Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Eight Shot After Anti-Violence Events; City Unveils Crime Fighting Technology

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It seems the more crime that happens, the more likely New Yorkers don't mind being monitored. A lose-lose for New Yorkers is a win for the police. It's sad we've reached this place.

Hours after New Yorkers gathered with police officers across the City to discuss ways to combat gun violence, eight people were shot in four separate incidents. The shootings took place in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and all the victims are expected to survive.

The latest wave of violence comes as Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly unveil the "Domain Awareness System." The technology allows the NYPD to "actively search for suspects using advanced technologies like smart cameras and license plate readers" in real time. The City has 3,000 closed-circuit TV cameras connected to the system.

Do you support using thousands of cameras to track New Yorkers in real time? What's your reaction to the shootings after yesterday's "National Night Out" events? What question would you ask those who don't want universal background checks on legal gun purchases?

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Wat is going on?! Is this Gang related? Drug related? How did we go frm virtual police state w 24/7 patdowns to the wildwest? Is there no neighborhood intel? Is that becaz cops broke the trust w/'stop+frisk'? Its utterly insane no one has a clue why this happening?!

TV Coach

This summer has become some type of surrealist, dystopian nightmare that you would see in a movie. This rash of shootings is going to make people long for a long winter filled with blizzards that the Mayor can be out of town for. At this point there clearly is no one good answer. Stop and Frisk got 194 guns, but clearly missed a bunch of them since there has been almost three shootings a week over the last month or so. And as invasive as the stops are supposed to be I don't see why the police don't do what they used to do when I was growing up and at least ride by and speak to large gatherings of young people out in the street all hours and see what they are up to and make their presence known. Bad thing is the way things are going they are going to force the powers that be to enact a curfew, which is just going to cause more conflict with certain communities and the police. As for the cameras and high-tech gadgets, that all sounds nice in theory, but come up to where I live where there aren't even adequate street lights and tell me what good cameras are going to do. There seems to be too much talking, too much money being spent and not enough results to show for all it.

As for people who don't want universal background checks, it might come down to two things. One people don't like or trust the government for the most part, and have a real problem with what they would see as another intrusion into their lives. They firmly believe that they have the right and the need to protect themselves from other citizens and even the government which is probably why they still cite the Second Amendment. Others probably don't want it for the simple fact they might not pass the checks and want a gun, no-brainer on that one.

The Bronx

The question I'd ask is: What if the victim is one of your loved ones? Would you then be opposed to full universal background checks?

Arden Heights, Staten Island

Today in one of the local papers there is a story of the disparity of cameras used in fighting crime, 43 cameras for 42 square miles in the Bronx, 31 cameras cover 1 square mile in Central Park, this tells you all you need to know about where the mayors rhetoric and his real priorities lie.

Bay Ridge

I am all in for the advanced technology. I don't want to wait for a tragedy to hit within my home for me to say enough is enough. Enough is enough right now. We cannot let this insanity go on. This technology allows fast action when it is needed plus evidence of crimes being committed. People are using surveillance around their homes and businesses everyday and night. What's wrong with having "God's Eyes" to keep our city safe from criminals? Yeah, I thought God's Eyes is a good example to define this technology.

Adelin MW
Jamaica, Queens


So spymaster Bloomberg is going to conduct a virtual stop and frisk of everyone on the face of the Earth. Doesn't that make you feel secure in your person. The 4th Amendment says: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable causes, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing he place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

To run this spying operation legally, Bloomberg has to go to court and get a warrant for every person walking, driving, bicycling, skateboarding or for that matter standing still to zero in on them with this spying equipment.

Port Richmond, SI

I think it's about time
If you aren't doing anything wrong
You won't mind them using this technology To catch criminals


Domain Awareness System

That sounds impressive! Would the "Domain Awareness System" be aware of the next guy that shoots a kid? Before, he shoots the kid? Will the system spot a trunk load of guns heading into Harlem or Brownsville? And to anyone that opposes backround checks on guns; just find a way to keep guns out of the hands of the criminally insane. That's a start.


The new Domain Awareness System will significantly improve intelligence gathering in law enforcement's battle against street criminals and lone terrorists, who remain essentially low-tech, but the real game changer will be the eventual deployment of remote weapon sensing technology like the terahertz imaging detection systems currently being developed by the Pentagon in partnership with the NYPD.

These devices will enable police officers to covertly scan a group of unsuspecting pedestrians for concealed weapons, which will help establish the reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause sufficient to justify the interception, wanding, and subsequent searching of those detected.

While this new technology does raise some privacy concerns, it could effectively reduce the prevalence of random stops and frisks, and it would practically eliminate the onerous spectre of racial profiling, which would be a net gain for civil liberties.

Here's one case in which the so-called “digital divide” levels the playing field, protecting an innocent public against gun-toting violent street thugs, with no infringement of fundamental rights or compromising of the rule of law.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

These shootings are just really becoming surreal -- what is happening? I do not believe that this is all about gun control nor do I believe that this is all about guns. We have strict gun laws in New York. There are background checks done on people purchasing guns and at the same time illegal guns have always been readily available to anyone who really wants to get one -- this is nothing new. The underlying issues are not being addressed here. People are enraged -- they are out of work, they cannot find work, the economy is the worst that it has ever been, our education system is crumbling and social programs get cut dramatically. Poverty stricken areas are most affected by these circumstances. The income disparity has never been more divided in New York City . . . is there even still a middle class? Why is this acceptable? You can shout all you want about gun control. Yes, the laws could be harsher but that is not the problem.

