Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: After Attack, A Call To Crack Down On Reckless Motorcycle Riders

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If this happens every night in New York City.. and it's been happening every night for years.. why are police and politicians not doing more? I guess we needed a viral video to get the conversation started.

In the wake of a video capturing a violent confrontation between a family in an SUV and dozens of motorcycle riders, lawmakers are considering ways to prevent similar altercations from happening again. One measure includes preventing gas stations from filling up dirt bikes and ATVs, which are illegal to operate on City streets. So far this year, the NYPD has arrested 437 people and issued 5,498 summonses during 25 police initiatives to deter and cite dangerous or illegal motorcycle operation in the five boroughs.

On Sunday, dozens of motorcycles surrounded a Range Rover on the Henry Hudson Parkway. The driver, fearing for his safety, fled and ran over a biker who suffered serious injuries. After a chase into Washington Heights, at least two of the motorcycle riders pulled the driver from his SUV and assaulted him. The family of the SUV driver called the altercation a "ruthless and brutal attack." But motorcycle riders who were there say they "are not savages or animals." What do you say?

Are motorcycles, dirt bikes or ATV's a nuisance where you live? Do you support more policing of reckless driving? What's your reaction to the violent confrontation on Sunday?

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Make no mistake about it: the behavior of this group of bikers on our city streets is GANG activity, and should be treated as such. This is not simply a nuisance or community policing issue, it is criminal activity that needs to be stopped.

Other cities & states have special police units that run undercover surveillance and crackdowns on illegal drag racing on city streets, why not have the same thing here, dedicated to eliminating these dangerous street bike races/stunts? The fact that the NYPD has not already created a task force to address this problem is a disgrace.

Anonymous from Queens

Goodnight, very sorry but your 2 political reps said they were aware of this for years and it took a helcam to put it in the public forum. Where were these Hom. Persons before? That poor family would have been happy today. He did the right thing. Sadly someone is injured and everyone suffers!!


As being a member of a auto organization i do not condone what these guys did. there are rules and regulations in place in and around the city and they must be followed at all times. Its these types of situations that bring down the good people who are car truck or bike enthusiasts.


This is way too long a nasty ongoing situation.It's not as if the police can claim ignorance.These "GANGSTERS" HAVE BEEN DOING WHAT THEY FEEL LIKE FOR A LING TIME.I'VE SEEN THEM COME DOWN COLUMBUS AVENUE on the west side When questioned ,one of these bikers said they weren't a gang but family..that's what the mob considers itself. I'll bet if you scratch the surface on any of these gangsters,you'll find a bunch of "criminal " activity activity.

Thee kind of bikers go east on the L.I.E. every summer .The cops there call them"donor cycles" because many of them wind up in spills from excessive speeds ,and zooming in and out of lanes at high speeds



These bikers are terrorizing NYC. I wish that a member of the NYPD would just stand up to them. Our safety is as important as President Obama's.


It is very sad as to the mentality of most bikers, and I am sure that anyone who faced that situation would have done the same thing as the driver of the range rover. There is a person who parks his motorcycle right in front of our building and he revs up every morning at 4:30 am. This shows that there is no consideration for those who have to get up early to go to work. Fearing confrontation, I would never think of asking him to stop. I agree that bikers need to be tightly regulated concerning their driving habits and the noise levels. There also should be restrictions as to where they ride.


I cannot imagine the terror that the family in their SUV experienced. These thugs have no one to blame for themselves for the consequences of their anti-social, selfish illegal behavior. And when they're questioned by police they revert this 'no snitching' excuse and claim they don't know anyone else they are riding with. Just watch your own video of what they're doing on the streets. They are thugs pure & simple.

Bruce U E S

If dirt bikes are illegal, why don't the police station on corners where dirt bikes are popular and get something done??

I've seen 20 police on each corner near the UN on any given day. Why shouldn't the police protect "regular" citizens too?

