Monday, December 22, 2014

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Council Overturns Term Limits

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The 29 Council members who voted yes will never again appear on this show. Not as long as I'm the host. They lost their right to peddle their meaningless resolutions in their ill-fitting suits when they chose themselves...over the people. When they had the nerve to overturn two public votes on the premise that we need them.

Dear Councilmembers, you are very replaceable. If two terms are good for the leader of the free world during an economic crisis, they're good for the leader of Bensonhurst.

This was never an argument about whether Mayor Bloomberg is doing a good job. This was never an argument about whether term limits are good for government. It was never the who or what, it was the how. And how you chose to ignore the people of this city will never be forgotten by this voter.

The City Council just overturned the term limits law. By a vote of 29 to 22, lawmakers extended term limits from two to three without holding a public referendum.

What is your reaction to the vote? What does it say about the City Council, the Mayor and the democratic process? Will today's vote make a difference to you when you head back to the polls next November?

Send us your thoughts using the link above.

It is a disgrace to override the democratic process their motivation
is self interest! I shall note and engrave all those names who voted
in favour of this disgracefull cowardly selfish act. Kindly publish
their blackened names.

Joseph from Sunnyside

If this was not an end run around a loophole, then "We The People"
had best "Find Another Forum"... than a "Public Referendum"?.... This is a true travesty. On many levels....let's keep an eye one the "special elections"... Is Democracy Dying?...Or Being Killed?

DMD in Washington Heights.

The self-serving vote today by the city council to extend term limits epitomizes why I am moving away from New York city. Giving Mayor Bloomberg another term accomplishes what? as an average New Yorker, I'm pretty hard pressed to name just exactly what he has done with his last two terms that even remotely has helped me.

My commute is more expensive. My taxes are higher. Rents have gotten higher. City services have gotten worse. And whatever character NYC had is being overrun and gentrified by the corporate monotony of chain stores or ridiculously overpriced and unnecessary real-estate development. Bloomberg has only proven himself only valuable to his rich associates while paying little attention to the majority of New Yorkers.

So this latest decision, that goes counter to 89% of new yorkers wants, is the final straw for me. But thankfully I and my Fiance are leaving for Portland, Oregon tomorrow and we now have one more reason to never look back.

So long and good-luck, New York. You'll need it.


The same way T.W.U. Local 100 President Roger Toussaint has changed the Democratic ways of our great Union dating back to Mike Quill, Toussaints' greed for money & power has corrupted Local 100 when he changed the "BYLAWS" to help keep his "corruption crew" in office while his friend Bloomberg, king of the "SLUSH FUNDS" has a greater agenda for his rich friends. Bloomberg needs more time in office to change the laws and also change Manhattan to benefit the money hungry friends he claims are trying to help the working class in the city. Just remember the Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, was he not the one individual trying to buy up the water front property at a Bloomberg discount under the table price while Bloomberg was trying to get the Olympics in our city using the same property. Talk about flipping property for profit, conflict of interest has to be addressed. Bloomberg is out of touch with the middle class.


As always you do such a good job informing all of us, I thank you for that.

I watched it all and it was hard to watch, I was glad that some of the members really gave them hell so to speak and telling them all off at least face to face. I did notice that Vacco changed his mind and voted yes and also that Rivera, you do know that there are three members in his family involved in that council, well at least 2 because their father was voted out. This also reminds me of the Vellones.

Of course Bloomberg was no where to be found, but when he came outside they really called him a lot of names, it didn't look pretty at all, but I did feel that is was one for our side.

What I don't understand is why go on TV at all and tell us anything since they already have made up their minds and do what ever they want.

You know the era I came from it was improper to voice your opinion at all, but I think at this stage of the game it goes with the territory.
I am very disappointed and I will not vote for any of the people running.

What else can I do.
thanks again

Morris Park

I think this is wrong, undemocratic and should not be allowed. I only hope every one remembers who voted for this, and the public shouldn't vote them in again when their term is up. I think that the mayor and his rich friends are ruining this city and he has completely undermined the democratic system.

Washington Heights

how can these people deny that mayor Bloomberg has done nothing but good for the city of NY. It's a sad day when people think our mayor is trying to manipulate the voters so he can gain reelection. What does he have to gain? This man has more money that any of the council members will ever have for themselves, so what are they fighting against? Maybe. they don't want a mayor that actually cares about the city and not about the council members that want to just please the public, rather that do whats right for the whole.

Its a difficult job; to do what's right for the whole, but everyone expects that our mayor do so. Well, when that happens, your going to offend a few of the members that only care about their office position, rather than the people of NY.

Ask this question of the council members; How much do you get paid compared to our mayor's salary.


