Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Asked To Follow Park Rules

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I hope the Mayor’s not-so-subtle eviction notice will not completely stop the movement. This feeling of energy and belief is what’s been missing in our country for some time now and it’s about time the youth of this nation gets involved.

The owner of Zuccotti Park says it's time for "Occupy Wall Street" protesters to follow the rules. After allowing protesters to set up an encampment for nearly a month, Brookfield Properties said today it will start cleaning the plaza tomorrow morning. Protesters can return afterward, but the NYPD will enforce park rules prohibiting tents, tarps and sleeping bags.

Some demonstrators are planning to gather an hour before the downtown park is scheduled to be cleaned, vowing to form a human chain surrounding the camp. They fear this is the first step toward evicting them for good. Do you agree?

Should protesters be allowed back into Zuccotti Park tomorrow with their sleeping bags and tents? Do you think this is a step toward evicting demonstrators? What do you predict will happen when cleaners try to enter the plaza?

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I certainly think it is an eviction. Mayor Bloomberg passed through last night. That was a warning sign.


My thoughts exactly. This is being done on purpose to promote a riot. It's a private park, the city doesn't have to clean it.

This is just a way to get people out, and to spark something so these pig policemen can act violently towards the protesters which they have done nonetheless.

Ari, West Chelsea

If the mayor is really concerned about cleanliness he should divert the army of sanitation workers headed to Zuccotti Park down to the filthy subways. Obviously our 1% mayor and his wall street pals are getting quite upset at the 99%..

Bay Ridge

They’ve had their 15 days or so of fame. They’ve spewed out their nonsense. Way too much taxpayer money has been spent on their charade. Now it’s time to go. Get a show on radio, get MSNBC to give them an hour a day to babble on.

Maybe the leaderless ones that be can take up a collection and reimburse the city for paying for their frolic in the park.

Port Richmond, SI

This mayor should reveal that he is the actual owner of these properties in that area. Again they insult our intelligence. So it is very concerning to me and hypocritical of them to mention laws that we all have to abide by and yet this mayor and all of his cronies never have to abide by any laws, rules and regulations. Does he even know what is going on or happening in the outer boroughs? I doubt it. They should picket his area where he lives. I can't believe that he has made so much money since the crash and the rest of us have taken a huge hit and yet no one has gone to jail. This mayor is also mixed up in a lot of money scams or whatever one chooses to call it but seems to have mental relapses about everything when questioned.



As a Viet-era Vet and veteran protester/ Anti-war/Anti-Nixon/LBJ. On its face, it appears that if theyre allowed to return, it will be as daytrippers only. I think the high line would have been a better place but with Zuccotti park its location..location. Too bad Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary is gone; she would of loved the protest and would have added her haunting voice to the festivities. I hope there is a peaceful conclusion to this remonstration. Amen/Ashem.


To set protocol for protesting is actually an oxymoron, because the act of protesting has no street etiquette, nor preset rules (like i-phones current seem not to have) The very act of protesting; condones the very foundation upon which any rules are based.

Rick (The Everyman)
Upper East Side

I believe in freedom of speech and also obeying the law. IF the protesters move to another location while the cleaning takes place and IF they are allowed to return following the cleaning there should be no problem. If the understanding is that they may return after the cleaning and the protesters are not allowed back into "Z" Park then I expect that there will be a confrontation of some sort. Let's watch and see who obeys the law and who keeps their word .

Better get some hard hats and shields for the NY1 camera and reporters at the park. Don't want things to get UGLY!

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx.

Why doesn't the city provide them with brooms and let them clean the park themselves? The protesters have a legal right to be there and the whole world is watching now. There should also be an organized national demonstration in Washington DC on the mall (Occupy Washington.) It's not just the bankers on Wall Street it's the corrupt politicians in congress too. This movement will become too big to fail.

Lower East Side

yes they are in private property- what would you do if they were in your yard!!! They should be thrown out!




Both sides have a point, however, it seems this will be one effective way to squash them. I say - Let Them Protest ! Help Save the Common Man/Woman !

