Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor Bloomberg Defends "Stop, Question And Frisk"

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Mayor Bloomberg said today the idea of the NYPD's Stop, Question and Frisk policy is not to catch people with guns, it's to prevent people from carrying them. From that he concluded, since police officers are recovering fewer guns on the streets, the program is working well. I'm sorry...what? Are we on the same page here? This sounds like just another spin on words for Mayor Mike. To me, he's basically saying, "I want to get illegal guns off City streets. I don't care if you own one, if you keep it in your home, or in your car, just as long as they're not on my streets."

Days after a critical report of the NYPD's "stop, question and frisk" policy, Mayor Bloomberg said "the program has been doing great." On his weekly radio show, the Mayor said police are finding fewer illegal guns on the streets, and that "means the program is working."

Earlier this week, the New York Civil Liberties Union released an analysis of NYPD data and concluded the program resulted in "stark racial disparities," and "violated the constitutional rights of millions of people." The NYCLU's analysis revealed young black and Latino men were the targets of a "hugely disproportionate" number of stops.

In 2011, 685,724 stops took place. And while young minorities make up 4.7% of New York City's population, they accounted for 41.6% of stops. 90% were considered innocent. The report comes a week after the NYPD acknowledged overall crime is up in all five boroughs from this time last year.

Do you welcome the "stop, question and frisk" program, or do share the NYCLU's concerns over racial disparities? If criminals are leaving their guns home for fear of being searched, does that mean the program is working? What's your reaction to the crime rate increasing in all five boroughs?

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Everyone wants less crime but stopping people w/o good reasons isn't acceptable! I dated a cop and we vigorously disagreed. Without cause I think this violates civil rights!!

Jackson Heights

Its outrageous! A whole generation growing up 'presumed guilty' of SOMETHING,+hating cops! Criminals just put guns in cars. I bet the Mayor wud hav dif opinion if daughter was stop+frisked! I'm 50yr old Irish woman+ was appalled when I found out my son,who went to HS in FT. Greene was regularly frisked! Its horrible!


If the crime rate is increasing in all five boroughs then it is obvious that this policy has minimal effect on crime prevention, and does nothing more than infringe upon the civil liberties of individuals based solely on race.

Felix Bay Ridge

Allow the Police to do their job. The program should be expanded to include all groups equally. Thereafter, when findings conclude one group or neighborhood has a problem increase active presence and surveillance there.

All of us must remember, the system will never be perfect.

Damond from Clinton Hill

The program is working because they are stopping and frisking the wrong people. Blacks and Latino's aren't the only ones who can carry guns. Whites are at liberty to come and go as they please, carry guns and shoot who they want and never be stopped frisked or questioned. Mr. Bloomberg your program works because you and the police dept. have already decided who is guilty. Shame on you.

Midland Beach - Staten Island.

Bloomberg says, “police are finding fewer illegal guns on the street and that means the program is working.” It could also mean that it is not working.

The question can be answered only if you know how many illegal guns there are on the street and of that number, what percent are being found. Since Bloomberg doesn’t know and can’t know, he can’t say the program is working. And I can’t say it’s not working.

My complaint about the program is that it involves illegal, unconstitutional, warrantless searches.

Port Richmond, SI

The crime has been up for quite a few years now in all of the outer boroughs. It is past the point of no return. I could see them with the stop, question and frisk policy if they had hold on the problem.

Please don't get me wrong about this policy but what actual success has there been by continuing to do this. How many arrests have they made and how many guns and how much crime in general have they succeeded in due to this policy that they continue to apply.

But for this mayor to say that the program is doing great is absurd. He thinks that because he goes on this bogus radio station with his verbal percentages that it is success.
This is a good example that he took upon himself to run everything and he can’t do that. His job is being mayor not putting his nose in departments that should have qualified people running them and meet with him to keep him abreast of everything going on. But he chooses to spend time with these damn foolish bike lanes and other unimportant projects that have no meaning to us. We need jobs period.

So far for the past few days he has been horning in on our act and doing nothing but praising himself as he always does.

Why doesn’t he come on New York 1 and answer our questions. What’s he afraid of.