-Lauren, Midtown East

To run over a group of people is crazy, now because there was a large group of bikers it's ok because he felt his life was at Risk all he had to do was slow down and allow them to pass, motorcycle riders should not be judged for what happen Sunday, and to all the people who say they would run them over also I fear for my life because I do ride a motorcycle now if they feel I'm out here to harm them how do they have the right to harm me when I'm doing my own thing sharing the road with everybody..... I feel now they just don't care and won't look twice so if they hit me they could just walk free , the guy who drove the SUV should be charged with a lot if you have a video showing you what happen

Hit and run attempted murder the list goes down


I think that the man in the SUV acted on basic survival instinct and so would have anyone else in that predicament. We need to come up with a solution to this rising problem of intimidating cyclists.

Nick from Midtown.

John I understand what you mean about why people don't come forward with videos. However, if one was to put themselves in these individuals place that where in the motorcycle crew and where there just to have a good time and not start any trouble and they are already being pointed out as guilty. Why would they come forward and incriminate themselves. Soon as they come forward they are being considered criminals.
Also, I stand by my point. I don't think the motorcycle crew was right in stopping traffic, but two wrongs don't make a right. The man in the range rover had a choice to just stay back and wait for these motorists do their stunts and move on just like everyone else in the highway did. He was the only one that choose to move forward and run someone over. The motorcycle crew was wrong, but so was the man in the range rover. My point is he should've just stop and let them go and none of this would've happened. Now there is a man out there whose life is ruined because he can't walk. And a family that was terrified and beat up. That is my point. Wether people agree or disagree.


Being a biker I'm disheartened when I hear people say they would do the same thing (run over the bikers). No respect for human life at all. This is real life not SOA or GTA5. It's senseless. Most folks would not have run over the bikers because there was no initial threat. Look at the video. The helmets are stationary at the initial incident. Those few bikers that moved are concerned for the rider just hit. Accidents happen all the time yet no other driver in history has driven over anyone in this case. That was an insane move. For those saying stop them at the pump, this is a form of discrimination. Not all dirt bikes are illegal some are Street legal. Rubin Diaz was wrong on that regard.

If you see the ridership increase then build a dirt Park. The police are the ones killing these bikers they are also confiscating legal bikes. You all are going about this in the wrong way. Your seeing the driver as the victim regardless to the bikers riding style prior too gives no right for that barbaric mentality in running them over.

By the way, people in ny are generally reckless. There are more car accidents then motorcycle accidents. There are more incidents of road rage from drivers then riders. This is statistically proven just check the stats on NY DMV. Divers are the worst offenders of breaking road rules. No one is innocent and can cast the first stone.


These bikers in packs r &$*# but where were the police and political hacks for all these years. When I see bikers I run the other way. Would their defenders tell me why I do so?


I think its a good idea to try to Control dirt bike riders but I think the man in the range rover should also be held responsible for runing over the guy on the bike nothing justify s almost killing someone and running them over and to me that's why that driver was attacked


Unfortunately, I've been seeing these drivers violate every rule in the book. It is not only happening uptown, it is also happening in Harlem and East Harlem. They make our city look like a third world country. We need to address this immediately.

New York, NY 10035

In response to Julie from Howard beach, What authority do they posses to tell anyone what to do? These maniacs ride around stopping traffic, terrorizing people, endangering the people around them. If it was me i would have done the same thing the driver of the range rover did. Thankfully the city is finally taking this pestering issue seriously. These guys are taking "Sons of anarchy" way too Seriously.


Bloomberg is suspiciously quiet about this matter....another failure during his reign. His police force was busy getting the bikers out from Times Square....did they not ask themselves where the bikers were going? Should someone in power not have had the foresight to escort them out of the city...if the cops are afraid, call in the national guard!


the law says a person can only use deadly force against deadly force. Police shoot to death car drivers that move their cars 1 foot after being told to exit their car. Being a knucklehead or bully does not warrant being shot or stabbed to death. The driver should also be arrested for vehicular assault. There is no stand your ground law in NY. A person with a gun must retreat from an unarmed criminal. The driver escalated the violence by thinking screw these bikers, I'm running these bums over!

Michael from Chelsea

The behavior of the bikers is totally wreckless, irresponsible and disrespectful to other users on the streets. I would call that Bullying. They should be held accountable for their behavior and to a new state law that will eradicate such behavior. Any driver could find himself in a similar situation. This is scary and something must be done.

