Wednesday, December 24, 2014


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The Call Blog: PBA Continues Campaign Against More NYPD Oversight

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We had a lot of viewers ask the same question tonight: What's wrong with oversight? I agree.

Checks and balances are the basis of democracy. We have them at every level of government -- federal, state, local. There's nothing wrong with someone coming in and evaluating the way a particular agency conducts business, and working to improve its policies and strategies. Now, it's the NYPD's turn.

For the second day in a row, the Policeman’s Benevolent Association is campaigning to convince lawmakers to change their votes on a pair of bills known as the Community Safety Act. Yesterday, PBA members targeted the Upper West Side districts of City Council members Daniel Garodnick and Jessica Lapin. Today, they passed out flyers in Mark Weprin’s district of Bayside, Queens. The police union says these Council members’ votes in favor of the Community Safety Act do not reflect the values of their constituents. The PBA also argues police officers’ jobs will be made tougher by the legislation, which expands New Yorkers' ability to sue for alleged racial profiling, and creates an inspector general to oversee the NYPD.

PBA President Pat Lynch said today: “Every New Yorker owes it to themselves and their family to understand the dangerous nature of these two horrendous bills. If they become law, they will force already sparse police resources from our streets; they will handcuff police officers in their enforcement efforts and the end result will be an increase in crime.”

To coincide with the campaign, the union also launched a new webpage today, where residents can e-mail their City Council members to express their opposition to the legislation. Both bills are expected to be vetoed by Mayor Bloomberg and then return to the City Council for an override vote.

Should these bills be made law? Do you support your Council member’s vote on the Community Safety Act? What’s your reaction to the PBA’s campaign against this legislation? Will it “handcuff police officers,” as the PBA says?

Send your thoughts using the e-mail link above.

These bills were created to appease the predominantly black neighborhoods. They were voted upon based on race and they have no valid argument to back them up. They will only make the city more dangerous and should not be written into law...

Park Hill

The PBA is doing a service on behalf of the entire City of New York, countering the mix of mob-mentality and political correctness-run-amuck behind the stampede to pass these two bills, regardless of their consequences for ordinary New Yorkers.

I'm not a cop, nor am I related to any member of the police force -- all I do is run a retail store in Manhattan. But I've lived in this city for all of my 57 years, and I've seen a thing or two in my time, and I truly believe that these two bills will result in measurably less safe streets for law-abiding citizens; and they will also provide lots of excuses for the grand-standing Council members behind the two bills to bluster and rail in front of the cameras.

It's all good political theater, but at a very high admission price for most of us.

And you can see by the list of people who support those two bills precisely what their real purpose is, because right there near the head of the list are Donna Lieberman and the NYCLU, who -- when you get right down to it -- are little more than lobbyists for criminals and terrorists.

Bravo, PBA!!!!

Upper West Side

Both laws should be passed. The cops are out of control, partly because of Pat Lynch, just another union thug. He should be fired and run out of town.

Port Richmond, SI

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t wait until after the
election when we will then know who the new Police Commissioner
will be.

Many are not going to be here and their votes will not be in the best
interest of us New Yorkers for that matter.

In reference to the City Council Members and their voting. They
are just rushing through passing these laws for all the wrong
reasons. This should be thought out by the next mayor just like
the school system mess and many other important issues that need to
be settled. The new mayor will have a different approach. I myself
feel that it might take 10 or more years to undue this mish mosh
that was created by this Bloomberg administration. Be a little patient
and concentrate on the campaigns.

Always remember that many of these city council members are
on an illegal 3rd term and we should all try to keep this in mind.
I don’t trust any of them. They can swan any vote anyway at all and
we will be stuck with it because to overturn something is not an
easy task.


Wake up law-abiding New Yorkers! The only reason the Council is pushing this so-called safety act is because it's an election year and they need some cheap votes. God save this city if this bill goes through.

Forest Hills

Stop and frisk should be a systemic policy. It targets the poor and people of color. Subway checkpoints are also illegal. When one has there bags checked at a subway is another form of stop and frisk. I don't see stop and frisk where the majority are illegal aliens.. The bill will help monitor the dept and eliminate officers who abuse their authority. Officers still have the authority to search and seize within the context of the law. The current policy is illegal. Stop and search is used in las vegas nevada. But they have established professional deterrent with a more effective police protocol.

Anthony manhattan

Pat Lynch from the PBA, not so different from Michael Mulgrew President of the UFT. Their job is to protect their union members. I'm not so sure that I support these laws, but I'm not going to take the opinion of the PBA any more than we should listen to the teachers union which doesn't want teacher evaluations. Citizens and taxpayers of the City and State deserve to have their teachers and their police accountable. Again, I'm not sure I like this law.

Upper East Side, Manhattan

I think that if it is executed fairly, a separate entity that oversees the nypd is not necessarily a bad thing. Checks and balances are what makes a democracy work.

Chris west Brighton

I would greatly support my councilman for this bill. Lynch is a union bully. I am a former Police Officer. NYPD is an institution of racism that need to be bond by this law stops always been racial. They would make jokes about 250 reports and blacks. PBA believe that they are this era overseer.

And this bill will make officers accountable.

From Corona

Cops do a great job at keeping us safe. But we cannot tolerate a policy that is intended to get guns off the street that has a 99 percent failure rate. It's indefensible yet Bloomberg asserts that not enough people of color are being stopped. Blatant fear mongering. It's unconstitutional as implemented and making communities less safe because police-community relations have eroded. Nothing in the bill prevents cops from doing their job. The opponents should just read the bill.