Esmerelda, East Village, NYC

Mayor Bloomberg & the property owners of the park occupied by the demonstrators/protesters, are trying to freeze them out. Of course if they get out, when they return, if allowed, they will have no protection from the elements: rain, snow, cold. And by the way, this park is Liberty Park, Liberty Plaza, how did the name get changed. And has anyone ever looked at the horrible, ugly building the city permitted the developers to build? They tore down a beautiful historic building inside and out and erected the most ugly building in the whole city. I have visited the park occupants many times - twice today. I see a lot of enthusiasm and organization. Did not see poor sanitation, and was it NY 1 that reported last weekend that the churches had opened their facilities for toilets and washing up to the demonstrators? No other TV station has mentioned that. How come? All I hear is McDonalds is upset. Well, I bet they still sell burger, in fact more than ever. I am furious with the Mayor and the property developers. Snakes in the grass.


i feel that the park owner should evicted the protesters and screen them, but why did this start anyway and how is it wall streets problem, go down to Washington and demonstrate there NOT IN NEW YORK


One can imagine the political and financial pressure that the owner of Manhattan's Zuccotti Park is facing. Who would have believed that the occupy Wall St people would have been so committed to the cause of putting the spotlight on the Wall St criminals? The CEO types still have not been made to feel the pain that they have caused most Americans by their double dealing thievery and chicanery.

I fully expect that tomorrow's eviction will be a sad but hopefully not a violent day in Zuccotti Park.

Hell's Kitchen

This is an eviction, plain and simple. The least Mr. Bloomberg could do is acknowledge that. These protesters have shown more courage and conviction than I've seen in a long time. They've been sleeping out in the rain, and it's become clear that they're in for the long haul. They're cleaning the park with supplies they paid for, so why are my NYC tax dollars being wasted to "clean"


The "cleanup" is definitely a ruse to silence free speech... not to mention, misguided. The fact remains, you can "clear" these particular protesters out of this particular park, but it will be like a futile game of "Whack a Mole." This protest isn't going anywhere... and the more Americans feel the sting of the lash of "trickle down Reaganomics", the more people will join this movement - an inevitable response to having the "American Dream" shipped to China right before our eyes while politicians in hock to Wall Street lie to our faces, and lull us into complacency with promises of "job creation."

If the property management had any sense, they would use it as an opportunity to garner positive press and embrace the movement. They're clearly watching too much Fox, and haven't heard the news that a majority of Americans support the 99% movement.


Now Mayor Bloomberg is a maid to these animals that have infested the park. They should have been ticketed from the very beginning for their illegal behavior of having tents, walking around naked, defecating and urinating in public, having sex in public, public intoxication, harassing regular people passing by just to mention a few. However their illegal insolence has been tolerated and thereby promoted and so they continue to feel righteous. If such “victims” of capitalism like Susuan Sarandon, that hypocritical pig Michael Moore, and Kayne West whom have made guest appearances are in agreement perhaps they should give all their money away to pay for the unbelievable amount of money these wastes of society are sucking out of the system in clean up and overtime for police. They claim they represent everyone, yet its all white kids probably living off trust funds. Their mindless repetition of speeches in chanting form shows their group think mentality and their inability to form any critical thinking. No American flags, against American values, against capitalism (while on their cell phones, ipads, and use of video equipment. They are mindless idiots ... Don’t get me started …

Kew Gardens

They've proven their point. Time to go back to living in their mothers' basements.

Upper East Side

The protestors should be thrown out. According to eye witnesses are they are smoking drugs, having sex and making a general nuisance of themselves. What purpose do they serve? What has been accomplished? If they really want to have an impact on wall street – let them all get jobs and stop loafing. They are costing the DOS thousands in cleanup.


Leave them alone! Bloomburg is a fascist. Bet you that they don't let them back in after the "cleaning". Its bull

While our .00001 percenter Mayor Bloomberg gets ready to go to sleep tonight....on his sumptuous silk sheets, in his million dollar mansion...he is trying to kill off the Occupy Wall Street protests by denying them the use of sleeping bags.....while claiming that he is the number one defender of free speech. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!! Instead of cleaning up the park, he should help clean up the economic and social mess created by his Wall Street brethren. His city is suffering. The Emperor has no clothes. The Emperor has NO SHAME!

The OWS group should nominate a committee to talk with Mayor Mike. Have they sat down for a meeting to negotiate terms and rules, or has it been finger pointing from opposite corners? It is time to organize the movement and work closely with officials, if they want to remain in NYC. Now is the time to get some real work done!