SMB from Mt. Vernon

It's unfortunate what happened to the young gentleman who was ran over by the family. My prayers go out to him and his family. My prayers also go out to the family in the range rover. The family in the range rover did not do anything wrong. These bikers can not use highways, public roads and any public areas to joy ride and to try stunts.

Policing is a major factor in this bike problem. The police needs to be more aggressive with handing out tickets and confiscating bikes. Many of times the police will allow them to ride up and down without doing anything. Let's strengthen community policing, let's find an off road site for the bikers.

Justice for one justice for all.

My name is Clement. I live in the village of Harlem!

I'm Katerina and the dirt bikes in Inwood on Vermilyea, Isham and 211 streets are a danger! Everynight and during the days I see these young teenagers driving these loud bikes recklessly up and down the block and even on the sidewalk. They don't stop at the red light, stop signs and they jump right in front of your car almost causing an accident. We even have a school on the block. I've been living here almost 4 years and nothing had been about this!

Those bikers were wrong! This isolated incident should not label group riders that ride responsibly. My husband and I use to ride an we traveled in 100's. We have never acted in this manner. The gentleman was protecting his family! The video displayed how the bikers took over the whole road being inconsiderate to others driving.


I do believe that these dirt bikes on city streets are dangerous. Sometimes when driving they randomly stop in front of people to stop traffic to wait for the rest of their friends. Dangerously enough, people are getting hurt and killed! Some examples: Pelham pkwy incident and the recent accident on Sunday.

On Pelham pkwy during school hours they are driving recklessly, even while elderly pedestrians are crossing the street. I feel bad for all the families involved in this horrendous act. It was pointless and senseless for them to feel they can take matters into their own hand and beat this man. It's like, a child was in the car as well as a mother... What would anyone have done in that matter? Me... I would have drove away until help arrived as well because it looks as if this persons life was in danger. He was just trying to protect his family and I'm pretty sure his main goal was to get the child to safety.

We need a better law enforcement for this... Especially with the light of this. We need protection for all of us as human beings, if they have no regards for life then they should find a secluded island a play by themselves until they get bored.

S. Tonge

if I was in the drivers seat of a car with a spouse and 2 year old child in the back seat and was suddenly surrounded by an endless swarm of bikers _ I would have slowed down to a halt, pulled over , opened the trunk _ pulled out a flat tire iron and faked the changing of a flat tire and let the swarm of bikers pass me by _ never - under any circumstances would I have been driven right through the center or the storm/ I've heard all the comments BUT in all reality ___ what on earth was this driver thinking or actually not thinking _

Rosetta ..Manhattan

Dear John,

Please forgive me if I may be wrong, but in my personal opinion: if these dirt bikes are to be treated like motorcycles, a person would be required to have a permit to operate a dirt bike. And when a person has a permit to operate a dirt bike, they must follow and obey laws like anyone else who operates a motor vehicle.

Clifton, Staten Island

Hi - I am very upset to see the nypd let the guy who started the entire chaee walk on a $1500.00 bail. I don't blame the driver to run him over, if inwas in his position inwould probably done more damage.


It's a tragedy indeed, and who knows how many more will happen. Image you and your family were in that car, how do you feel? What would you do! If they want to sue someone, they should sue the Government who didn't do any thing for so long to stop it.

Amitorfor from Upper East Side

These bikers have been screaming out for a legitimate place to ride and New York State does not have one; instead of a golf coarse being built in the bronx for the rich to operate they should of used that land to build a track for the off road bikes with a fee that would generate revenue for the city, give them a place to ride! My thoughts about Sunday's tragedy is that many vehicle drivers are very aggressive towards motor cyclist on the road. It is Very unfortunate for both of the family's what took place but it could have been avoided if the driver would of given the cyclists the right of way no one would of had experienced what took place .



This growing problem was identitied by the FBI during a report released this summer. Unfortunately the person they identified as the person causing the worst behaviors were off duty police officers who were participating in motorcycle clubs. From seeing your show I see that this just a Staten Island problem but a problem that several city officials have know about but not done anything about it. If this clueless rider had not posted this videos city officials wouldn't be discussing this issue.


I am a fellow biker and ive done plenty of organized runs that have been police escorted. I feel horrible for the family however cars do not respect motorcycles at all. I did the mother hale house charity run, which was police escorted and cars were still trying to come in between us and almost hit us. I think if you see a biker just move to the other lane or just slow down.