It is easier for Mayor Bloomberg to stand on a platform and bash President Obama and Mitt Romney for not coming out about gun control then it is for him to address the poverty in his own City and to fix schools that are failing miserably in poverty stricken neighborhoods where children are mostly at risk. Why is he not more outraged over poverty -- why is he not more outraged that the public school system is dismantling as we speak?

Go ahead and place more surveillance on New Yorkers if this is really the solution but as Mayor Bloomberg carves out a legacy for himself -- he is leaving a disaster in his wake.


The rifle person was very wrong he is only thinking about profits and not lives. The shootings were sad.


Great now the authoritarian ruler, police chief and cronies can track their enemies. They can watch them until they make a mistake and then arrest, cite and harass them or just follow them and stay one step ahead politically. Liberty is gone.

Jeff in the Les.

Who is it that puts guns out on the street so that any idiot can get one? It's not the Blacks or Hispanics.

Bobby G
East Village

Ten years minimum, for the posession of an illegal weapon, (firearms, or otherwise)! No pleas and no deals, period! The problem would end the next day! But, the Mayors, Governors and legislators won't do it, because it will kill a multi-trillion dollar industry that they have stock in, as well as friends and family members employed in.

Maybe New York's "Top Brass" could solve the crime problem, if they stop racing to every photo oportunity and have less than 40 cops standing around shootin the breeze at every midtown intersection and subway entrance. No wonder Kelly says there's not enough cops! It looks like twenty-thousand of the over 40 thousand of them, are in Manhattan, standing around. What happened to pounding a beat in all the neighborhoods, of "ALL" the boros???

The handful of new cops, spread out over Jamaica Queens, stand on street corners, huddled together like their scared to death! What happened to the big, tough Irish cop on the beat, of yesteryear! He was not only feared, but very much respected, because the entire neighborhood knew and liked him. And, he only needed a nite stick!


The young lady that spoke on T.V. could not have said it any better, a lot of these kids don't get any kind of praise when they do something positive. Parents have to recognize their kids when they are doing something good and say something to uplift the kid. It must be done continously day by day. When kids feel important they don't need to seek attention and love somewhere else. The love they find outside the home is the kind that gets them in trouble.

R. EF.

Hello John,

I am not sure about other precincts but I would like to commend our area precincts. I was a part of our national night out last night and it was beautiful. I think if these events are done more often, it will benifit everyone. Officers meet the people people meet the officers.


If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't mind the cameras or the "stop & frisk" policy. Lives will be saved.

Debbie from Flushing

Have to agree w/ Rangel's call for the draft. Young men ( and women) want to shoot and kill for turf, then send them to those areas US is fighting a war. Re: New police camera initiative. Urban areas don't even have count down lights to safely cross the street. Imagine when they would get the cameras.

Jennifer from Harlem

NYPD is tough on NYS License Security Guards trying to obtain a gun permit to be a NYS License Armed Guard. To get a better paying job. It's the criminals with illegal guns are the problem. How can tough gun laws fix that?

Nicole from Harlem

I think once we start to mention the pants being to baggy or that we need god in our life, we miss the real problem which is mental disease. We live in an extreme world and if people arent taught the proper tools to cope with life, if they get angry there can be extreme circumstances. Stopping access of firearms wont fix the problem it would just divert it towards a different style of violent act and that one might be worse.


Yes !!! put a camera on every block if possible and bring the cop back on the beat, that would help a lot

Carmen from beautiful Bay Ridge

The Rifle association representative who spoke suggested the answer to gun violence is to have Psychiatrists step forward with information about their patients. This assumes that shooters have prior criminal records, a ridiculous assumption. Mental illness is not a crime.

Carol from Brooklyn

If the BOUNTY was raised "Considerably" for the capture of these THUGS, then people would definitely start talking, The images of these criminals caught on camera are crystal clear today, and everybody KNOWS somebody, People are BROKE, and $1,000 - $2,000 is obviously not ENOUGH!


I have no problem with this system. The increase in gun violence calls for drastic actions. There are not enough police officers who can patrol the streets and this system will greatly assist.

On the other hand Police Officers need to invest time in the communities that they serve. They need to interact with the people of the community..get to know them. In turn the people will feel comfortable approaching officers.


In regard to stopping crime and drug activities on New York City Housing Authority Developments a few police officers need to be a based on the premise. In addition, since these gun craze hoodlum want to kill people,why not send them to fight the terrorists.


For any kind of change to really occur parents must be more involve in their kids lives. Growing up if a kid did not fight back when he got bullied and the parent found out, that kid would get a beat down from their own parents because they didn't know any other way how to handle it or teach the appropriate methods. I'm sorry to say but parents are teaching their kids to be violent but they can not see it.


My name is Michael, i happened to be in a group that was shot at tonight in bushwick brooklyn, I think we need stricter gun laws because too many young men are getting guns and taking life for granted, this is a good example why stop and frisk isnt a bad idea, i thank god no one was seriously injured, 11 shottings over night is just ridiculous

Hi, my name is Rukiyah from the Parkchester section of the Bronx. Just wanted to add my opinion to the chorus of my fellow New Yorkers. While we are arguing about parental responsibilities and stricter gun laws we need to revisit the massive allocation by our country to the war machine/ military industrial complex. Could this money be better spent on helping unemployed Americans , youth programs, and social programs.?Where is the dedication that we should have to help our fellow humans all over the globe who are struggling? I bet that these individuals would trade in their criminal lifestyles for a stable paycheck that would care for their family needs. Even the inordinate amount of money spent to place a contraption on the Red planet should not precede the needs of the human beings. A rethinking of our priorities are definitely in order. ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP