Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Call Blog: City Council Passes Bills To Reform NYPD

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If the Inspector General is a political hack who cannot enforce change, the first bill won't matter much. The IG will be a vocal thorn in the side of whoever is Police Commissioner, but little else. Sounds like the job of the Public Advocate.

In a session that stretched into the early morning hours, the City Council passed two bills to reform the NYPD. The Community Safety Act creates an Inspector General to investigate and recommend policy changes, and makes it easier to bring racial profiling claims to court.

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to veto the bills, but both passed with enough votes to override his decision. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said today the measures have the "potential for increasing crime and making police officers' jobs much more difficult." What do you say?

What's your reaction to the City Council passing the Community Safety Act? What policy changes would you like the new Inspector General to recommend? Will making it easier to file claims of racial profiling hamper the force? Do you agree with law enforcement that crime may go up because police won't pursue perpetrators for fear of retribution?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Despite the scare tactics employed by the opponents of this legislation, I think the passage of the Community Safety Act will aid in crime fighting by establishing greater trust between the police and minority communities throughout the city.

Bay Ridge

Instead of adding to the top. They should use that money for more police officers. There are already people in charge. The last thing any of us need is more tops. A waste of money.

Arden heights

The coddling of criminals with these bills has far reaching implications. First, these were two race based bills and there is no denying this and secondly all who voted for them will not be receiving my support......

The City Council played the race card and it will come back to haunt them. Ever hear of poetic justice?

Park Hill


Its about time some type of reform takes place with NYPD.

Jamaica, NY

Hi John,

I’m impressed that they are all of a sudden so dedicated to their jobs that they had to stay in session till the wee hours of the morning. If this was so important to them all along then why wasn’t this voted on before this. My suspicion is that Quinn was accommodating every one of Bloomberg's whims and so since she was his puppet it was not brought forward until now. That’s my opinion.

So immediately the new Inspector General will never see eye to eye with Kelly. What will set the standards of racial profiling? She has to make all of this clear. All we know is that it will be made easier to file claims of racial profiling. When they lowered the count of stop and frisk what was the difference in the count? Plus where are all the logs they keep for stop and frisk. To me she doesn’t make anything clear and I see all of this mish mash as = FLIP FLOPPING!!!!!!!!!

Thank you John,


Kudos to the City Council. I's about time the cops are made subject to the law. Maybe we can get now get rid of Patrick Lynch who runs a disreputable union gang in the NYPD.

Port Richmond, SI


The new I.G should put a stop to racial profiling and stop and frisk i see to many young minority kids getting arrested for something they didn't do also the I.G should make the commissioner hire more minority people to work for the NYPD.

upper west side



Hi John,

It's hard to trust a government that wants to see all and to be seen by none. I really hope everyone sees the blatant, bald faced hypocrisy in Bloomberg's position on these two laws.


I totally agree with the mayor’s position on this. Police aren’t perfect, but they cannot do their jobs effectively if they feel like every action is subject to review by two different supervisors. The police have improved safety in the city over the past 25 years. The city council should NOT take an action that will jeopardize police effectiveness.


This is a joke the Inspector general which will be DOI DOI investigators are mostly retired nypd det. I feel ther is enough oversite with the 5 distrct Attorneys, The federal US Attorneys. Unfortunately people of color will suffer the most. The NYPD Will Now be handcuffed


I fully agree with the new bills voted on. As an African American in this city i don't feel that i should have my civil right trampled on un the name of safety. Some not all of these cops are out of control. the mayor stated that this will cost the city more in liability, well not if the NYPD respect the rights of ALL New Yorkers. The mayor is using scare tactics to justify this racist practice. All minorities are not criminals and the mayor is painting all minorities with the same brush when he is suppose to be the mayor for ALL New Yorkers. Bloomberg will not be missed.


I think the NYPD should welcome this scrutiny from the inspector General and prove that current crime fighting methods has lowered violent crime and drugs off the streets for the past 20 years.

Carlton-Washington Heights

This new Bill will ensure that NYPD officers follow the proper procedures ensuring the rights of those they encounter. The Mayor is claiming this would jeopardize the lives of officers as well as new yorkers, but he doesn't explain how so. How will this Bill really stop police from keeping New York safe? Lets not forget there is a case pending decision, which will show that the prior policies of Mayor and Commissioner were unconstitutional.