John, this is how power is usurped. They chip away bit by bit, with moves like extensions of terms; executive orders during 'extenuating circumstances'. There will always be extenuating circumstances. We are so quick to forget. This is how the Nazis did it; This is how the Bolsheviks did it; this is how il duce did it.

No one ever thinks it will happen in their city, their country
This is how they do it.

Park Slope


What a disgrace!

There are more of us than of them. If we can't term-limit them out of office, we can vote them out of office.

Let's all band together and vote against every Council Member who voted to extend term limits. And we must certainly vote Bloomberg out of office! It was his idea to flout the law.

Don't let the Council get away with referendum nullification.

Port Richmond, SI

This is a sad day for the voters of New York City. I voted twice against extending term limits and to tell me my vote didn't count is really a slap in the face. Bloomberg and James Sanders, Jr., will not get my vote if they decide to run next year. What a sell-out!


I think the council voting to overturn term limits is an outrage to the people of NY. Maybe this is one of the reasons why people do not vote because they feel their vote means nothing. I will not vote for Bloomberg and my Councilman Mr. Vacca who changed his vote from no to yes at the last minute. To all the undecided who waited to the last minute - shame on you - you knew you were voting yes all along and did not want to face the public. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY

Fascism has ruled in New york. Corrupt politics from the Billionaires club. Expect more condos and stadiums as the bridges and subways rot. King Mike will raise taxes and we will get less. He has to pay off everyone that "voted" with him. This is not the USA. This is Soviet USSR.

Shame on NEW YORK
I will vote against everything Bloomberg wants

Native New Yorker

i'm personally disgusted that the city council voted to ignore the voice of the people of this city who put them in office. there have been two voter referendums where the citizens of this city spoke loudly and clearly for a two term limit. i'm not surprised, however, as now the city council members can now run themselves for a third term - new york city politics as usual. i will not be voting for my "representative", christine quinn, when she is up for re-election, as she's never spoken for me, and continues to represent her own interests. bloomberg has always claimed that he wanted to change new york city's government . . . but now he can outspend everyone running against him, an old trick of the rich and powerful.


This entire process has been a subjugation of the Democratic Ideals this city was founded on. Tracing this issue back to Giuliani's failure to overturn the term limits law through Mayor Bloomberg's denial of wanting to them to his adamant refusal to involve the "people" of NYC in this process makes it even more frustrating.

Are we so hard pressed for quality candidates that we assume Bloomberg is the only person that can run NYC? It's absolutely insulting. If Bloomberg really wanted to help NYC in a time of economic crisis, he could do so just as well from outside city hall.

It's a circumvention of processes established by the people to protect the people from what ultimately is a form of imposed rule. It's unfair to us and it's unfair to those politicians who have been raising funds to run for city council.

I absolutely expect this to affect the polls next November. The main question on my mind will be, if Bloomberg does get elected again, what other forms of tyranny will he impose on NYC?


I hate Bloomberg and will NOT vote for him EVER!!!

Love your show!



I feel that we have no democracy anymore. Money buys votes and the City Council is very uneffective. That means the Mayor can do what he wants in New York City and WE have no voice. Sad!!!!

Flushing, NY

In a time of year filled with spooks and ghouls, the real horror show took place today at city hall, where democracy was killed. I hope the Ghostbusters can eliminate the goblins that reside within the building, including King bloomberg and his queen, christine. Only then will our city see a chance at a happy ending.

Luke, Grant City, Staten Island



I just sent an e-mail to my Councilman, Miguel Martinez, District 10, who voted for the term limits.

His vote was self-serving since he recently lost his bid for a state senate and he would not have been able to run again for his current council seat.

I let Councilman Martinez know that, no matter his opponent in the City Council elections of 2009, he will not get my vote. I hope others in my district do the same.

Marble Hill

What is your reaction to the vote?
What does it say about the City Council, the Mayor and the democratic process? The People win. Maybe it's the end of petty, "ego-" politics - ie, the candidates' making it an go sport amongst themselves. We, the people, will now have more choices for mayor.

Will today's vote make a difference to you when you head back to the polls next November?
And- I hope no more time is wasted on this issue - so we can focus on the economy, the env't of our City, and so forth. If petty in-fighting continues- I'll make note of from whom the petty, ego, and/or childish in-fighting comes from If 1 is a good, solid candidate, esp in nyc, you shouldn't be threatened, but rather look ff to change. We're headed for many changes- locally & federally. Show some adaptability, courage & flecibility- like many of us have had to do every day.

- Theresa
E Vill

The council also just said "MY VOTE DON'T COUNT" I'll see them at the "BALLOT BOX"!!.

Bklyn N,Y.

The way I feel now, I don't think I'll be wasting my time voting...certainly not for city Mayor.

That was shameful to say the least ... it certainly looks like he bought the council.

I fail to see what good he has done for our city and what secret weapon does he have to get the city out of trouble.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

If we loose out on the opportunity to have a Mayor Wiener, I will never forgive any of the people involved in this fiasco.

East Village


The City Council sold out, plain and simple. So much for "representing" us -- just like we didn't get to vote on whether or not they should give themselves a 24% raise, especially now that the city, as well as the country, is in a financial bind (and they all saw it coming, believe me, especially Bloomberg!!), they have decided to protect themselves by siding with the mayor and to hell with the people who put them in office in the first place.

Democratic process?!? What democratic process? It will certainly make a difference when I head to the polls next November. I only hope there will be some good people who will have to GUTS to go against the billionaire mayor. It's obvious he doesn't care about middle class New Yorkers -- he only cares about his rich friends and those city council people who SOLD OUT in order to "protect" their own political futures and to hell with us who put them in office in the first place.

Let's hope that New Yorkers remember this in 2009 when all of these people are up for re-election -- I know between the huge raises and what they did to us, we will certainly remember!

Are we angry? You betcha!

Dina and Ed of Throggs Neck

Excellent news.


Who's surprised? The Court Jesters just wanted to please the King.
But sorry I don't vote for Jesters or Kings come next November.

I say off with their heads - in a voterly way of course!


ali ali lamatani

Kissena Park

So the arrogant Billionaire Bully got his way again. Don't be surprised when people refuse to vote for anyone who voted yes on this bill! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Make no mistake the PEOPLE WILL BE heard! Over 90% of New Yorkers BEGGED you to listen to us and vote NO. It seems that you forgot how you got into office in the first place. You can now run for reelection but you have made many enemies in the process.

Congratulations to the minority of council members who had the guts to vote for democracy and No to the arm twisting of Bloomberg. You stood up to his jumping up and down and throwing another tantrum! 22 of you should be very proud that you actually "represented" your constituents in an honorable, honest way!

Bay Ridge

This is very upsetting news ... Bloomberg figured out a way to fulfill his selfish aspirations by finagling his way into the law books. We're stuck with him now...that is, those of us who can continue to afford to live in NYC by the time the next mayoral and council elections come around.

katherine - astoria .... :(

It amazes me that all of these people are suggesting that removing the term limits means that the voters are losing their right to vote. Don't like Mayor Bloomberg for proposing the removal of term limits? Then don't vote for him. Vote for SOMEONE ELSE. If all of these people truly don't want Mayor Bloomberg or Christine Quinn or anyone else for a third term, then vote against them and they won't have a third term!!!

While you are at it, please support voting against others who are seeking multiple terms, such as Congressman Weiner (oh yeah, can't do that while he is running unopposed).

A Reuters article following the vote contained the following quotes from the erstwhile Congressman Weiner, which I copied, responded to, and sent to the Honorable Mr. Weiner via his website:

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner has pledged to run against Bloomberg in the 2009 election and said the term limit extension was "a sad day for New York's democracy."

Why? Aren't you running for a 5th term as congressman? Does the fact that there are no term limits on congressman mean that it has always been sad for American democracy?

"Everyone can see that this is a back-room, insider deal that takes away New Yorkers' right to vote. I don't believe it will be forgotten," Weiner told reporters after the vote.

Does that mean that, as members of New York's 9th Congressional District, my fellow residents and I have had our vote taken away because of no term limits to prevent you from running for additional terms as our congressman?


it stinks big time. lets tell them what we think, like vote them all out next year, but the trouble is people have a short term memory problem, they will forget about all this by next year. Bloomberg has joined the ranks of sleezy politian.


hi ANTONIO from bayridge dyker heights.what do i think about the council.they have no regard to the pubic and those who voted against term limits should be made accountable when elections comes around again and put out there so that the public can see.what i think about the democratic process there is none.what is this country coming to.let the voters decide.i think the major put himself in a bad state because i feel people will not vote 4 him come elections again for the major.

Well, I guess the Council has spoken for us people, even though us people voted twice for term limits. So us people you know what we have to do, and that is not to vote for Mayor Bloomberg or any of the Council members that have taken it upon themselves under the direction of the Mayor to override our will and our right to a democratic process.

Bronx, New York

I don't see the problem with extending term limits. Unless there is some underlying corruption in the public vote where it can turn out to be bogus.. IE the BUSH GORE presidential vote.. If that isn't the case, at the end of the day, the people will still make the choice on whom they want to be the mayor if the limits are extended to 100 times.


Simple reaction - if you are angry, vote against the incumbent who voted in favor of "diising" your vote.

And think if they could do this now, SLIPPERY SLOPE!

