Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: Security Tightened In New York City After Bombings In Boston

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Sadly, this scene is familiar. And it plays out in cities all across the world every day. Let us hope whoever is responsible for this cowardly act in Boston is brought to justice quickly.

Two explosions in Boston this afternoon resulted in "multiple casualties" and dozens of injuries. The blasts occurred as runners crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon. As of this writing, no suspects are in custody and no one has taken responsibility for the attacks.

Here in New York City, the NYPD increased patrols at landmarks, subways and hotels. Governor Cuomo announced State Police, the MTA and the Port Authority are on a heightened state of alert. Boston police say there were no threats made in the days leading up to the race, which falls this year on Tax Day.

What's your reaction to the bombings in Boston? What questions are you hoping to get answers to during the investigation? Would you welcome the increased security here in New York City all the time? How safe do you feel living here?

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I only hope that this was not the work of terrorists. I've had enough of the "beefed up" security and paranoia. I just wish life would go back to the way it was before 9/11. Will it ever? There will always be crazy people, but we can't live our lives in fear.

Jackson Heights

The explosions at the Boston Marathon caused death and injury to innocent people. This again proves that no matter how much security is out there,if someone really is intent on committing such a murderous and heinous crime,they will find a way to do it. The police, fire and EMTs responded immediately to tend the injured and dead. They are to be commended for their very swift and overwhelming response to this senseless act of violence.Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead and injured,as well as those injured.It is indeed a sad day in this country when it is no longer safe to go to a movie theater,house of worship,shopping mall,or an event such as the Boston Marathon,or for students and teachers to be in their classrooms learning ,and be senslelessly slaughtered by a deranged gunman,as is what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School .What is happening to the value of life? It seems that there is no longer any respect for that or for morals or decency in this country any longer. That is a sad testimony to how some in our society behave today.

Fresh Meadows, NY




I feel safe even though I avoided being in the 1993 WTC bombing by a mere 15 minutes and was on the train behind Colin Ferguson. Normally I would have been on the train Ferguson was on, but for some reason that evening, I ran late. I could have been in the WTC on 9/11. I had customers in 1 WTC.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

It brings back memories and of course we send our prayers to the injured, deceased and their families. I think much of the interest, care and security have been nil for to long a time. I loved Manhattan all my life because this is my city and I always prayed that one day I would be able to afford to live there. But since 9/11 I have only been to Manhattan once in all these years and that was because it pertained to my job after I retired. I could see those buildings from my window and they looked so beautiful lit up in the night and they are no longer there.

I watched the smoke from that area drift towards Long Island for 3 months or so and waited till the next year to hang clothes on my line once again. I can remember not hearing music or anyone reprimanding their children for month and months. Everything was so solemn and we were sort of fearing our oncoming holidays. My friend and I would always meet either at St. Patrick's or at the World Trade Center and the view from the 60th some odd floor was so beautiful looking at the harbor and all the boats plus the tugs. That was a lunch room for employees that was open to the public. AND SO IT GOES = I WISH WE HAD CONSTANT SECURITY AND NOT SEEM TO RUSH TO SECURE THE DIFFERENT AREAS AFTER AN INCIDENT HAPPENS.

We have to live this way for the remainder of our lives = Always on guard.

Thank you John,

Nothing like a little terror attack to get peoples approval on stop, question & frisk. Hypocrites!

Jimmy the Bronx.

As soon as I sell my biz I'm outta here! Between getting mugged by Bloomberg almost daily, squeezed into subways and being an inevitable target of terrorists is just too much and not worth it.

Jeff in the LES

I'd like to ask NY1 to stop showing the actual bomb going off. It's very disturbing, especially after living through 9/11. Out of respect for the victims and their families, please stop showing the bombing.

Thank you.
Marian in Brooklyn Heights

The last time there was a real planned attack it was in Times Square and it was an Arab street vendor who spotted it and alerted cops and saved the day. Bloomberg totally dissed him by not inviting him to a dinner he held for those who had helped defuse the situation. What a hypocrite.

East Village

This tragedy was an unfortunate reminder that random acts of violence can occur any time, anywhere. We can't shy away from our day-to-day lives, and we can't point fingers. I felt immense gratitude to the men and women of the NYPD when I saw officers on the train home today: They're the heroes.

East Village

We shouldn't jump to conclusions (re: angry caller). Remember Oklahoma City? Sadly, home-grown, among other incidents. Sad day...when will they end?