Now we know why Bloomberg so suddenly changed his tune yesterday about the protesters in Liberty Park. He probably know very well by then that he would get rid of them with the new "provisions" against having personal property, tarps, sleeping bags, etc.

I hope tomorrow there's no clubbing, pepper spray and arrests for peaceful protesters, but I'm worried, as protesters will certainly try to hold their ground. Yes, I'm for the protesters.

Gretchen Berger
Upper West Side

It was only a few short blocks from Zuccotti Park, near City Hall, that Alexander Hamilton, as a nineteen year old college student, was agitating for independence and revolution. We certainly need to protect the right of public demonstration. The park may be privately owned, but it exists for the community. In this case the community has defined its use. If the Mayor and the property owner were wise they let Occupy Wall Street continue under clean and sanitary conditions. People down there know how to get along, including the police. Let the protesters have their tents and sleeping bags.

East Village

The protesters should be allowed in the park without restrictions. They are simply exercising their freedom of speech.

Instead the NYPD should work on sorting out Wall Street-deployed agent provocateurs.

Bloomerg is a banker and he is clearly not pleased with the protesters' presence.


This just an attempt to displace the protesters. There is no legitimate reason to bother the protesters.

This is a public park. There is no reason that any public park should be closed to the protesters. This is similar to the prevention of use of the Great Lawn during the Republican Convention. This is America and we all own our public parks.


Emperor Bloomberg is just pandering to his rich friends. What else did you expect from a little tyrant who bought his third term? Democracy? I don't think so!

East Village

Thank you protestors for giving us all a voice. The new rules are that people can't store anything on the ground. It is a gradual move towards getting them out. The park is clean. This is a ploy. Let Bloomberg try to break it up and thousands more will come and support them.


No jobs !! In this country they maybe hire by race and "who know who". Also you have to know someone big in position so he/she can talk to their colleague to give someone they know a job. Then people who have parents who are doctors, lawers and so on, can get job easy, what about those who DON'T HAVE PARENTS .. how unfair is the job hiring human resources in this country !

I have been to the protest 3 times. Gwen is correct they do clean the park..

another point to the previous callers

I am employed, I make a good salary, I am NOT occupying a basement, nor am I a LOAFER...

there are many middle class, middle aged working people down there. ... I work with disabled infants and toddlers who are losing services due to cuts to the dept of health because they wont raise taxes on millionares...There are many regular folk down there.

Stop thinking there are hippies, bums and kids down there...Any middle or working class person should be down there, Gwen is right, we are

all the 99%


Of course this is Mayor Bloomberg's way to evict protestors out of Zuccotti Park. He always has a motive behind everything that he does -- he never wanted them there to begin with! And now Commissioner Kelly has his marching orders and so does the NYPD. So I guess there will be bloodshed tomorrow morning and more arrests.

Mayor Bloomberg do you know that Wall Street Traders sympathize with the protestors and understand their message about people being out of work and not able to find jobs? After laying off over 600 teacher aides and parent coordinators who all filed for unemployment on Tuesday, how do you feel?? HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT -- oh that's right it is the rest of us that can't get a good nights sleep! You are not listening to your constituents . . . or I guess you really don't care!


Upper East Side

I applaud the protestors, they should stay as long as possible. This will send a message to crooked WALL STREEETERS and corporations that are robbing all consumers!


They should go home; the so called 99% at the park are not really 99%, they are the 1% who are jobless and thought it a good idea to loiter as a way towards change.

Real change is made by policies and more so by consumer behavior. The current economic problems are generated by the very people who dislike big businesses as much as the big business themselves.

Consumer demands made government, businesses big and small cut down the middle class in order to stay competitive. We are all responsible.

There are a lot of hungry mouths in the world and the idea of a well packaged benefit plan or free hand outs for any jack joe or mary just because they have been to college or works 40 hours is simply unsustainable.


The protesters want to get jobs and move out of their parents basements. They can't. No jobs w/o decent pay means they can't have and apt of their own. That's the point. They want jobs not welfare.

Unfortunately, protesting no longer has the power that it once did. Today's government will do what they want without a care to what anyone says or does. The protesters are speaking for everyone who is fed up with what is happening in the USA and they should stay for as long as they want. But I dont think it will change anything. Now that they have gained in numbers and momentum, Bloomberg wants them out (I'm sure at the behest of Obama). Regardless.... I think it might get violent tomorrow (unfortunately).

