Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Walmart Gaining Momentum In Bid To Open In City?

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I may not shop at Walmart for a variety of reasons, but I don't think a government blockade should be one of them. Let New Yorkers determine where they shop. The elected officials preventing this store from opening in the five boroughs should take a step back. Think for a second about what message this sends. America, land of the free. Sometimes.

If you believe the polls, it appears Walmart is gaining support as it looks to open a store in New York City. According to a new NY1-Marist College poll, 64% of adults now say they support the retail giant coming to the five boroughs. 31% of those surveyed oppose the idea, while 5% remain undecided.

Opponents accuse Walmart of paying low wages, discrimination and hurting small businesses. But nearly three-quarters of those polled say they would be "very likely" or "likely" to shop there. Would you?

Why do you think more New Yorkers are coming out in support of a Walmart store opening in New York City? Would you shop at one? Would you welcome a store in your neighborhood?

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I believe a lot of people believe like I do that Walmart would be a good thing. It means more jobs and inexpensive goods and services. Now we need to improve our local economy and Walmart is the way to good. I would not only shop there I would also apply for a job there. Now how about that. Now to those politicians who want to stop Walmart from moving in to the city let me say, Let's get real and get on to the bandwagon of progress.

Freddy- Glen Oaks Village

The labor union mantra that accuses Walmart of "paying low wages, discrimination and hurting small businesses" is getting old. That has been their mantra since day one throughout the country to get their claws into the corporation. New Yorkers now see through the tactics of labor unions and like the rest of the country want none of it.

It's about time.

Denise, Flatbush, Brooklyn

Hi John;

I think the main reason people are supporting Walmart is that they have low prices and people are looking to save money. I would agree with others who say the city is losing tax dollars for shoppers who head outside the city so it would be a plus for the city in that regard if Walmart came in.

My guess is that other big box retailers are the ones that will get hurt by Walmart coming in. There are already plenty of big box retailers so the impact on small business has for the most part probably already happened. By the way, could you do survey or otherwise find out how much the other big box retailers pay their workers, how much some of the small businesses pay their workers and how much Walmart pays their workers? My guess is that Walmart and the other big box retailers pay reasonable wages to store managers and that there is some avenue for advancement.

Ted from LES

cheap prices trumps union busting in a recession. We have Dogs and Cats and we must travel from Flushing to Nassau County to get cheap pet food at Walmart and we are union members but we can count as well. (Hopefully these are safe). The Politicos of NY are unrealistic magical thinkers who in this case are depriving their voters of an economic saving-grace and advantage in this economy.


Mr. Barron and his supporters don't want a Walmart in their backyard and that is fine. There are other neighborhoods, some of which are in the Bronx that do want and do need a Walmart! Why is Walmart beating a dead horse? Keep it moving and work with the neighborhoods that are saying yes now! Even if a Walmart were to open in Brooklyn the Bronx is still interested. People that have retired might want to work part time only, but they don't want to spend the money that the make on gasoline and metro cards when they could work in the Bronx and walk to work and stay healthy.

Kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx



Danielle .. Harlem.. I shop at walmart online all the time.. It saves me money ... I have three kids and I'm unemployed at the time and walmart gives me a chance to buy the things my kids need and want without going broke .. I'm all for a walmart in NYC!!!

I would not shop at WalMart because of their social and political behavior. I believe that, while they create jobs by opening, they suppress wages and drive out beloved local businesses. I appreciate low prices as much as anyone, but I'd rather pay a few cents more if it means a better quality of life in my community.

Anni, Manhattan

I don't support them. Have any of you traveled to states with a walmart they open and then open a larger store a mile away while the old store sits empty be ajar they won't rent to a competitor so they sit empty while small local store shut down cause they can not compete with their prices. They are not good for our community and NO I WOULD NOT SHOP THERE.