I have the ugly feeling that all of this will be traced back to Occupy Wall Street. Hopefully, law enforcement throughout the United States will be knocking on the doors of all those who were arrested during the Occupy Wall Street takeover.

John, Washington Heights

As a marathon runner, daughter of NYPD Lieutenant and lifetime New Yorker, I can tell you that marathon finish lines all over the world have quite tight security. After 9/11 I have always felt safer in NY. On my way home through the subways today there was a quiet yet noticeable presence of NYPD and I felt safe.

Unfortunately we live in a strange, cruel world and there will always be someone, somewhere looking to ruin beautiful events like the Boston Marathon. Sadly the worst type of terrorism: is a disturbed human brain with no remorse or love for mankind. Terrorism lies within this country and all over the world.

As a runner, this tears my heart apart but at the same time (and I'm sure all runners feel this way) it only makes me want to run stronger and faster than ever before.

So much more to say but not enough time.


We absolutely need more of a police and military presence in the city! We are spending millions of dollars on ridiculous sports arenas and Coney Island rides, when we need to use that money for important things like protection for our citizens against this evil!! I'm a native Bostonian who's lived in NYC for years and I was here during 9/11 and I've always felt as if this was going to happen again!


Unfortunately, 9/11 taught us that we're not immune from heinous acts such as these be they instigated from agents foreign or domestic. We can simply mourn the dead, seek out the perps and continue to be vigilant in our efforts to keep these tragedies from becoming more frequent. Irrational and prejudicial comments do not make for positive dialogue and contribute nothing helpful.

Kenn from Bayside, NY

We should have more security everywhere nomother where we live,

Stella from Bklyn.

I was born and raised in NYC, but now as i sit here at 20 years old watching a tragedy like this occur again i am seriously questioning whether i will stay in this big city. I dont want to live my life constantly looking over my shoulder and i am sure many young people such myself are thinking the same.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their family's.

Angelica, Brooklyn NY

The NYPD has thwarted at least 4 terror events since 9/11; does anyone remember the plan to blow up Hearld Square subway system. The NYPD is looking for terrorists 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Terrorists watched the Prudential Bank Building forf 5 years before they devised a plan to pack a limo with explosives, drive into the underground garage and attempt to take down the building. Fortunately law enforcement was 10 steps ahead of them.

All the best John,

midtown east
retired nypd

What's also horrible is what the US DOES in the world, like for instance, the 11 Afghani girls that died from a drone while collecting firewood and the million people we slaughtered in Iraq! We kill innocent civilians every time we raid their homes, torture and throw them in prison regardless of whether they are guilty. Americans think they are exceptional and our people shouldn't be killed. But the hysteria has begun even though no one knows crap. Most likely domestic devastated American. BAnks have committed wholesale fraud with NO convictions. Our govt has crazy priorities and working people get screwed on a daily basis.


We need to create more interfaith dialogue on an international level to this level of indecision and provide more international relationships if we are to discontinue this level of difficulty.

We must deal with ideological confrontation with a greater ideological alternative.

We cannot deal with bigotry blindly. We must deal with radicalism with greater alternative both ideologically and interculturally.

We are Americans and we can provide greater solutions.


Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl from Harlem and quite frankly I think that the assumption that this was a foreign attack is ignorant. Additionally, I would like to say that Frank, from Harlem, made some of the most outrageous statements I've ever heard. The USA IS an immigrant nation, it was founded by immigrants and to throw them out is to throw all of us out.


My thoughts are with the victims and families affected by this.

Any thought about the coincidence of this occurring in Boston on Tax Day? Could this be a some crazy lone wolf throwing their own 21st century Boston Tea Party?

Corey in Hell's Kitchen.

I am saddened by the events in Boston, and my heart goes out to all those who lost loved Ones. also saddened by how many people you such tragedies to dance their own agenda. Using a tragedy like this to advance their own racist or anti-immigrant views, to support gun ownership or gun control, only shows their ignorance. At this point, we know very little. Rushing to judgment serves no purpose.