As a motorcycle enthusiast, I'm embarrassed by these so called bikers who have no regard for any rules of the road and when they cause accidents have to nerve to pretend they are innocent.


Hi good evening! I have a problem with what is going on with the bike law. You can't band dirtbikes because we have people that do their jobs with dirt bikes. One of those are messengers. So to stop them from riding the dirt bikes is wrong. We should stop those that ride with out helmets. Those are the ones doing this reckless driving. The person behind the gas station doesn't know who is reckless because they are not behind a dirt bike. That would be a discrimination against people that ride.


These are hoodlums, local terrorists. The noise, the environmental impact, the lawlessness - I don't even see license plates on those bikes. These jerks don't deserve a place in the city to terrorize its residents - they probably don't even live in NYC. And if I were Lien, I would have done anything possible to protect my family.

Scott from Chelsea

I’ve called the 32 precinct many times over the last three years and the Precinct Commanders state the NYPD brass downtown say not to chase them.


Hi this James

I was driving through the streets and I had a very difficult time not trying to hit the bikers. They were doing tricks and almost hit a kid and mother. We need to put a stop to this. They act like they own the streets, the noise the population and has been going on for a long time and this people just want attention. It has to stop.


I support more policing of motorcycles and reckless drivers. I am also on 2nd Ave.and 50th street and I have seen these what seems to be thousands of bikers take over the avenue going downtown. I love motorcycles but they have their place and that's in the country. Away from residential areas. It's too bad that our leaders often spend too much time on less important things instead of securing the safety of the people who vote for them!

50th street and 2nd Avenue

I live in washington heights and I hear them and see them from my window. they're sometimes going back and forth at the craziest hours like they're racing. The whole purpose is to tick people off and give them a natural high. Like other people said already, what happened was just waiting to occur.


Would the outrage be the same if the majority of drivers were white men and women? Maybe a cop or FDNY 'hero' thrown in? Then the press and even NY1 would run sympathetic stories profiling the camaraderie of these brave brothers protecting one of their own. For now..they're terrorists, right?

Gator Fan

In Brooklyn there are constantly gangs of bikers riding up Myrtle Avenue in both lanes stoping traffic. I've seen this display of reckless driving all through Brooklyn and not once have I seen a police officer or squad car following up or getting involved. I've seen as many as 50 bikers at one time. When does it stop. When the next family gets killed? Enough!!!

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

I had an experience with bikers while driving on the Southern State Pkwy, they were all over the place with no respect for anyone at all, I was petrified, very intimidating and that's how they like it !!! I just stayed waaaay behind them, when they ride they think they own the road, the rules don't apply to them, and God forbid you make eye contact with them, that's a dare !!! to beat the crap out of you like they did to this poor guy., I would have done the same thing that driver did, except, I would have ran over more than one

Carmen, Bay Ridge

A witness claims the SUV driver was behind some cars that had stopped to let the biker convoy pass. The witness said the SUV driver pulled around the stopped cars and right into the middle of the convoy of bikers.

More car drivers need to obey the traffic laws, and remember what they were taught in their driving manual, and the 5 hour class. You have to drive about three car lengths, or 2 seconds behind the driver in front of you. You don't drive close behind a bike, or next to a bike, unless you have enough space to stop, or react in time to avoid a dangerous situation. Bikes CAN NOT STOP as fast as cars. Bikes have to SWERVE to keep their balance, and avoid HOLES in the street.

If a lot of motorcycle suddenly drop out of the sky- all around you- all at once- you slow down and move to the far right of the roadway. You sure don't act like you're oblivious to the little motorcycle, right in front of you, that's trying to slow you down. You're suppose to give him and the bike convoy some room. I wonder; what would've happened if a Tractor-Trailer convoy slowed down in front of that driver and many other drivers on New York City streets. Car drivers intimidate bikers and pedestrians. Sometimes, they maim and kill us.

The bikers were justified in trying to chase down and stop this driver. The poor guy could have put his family in danger. He did permanently disable an innocent man. But, it was a crime to beat up that SUV driver and terrorize his family. Once he was trapped in that traffic jam, he was no longer a danger to society. Of course, the bikers couldn’t be sure of that. But, since biker are demonized by car drivers, and most of the public; most of the sympathy will be with the SUV driver.


