption that he was the only one who could bring New York out of the fiscal crisis. The term limit debacle is something I will never forget and I'm pretty sure many New Yorkers feel the same way.



John Liu's problem is that his campaign staffers got locked up and convicted.

Midtown East

I think that deBlasio picked up wiener supporters. But also people are beginning to realize that Christine Quinn is not an option. I don't find that she has that stateswoman quality like Hilliary Clinton or even Gillibrand. No she doesn't strike me as sophisticated enough to represent one of the global capitals nor does she have it to represent NewYorkers!


John Diblasio is the fare person who is sincere to be mayor


A combination of the following:

Saving our hospitals, especially LICH
Caring for animals and Central Park carriage horses
Understanding and with the middle class and working classes and not the uber rich & Wall St.
Quinn's low likability & bad policies - her vengeful personality (per NY Times), overturning term limits, stalling paid sick leave, etc
Wiener's meltdown
Dante deBlasio's excellent ad
And people are finally paying attention and moving past the side shows.

FYI: a council speaker has never been elected mayor in NYC.


If you check core issues advanced by john liu from earlier this year -- especially stop and frisk -- you'll find they've been hijacked by DeBlasio. John has been the most consistent progressive dem in the race.

Staten Island

I like both Bills. However, I think De Blasio understands how to get housing built without subsidizing the wealthy real estate barons who are strangling us with out-of-control rents. If you have ever met him in person-as I have- you know he is interested in the concerns of the average person. He is very charming (genuinely charming).


DeBlasio seems to be the most favorable candidate at present, but I tink that an important question is whether his now famous son attends private or public school. I hope the candidate has adequate confidence in the school system that he should always have been enrolled in the public version.

Brooklyn, NY

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Dante is enrolled in public school.]

I'm very pleased that Bill de Blasio is leading. He always seems to be front and center when the city is thumbing it's nose at the average hard working New Yorker. He seems to be more like one of us. Quinn has this "Let them eat cake" attitude. Just like Bloombucks. Also, a lot of us are sick of looking at her empty chair at many of the forums. Sorry to offend, but a serious contender that wants to represent all New Yorkers, would have been at the forum tonight.

Upper East side

I just started looking at Bill de Blasio. I was for Anthony Weiner but in light of his resent texting I do not want to throw my vote away. We need a change Crime is increasing in the Bronx we need someone that cares.


im for diblasio...but he needs to eliminate stop n frisk not reform it...if and when his son is stopped and frisked and treated like all the rest of us, his views may change to eliminate it...


Christine Quinn = a continuation of the Bloomberg era. New Yorkers are over it. Her voting to overturn term limits did her in.

In my household were going with Deblasio and or Thompson.

Queens, NY

DiBlasio is not only picking up Weiner's voters, he's starting to get the undecideds and anti-Quinn people. Liu is a problem because of the financial scandal, so DiBlasio is it for me. I want a Bill Bill runoff too! anyone but Quinn!

meryl from manhattan

My name is eni from far rockaway age 22 and I want de blasio because Quinn represents bloomberg

One of the most important issues to me in this mayoral election is street safety and Bill De Blasio is one of the only candidates to take a firm position and show a commitment to pedestrian safety and stopping dangerous driving. The other candidates have offered lukewarm support and vague positions on issues like bike lanes and street calming.


I am glad to see Mr. Deblasio in the lead. Finally we have a strong Democratic Candidate. I was going to vote for Weiner, but I just can't stand with him. The only one who had any chance really was DeBlasio and Thompson. I just didn't want Ms. Quinn to get the nomination, because we have had enough of the Bloomberg error.

Upper West Side

John Liu is going to take care of NY as well as the forgotten bourogh Staten Island. He has great ideas and is a strong leader

Staten Island ...... The Forgotten Borough

The reason why Bill DeBlasio is leading the poll because his record look clean. I got a feeling as his record started coming into the light that his poll record will go down. Anthony Weiner is his own worst enemies. Quinn is a leader who will discover a way to get a raise in the poll before the September 10,2013. It will be interested to see what will happened in a run-off after September 10,2013 Will it be DeBlasio and Quinn be in the runoff and who will win? I got a feeling that the union vote will vote for the person who make the most promise.