Lily from Harlem

Just a comment. In my opinion, based on what I'm hearing from the PBA, The commissioner, and the mayor, it is not a fear for the public's safety. It's a fear of losing their power. What is so wrong with having someone keeping them honest? They wouldn't be so fearful if they had something to lose, or hide.


What is wrong of some being stopped if that increases chance of people being safe, they must be happy not unhappy because it could be their mother, sister father grandfather who could be assaulted so what is the big deal, it is a shame that Council woman who has been an alcoholic trying to mislead and manipulate constituents put their families in danger to get vote


I am a Black male that has been stopped and I didn't like it. However, if everyone is being stopped the streets will be safer. There are illegal guns killing people. Ray Kelly is a good man doing a tremendous job. We have a new Chief, Phil Banks, a Black man, lets give him a chance. We can't keep hugging these thugs. They have to choose a team: the good guys or the bad guys. Those are the rules of our society. You have a choice. And, yes some of the newer younger officers could use some cultural competency training.


How long are we going to insist police weren't racially profiling? They want "no over sight" and no "accountability" for their officers! Only criminal minded people wish for no oversight and no accountability!


Garodnick and Lapin are opportunistic parasites. They are voting with Quinn because they think she is going to be the next Mayor. She is not.

East Village

The original problem with stop and frisk is that otherwise innocent people were being forced to empty their pockets and then arrested for minor crimes like having small amounts of marijuana for personal use. The precipitating stop, based on some nebulous profiling standard, was not justified by either reasonable suspicion that the individual was committing or about to commit a crime, and there was no probable cause for a full search.

But, since the program does get guns off the street, and the presence of such guns does pose a clear and present danger calling for extreme and potentially unconstitutional measures, perhaps the stop and frisk program as it now exists will be attenuated, if not completely obviated, by the employment of high-tech remote weapon sensing technology, like the Terahertz Imaging Detection Systems, currently being developed by the Pentagon in partnership with the NYPD, with which police officers will be able to covertly scan a crowd of pedestrians for concealed weapons, thus establishing reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause for the interception, wanding, and subsequent searching of those detected as carrying a possible weapon.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

The gentleman from Forest Hills had it right. It's all about the election, this conflict was created to generate a voting block. Our so called representation has a way of creating some issues without resolving them just before election time.

Let's ask the well did things work out when the authority was taken away from most teachers can only suggest students study and learn. Do we really want police officers second guessing at a crime scene?

How about some balance on that Stop and Frisk....can't someone use a little judgement? Police officers know what a real criminal looks like, don't they? Remember there are ALWAYS two sides to EVERY story, right?


Lets face it, those that have no worries of getting stopped, HINT HINT, will never understand the indignity that it serves to law abiding citizens who are stopped simply because they are black or latino, yet they are the first to scream about THEIR inalienable rights, while ignoring the OTHER'S right's....hypocrisy?


Allowing people to sue individual officers is a great way to discourage the police from protect us.

Will from Brooklyn

I live in north flushing and the police are constantly pulling people over for no reason. They abuse their authority and don't care if they are wrong or right. I used to get pulled over twice a week just looking for a parking spot. The worst police department is the 111th precinct. If you are latino or black, you can't even go hang out and have a drink or something to eat on bell blvd cause unless you are leaving in a cab, you can guarantee the cops will stop you as your leaving to go home even if you look sober. They abuse their power and they will continue to do so until someone stops them. New laws are the only way.


I have seen young Latino males stopped in my neighborhood. They could be going to the store for milk and bread. stop and frisk allows for police to question anyone without cause.

I have seen the fear, embarrassment and mixed emotions these young males feel when this happens to them.

As a mother and neighbor I am hurt witnessing this. These are my neighbors.

i know the police have a hard job. I know they do their very best and have a tough and dangerous job. I don't blame them. They do a great job for us in New York. They are the best.

It's tough on both sides - but maybe more police presence in general and more police on neighborhood beats can help end stop and frisk.

Stop and frisk is random - cops on a regular post or beat become part of the neighborhood too.


Until the philosophy which hold once race superior and another inferior is permanently discredited there is war"
Bob Marley

It furthers the purpose of covert and overt racism is people of color are stopped on the street because of race. I am appalled that this isn't recognized as such.

There are other ways to respond to crime than using racism to oppress people of color. It is the responsible of the leaders to come up with this plan this is why we chose them to lead us.

If the president were to walk through the city unrecognized he could be stopped and frisked.

There will always be crime in poor neighborhoods when folks are denied basic services and the right to all the benefits in the society. When the root cause is addressed the crime will cease and there will be no need for stop and frisk.


I am a 33 years old male hispanic. I am a combat veteran, served in afghanistan. its been more than 10 years since i was stopped by a police officer. I don't know what would happen if i get stopped & frisk. One thing for sure is that if i am not doing anything wrong and a police officer tries to search me. I will defend myself physically. Bloomberg says the city is safe. What he really means is that the white people of new york are safe. While everybody else are subject to stop question and frisk.


I was born and raised in Washington heights, 163rd st between broadway and st Nicholas. That blocks nickname in the 80s was VIETNAM. Stop and frisk cleaned up Washington heights. Buy today there are no drug dealers on the street out in the open, so who are they frisking?


What exactly is the problem with oversight? You know who doesn't like oversight? People who break the rules.

The PBA says, "We can be sued now!" Good. If you do nothing wrong, you won't lose the suit. If you're guilty of abuse or unnecessary profiling, then you deserve to lose the suit.

The PBA attacking Council members is the same thing as stop-and-frisk victims attacking the cops. The only difference is that the stop-and-fisk victims have already been abused. The cops are trying to preemptively clear the way for unfettered abuse on the streets.

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