I travel to NJ to shop at Wal-Mart so yes, I'd definitely welcome a Wal Mart in my neighborhood. You can't beat their prices on certain items such as paper goods, pet supplies, etc.

Arden Heights, Staten Island

My name is axe. I live in the midwood area of bklyn near kings highway & I would love a super walmart in my neighborhood

Like everything else the market should drive whether Walmart comes to the City. And if the Unions think they do not treat them right let them try to organize which oh by the way failed every where it was tried.

Midtown East

Hi John,

I don't believe in any of these polls because this decision was made behind closed doors. What do they mean by the retail giant coming to the five boroughs? They do pay very low wages and by these stores coming here they will put the little business owners out of business. They never cared about us before so why should they show their concern now. All of these politicians are two faced.

Thank You John,

Yes ! I would welcome Walmart and shop there too ! But they should increase wages.


I guess that it is inevitable. People are hurting, money is tight or nonexistent in many families and they are desperate to stretch a dollar. As much as I despise Walmart's business practices I can't change them. This is what the Washington D.C. politicians and the Wall St criminals have created; a nation of people on the verge of bankruptcy. Go for it, shop where your dollar gets you the most.

Peace, Nick
Hell's K.

No Walmart in New York City? We go to a Walmart in New Jersey. I would add that because of high taxes on cigarettes and liquor, New York City and New York State are actually losing money. Many of us smokers and social drinkers cross the Hudson and buy cigarettes and liquor in New Jersey. Since the tax on clothes costing less that $110 was eliminated in the City, I, as presumably many others, buy tax free clothes in New Jersey. The New York State and City governments are forcing its citizens to spend their money in other states, not in New York.


The people of SI had there chance and botched it take a look at the parking lot in walmart over the outerbridge any Sat or Sun half the lot is filled with NY plates what a loss for SI. Now we will have to go over the VZ bridge to get to one


I really hope they open it up in East New York. That community has been neglected and decimated over the course of 20 years. A Wal-mart would help bring jobs and economic activity to the community. If you think Wal-mart pays too little, try being unemployed.

Frank, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

A Wal-Mart in the Bronx would be like a dream come true. My husband and I travel to Wal-Mart in NJ, CT or Upstate every other week. It would be great. Less gas and no more tolls! It also will create jobs for many people!

Millie from the Bronx

You should conduct an independent poll on wallmart. That pollster is relating doctored info. I don't know a SINGLE New Yorker who is excited to see a walmart open up shop and threaten the businesses that represent our authentic culture!


Yes i love wal mart i just left virginia i spent almost 400 dollars in walmart it would help bring more jobs different products more money a change to new york we need new things a change is coming so people get on board i would support it 100 percent


Hi john.

New york city has a strict zoning resolution that is enforced by the city planning commission. There are large scale retail zones for the likes of costco and ikea, and walmart is welcome thete. It is not an appropreate use in a mixed residential zone. This ensures that mom and pop shops stay in business.

ft grn

I'm sure politicians don't shop stores like Walmart. Politicians have done enough damage already. I welcome Walmart, at least their rates don't go up everytime they have financial problems. It's time for politicians to listen to THE PEOPLE!!!

If Bloomberg is looking for revenue let Walmart come!

Dongan Hills, Staten Island

Absolutely not! WalMart will kill the small, local stores. I never shop in WalMart & never will. I don't care if they open up next door to me.

~ Eileen, Kew Gardens

I would love a Walmart anywhere in Brooklyn. But i can't understand how anyone in NYC can afford to live here while getting paid minimum wage. I don't see how Walmart can help matters if they are taking away business from smaller businesses who pay minimum wage or maybe more. The prices are competitive now here as it is...So Walmart here wouldn't really benefit.. They are opening in Bayonne. I'll go there for a ride.... thx

Nick from Dyker Heights

I would welcome a Walmart in my neighborhood as it would bring much needed competition to the supermarkets and drug stores in my area where customer service is non-existent.