Lakewood NJ

There are those who might disagree with me but I must applaud the City Council for doing the only thing they could and that was to extend term limits. We need Mayor Bloomberg to continue as our Mayor. In my view he is one of the better mayor's that New Yorkers have had the privilage of having. Our Mayor is needed in these most differcult economic times and we need his experience and expertise in finance. Mayor Bloomberg has shown they he truely loves our city and has rolled up his sleeves to make our city safe and working. We may not agree the way this was done but we must agree that the Mayor has what it takes to steer this city in these hard times. I do not know how many will vote for Mike but as for me, Mike has my vote.


I think the vote to overturn term limits without a referendum was DISGUSTING. ANYONE BUT BLOOMBERG IN NOVEMBER 2009. Money may be able to buy lots of things, but it won't buy my vote!

Upper Westside


In Dec. of 2005 TWU Local 100 and it's members where called thugs and criminals by our mayor for going on strike. On Oct 22nd 2008 I utter those same words to our Mayor, Cristine Quinn, Miguel Martinez, Normen Seabrook, Joel Rivera and the rest of the city council for acting like criminals and thugs for stealing the voice of the people. And as we paid the piper with taylor law fines and the loss of dues check off you will feel that same pain in Nov 2009 when you will answer to your constituants.
TWU Member

It doesn't surprise me that the Council extended term limits. Remember, this is the same self-serving body that voted themselves a pay increase a few years ago.

Flushing, Queens

John -

If you were a baseball manager would you change 75% of your team in the middle of a World Series, including your best hitter, and fill the bench with Minor League players and rookies?

We are in an economic crisis of HISTORIC PROPORTIONS - quite frankly I don't care about most of the councillors who will benefit from this.

The broader deal was necessary to give Bloomy - our mayoral A-Rod - another at bat ... at this critical time .... and that's all I want! I am afraid of where this economic crisis ends!


Bloomberg and his lackeys Christine Quinn and the rest of the council that voted to extend term limits are simply disgusting and traitors to democracy. I have a long memory and I can't wait to vote against Bloomberg.

Sunnyside Queens

I voted for term limits but I think that vote was a referendum on complacency, has enough years passed for people to wake up and realize that they have to vote for who is going to serve their interests not for the incumbent solely on his or her years in office?

I am for the overturn of term limits, I think I will vote for mayor Bloomberg again and I dont see why I cant make up my own mind on who should be voted in or voted out.

term limits is not true democracy but it is good for people to see that they have the power to choose those who serve and serve them well, not just voted for based on familiarity.


you John. You are a man of prinicple.

The City Council supporters of the Mayor's Bill is right!

They have opened the doors of democracy.

Especially to the undecided 8 who jumped the fence at the last second, as well as turncoat Darlene Mealy.

They all will be primaried, as well as challenged in the General Election. I will work hard with the Working Families Party as well other organizations.

The minor party lines will take on big importance in the 09 election

I wonder how much Mayor Mike will spend to the councilpeople who will be under fire?

And lastly John, why do we even have a voter referendum? Thank you for thoughts about barring the 29. Thank you for taking a STAND!

Love you man,
Anderson from Richmond Hill


speaker Quinn's words you played were more Hollow than a 300yr old LOG in the alaska woods. hey NYers, DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE ARROGANT INDIVIDUALS.

anthony, sunnyside

I am pleased Jessica Lapin moved from "undecided" to vote "no". I think the Charter Commission needs to be resurrected and this needs to be revised...we need legal protection from infidels like the Mayor, Ms. Quinn and all who voted in their self-interest. There are constitutional issues here...but no one ever addresses these, in realm of voter's rights.


Speaker Quinn is telling us that extending term limits is still democratic because the voters still have a choice. WRONG! This sounds like Soviet style democracy; the Russians always had a choice for the voters too. Are we now some kind of Eastern European Peoples Republic! The only persons to whom Bloomberg is essential is to the Developers who are building every thing and anything no matter how monstrous under the approving eye of the mayor. If we need him for his alleged financial expertise then he should be hired as a consultant. No one person is that important! The Law is the law! If the law is to be changed it should be by referendum not by the council and mayor.


i tried to call but line is busy. James Vacca is a disgrace and I will NEVER forget his betrayal. He actually send students from Bronx Community College to testify against Mayor's Bill and then he did a total flip flop during the vote. He was pressured by Quinn because Lappin and McMann did not want to jeopardize their election so this patsy Vacca betrayed his district. Lappin voted no the the public vote referendum.

Morris Park

The Council members, who voted for a third term should be ashamed of themselves. This was done in an underhanded manner, defying what New Yorkers voted for not once, but twice.

They are supposed to represent the people. They showed all new Yorkers that they represent their own best interests

I hope all New Yorkers stand together and Vote every one of them out of office, including the Mayor.