Rego Park

I thought this was a privately owned park. can the mayor do this and move in?


Zuccotti Park and the occupiers may not look great, but I'm sure the American patriots at Valley Forge weren't too natty either. Mike Bloomberg is a billionaire 1% who is completely out of touch with the needs of working people. Some people at the park commute to school, to work and home. To the man in Astoria: you can keep your head down and keep working. Occupy Wall Street is fighting for economic prosperity for 99% of the people. We are not SERFS! We are not PEASANTS! We are AMERICANS!

I'm tired of all these people blaming wall street & it's employees.
Blame all the politicians who thought all americans deserve to own a home even if they couldn't afford it. Blame all of the politicians who terminate employment hopes by pushing a payroll tax on companies when that money could go to new employees. Blame the politicians who throw uncertainty at employers by forcing them to purchase healthcare in the near future. Blame the politicians, not the fellow working man. Get off wall street & go down to DC. Most of all, stop demonstrating & go look for a job!


Why will these new rules and regulations of sleeping bags and such apply after the clean up. These rules are not legit and were not established from the start, if so then why haven't they kicked the protestors out from the start. It's clearly that these new rules are made by the mayor to stop the protesting. Mayor Bloomberg is anti patriotic for trying the supress the screams of dispare of the working class crying for help. The mayor is a servant of the people he shouldnt be shutting down a constitutional right!

Jackson Heights

Bloomberg is nothing without Wall Street, they are the ones who made him a billionaire, which enabled him to buy his mayoral power. Manipulation of rules is his stock in trade. Remember how he got his third term?

Manipulation and the most money ever spent on a political campaign. Smoke and mirrors.

He is so corrupted by his own power his judgment is without merit. He may believe the words coming out of his mouth, but no one who is listening for the ring of truth believes him. As the Bible says, one who is without love is a gong clanging in the wind. Bloomberg, the clanger.

The Protesters (whom I sympathize with) should allow the Clean-up, and then return to the park and follow the rules. Otherwise, they may be looked upon as being unreasonable and law breakers, and lose credibility with the public.

Upper West Side

I wish my brothers and sisters in Christ, myself included, had the zeal, the strength and committment those protestors have for their cause. Perhaps we who have received the gift of salvation could learn from them, and would care enough about the cause of Christ, which is reaching the lost with the gospel.


I believe that it just a ploy to get the protesters out of the park. Mayor Bloomberg is a bully and will always be a bully, buying his way out of everything. As long as they get them out of the park they will not allow them to return. This is devious and it is the way he operates. They should be allowed back into the park with their belongings.


I think if the mayor who is for the rich wants to put them out of the park the protesters should go to the mayors house.


I am all for First Amendment Rights, peaceful protests, etc., but WHAT are they protesting? Frankly, I think they should all return to school or get a job and make something of themselves - LIKE WE ALL DID! I'm so tired of this - how can we let them away with this? And, with all due respect, I flatly refuse to pay for NYPD overtime, or anything else, involving this ridiculous movement; I think the protesters should be responsible for paying that, as well as heavy clean-up. Unlike them, I am responsibly reporting for work every day. What about them, what are they doing or contributing to society? Nothing, that's what.

New York, NY

This "clean-up" is so obviously one of Bloomberg's ploys to evict and silence the protestors that a kindergardener can tell! Let the protesters stay! I will personally be joining them tomorrow!

Eric from Forest Hills.

This is a ploy to push protesters into a corner, and to instigate civil unrest. The American people have been pushed far enough in this country. I am in total support of our protesters,and when pushed and abused they will simply multiply. Major Bloomberg is out of touch.


I am sick of these comments "Get a job"....What jobs? That is part of the 99%...lost jobs. Students trying to pay off college loans with no job. Middle class seniors like me with hardly a penny left at the end of the month. Pensions gone to hell. Banks rippings us off after our taxes bailed them out. Fat cats paid millions after bail out. I'm sick of it. Protestors will be around no matter what. This is a nation wide issue. You want a United States of America? Get with it folks. This is no "back yard" is an historic area of NYC gone to hell in a handbag. Whitman wrote here. Melville wrote here. The Dutch came and settled this area. Who would know? High rise glitz and wealth everywhere. History gone.

Bloomberg is a sell out.

Diane, West Side Manhattan ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP