Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Days Before State Of City Address, Mayor De Blasio Focuses On Improving Roadways

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Steve from Forest Hills stole my thunder. So I will use this space to direct your eyes below. Someone is making money.

The winter weather and the salting of roadways is taking its toll, and Mayor de Blasio says the Department of Transportation will be stepping up efforts to fill potholes around the five boroughs. The DOT reports it has already fixed 64,000 craters in the first five weeks of the year.

The effort to improve the state of the roadways comes days before Mayor de Blasio's first State of the City address. On Monday, de Blasio will highlight key points of his first-term agenda, including the expansion of paid sick leave, the introduction of universal pre-Kindergarten, and changes to the NYPD's stop-and-frisk strategy.

How would you describe the state of the city? What do you want to hear from Mayor de Blasio when it comes to his policy decisions and priorities for 2014? What words would you use to describe the condition of the roads in the five boroughs? What stretch in your neighborhood needs some T.L.C. from the D.O.T.?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I think mayor de Blasio is doing a fine job, I like his hands on approach, and he has shown during this difficult winter weather that he is a quick learner, and has a down to earth attitude, so far so good.

Bay Ridge

Hi John,

First of all the pot holes have been a problem long before this DeBlasio became Mayor. He had a job in the city council and so did the current public advocate have one in the city council and you can’t tell me that in their area’s that they didn’t have pot holes. They sure did. The city was inundated with them. They all surely knew how to pull off a third term because they couldn’t finish what they started to do and in order to do so they needed the third and so by all means why not. Go for it. Bloomberg purchased a special machine to fill the holes that are flush against the curbs and the machine couldn’t do the job. I know it cost a lot of money but then again Bloomberg was always a big sport with our money. What happened to the machine that couldn’t do the job? I have written about the pot holes in many of my e-mails and so now DeBlasio wants to take credit for filling 64,000 craters. These agendas are going to cost us the tax payers money as usual. It also may cost people their jobs and it could cost some business’ their business. Just ask and you shall receive seems to be the motto/agenda such as the Pre-k, paid sick leave. I do go along with modifying the stop and frisk. The city is a mess in many ways and we can start with the pot holes and take it from there.

Thank you John,

Hi John

They're finally fixing my block on 97 street between Central Park West and Columbus ave the traffic is backed up during rush hour because of the construction equipment, they need to fix the sidewalk in front of my building its messed up when my home attendant pushes me in my wheelchair she have a hard time because of the cracks. The State of the City is good i know i'm happy because i know i wont need my wheelchair anymore my doctor said i'll be able to walk again, Mayor Diblasio is doing a excellent job i hope he dont forget about the unions they need a fair and decent contracts because they keep our city moving espically my buddies at the MTA. People need to remember the snow wasn't Mayor Diblasio's fault that a act of God there's 140 days till summer be happy

Upper West Side




Certainly the recent weather did not help the existing road conditions. Most of the conditions though are a direct result of the neglect by the Bloomberg Administration for the past twelve years.

Park Hill


NYC streets are poorly built and maintained. Instead of patching potholes, streets should be re-paved with asphalt thick enough that potholes can't develop so quickly.

Port Richmond, SI

I drive a school bus and exit 150 St off the Belt Pkwy east (coming from Van Wyck)......
There is a deep pothole which I didn't see until it was too late and I was lucky no one was in the lane next to me because no matter how tight I held the wheel it pulled the bus in the next lane.


The city, state and federal governments need to look into better paving technology, which does exist. There will always be snow, sleet & rain in winter, and obviously our antiquated macadam-asphalt paving materials do not hold in severe weather. We should be looking to other countries that deal with this far better, especially in northern Europe, where their road pavement holds far longer than one winter cycle. It would be a very good investment indeed.


By me the roads ain't bad. But with all the ticket threats we hear, corner homes still don't shovel much! Near the 102 precinct where I live, there are 3 corners that are never ever shoveled. I bet ya cops reside there!

Richmond Hill Queens

The worst spot near me is the southbound lanes of the BQE near the Koscisuko Bridge. It's a patchwork quilt of poorly-repaired road surfaces. You can't maneuver to avoid hitting a pothole without hitting another pothole.

John (from Brooklyn)...

My suggestion is to fill them in with concrete. Airports use concrete for their runways.


No potholes in the bike lanes! Maybe money spent there could have been better used on the roads.

Jack B.

The UFT should receive retroactive pay - the pattern of two 4% raises that other unions got - but with 5% interest compounded annually as well, in recognition of the campaign of abuse, vilification and harassment that Bloomberg directed at teachers that no other city workers endured.


Whatever happened to those multimillion dollar pothole filling machines that Bloomberg purchased? They were supposed to revolutionize how we fixed potholes. NYC: Capital of potholes.

Forest Hills

It amazes me that in New York City.... we can't get our infrastructure together, especially when it comes to our major roadways: the FDR for one is insane, insane!!!!!!! The patch themselves are a problem. but we have a government that is broken, so nothing can get done.

Marcella in Rockaway

I agree with Mariano, the potholes are being amplified by the use of snow chains on buses and sanitation vehicles when there is no snow in the ground! The MTA and dept. of Sanitation do not care about the roads because they don't have to fix them. Unfortunately you can not fill a puddle because that's exactly what the potholes are!

John from DOT

They are downright dangerous it could cause accidents

Bay Ridge

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