It bad enough that Dictator Bloomberg and his red head, spineless sycophant Quinn pulled a fast one. But if they have the nerve to insult our intelligence by having a kangaroo panel with flip-flop Lauder to"revisit" this issue in a year - I will consider moving out of the city.

Crown Heights


I would like to see some organization to spread and keep the word alive that these yes voters must be voted out of office in 2009. A year is a long time in politics and I'm sure they're counting on the public's short memory. We must not forget.


Bravo !! We are in unprecedented troubled times...............Right now I want to feel secure that an intelligent , stable leader is running this city . Yes, it goes against the norm but I know what we have and I don't want to risk the security of the city nor the common sense approach with which Bloomberg runs the city. I'm a retired corporate VP so I know what it means to have solid management. Go Bloomberg !!!


Politics is indeed the last refuge of scoundrels. It's bad enough that the Council succombed to the mayor. Worse, though, is that the members of the council used this opportunity to arrogate to themselves an additional term. It's not about Bloomberg. It's about the cheap scoundrels who serve on the council.

Woodside, NY

If you are so angry at Bloomberg and crew for overturning term limits, then don't vote for them.

Greg from Sunnyside

I'm glad that the bill passed to extend term limits. But I've noticed the irony in all of this. A lot of people were wishing that bloomberg could run again, but now that he can they are mad at him for and may even punish him for it.

Also, I'm so sick about hearing about the voter referendum. Have we forgotten that influential publuc figures supported implementing term limits and persuaded people that they were a good thing.

Do I think that term limits are a good thing? Yes, but I would be happy to have bloomberg serve again. I hate my councilmember but love the mayor and I do think we need him now. I'm feeling the negative impact of the "financial crisis" in a major way, and from that view I think this is a happy day.

And in response to the term limit on the presidency, I wish there couldve been a referendum to remove bush from office, noit to extend his term.

Bronx, NY

However, I am happy with Rosie Mendez to vote "NO" on the term limit.

AL/East Village



It's the City Council members who are going to pay for this. They knew this when they were casting their "ayes." I think Quinn stands a very good chance of losing her seat as a result of this, no matter what kind of support is behind her. But she'll be taken care of. And I have the sickening feeling that many others have the same assurances that they'll be okay. They sacrificed themselves for Bloomberg. But there will be a payoff for them down the road.

I won't forget and I won't give into fear mongering.

Tom in Chelsea

All New Yorkers should vote the people out of office in the next elections who supported this process that clearly demeans the public and is self serving. New Yorkers unite! Let's show "Boss" Bloomberg and the council members who think the voice of the people isn't worth listening to. Check NY1's list twice and see who has been naughty or nice and cast your vote accordingly. They will hear us if we send a message at the polls.



speaker Quinn just torpedoed her political future in NYC, question to the speaker, what is the NEW definition of the democratic process?

anthony, sunnyside

Mr. Richy Rich should apply some of his wealth to purchase a crown, a velvet robe and a throne. At least, that would be honest.
As an apolitical person who makes my own decisions without interference from anyone, I am offended by the paternalistic prattle of these councilpuppets, many of whom seem minimally educated and far from the caliber of people to whom I would ever defer my voice or power.

Dee, from the Lower East Side

Hi John,

I agree as always you do a wonderful job. I am in Vacco's area, and are very disappointed with the whole thing as you already know.

But the best is yet to come, you remember John Gambling was fired from WABC Radio and then he was rehired back at WOR Radio , If you listen tomorrow I'm sure Bloomberg will be on the show like he is every Friday. Bloomberg refused to go on WABC with Sliwa after John left, the point is he replaced an award winning morning show
with Joe Bartlett and Donna Hanover, what I think happened is John Gambling's job was bought by you know who.


I’m in Yassky’s district and his office told me that the calls and emails that came into his office ran 8 to 1 in opposition to this, and still the esteemed Councilman stayed on the fence. Then he cooks up this “amendment” and makes a thoughtful speech about how it is the best compromise that should satisfy everyone, because it accomplishes the Mayor’s goal AND rightfully gets approved by the voters in a referendum. Of course, he waffled on a dime after the amendment was defeated and made another thoughtful speech about why he now thinks you don’t have to check in with the voters. Like the other 2 sponsors of the amendment. Makes you think this is just what Dick Dadey at Citizen’s Union called it, having it both ways.

Throw the bums out! Starting with Yassky!

Jim in Park Slope

Unstated so far is the fact that Bloomberg/Klein are way behind in a primary agenda of their administrations: privatizing the public school system. That is the "unfinished business" of the schools the mayor refers to in wanting a third term, NOT improving the students' skills.

There has been NO IMPROVEMENT towards "proficiency" in NYC's Federal NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) scores in the 7 years these men have had control of the school system. New Yorkers need to wake up to how much money has been wasted on the mayor's phony school "reforms."


I am a candidate for the city council in next years democratic primary for David Weprin's seat in Queens. I am also President of Glen Oaks Village, the largest garden apartment co-op in NY with 10,000 residents. This vote was an absolute disgrace. The merits of term limits is not the issue. It is the process that is important and to overturn the will of the people who twice voted for term limits and in 1996 voted to keep term limits at 2 terms not 3.

Not only is this a shameless grab for power, but it is a transparent scheme to enrich themselves to the tune of an additional 4 years of salary worth $450,000 which they are currently not entitled to. This is the City Council equivalent of Insider Trading.

-Bob -
Glen Oaks Village

As a NYC Public School Teacher, who regularly have NYC Councilmen visiting my classroom, as well as throughout schools in NYC, to speak about public service to NYC youngsters - future voters learning about the governmental structure of NYC, I am embarassed to ever hear one of them again state to the children of our city how voting matters, democracy in action, and that they represent and serve the people who elected them to office. In a school where elections are held for student government, would this be the same policy? What poor role models to your youngsters, we wouldn't accept this behavior from children on a ballfield!

Tony in Astoria

Its bad enough that Dictator Bloomberg and his red head, spineless sycophant Quinn pulled a fast one. But if they have the nerve to again insult our intelligence by having a kangaroo panel with flip-flop Lauder to"revisit" this issue in a year - I will consider moving out of the city.

Crown Heights

I am very angry, we go to war to protect democracy and then have it stripped away from us. The say dictatorship is not good but today the city council members acted like a dictator. I think that the people to protest and stand up for their rights.


Hey John,

BRAVO for calling these self serving wannabees what they really are. Remember Gifford Miller? Forced out by term limits & replaced by Miss Quinn. Imagine if Bush had pulled this stuff… Bloomberg’s “Legacy” is toast. Throw The Bums Out!!!

Glen Oaks, NY

All i heard out of the council is "We're acting in the best interest of the people". I did'nt see PEOPLE voting in city hall, i saw PIGS BEGGING FOR ANOTHER 4 YEAR MEAL. Every council member who voted yes should be thrown into the east river! We've made it through crisis without them before, we'll do it again...WITHOUT THEM!

Far Rockaway, NY

I am getting sick and tired of every supporter of Bloomberg's "proposal" use "tough economic times" as an excuse. There have always been economic slumps, but you shouldn't make hasty decisions which could affect other aspects of your life so that a city (and its population) could be "managed." Today a gross miscarriage of democracy occurred at city council, and I, for one, will make sure that those supporters will not get my vote, if and when this comes before New Yorkers for a decision. I am old enough to remember a certain dictator who rose to power because of "tough economic times" in another country with which we fought a world war...........


New York City is now being run by a bunch of phony people screw the people



A sad day for the city. Our elected officials have decided to serve themselves rather than democracy. It’s always in the “toughest” times that it is most important to maintain our democratic processes. Inez Dickens early this morning - “term limits in general do not serve the communities I represent well.” NY Daily News headline two days ago - “Change in term-limits law evened City Council’s racial makeup”

Joe from Manhattan

hey john---see the hour is what you need!!!

I am angry.
If he wanted to run for another time fine, but let the people make that decision---
the council people who voted YEA today, should not be voted in by their constituencies on 11-3-09. WE ALL NEED TO REMEMBER THAT.
Let the people decide, freedom of democracy!
Does Christine/Mike own NYC??? NO!!
We the people make the politicians get those HIGH SALARIES---Christine Quinn is just out for the money!!! In these times, when their are families who can't even afford a loaf of bread and she gave herself a huge raise---I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY!
Thank goodness my Councilmen John Liu and James Gennaro voted no---bet u they went out into their neighborhoods and asked.
We all need to remember NOT TO VOTE FOR THE INCUMBENT in November 2009!

Thanks John for always telling it like it is!


"And now there ensued in the camp that unexampled auction of the imperial dignity. There was found a rich fool, Didius Julianus, who, for a sum in excess of one thousand dollars paid to each soldier, purchase for himself a few weeks of debauchery and terror. But was the last and highest pinnacle of Praetorian presumption. Simultaneously three provincial armies gave themselves the pleasure of proclaiming their leaders Emperor, and among them was the gloomy Septimius Severus. Feckless Julian's first recourse was to dispatch assassins; there was an officer named Aquilius who had often been employed for murder in high places and who enjoyed a reputation like Locusta's in Nero's day. Then, because he had paid good money for the realm, Julianus declared him co-regent; but he was deserted and scorned, and, at the instance of the Senate, executed while Severus was still several days' march from Rome" (Burckhhardt, The Age of Constantine).

