Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Lawmakers Call For Reforms To "Stop And Frisk" Policy

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For the second time in as many weeks, we've had every line ringing when talking about the NYPD's stop, question and frisk policy. Clearly there is a desire among many New Yorkers to examine the best way to keep the streets safe, and protect the rights of the innocent. If nothing else, the NYPD should hold a series of town hall meetings to open up dialogue.

Several City Council lawmakers gathered on the steps of City Hall today to call for reforms to the NYPD's "stop and frisk" policy. Police Department statistics show officers stopped and questioned nearly 700,000 people last year, a 14% increase from 2010. 87% of those who were questioned and searched were black or Hispanic. The NYPD defends the policy, citing the City's low murder rate.

Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams is among those who believe the practice of stopping innocent New Yorkers adds to the mistrust of police officers. He is introducing a legislative package that includes requiring officers to hand out business cards every time they stop someone. Police also would have to explain the rules involving the right to refuse a search. Will this legislation be effective?

Do you support a bill requiring police officers to hand out informational cards during a stop, question and frisk? Will it help build a better relationship between the NYPD and the community? Does the practice need reform, or is it working effectively to deter crime?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Mr. Williams ought to worry more about the mistrust that a lot of us feel toward our City Council members . . . I, for one, trust the police a lot faster than I would any of the council members to safeguard the safety of this city or my neighborhood, or anything else, for that matter. And other than resigning from office, I can't think of a single thing that any of them could do to bring down the crime rate in this city.

Upper West Side

Hi John,

I still feel the same as before that if you are not guilty of anything then one should not have anything to worry about. I don’t get the purpose of giving out a card.

Thank you John,

I'm no fan of crime,but i can't believe it's not a serious violation of civil liberties.. Wat if done on 5th ave? And recent NY Times probe revealed courts,legal aid,jails+NYPD overwhelmed by astonomical # of arrests for possession of small amt of pot 'out in open' when those 'stopped+frisked' are told to empty their pockets+afraid to refuse.



Stop and frisk is by definition a warrantless search. Any cop conducting stop and frisk should be arrested and prosecuted for a direct violation of the US Constitution. Commissioner Kelly should be indicted as a co-conspirator.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

CERTAINLY I support such a bill. The "STOP & FRISK POLICY" just as so many other policies in America is bias at best. Statistical data verifies that racism is an undeniable factor in this practice. It is past time for BASIC FAIRNESS FOR ALL AMERICANS.

Springfield Gardens

Eliminate all stops on minorities and watch the body count go up. The police dont care what color you are, they care about what type of crimes are being committed.


Implement this on a trial basis and I guarantee you that the amount of Stop Question & Frisks will dramatically decrease. Reason being most Police Officers are reluctant to give their name and badge number because they already know that what they are doing is WRONG!


A couple years ago when I was living on W 83rd and Amsterdam I called 911 when I saw my car being broken into from apartment window. The first question out of the 911 operates mouth was "Is he black or hispanic." I found it really surprising this these were my only options given. Didn't seem very PC, but I guess theres a reason they cut to the point like this.

Park Slope

I think basic fairness is in order.


Police Officers are also killing innocent people. We need reform on all levels. There are issues within the communities and within the force. The police work is very important but if they are going to harass the innocent then they are not actually helping the community or making people feel safe.


I believe in the councilman is right. If they handed out cards, They may not be so fast to use aggression. And then the person may obey in a lawful manner.


Anyone that thinks that is ok to stop anyone and frisk them based on what they look like or believe has never been stop and frisked. Unless, the people that feel this way realize that they have nothing to worry about due to their ethnicity, then it makes sense why they would support the violating of someone else's human right.

Growing up in Harlem , the blatant drug dealing that is suppose to be prevalent today is a new one for most of us who witnessed the destruction in ertswhile days. Today there is no major drug dealing in harlem, that is why the police arrest cigarette seller's frequently, there is no major hustling going on.... hyperbole.

Any self -respecting Man or Woman would never find it necessary to be detained and searched, because of the fear others find so paralyzing they are willing to undignify other's.


The NYPD or any other authority should not target a specific community. They should look for trouble maker all around & keep NYC and Country protected.

Staten Island.

The Police deserve respect just as the citizens do. Sure there are some that may stop and frisk when it's not called for, but just as we should speak up when we see crime, cops need to speak up to each other to stop unesessay searches.


The stop and frisk makes me feel safe. I am a Black man, I've been stopped I felt humiliated but it's business the business of making me safe. I've seen numerous young white males stopped and their pockets tossed. PC Kelly is doing a GREAT job and he is not racist at all.