Since most of these riders are minorities, the police should not enforce any traffic laws because it will become a racial issue like the stop question and frisk issue. Let them do whatever the please.

Charles. The village

I often see and HEAR unlicensed dirtbikes and atv's on and around 19th and 20th Ave's near Steinway St. and the surrounding streets in the neighborhood.


I have been riding over 35 years and have never seen anything like this anywhere!! Never underestimate the power of idiots in large groups. These guys give REAL bikers a BAD name. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!

LIC NY 11101

The recent incident in which a family who were out for a Sunday drive on the Henry Hudson parkway were surrounded and chased by motorcyclists is again another reason why road rage needs to be dealt with more aggressively by the NYPD. What right do these motorcyclists have to take over an entire roadway?Why did that one biker deliberately pull in front of this vehicle and slow up?Also,after that occurred,when that terrified motorist gunned his engine to get away from them,yes,he did strike 2 bikers,critically injuring one of them. However, he had every right to drive away ,because he feared for his life and the lives of his wife and little baby. It is ashame that serious injuries were caused to that biker,but,he had absolutely no business to be surrounding that vehicle in a threatening manner,along with all of those other bikers. Most motorcycle drivers do observe the traffic rules,but there are those that do not,and this group falls into that category. The police department needs to be more astute when dealing with these out of control motorcyclists who race down city roadways,and it needs to start right now,before any more people are injured or possibly killed. New Yorkers are entitled to be able to drive on roadways without being threatened by other drivers,both of motorcycles and other cars and trucks,who are totally oblivious to traffic laws.

Fresh Meadows, NY

I drive in the Bronx and these reckless bikers don't even ride in a lane. They ride their bikes in between 2 lanes of traffic going in the same direction. It is homegrown terrorism.
They cause other accidents because they startle drivers waiting at stop lights when they
rev their motors up and peel off. When you are in a right turn lane only they have the nerve to squeeze in-between the sidewalk and the curb to make the turn ahead of the cars and if you make a right turn as they sneak up on you then you hit them and they turn around and sue YOU. I won my case but it was so unnecessary and avoidable!
They need an island for the bikers...they should be on Alcatraz!!!!!!

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

I saw them when I was driving on 112th and Amsterdam Ave. the same day as the accident. They were driving in my lane and I had a hard time not hitting them. One guy was doing a wheelie. This has been going on for a months and I was surprised the police let them get away with it. Now every politician is jumping on it.

Jackson Heights

I'm surprise this hasn't happen sooner. The summer time is the worst on Frederick Douglass Blvd. Between the dirt bikes and motorcycle groups it is an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done to make them obey the traffic laws.

Miss Mae - Harlem NY

The motorcycle gangs are dangerous and should be put in jail. Numerous Sundays I've witnessed dozens of gang riders taking over 2nd avenue on the upper east side driving dangerously and I've wondered where are the police???


Why is it that NYPD, Highway Patrol & the State Police didn't coordinate and rope the Swarm off??

Aida (like the opera)

I agree that some of these riders are extremely reckless, but this proposed bill is not going to keep them off the street. They can just go to the station with a can to fill up. This is a matter for police to address, not gas station attendants.

Tom in Forest Hills

NYC is synonymous with reckless driving. Whether it's dirt-bikes, ATVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks etc. End of story.

Kanon, Flushing.

A few weeks ago where I live in Astoria there were a few guys riding these noisy bikes up and down our quiet streets against traffic ...... Doing stunts.

I went out on my porch and told them not to do it again.

Marge from Astoria

I saw those same bikers in Brooklyn running lights and holding up traffic They were acting as though they had no regard for the law. Very reckless and disrespectful they are.

Tahir (Harlem)

A witness claims the SUV driver was behind some cars that had stopped to let the bikers pass. The witness said the SUV driver pulled around the stopped cars and right into the middle of the convoy of bikers.