I'm not concerned w/ racial disparities. Im concerned that when cops do find a gun the charge will deteriorate in court due to the false probable cause for the search.

Forest Hills



Though many will disagree with me (including family members) I totally agree with Bloomberg. Though it may be "inconvenient" for many "law-abiding" individuals, it is definitely worth the inconvenience when it helps to keep our communities safer. Sadly, it is our young black & latino's mostly targeted, but we must face reality! It is our black and latino youth (and not so young) committing crimes (murder, drugs, gangs and rape) in the black and latino communities. Taking one gun, drugs, gang member or rapist off the streets is worth it.

Mothers Against Guns, Inc.
Rosedale, New York



If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't object to the "Stop & Frisk" policy. It's necessary to keep everyone safe. My sons ride the subways everyday, they are caucasian, and their bags have been searched. More minorities ride the subways so that's why more minorities have been searched.

Debbie from Whitestone

From housing to education and even law enforcement, the Bloomberg administration has been cavalier and unapologetic about its racist policies that continually target minorities.

When Trayvon Martin was killed the mayor condemned the LAW in florida. However, his own aggressive police force puts our black and latino children at risk of violence and suspicious of authority perhaps without any chance of any remedy. If the NYCLU is even reluctant to outright condemn the policy as a whole, then the public really has no voice other than when we bury our children and protest the police.


Some people think that Stop and Frisk only applies to people on the street, when in fact people that are driving are in jeopardy as well. I have about 5 to 6 videos of the Illegal stop and attempt to frisk\search my vehicle.

Reggie South Jamaica Queens

Stop a wanna be Jihadist in their Tracks, if you see something say something and collect a REWARD if you stop a terrorist attack.


Stop and frisk need to be eliminated because when Timothy Mcvey did what was Hideous and destructive, I've never seen and heard Andy policeman stopping and frisking white men with blond hair.

Frankie, Manhattan

I think everyone who agree has never been frisk. I go to school down town and most people don't respect cop and feel like they just like they harassed insted of helping them.


In response to your show, I think all this riff raff back and forth is ridiculous. Half the police department is black and hispanic so what are all these blacks complaining about? I think we need more old school white people back in the city. I'm talking Irish/Italian/Greek etc...Too many blacks/Mexicans/Indians in the city. For sure.


One way to make the Stop & Frisk program less onerous and more Constitutionally acceptable is through the use of emerging technology that will allow police to detect concealed metal objects from a distance, thereby establishing reasonable suspicion for a wanding that could establish probable cause for a more intrusive search.

This process would be bias-free, as it would target only those actually carrying a suspicious
object, regardless of their demographics, and it would spare the majority of those likely to be stopped who are completely innocent.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

You have posted and stated the % of minorities who live in nyc and the % that are stopped.

Why haven't you posted the % of violent crime by these same minorities?

South Village

This is just another example of politically correct garbage. I see nothing wrong with stopping and fisking. statistically most crimes in the city are committed by minorities. That’s why they are being stopped. We all have endure having our bags searched. This is not the same world that belonged to your mother and father. And if the crime rate is down that means the police department is doing something right. To those who can’t handle the police policies – move to Jersey.


I think the NYPD needs to be a little more sensitive to the humanity of the people they encounter. And that not every Arabic or African looking person is a threat, it's the person's presentation that may or may not invite this treatment.

Rachel from Canarsie had several goo points.

Ultimately we need to regard each other as human beings. As a resident of Harlem, I can tell you it's very one sided up here. I can even see that the police are the enemy and I'm a white guy!

And yet where I work in Chelsea, the dynamic is totally different.

I work at a city community center and I will tell you: when you combat evil with love, unkindness with politeness, but discrimination with force, not fire, the best change comes about.


How about this? All black cops stop and frisk white men the same way black men are.....

G from Queens NY

This policy is fine. It is the only way to stop and disarm the terrifying increase in the number of cop killings by armed criminals in the New York area. People in this city who think that it is a violation of civil rights are wrong. The police are legally entitled to stop those they think may be carrying illegal fire arms. Are we clear on that?