My thoughts on the NYPD stop and frisk policy is that is making causing violence and resentment in the communities where black and hispanics reside. First, I am a white European female married to a hispanic male of black appearance and I see racism first hand. My husband is a hard working man, with a managerial job - he goes to work in a suit. When he is not working he wears casual clothes and walks around his West Harlem neighborhood - out of his work suit, he has been stopped and frisked, just 3 weeks ago it happened and he recorded the dialogue on his cell. I heard it and it was disrespectful, antagonizing and mocking in tone. My husband has lived in Harlem since the sixites, he has seen crime at its worst and stuck out the hard times, he does not need to be treated like this in his neighborhood on his day off work. He has hated cops since he was a teen in the eighties and as a grown man this attitude remains because of the disrespectful behavior of the NYPD. Sadly, I can many recent examples of my husband being mistreated by NYPD for no reason other than being black/hispanic. Racism is alive and kicking in New York, NYPD is perpetuating this. I notice all those saying stop and frisk is acceptable do not live in areas where blacks or hispanics are the majority.


I'd like to know why I'm profiled as a white male by people looking for work as someone who has money because I'm white? An easy target of crime because I'm white? Of course not, I'm not the only one asked, but people profile white people as if we are all rich. I suspect I am not stopped because there are few people with my profile involved in crime, but I was once stopped by the police because I looked like someone they had a description of. Why are people in denial about the fact if people would care to check that the number one victim and perpetrator of crime is the black man between the age of 16-35 years old? I think we need to address the economic injustice that turns people to crime in black communities in urban. this is nothing new. The cyclical existence of crime in black communities is what needs to be address. The notion that the police crime around just picking at will is so ignorant.


I have been abused by these police and they lie to you so they can do as they wish. I am a white male from woodhaven queens and I have refused to be frisked and as a result of that was targeted by these police at future times. The police have way to much power and that has caused much of the abuse people have to be subject to.I never feel they treat the folks they stop with respect. That C P R thing is a joke


Giving out informational cards is ridiculous, only the guilty have something to fear. Statistics in certain areas warrant stop and frisks. Why can't the liberals concentrate on more important things.


As a member of the service, I don't believe that SQF is used properly throughout the department. It is a tool, that constantly is misused due to pressure being placed on cops for commanding officers to alleviate heat on themselves when they go to borough meetings. Its simple, the more you produce, the more downtown likes you in the puzzle palace (one police plaza). If you're a commanding officer its the only way to get promoted. High activity makes you a "good leader" of a PCT. So, in order for this to occur.... Commanding officers pressure the Lieutenants, and that pressure gets placed on Sergeants, all of which are supervisors....none of which will prepare these reports of Stop Question Frisk, so it gets placed on the COPS. If cops don't do it, they get addressed accordingly by not getting days off, change of tour hours, undesirable assignments... its unfortunate but its a business. 9 out of 10 cops complain about the injustice, but no one listens. God forbid you speak up, you will be castrated. Without these reports of SQF and summonses commanding officers cant get promoted. Sadly, they use the younger cops on the job who do not know any better. They promise them positions that are desirable in commands if they produce more. If you want something as a cop, you need to PRODUCE. SAD but TRUE, ask any cop you know.

From Good Cop

The Stop and Frisk Policy of the NYPD is not only illegal, it discriminates people of color, or whom ever else would have to endure this. This brings back to memory the young black youth in the Bronx who earlier this month was about to be stopped and frisked, but he made it home, only to have his door kicked in and shot and killed while he was unarmed in his own home. The stop and frisk policy will definately bring about more senseless violence and killing of innocent people. I am scared to death to be stopped and frisked by the NYPD even though I do not carry weapons or illegal drugs, and especially when people who are not of color do not have to endure this type of things.

Brenda T from Harlem

I raised three sons, and I have always been TERRIFIED of this whole policy. One email said " The Cops" don't care what color the people they frisk are, that is so full of it. I have NEVER seen a white person being thrown against the wall and frisked. It seems that they feel it's okay to just take you and throw you against the wall in front of people, grabbing body parts. My son was born and raised in the Soundview section of the Bronx, he has been here his whole life, so, there will be times when he will be seen going from building to building to visit a friend, he has friends that he has gone to school with from kindergarten. He was grabbed, hard, thrown up against a wall in broad daylight in the summertime, I always taught my boys to not resist for fear of what may happen. Yes, there is alot of crime in New York, this is true, BUT, every black and hispanic is not a drug dealer. A young lady just said that they never go to 5th ave and do this, Why? Central Park is one of the main areas for drug dealers and addicts, yet, it goes on. No one has been able to stop these crimes as of yet. I so deal with Iesha from Harlem, people will never trust the cops because they have gotten away with Murder and it's okay. They get away with alot!


Hello my name is Jenny and I live in a pretty good neighborhood in queens! A few months ago my husband my brother and cousin were coming home from a dinner and were right outside our apartment window as they were just parking the car. Next thing you know my husband was told to get out of the car and was searched for No reason only because they were 3 Hispanic young guys! This was not right!

I do not support this bill... NYPD get away with everything! Enough!

Its all about the money,but the bigger picture,is to kill all the blacks, an to fill jailhouses an graveyards ,,,lets talk truth you dont talk who make guns bring drugs in ,,tell me how our kids get guns an drugs


I do think that police officer's should be required to give out a business card. Why? It's professional and it's give the public a way to reach out if need be I a later date. Policing is a two way street and community relations is a busy intersection, people should be treated with respect. Likewise, people need to treat Police Officer's with the respect they deserve as well as a fellow human doing a job. The public wants guns off the street but don't want the police to stop and frisk people, how will they help us if we can't accept the side effects as a city?