I agree with law enforcement's statement that the police will be afraid to stop, question, and possibly frisk a suspect because they will be too vulnerable to liabilities due to these new policies which are unnecessary and will only provide an advantage to those members of our community who are interested carrying illegal weapons and perpetrating crimes against our communities. I live in the South Bronx, and this event has me greatly concerned for the safety of my community.

Thank you.

We need to be realistic, our communities are segregated, Areas with high crime get treated differently. Officers need sensitivity training not bureaucratic leaders with quotas of their own.

Alicia, gravesend

Bottom line, it's been this way for years, Stop and Frisk .Bloomberg just got greedy and brought attention to a system that has systemically violated citizen's rights.It is certainly a part of law enforcement history, when it pertains to anyone of African descent.


Reforms are always a good thing and, yes, there are definitely things to improve in the police force however, NYC is definitely safer and the police have a lot to do with making this a fact.


Everyone always asks why people do not want to be stopped and frisked if they are not doing anything wrong. WelI I say what is the big deal of an Inspector General overseeing the NYPD if they are not doing anything wrong? The only way this would put the lives of New Yorkers in danger is if the cops decide not to do their jobs and just sit in their patrol cars like they have already threatened to do.

Upper east side

Larry from Canarsie said the bills are a problem because look! stop and frisk took 700 guns off the street. The problem is, there were 700,000 stops and frisks in one year alone! 700,000, mostly young people of color, who were humiliated, abused and had their civil rights violated for 700 guns. DO THE NUMBERS!!!!! stop and frisk is not fighting crime, it is a crime. the cops need oversight.

Meryl from manhattan

If a potential terrorist is wired with explosives and happens to be a member of a racial minority, will the police be ready to risk their badges or the safety of the public? This is a stupid idea in our city, which is constantly the target of terrorists.

Gretchen -- UWS


It would be great if we could get corp council's statistics on how many perpetrators have sued the city and been awarded cash bonuses. (after sucessfully suing the city with free legal aid laywers.) Police Officer's always want to take just police action. But no cameras, no sqf, no profiling, equals crime out of control. This topic really infuriates me.

midtown east
ret. NYPD

I guess 20 years of low crime means nothing. They are like Nero who will burn the city down with their radical unsafe agenda. NY will be the murder capitol once again like we were under Dinkins

John-Fresh Meadows

I'm all for this bill! Stop and frisk is out of control within the police. What do the police, the PBA, and the mayor really have to fear? In my opinion, the loss of power.

Mike from Morninside

yes an inspector general is very much needed, some of the police feel they are above the law and at times crooked themselves..shooting people in cold blood like the ones that shot my spouse at 2am in the morning. The police are trigger happy killing innocent people.


The NYPD could fight crime just as effectively if they had a relationship with the community instead of treating everyone in high-crime areas as a criminal. Most people in these areas are law-abiding citizens who are just as threatened by crime as anyone else. They LIVE with it, the police do not. Work WITH communities instead of creating a hostile environment. It's counterproductive because when detectives try to get information out of witnesses when something does happen, no one wants to talk BECAUSE of the bad/non-existent relationship. Recall how Mayor Giuliani struggled to reach out to community leaders after Amadou Diallo was killed because there WAS no positive working relationship between the NYPD and high-crime neighborhoods. Unfortunately, things have not changed. Finally, some police DO get a power-trip off of stop and frisk. Some are blatant racists and are wantonly abusive while others will plant evidence and lie on their reports to cover themselves because they KNOW they did wrong.

Frank S.

The entire police force should live in the community and maybe then they will know the community and help stop crime. Since the police force live outside the community they feel uncomfortable, out of place and targets. They are so hyper vigilant they feel like prey in the neighborhoods and overcompensate and are on the attack when they should be courteous, professional and respectful to the taxpayers who pay their salaries.


It goes without saying that the police should have someone watching them. That's the essence of our democracy. I believe that the nypd generally does a great job. But without oversight, they are irrelevant.

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