More car drivers need to obey the traffic laws, and remember what they were taught in their driving manual and the 5 hour class. You have to drive about three car lengths, or 2 seconds behind the driver in front of you. You don't drive close behind a bike, or next to a bike, unless you have enough space to stop, or react in time to avoid a dangerous situation. Bikes CAN NOT STOP as fast as cars. Bikes have to SWERVE to keep their balance, and avoid HOLES in the street.

If a lot of motorcycle suddenly drop out of the sky- all around you- all at once- you slow down and move to the far right of the roadway. You sure don't act like you're oblivious to the little motorcycle, right in front of you, that's trying to slow you down. You're suppose to give him and the bike convoy some room. I wonder; what would've happened if a Tractor-Trailer convoy slowed down in front of that driver and many other drivers on New York City streets. Car drivers intimidate bikers and pedestrians. Sometimes, they maim and kill us.

It was a crime to terrorize that SUV driver, and his family. once he was trapped in that traffic jam; he was no longer a danger to society. But, since biker are demonized by car drivers, and most of the public; most of the sympathy is with the SUV driver.


I feel those bikers are bullies and the driver of the SUV DID WHAT IS RIGHT TO PROTECT HIMSELF & family, I am sorry to know that little child had to experience such a horrible situation. Those bullies should be in JAIL.





Brace yourself New Yorkers...attacks like this are just getting started. I have not seen Harlem lawmakers speak against these gang members (excuse me, bikers) until Sunday's savage attack.

The NYPD has been cracking down on groups like this for the last at least 20 years. They used to appear during certain festivities for example the Dominican Day and Puerto Rican day parades where the riders would be rounded up, bikes impounded, etc. Due to the proliferation of gangs, there are just more of these thugs looking to menace innocent, law abiding citizens.

Thank you Judge Sheidlen and our soon-to -be elected public officials...perps are no longer afraid of STOP QUESTION & FRISK.

Midtown East
Retired NYPD 3/31/07
Neighbor Activist

there are two sides to every story but when you fear for your life and the safety of your loved ones you do what ever you have to do as far as then bikers pulling him from his car and beating him that was wrong bikers are great people as a whole I have had the pleasure of knowing many but as we all know there are good and bad in all types of people


If it is correct that at least one off-duty cop was one of the motorcyclists that chased down that car, I am not surprised.

I live in Turtle Bay,near Second Av., and several times a year (roughly 2-4), usually on a Sunday night (although sometimes Sunday afternoon) one of these swarms of hundreds, if not thousands, of motorcyclists takes over Second Av., insisting on traveling en masse and ignoring red lights (to the enormous dismay of cars and pedestrians trying to cross intersections on green lights). The most recent incident was about a month ago.

One time I even saw on-duty New York City cops assisting their passage by blocking a cross street (E. 44th St.) so cross traffic would be forced to stay put, even on green lights. After that I assumed there was probably a pretty heavy NYPD involvement in these and that that was perhaps the reason why nothing was being done in NYC about something many consider a real scourge.

Ellie - Turtle Bay

Hi John,

If it is considered illegal to ride
any of these rides mentioned then why were there so many summons’ written up along with arrests. Then why do we still have a problem. I believe that the word is SUMMONS and that’s the bottom line with this administration. I hear motorcycles, music blasting and cars on the main roads driving at high speed constantly. So apparently the arrests and summons’ don’t seem to be severe enough of a deterrent to stop this madness.

I love all of these types of rides. I think they are cool and exciting but they seem to forget that the way they ride or drive this type of equipment is dangerous to the pedestrians. I MUST GET MY TWO CENTS IN ABOUT THE BIKES ALSO=THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS ALSO!!! HOPE THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you John,

If the gentleman in the SUV had been a little more patient and allow the bikers to pass him as some had already done, then the rear ending would not have occurred and this whole incident could've been avoided.

Bay Ridge

The video speaks for itself. Who would not have feared for their life under those circumstances? Having said this the whole situation is sad.

Midtown East


Note that this all began when a cyclist hit his brakes right in front of the SUV, looking back at the SUV as if daring the driver to hit him. The driver couldn't stop and the cyclist was hit. Arrest the cyclist.

Port Richmond, SI

The drivers are reckless and there is no need for these type of vehicles in the city. What is happening to Bloombergs reduction in crime numbers? There has to be better enforcement.

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