It's always good to remember that Timothy McVeigh convicted of multiple murders in the Oklahoma City bombing, was a white male, a registered Republican, registered Republican, a member the National Rifle Association, a Catholic who expressed numerous reviews about religion including being authentic before his execution, did request and receive the sacrament of anointing the sick before his execution. Painting a one group by the methods of one insane I say member also shows people

Al in Greenwich Village

There is no law against love. The problem today sex and violence is on our television shows, video games every law that is passed is against those same things that are allowed to be viewed on TV. The vet that said shooting people in the head is the answer. Those same troops who go into war come back a different person and war is never the answer but Love is always the answer. Love our Neighbors!!! I pray for all those involved


I'm appalled but not surprised at some of the callers tonight. Calling for extermination of nations and close monitoring of people from other countries. Do these people think things through? They could end up being hunted down themselves.

Sunset Park

Stop speculating. Remember what all of America was thinking when the Oklahoma bombing took place.

Forest Hills

A few callers including Rico, and everyone on twitter causing Muslims to Trend are just making this about themselves. It is so selfish and borderline racist (although I don't know against who, perhaps Muslims). It is a shame that people have not said we are thinking about the victims. This is what this about the tragedy and victims And I pray for all of them.

The fear and anger as a whole IS the very root of the cycle of terrorism and more violence. More anger and a witch hunt is counter productive.


Frank from Harlem gives Harlem a bad name.
He and the other moraons who called saying that we should get rid of the foriegners sound like tired OLD neo-nazis and clansmen. THEY'RE THE REAL PROBLEM!
They are ignorant of the fact the home-grown terorist are just as dangerous if not more.
Too may racist callers.

TJ from Harlem

Archie Bunker is alive & well as indicated by callers to NY1.

Steven Of Jamaica

Im glad our mayor listen , and cancel the new york marathon , because of sandy . I believe this would have taken place here frist?


My heart goes out to those affected directly and indirectly. I feel safe here in NYC, but the biggest impact I fear is that celebrations, events and competitions will never be the same and the things that make us human are compromised and our sense of community is jeopardized.

Paul from Inwood. 33yrs.

I was wondering if this was meant for NYC and nothing happened because the marathon was cancelled due to hurricane Sandy.


Hi I'm Kathleen, and I think that this terrorism was planned for the NYC marathon, but put on hold in regards to Hurricane Sandy so, they decided to turn the focus to the second best thing: Boston. My heart goes out to boston.

I was listening to everyones call and like you just said only one or two people said my thoughts and prayers go to the people whom were injured in this bombing... It is tragic and i hope they catch whomever it was, but to respond to frank from Harlem comment. I am colombian and in a citizen from the U.S.A and his comment is completely ridiculous. my husband is a soldier of this great nation and to say to send me away just because i am foreigner??? i would love to know where he is from or better yet his parents or grandparents are from.


The job of terrorists is to instill terror in its victims. The Newtown killer, the Aurora killer--killers of all people everywhere--are terrorists. This is not a matter of keeping foreigners out of America. There would be no America without foreigners! I never want to live in a New York City without tourists, immigrants, visitors of all kinds. We as Americans need to begin to show compassion toward each other--the people who we know are victims, not show senseless rage toward "foreigners".

Rebecca from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Hello my name is Annette from queens. I just want to say that my prayers go out to everyone in Boston. I do feel safe in NYC, we do have a lot more security now after 9/11. But I'm upset that so many ppl keep saying foreigners are to blame, don't assume anything, its not foreigners doing this it is sick twisted individual(s) who need mental help.

Mandatory police presence here in ny every car of a train.
Every car on trains all over. Police on airplanes, ferries etc Terrorists?
Stop pointing fingers until facts are in
God bless Boston !!

New Dorp

I guess its not a good idea to cut defense spending.
from Eddie and Denise

Hi, my name is Valeria. I live in Queens NY.
Fisrt of all, I hope we, as humans get our hearts together and pray for the people in Boston and pray to God for peace.
Honestly, I do feel safe in New York, but there could be more security at all times.
It does not matter where the people that this is from. What matters is that we have to get together and be able to fight evil. I was so sad when I heard the news. I was somehow set back to 9/11 and feel sad that we as humans are killing each other.

People need to stop flying on a big hate,that's what happened to African Americans(slavery)Jewish people (Hitler)and probably others that I don't know about. I personally think that we should stop allowing so many into this Country because we have nothing left for us. I can't say that the bomber came from a middle eastern country because we have had many bombers from right here I think people need to get their heads out of the sand and wake up and realize that all people in a race aren't bad and to give the authority's a chance to go though the evidence before making stupid statements.

Wishing all that was hurt or killed my deepest sympathy
and prayers.

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