Btw, if anyone needs proof that a community with a Walmart thrives, please take I-95 to exit 13 in Connecticut in see how many different stores are doing well in the area.

Bronx, NY

As a worker for a local supermarket that struggles, walmart would make it even more difficult to compete. But then again knowing that I work in a supermarket I don't make the big bucks and a walmart would most definitely help out with the cost of living. Its a double edges sword!!!

Shelly, queens

I favor Wallmart coming into the city. Any company who could bring JOBS is welcomed and we should not prohibit any company with jobs an invitation.


Hi John,

It all boils down to supply and demand. If the demand is there, Wal-Mart will succeed, if it’s not, then they will fail. Let them give it a shot (that’s the American way), and let the chips fall where they may. For people without jobs right now, it could be a blessing since any job is better than no job, however, Wal-Mart MUST only hire legal American citizens and pay a wage that’s appropriate for NYC. Additionally, for those with no jobs, and those with low paying jobs, Wal-Mart’s low prices will also be a boon.

I just hope they build it in a place that’s easily accessible by public transportation since many New Yorker’s [including me] do not own cars.

New Dorp

The problem is that most people don't think of the other side. As long as we get a bargain, what do we care if the people behind the counter are get ripped off and not getting paid amliving wage?

Fernando in Brooklyn

Why would anyone want to give business to a company for mistreating their employees... just to save a few pennies? That is real sad...

Jesse in Manhattan

In my opinion, wallet would be great in Flushing and Brooklyn. It is a one stop shop that will provide job opportunities and reasonable prices. However, if at all possible, I would suggest making it a union shop.


I don't welcome Walmart in NYC. They pay low wages and do not provide medical insurance for them. This costs the city money in medicaid, medicare and child health care. They drive out local businesses. You get what you pay for. The cost to NY taxpayers to provide medical and benefits for Walmart's employees is too high. I never shop at Walmart and will never do so.


Is it a coincidence that survey results favoring a Walmart in New York are being released during a week of severe economic turmoil? Is Walmart banking on New Yorkers being so desperate for jobs and cheap goods that they will gladly throw their neighborhood stores under the bus? If the poorest New Yorkers can only afford to shop at Walmart, and can only get jobs at Walmart, will they ever be able to go anywhere else other than Walmart?

Lower East Side

Most of the people who support Walmart are ignorant. They are looking solely at the prices. They don’t know the truth about Walmart. Walmart violates child labor laws in many states. They often sell counterfeit products, including counterfeit prescription drugs. Walmart employs anti-competitive purchasing tactics whereby Walmart must get the lowest price for all merchandise they buy or they will refuse to sell any of that company’s products, meaning they will ALWAYS be able to offer a lower price than small businesses. In many states most of their workers are on Medicaid as their salaries are so low. They have a pattern of sexual discrimination. They replace good well paying jobs with slave labor wages. They are known to “dump” products at a loss to kill the area competition. The list is so huge. While I understand that people want a bargain. The problem is they are making a bargain with the devil!

Staten Island

Say no to Walmart!!! The small Business owners already struggle on a day to day to make it in NYC. We must preserve what we have and not allow Walmart to take over...


It seems like walmart and all big box stores are for places that don't have the same access to goods that city dwellers have. We don't want to suburban-ize the city too much


I think that Walmart is a great idea. I'm tired of other stores taking over the areas and overcharging everyone. Look at Duane Reade, it's like the monopoly of Manhattan. It's on EVERY OTHER BLOCK. Brooklyn has diversity like 99 cent stores and pizzarias and groceries, rite aid, path mark, shop rite, and everything else. They need to build a Walmart for Jobs, New York Tax revenue and people need to be able to afford basic purchases. Small businesses are closing down themselves.

These small businesses do not hire anyone as well. Try finding fishing supplies in new york city, YOU CANT!, even paragon sports has about 2 fishing rods in their "fishing" section.

