Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Sting Shows Guns Sell Easily Online Without Background Checks

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Illegal gun sales are not backed by the 2nd amendment. The crackdown does not take away the right of a law-abiding citizen to own firearms, but criminals who are shooting innocent people in the street. The federal government should enforce background checks on all gun sales and also toughen penalties against those sellers that don’t conduct them.

On a side note, today was an exciting show for us. After tons of viewer e-mails, calls, and tweets, we announced we are extending to an hour in the new year! A big thank you to all our viewers for your support and keep those calls coming!

Private investigators hired by New York City found 62% of gun dealers online were willing to sell firearms to people who likely could not pass a background check. Mayor Bloomberg said investigators contacted 125 gun sellers in 14 states, and 77 of them agreed to make a sale.

Private sellers aren't required to conduct background checks by law. But they could be charged with a felony if they make a transaction despite indications the buyer is too young or has criminal background. Mayor Bloomberg supports a federal law that would require a background check for every gun sale. Do you?

What's your reaction to the investigation showing 62% of private gun dealers were willing to commit a felony to make a sale? Should background checks be required for all sales nationwide? Has the recent spate of gun violence in New York City made you feel less safe living here?

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I'm glad Mayor Bloomberg and the City had money to pay private investigators to find out something everyone else seems to already know. The Mayor is not going to be able to bend the rest of the country to his will, so he needs to just build a wall around his precious Manhattan; that way he can keep all the guns, cigarettes, working class people and minorities out of Manhattan and live in his Utopia.

The rise in gun crime has less to do with the ease of getting a gun, and more to do with how hard it is to find a job, affordable housing, getting quality education and putting food on the table. And as long as people like the Mayor and his ilk have their way desperation is going to lead to violent crimes, be it with an illegal gun, a knife or with someone's bare hands. Question should be why is it easier to get a gun in our society then it is to have the basic needed to survive?

RL-The Bronx

Hello, thank you for covering this issue.

All gun sales should of course require background checks. It's amazing this is even up for debate. It's scary how easy it is for criminals and/or the mentally ill to buy guns no questions asked. We have witnessed the ramifications of that time and time again. I support the Brady Bill.

Thank you.

Unfortunately for these gun dealers the greed to make a quick buck is more important than the lives of others.

Bay Ridge

OK now what is this government going to do about it?


I’m opposed to any regulation of the ownership of firearms. We have the right to self defense. We have the right to own the means by which we can defend ourselves.

And don’t forget the adage not frequently heard nowadays. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” It should be amended to say “And cops who will shoot you 50 times until you’re absolutely, positively dead.”

Port Richmond, SI

background checks coupled with psychological testing. Its time to ban assault weapons as well. The NRA lobby should be neutered. The economy is impacting the spike in violent crime. But why are nuts allowed have guns are we crazy as a culture? perhaps.


This mayor has been talking and talking about this same subject for how many years now?
This can't possibly be the first sting that they have conducted. How many years have we all been living with people being shot in the streets and nothing was ever done about it.
So why now? I think there is always a method to this madness just so that he can boost his ego and also look to leave a legacy behind. PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE CHILDREN THAT HAVE BEEN GUNNED DOWN IN THE STREETS. JUST LOOK AT HOW MANY DRIVE BY HITS ON THE POOR KIDS. WHAT ABOUT THE GANGS? WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUT THEM?




The idea that someone is not required to go through a background check before getting a gun is absurd. There is no valid argument otherwise.

Clinton Hill

First and foremost, "Mothers (and others) Against Gun Violence sends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of "Officer Peter Figoski."

"Gun dealers" (on-line or not) that do not conduct background checks should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they violate the law. NO EXCEPTIONS!

"Private sellers" AND buyers are one of the reasons we have problems with gun trafficking in this country, and they must be held accountable! It's past-time that we hold our President(s), Congress, local selected/elected officials accountable for not passing "common sense federal firearm laws."

I totally agree with Mayor Bloomberg that background checks for every gun sale should be conducted. Enough is enough!


the best show on cable.
better late than never!


The proliferation of illegal guns in New York City is an outrage. I've see them sold on a street corner. Gun sellers know it is much too easy and the chances of getting caught are slim. Mayor Bloomberg is right: stronger enforcement.

The caller, Phil, and the NRA need to start thinking sensibly about doing something about the easy availability of illegal handguns on the streets of New York City, not just for career criminals like Lamont Pride, but for kids. The Mayor is right.

Bobby G
East village

Guns should have electronic chips embedded in them for tracing and tracking purposes the same way car keys have chips in them. This country needs to get more serious about gun control. We can put men on the moon but we can't control gun sales. It is insane and now we lay to rest another Police Officer. Wake up America this isn't rocket science. Thanks John for your show

Westerleigh, SI

first my condolences to that officer's family. Initially, i thought i was a bit conflicted on such checks. im a big believer in constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms. but as with many current issues (eg immigration) its sadly a very differnt America than that when the constitution was drafted and from the one many of us happily grew up in. Gun background checks should be mandatory across the board. the only persons who should be put off by these checks qre hopefully the same persons who should not be allowed to exercise that constitutional right. stronger penalties for sellers are required as well.

Upper West Side

condolences to the NYPD community on the death of the officer, The laws are made to cater to the criminals not for the law abiding citizens, Gun sales and criminals are too often given the benefits of the doubt in court. Gun possession should only be limited to law enforcement, Stricter laws and the public needs to help out, cops cannot do it all...shame on the judges, courts, and people who sell guns illegally.


background checks are not enough,,,limit guns to law enforcement only,, Period,,,,Phil from Jamaica estates makes no sense

Bayside, Queens

the second amendment does NOT say we can all have guns in our homes, cars and belts. it says we have the right to be armed as part of "A well-regulated militia."

not a bunch of wackos running around as lone wolves.

deb sprague
jackson heights

You’ve got to be kidding me, requiring background checks is such a no brainer; only sellers, criminals, and those with an IQ 3 points lower than a door knob would be against it. We all know that politicians fit the last two categories, so maybe that’s why it may not pass. Most penalties for law breaking are a farce, anyone caught with an unregistered/unlicensed gun should automatically serve 10 years in jail—period—end of story—that’ll get their attention.

For those usual whiners regarding the “right” to bear arms, you can have a gun, just have it licensed and registered. And to those who say that guns don’t kill people, tell that to the parents of children who were killed by guns they found, or that another child found, because they didn’t understand the dangers of what they were playing with.

New Dorp

PS: Congrats on FINALLY getting to 1 hour — what the heck took the brains at NY1 so long after years of callers requesting it.

There are different gun laws in every state, the mayor is over reaching his powers. You can carry a gun in virginia but you cant in ny the mayor is at fault

Was it not Kristen E. Gillibrand the United States Senator that first brought up the issues of background checks for all gun sales in the United States and lobbying Congress for this? And wasn't it Carolyn McCarthy that lost a husband to a gunman that was in possession of an illegal gun and ran her platform for Congresswoman banning these sales?

I just wonder why it is that Mayor Bloomberg is always up at the podium especially on this issue when I saw Kristen Gillibrand standing behind him??


Tougher gun laws will do nothing but cripple the law abiding citizens. Criminals will break the law.. thats kind of the definition of the word. Aside from that, this nation was created by revolutionaries. The second amendment was given to us to use force against a government that no longer serves the PEOPLE. We are SUPPOSED to be able to overthrow our government, and tougher gun laws are being used to cripple us.

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