Thursday, April 24, 2014


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The Call Blog: Students, Residents, Walmart Workers Meet With OWS Protesters

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It was a busy day for Occupy Wall Street. Walmart, student trips, a clean-up and a community board hearing. Protesters have the right to protest and have uprooted their lives to do so, but they have to be understanding to the fact that other people are just trying to live their lives. I do think demonstrators are making an effort to address residents' concerns, and the hearing is a good start.

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters are meeting with residents of lower Manhattan tonight to address complaints over noise, smells, and other issues stemming from the ongoing demonstrations at Zuccotti Park. Protesters organized another cleanup of the encampment this morning to allay concerns from residents.

Meantime, workers from Walmart are now joining the fight against big banks and the nation's economic policies. Employees rallied today at the park against the working conditions and salary scale at the retail giant.

Zuccotti Park is also becoming a destination for classes on school trips. Students of all ages are visiting to learn lessons on democracy and protest movements. A group called "Parents for Occupy Wall Street" is planning a sleepover Friday night.

What lessons should students learn from the protests downtown? Is there a fair way for demonstrators to address concerns of lower Manhattan residents? What's your reaction to Walmart employees joining the fight?

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It's great that all these activities are taking place around the occupy wall street. It is particularly heartening to see youngsters, moms, and workers coming together to actively participate in true democracy.

Bay Ridge

Im all for remonstration but this has shades of the movie "Being There" with the late great Peter Sellers as the imbecile that becomes President (somewhat prescient about the previous occupant). Next we'll hear of Disney's version on Broadway. That said Walmart is anti-union and greedy so more power to the employees. Where will this end? only Li-Lo and the Kardashians know the answer.


The OWS have spewed their un-American nonsense at taxpayer’s expense long enough. They’ve gotta be sent packing.

Port Richmond, SI

This means just one thing to me and that is all of the politicians and their cronies starting from Albany right down to our boroughs in New York are scared out of their you know what of these protesters.

I'll give you an example and that is Quinn. When asked about if she was going down there it seems as though it wasn't on her agenda. Now what happened with the same sex marriage? She sure as hell made trips to Albany to discuss the passing of the same sex marriage law. Talk about being sneaky as all hell both her and the goomba conducted the meetings behind closed doors.


Occupy Wall Street needs to be stricter with the drummers and the drug users in the park, and ask the police for help if necessary. The police are not the enemy.


Its time to recover the country from the hands of those who turn the country into their own private company, making laws to profit from peoples dreams, destroying our dreams, dreams of homes, education, and the right to a better life.

Its time for the CHANGE, This battle belongs to Us the 99%, as well as a Country with fair (Human ) legall system, with Equal Oportunities - to everyone. and the CHANGE must be WORLD WIDE, and New York City has what it takes to make that change.

Lets stick together, until we see victory and a real Country for All.


The Billion air Mayor better wake up and go down there and start talking to protesters rather then trying to be a road block the Mayor is one the biggest reasons why people are down there protesting.

This would be the first time in 10 years this Mayor did something for the middle class. Everyone better understand there are more protesters then rich people so the rich should stop crying start listening and start thinking of new ways of doing things, The protest is not going to stop until people like the Mayor and other Government officials start changing their ways and realize their politics are the problem.


Walmart provides jobs and benefits that would not be available otherwise with small businesses. If provides upward mobility for those people who are willing to work harder than everyone else. Those who dislike large companies need to be aware that people have a choice not to work there.


Tell you what, I live in Flushing. Protestors, come on down. I'm not so spoiled as to whine about having a front-row seat to history.


It would be hilarious if the mayor were to cite Com. Board 1's concerns as a motivation to do anything against the protest since he has IGNORED the requests and input of the Community Boards (and the Community Education Councils!) for his entire tenure.

As to noise, smells,etc, I'd much prefer hearing the protesters than hearing drunken college students on the corner outside my building night after night, as I have since Bloomberg banned smoking in bars.

Morningside Heights

If ALL americans would stop buying from ALL companies where products are NOT made in america and making corporate america rich-"they" have poor people from over sea making their products and the poor people in america buying their products while "they" continue to make outrageous money off of the, sams club, forever 21, costco, so many companies that don't make products here

Sam's Club which is owned by Wal-Mart requires a membership...

How can a company that single handedly is responsible for outsurceing factory jobs overseas be good for the economy?

In the job industries there are big discrimination, waste of time going to school, in this
country they hire by ' WHO KNOW WHO and RACE even if you know someone in position,
when you need their help, they don't take your calls. In the health care departments they work workers hard, on their feet all day, pay low wages and all that, too much unfairness,
people are FED UP !!!!


Residents, business owners and the people who work in the area should not have to accommodate the protesters who have decided to set up camp in the park.

I think that their complaints are valid, and it's a situation that has to be inconvenient and must cause fear or apprehension when entering the neighborhood.
However, that's not to say I don't agree with the message, yes, changes need to be made, yes, the gov't isn't doing everything it should to help the people. I do think it's a nobel message and I feel if we unite changes can take place. However, I haven't heard any concrete goals that have been set forth by the protesters that will initiate actual change.

What are the solid, concrete goals at the end of all of this?? It's not like the banks, or the mayor, or anyone else is going to give everyone a job the moment the protesters quiet down.

So, again, what is the Goal? To be heard, great...but, that's not going to hurt the corporations that are doing injustice to the people. Maybe these protesters should stop shopping at places these corporations own, stop doing business with them, withdraw their money from the banks which they protest in front of! DO SOMETHING; make a PLAN.

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