Chris from Brooklyn

I am sick of the race card being played. I agree with the first caller, Angel, and all the others who basically said that the stop-and-frisk happens in high-crime areas and is a fact of life; and that if you haven’t done anything and behave respectfully, you don’t have to worry. Of course there are exceptions and there will be police officers who abuse their authority. But I am far more concerned with police officers who get away with rape, drunk driving and other serious crimes.

upper east side

Please tell me how to comfort my 43 year old son the next time he is stopped, threatened, emotionally and spiritually abused by New York's finest. This policy must go, it enrages and saddens me in equal proportions! Have your children call you after these encounters and see who cries the most. All they were trying to do is get home!

Chandra, Bronx.

"THE GUILTY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR"!!!!!! i bet they were saying the same thing in berlin in the mid 1930's... stop and frisk is a violation of the 4th amendment, pure and simple; and should be abolished... just because a tactic garners desirable results doesn't necessarily make it constitutional or legal.... the ends don't justify the means.... folks who are in favor of this have never been accosted by strangers jumping out of a car like a gang and being thrown up against a wall.... why, i've even seen young men in my neighborhood have cops pull their pants down right on the sidewalk, which is against the law..... and, young people are being put into jail for violations; like carrying small amounts of marijuana, which in the '70s in ny state, was decriminalized into a violation status if the amount is under 7/8th of an ounce..... the cops seem to only do this to the "type" of people who they believe are going to be least likely to bring legal action against the NYPD..... i could go on and write a several page article on this topic, but i will leave it there for now.....

brooklyn, ny

I am a 32 year black male from Brooklyn Ny. The policy on stop and frisk definitely needs to be reassessed. Undercover police do stop individuals and their badges are not displayed as callers have stated. I can recall instances in which plain clothe officers are rude and forceful during these stops. Their attitude at times provoke the hostility that they receive. At times I have witnessed individuals ask for identification such as a badge number and officers finish their frisk then walk away and laugh. I myself have been stopped in brooklyn while driving my vehicle. When I refused to rolled down my windows --totally--during a cold winter month, the detective asked if I'd rather him break it.
For this reason I wouldn't mind receiving a card identifying the officer.

Sincerely yours,

By doing a act and too allowe a thing like this put them in violation of the constitution and the rules that listed in the titles below. They know it's wrong because all lawyers, jugdes, and law officers took a oath of office to protect the constitution. There are TWO lawfully excusable conditions for seizing, searching any property or person: a) A warrant of the law, or b) first-hand observation of a felony being committed.


There is no doubt in my mind that race is an important part of the stop and frisk policy of the NYPD. In Harlem I have never seen the NYPD stop and frisk a Caucasian male or female. In upper Manhattan (Washington Heights) Dominican Police are more prone to stopping and frisking Black males (more so) than they are their follow Dominican males. This is a fact that most Black male's in upper Manhattan can attest to. Furthermore crime is an integral part of our society and the founding of our Great Nation can be deemed criminal in it's nature. So much in the American economy is dependent on crime that I think that if we were to stop crime completely for two months the economy might collasp. We have police of every kind imaginable. The American Criminal Justice system is a behemoth. Just think of how many jobs feed off of the Criminal Justice System in this country. Any institution that is money driven is subject to corruption at the highest degree. People forget how and why police forces even exist. Most people actually have no idea what this thing is really about so life goes on as it does.


For everyone who says that the NYPD's use of stop and frisk is racist, simply look up the city crime statistics, (it is public information, google it).

It clearly shows that the majority of crime suspects for felonies and misdemeanors are being committed by certain demographics. Therefore, it makes sense to any logical person that the number of stop and frisks would be higher for these same demographics.

- J from SI

The world we live in today is about to explode stop question and frisk is something that has been waiting to ignite the fire. There are a lot of racist NYPD officers who will use this to there benefit. Targeting young black and Hispanics between the ages of 16-30 to harass. I've been stopped by police and believe it or not I personally had an officer say to me he wished it was legal now it looks like the cop got his wish


It is not fun getting frisked when you are innocent. No one likes another human being to invade their personal space when they haven't done anything wrong. There is no disputing that fact. But, If I am a police officer and I see a suspicious individual or an individual that fits the description of a suspect then I am going to stop and frisk them. It's as simple as that. Now, why is it that the majority of the stop and frisks are black and Latino? Who is doing most of the crimes in NYC? Blacks and Latinos. It's a simple fact. Look at the numbers. They don't lie.


A lots of NYPD are stopping a lots of people are japardizing a lot of people and scaring a lot of people. Some would put cocaine on your pocket especially in Washington Heights. The NYPD have no courtesy on other. a lot of NYPD of Washington Heights wre previous drug's dealers and were connected to the Gambino families by abusing tax payers money. A lots of NYPD of Washington Height are register Sex Offenders with previous record . We should write to legislature and congressmen about the problems with the Washington heights Police force are definitely corrupt and have a very serious behavior problems in God name why are they Stop and Frisk a Pentecostalist in Washington heights

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