Please do not misunderstand. I do not approve there methods, but their moral clarity is unimpeachable. Oh Septimius Severus, where are you in our hour of need?

harold, tribeca

I'm angry. This was a well calculated plan by Puppetier Bloomberg. I have no respect for Christine Quinn and the rest of the puppets in the council. Its not about Term Limits, its about the Will Of the PEOPLE!! The reasoning that Bloombergs puppets used to justify their yes vote was ridiculous. They sounded as if they were trying to convince themselves. I can't believe I agree with Councilman Barron, LOL.

Shawn, Queens

It is as simple as that! It is a coup d'etat. Overturn of the rule of law. No voice runs above the voice of the people in a referendum. That's final. Period. It was disgusting when Mr. Bloomberg said it was. And it is disgusting now, Mr. Mike Disgusting Bloomberg, and Gang. Ms Quinn, beyond the pale! The Disgusting Gang! That's the name this group deserves.


I am Rosalie, from Prospect Heights.

My council member, David Yassky, submitted the amendment to provide for a referendum. After he voted YES on the referendum, he proceeded to vote YES on the bill to extend term limits. This is utter hypocrisy, and Mr. Yassky will not get my vote in 2009. What kind of twisted logic would lead him to compromise the basic tenet of consistency, and usurp the voters' choice?

thank you

Each council member who supported the repeal said that he/she needed to stay in office to "get the job done". They assume that they'll be re-elected. Unfortunately, their assumption is 95% correct: city council elections are a farce. The local democratic machines choose their party's candidates, and the general election is a joke in 47 out of 51 gerrymandered districts. This is precisely why we need term limits.


What was the mayor worth Before He came to office And What is He Worth now? I Think He Has a agenda What that is I don't know Can you tell plz!!


i am very angry with the city council vote. the public has spoken out in referendums. we already have a police state (city) and now we have a dictatorship. quinn has proven once again that she is nothing but a sellout.

i am disgusted.


Yes Bloomberg is a good mayor, but that doesn't make him the messiah. If this city could walk away from those dark days after 9/11 without Giuliani then we can walk away from this crisis without Bloomberg. But alas, I am very satisfied with what happened today. City Council has made my decision easier for November 2009, and on that day I will vote against whoever supported this affront to Democracy.


John -

You are awesome.
Loved hearing you comparing the council to Stalin and saying you
wouldn't have any of the anti-term limiters on the show.

Quinn is the worst of the worst.
Pure, unadulterated political scum.
Announcing her decision on a Sunday before a Monday holiday!! Then yesterday quoted as saying that "this was a great democratic

Keep skewering them.

Jim in Brooklyn

Speaker Quinn is telling us that extending term limits is still democratic because the voters still have a choice. WRONG! This sounds like Soviet style democracy; the Russians always had a choice for the voters too. Are we now some kind of Eastern European Peoples Republic! The only persons to whom Bloomberg is essential is to the Developers who are building every thing and anything no matter how monstrous under the approving eye of the mayor. If we need him for his alleged financial expertise then he should be hired as a consultant. No one person is that important! The Law is the law! If the law is to be changed it should be by referendum not by the council and mayor.


What a surprise. The City Council let us down again. They pledge their allegiance to the dead presidents and not the living tax payers. They've been stealing from us for years, now they want four more years. You want a name to describe these spineless morons? How about Michaels Minions. Those in the council that tried to give the tax payers a say... thank you. The rest...I have 2 words for you. But John can't read one of the two on the air. ..but you is the last one.

Upper Eastside

As adults, we know that there are consequences to missing deadlines. Lawsuits can be lost if they are not filed in time. Credit card companies penalize customers who miss their payments. Etc,, etc.

How is it that Richy Rich benefits from not applying sooner for a 3rd term. Why should anyone believe that he didn't plan all along to go this route and ensure his 3rd term endrun. He has more than tripled his wealth while being mayor, while everyone else has gotten poorer.

Believe me, anybody that rich loves wealth more than anything altruistic or positive that he can do for anybody..

Adina, Manhattan

In 1993, I helped direct the anti-prop4 campaign for C-Pac, the council political action committee run by then Speaker Peter Vallone. I did not then, nor do I now believe in term limits – and in fact, I make the case it has been an abysmal failure – witness the number of relatives who have succeeded in office as well as the chiefs of staff – we have established a system of primogeniture. My distaste for term limits though is tempered by the fact that the electorate, twice, has voted for them – today’s council vote has negated hundreds of thousands of individual votes and was reprehensible.


Hi John,

So, just how many of those 22 council members who voted against this are going to rescind their seats in 2009 if they are term-limited out?


The Council Sucks!

I think Bill Clinton should run for Mayor of New York.