Bay Ridge,Brooklyn

I suspect that Bill De Blasio's surge in the polls is the result of three factors. First, his passionate adocacy against hospital closures got him a lot of press, and people liked what they saw. Second, what many voters didn't know, but know now thanks to his first campaign commercial, is that he is married to an Afrcan-American woman and has a son who is not only black, but has an Afro. And third, De Blasio is a tall, reasonably good looking guy with a commanding presence, yet a mild mannered, one-on-one, look you in the eye personal style that voters appreciate and remember in a candidate. And he seems authentic; with Bill De Blasio, what you see is apparently what you're going to get.

The other candidates all have their strengths and weaknesses, but Weiner's and Quinn's weaknesses are too complicated to offset the perceived risks of voting for them, and, while Bill Thompson brings to the table some of the same strengths as De Blasio, De Blasio seems to have a more electable charisma. Of course, now that the campaign has moved away from personalities and toward actual issues, perhaps reason will prevail and the voters will actually vote for someone who strikes a responsive chord, and not merely against the candidate they like the least.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

why is Quin protecting one of the worst police commissioners if all time. Seems to me like they have a back room deal going on. Further more as far back as politics date there have always been sex scandals. Why do we care so much about Anthonys private life? He was doing so well in the polls. I think he is the man for the job.


she talks about jobs but where was she when st,vincent was closing. i believe this was in her district, but she was more than happy to take a large donation from the condo builders who were taking it over. that women joan from manhattan is a disturbed mind, the people from the outer boroughs are the real nyers and to vote based on gender or race is ignorant, im voting republican before the whole house is given away,

alex from staten island

Di Blasio is manipulating us...other famous people with some sense hide their family from the press but the "Democratic" and "Liberal" Di Blasio is showing off that he is married to an African - American woman...WOW !!!

East Village

why do we care so much about Anthonys private life? As far as politics go back there has always been a sex scandal. Why do we care so much? I think he's a man for the job.

Elmhurst, NY


Question One:
At the affordable housing mayoral forum several candidates acknowledged that the City has given developers over-generous financing terms developing “affordable Housing,” resulting in rents that are not really affordable, thousands of units exempt from taxes and developers reaping handsome returns. How is your affordable housing plan different? Would you consider a workforce housing plan developed with the city unions?

Question Two:
As a union member, I would note that the landlords are consistently awarded increases on their rent stabilized apartments. When the city paid modest increases it was just enough to cover the increases in rent. Without cost of living increases how are city union workers supposed to pay rent increases and keep up with the increases in transportation, food and other necessaries? There is no money left to "support" the economy.

UWS since 1968

The idea of having De Blasio as mayor is frightening. He panders to the unions and does not stand up for what fiscally responsible for New York. I do not want New York to become like Detroit. I also think we need Stop and Frisk in Manhattan because Manhattan is a terrorist target; we cannot sacrifice the safety of Manhattan. Joan in Upper West fumbled when getting her idea across, but I agree with her that Manhattan is different because we are constantly under the threat of terrorism.

Although I haven't decided about my vote, I am definitely not voting for De Blasio.

Stan from Hells Kitchen

liu and weiner need to drop out. weiner has issues and cannot be trusted. liu is crooked crying racism toward asians. he is crooked thank god the feds are watching him. and legalizing drugs he is way off base.


The following emails are in response to caller "Joan from the Upper West Side" on tonight's program. Let's just say, she doesn't have that much respect for anyone who doesn't live in Manhattan.



Joan says "those people!"l Say no more is right. rotfl Joan is a pig and she needs to have a big fat apple stuck in her mouth

Hats off to you...
Kathy from Throggs Neck

Joan must be Bloomberg's Sister. I can't believe you let that fool/racist Joan on the air. She is the typical Bloomberg supporter.


I think Joan from the upper Eastside should be stopped and frisked on a daily basis she's probably holding some kind of weapon or drug related items

Bill from Staten Island

Was she kidding? Is she related to Hitler? Talk about bigoted, over privileged, insanity Who thinks like that anymore?

Ashamed to live in Manhattan alongside her

I just tuned in during Joan's comments - Joan: if it wasn't for the other four boroughs - Manhattan would not exist!!! The other four boroughs is how Manhattan gets to function. OMG - her comment on the outer borough residents "those people". Joan is definitely living in a world of her own.


My eye open wide when I hear what Joan told you. I thought that I was hearing wrong. It is voter like Joan is why the city won't change for the good. She act like she isn't living in the same city.

You are a saint because I would need to clean my mouth and thought after listening her speech.

Bay Ridge,Brooklyn,ny

You should call that Joan in as your guest. I'm dying to hear more. I thought people like that were extinct.

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