Mikhail in Manhattan

Taking a job at walmart is a choice-union or not, people need jobs. I'd love one-great prices & I wouldn't have to travel to Suffolk anymore.

Queens NY

McDonals make more money then Walmart, I don't hear anybody complaining about a union or living wages for them!


People who support walmart don't understand that stores like walmart have destroyed our economy. The largest retailer in America buys their products solely from china which has decimated American manufacturing jobs. Americans love their cheap products but never think about the long term costs to our country and their jobs

Steve from woodside queens

This interview exercise by NY1 is a little bit dubious because the majority of people being interviewed are not aware of the 'economic damage' that Wal-Mart have done to their employees..nation wide, such as the deniability of workers to organize and form a Union, out-strip neighborhood stores, low wages,poor to non job security. There's much to say about this company..


Wallmart is bad for for America and should be kept out of NYC. Which would we all rather have: good jobs with benefits, at union scale living wages- but somewhat higher prices - or Walmart, a store that exploits foreign and American labor in order to sell us goods at rock bottom prices. So far the seduction is obvious, and so are the economic consequences for the USA. The disadvantaged in our society are not in a position to reject Walmart ; it is up to those who understand and can do something about it to keep Walmart out of NYC.

We need jobs, but we don't need the kind of cut-rate, union-busting, poor-stay-poor jobs that Walmart brings.


People who want Walmart in New York just want this city to continue down the path as the rest of the country into ruin. The handful of jobs they will create won't pay anything and they do run other businesses out of an area and then they have a monopoly on jobs and where people can buy things. People need to watch out about what is going on with these companies and the people who are pushing these deals, look up a thief named Greg Rayburn who is going to help shutdown A&P and Pathmark stores assuring only places like Walmart will be around to buy anything.


I welcome Walmart!!! I live in Jamaica Queens & I have compard many items that buy @ other stores to Walmarts...& Walmart has the better price!! The Mom & Pop stores SHOULD BE VERY WORRIED!! because, I'm tired of PAYING CASH for things that sometimes need to be returned & all I get is a store credit!! because Mom & Pop have a "No cash refund policy"!! BUT if I pay cash in Walmart, I get CASH BACK!! also, I DON'T have to spend a CERTAIN AMOUNT in Walmart to use MY CREDIT CARD!! SO YES, I WELCOME WALMART!! Mom & Pop...BE VERY AFRAID!!


There is no way, a Wal-Mart will really bring jobs to the people; 200 minimum wage jobs with rotating shifts of part time employees will only really help a select few (barely at that; great way to just keep the poor, poor). Let's keep in mind what they target, and whom they really want to market to. We as a people need to read more, to understand exactly what corporations we bring in and let use our city. Imagine the waste to ConEd that this super giant store will create, especially if they create a 24 hour one. It's great that the store is convenient, but too much comfort is never that good. I say no to a Wal-Mart in the city.


I would LOVED to have an email tickered on the show. I think Walmart would be great. I'm so sick of thes years expired bodega products in the small mom & pop stores. I know I can trust what I buy at Walmart...


I had been in many different Walmart stores across the country and find that they are very similar to K-Mart and Target which are already in NYC. They all selling cheap Chinese products which I find not cheap @ all! One cannot expect the quality from products sold in those chain stores. Consumers are the ones who making decision to pay money for cheap breakable items or invest in better quality more expensive items and therefore can choose which store they want to shop in. In my opinion, it is our government's job to make sure that cheap Chinese "garbage" cannot make into this country free of tax. Chinese manufacturers must pay lots of money to have a privilege to bring their products to US. With added taxes those "cheap chinese" items suddenly will not be cheap anymore. People will be paying more attention to the quality of Chinese products and it will force China to make better quality products or sell them somewhere else.Our government cannot chase away our corporations so they can invest in China who at the end loaned money to US, which they would never have if American corporations stayed at home. Wake up America! It is not about which stores Americans would spend their hard earned dollars, our American dollars!

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