Big Rosie

What do you expect?! There is no way for "politics" to be any other way. These morons will always do whatever they want. Let's not forget the national model is "democratically" elected self service.

I. Stillhait Guiliani

This vote epitomizes what everyone hates about politics - Politicians are self-centered and care more about themselves than the will of the people. This is what makes people apathetic, why vote when the people in charge don't listen unless they are running for office? We need to vote everyone who voted 'YES" out of office, and we need to send a message to Mayor Bloomberg by voting him out of office as well.

William from Rego Park

Calm down please. There is a risible amount of grandstanding on both sides from a shower of political pipsqueaks. If people don't want Bloomberg for a 3rd term they will vote him down in the next election. You don't need term limits to preserve democracy, you need campaign finance law. At least Bloomberg doesn't have to take donations from big real estate and the big developers. You don't know when you're on to a good thing.

Trevor from Brooklyn

What an outrage, isn't this the way most dictatorships get into power, the people vote and the politicians get to decide if they like the vote outcome. What next? Crown him King, Mayor for Life? There is no longer democratic government in this city and as they do in other countries, we should have a vote of no confidence and boot his arrogant ass out...


He's so wrong: we can't "vote these people out" because, without term limits, they're entrenched for another 4 years!


You have my vote for the Pet names. Please move to Chelsea and do run against the Chief Lapdog. On a serious note if he does get re-elected what then? If it is true 89% of the people are against this then we will have the last say on who will be our next Mayor.

Gotta Keep Drummin

To quote Michael Bloomberg, this act of lesgislatvely overturning term limits was disgraceful. It's hard to remain optimistic abut the future of NYC politics on a day like this. It's no wonder young people are so cynical. Shame shame shame! As a candidate for Council '09, this is devastating setback for me personally, but it's a worse setback for democracy.


To the 29 councilmembers that voted, they should be ashamed of themselves. Our powerhungry mayor and all his puppets have sent their way, they don't care about the New Yorkers that voted them into office. This is a nightmare, where was democracy? Are we living in a communist city? what an appalling disgrace!

Kudos to Staten Island!

Carlos C.,
Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Thank you for speaking up on your show tonight, for those of us who were robbed of a chance to vote again for the referenda we voted on twice already. Ironic wouldn't you say? The 29 council members who say they were upholding NYers' right to vote for who we want to, including incumbents who we may have voted for in the past, failed to give us the chance to vote again on an ISSUE we voted on in the past. Ironic! If the 29 were truly supporting our right to freely exercise our vote, why not support our right to vote on this issue?

Helen Sears is my council member...who I am extremely disappointed in, given her otherwise progressive record.

Jackson Heights

What a fiasco........shame on all who voted "Yes," alongside Bloomberg and Quinn!

I will REMEMBER this day! The self crowned KING & QUEEN of NY should remember the error of their ways and not be surprised when WE the people remove them by voting them and their respective "crony council members......... OUT OF OFFICE!

Kudos to Staten Island for showing Chutzpah!

Anita-Upper West Side

I’m a Woodside, Queens resident and I was proud of my representative Eric Gioia standing firm against the majority of the Council and with the people, despite the golden parachute of another term being handed to him by extending the terms to 3. The idea that Bloomberg and by extension the Council members who voted for this are so uniquely qualified to hold their offices for more years, with the 90% or better chance incumbents have of winning reelection, and that there are no others in a city of 8 million people equally or more qualified to handle the job, is at best counterintuitive to reason and life. The referendum is the most powerful weapon the public has to actually write law, and is used rarely, but it appears these are not worth the paper they are printed on. Very sad and troubling power play by 29 elected representatives.


How sorry is the state of our democracy when the votes of the 51 council members are considered more important than the hundreds of thousands of registered voters in a referendum, and when an issue's survival depends solely on whether three billionaires vote yea or nay? What's next: Bringing back the Board of Estimate? If we're gonna be undemocratic, we might as well go all the way!

Lower East Side


that Red Star behind the city public advocate, Ms Gotbaum, looks a little too much like the Red Star of the Communist flag............. hhmmmmmmmmm

anthony, sunnyside

The argument that it's too late for a vote by the people is belied by the fact that the mayor could have appointed a charter revision commission earlier this year, and we could be voting on the issue eleven days from now, when everyone expects a pretty big turnout.

Mike from Tribeca

I am very dishearten that our votes no longer count, and very disappointed in the council members that supported the bill, especially James Vacca from the Bronx. He did a complete 180. I didn't think he would sell out. He had did so much as Community Board Leader and a few months as City Council. I am angry that we are no longer a democracy. I will no longer support Jimmy, or vote for him in the next election. MY VOTE NO LONGER COUNTS AND I WILL NOT WASTE IT ON ANY POLITICIAN.

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