Now lets stop all this "political correct small l liberal" nonsense about the race of those stopped and frisks. First of all the police have turned up over 600 guns by doing this stop and search; so it is a valid and just thing to stop and frisk and get these fire arms off the streets. It is irrelevant what race those stopped are - purple with greens spots or with three eyes - issue is some of them are armed and dangerous!

Now look at the crime statistics. Manhattan is fairly safe as it Statten Island and Queens. The Bronx is a very dangerous place. Brooklyn is sort of safe but not in some areas. That covers the five boroughs of the City of New York.

Where are most of the frisks and searches going on? Guess what in that very dangerous part of New York; the Bronx. Are they turning up illegal weapons in the searches or in other words are the searches proving to be justified. YES! Who lives there? Mainly 'minorities.' So be it a matter of geography perhaps!

It is not unconstitutional to stop and search people; there is no ruling in the US Constitution that limits the police force from stopping people and seeing if they are carrying an illegal weapon.

So Americans, wake up to yourselves. This country is Third World in its crime rate. Its murder rate is so high per head of population that it ranks up there with Jamaica the most dangerous and criminal country on earth. So don't give me any rubbish about Constitutional rights; what or who are you kidding? By the way the guys who wrote the Constitution were in the main slave owners ; ie Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves and took all steps necessary to keep them. So why should we worry anyway about the Constitution and what it says; it is like most legislation dates back in 1776 more than a bit OUTDATED!


As Willie Sutton once said, he robs banks “because that’s where the money is,” so what he did was profile the money locations. So with Stop & Frisk, you do the same thing, you go to where crimes are highest and/or you stop those who look like they don’t fit the neighborhood profile, e.g., today was a beautiful 72° day and everyone was wearing short-sleeve shirts and/or carrying their jackets, but during my afternoon trip downtown, I saw two unrelated black guys wearing hoodies waiting outside two different subway stations; as far as I’m concerned, ANYONE of any color wearing a hoodie on a bright sunny day like today was is up to no good. Since 95% of all the people shown on the news who are wanted because their pictures were taken by surveillance cameras are wearing hoodies, you can bet that people wearing hoodies are first on my list for Stop & Frisk, especially on warm sunny days.

New Dorp

It's unconstitutional! My young make relatives got frisked daily walking from school, non of which walked with baggie pants or had trouble with law or school. The one who expressed his rights was locked up over night and released with no charges clearly in an attempt to shut him up and force him to comply.

Morgan from Harlem made good points. Also Vincents comments were good and justified.


the ny police department is inherently racist, i live in south jamaica and have been stopped numerous times in my vehicle for no lawful reason. the funny thing is that i am a nyc correction officer and you should see the disgust on their face when i produce my creditials..i really messed up their day


Bloomberg and Kelly are racists. How would they feel if Jews and Irish-looking people were always being stopped and frisked. I have never been so disgusted as a New Yorker in my life. Undiluted racism, that's all it is.

East Village

He brings up a great point by saying that everyone should be frisked to see how violated they'd feel. I am a white male and pulled over by the LAPD while on vacation just for squeezing by their car on a tight street. I was frisked like a criminal and detained for 30 minutes. It was humiliating. I was livid.


It doesn't matter if Stop and Frisk is being done for the greater good of society. We have laws in this country. A police officer can not just like "pull you over" and frisk you without Probable Cause. This applies to drugs all the time in The Criminal Courts. The NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg are not above the law. If a gun is found on an individual and that person is arrested this could and should be thrown out by a Judge at the pre-trial hearing -- what was the reason for searching this person? -- among other questions.

I now want to look into the courts and see how this actually is being handled. This is a violation of Peoples' Constitutional Rights.

Upper East Side

Well If you want to walk around acting like a thug, and listening to violent rap music then you should get frisked. Its not only guns that kill knives do also. Lets face it most black and hispanic's that consider themselves black are the ones usually involved in criminal activities, just look at the jail's. If a light skinned Latino or Hispanic or indian hispanic walks around a largely black community they should worry abut crime, but if a black, or black person or a hispanic that considers themselves black walk around a caucasian, educated neighborhood they don't have to worry and don't, why is that? Because they are the people that are responsible for most homicides. Look at the statistics.

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