Monday, December 22, 2014

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What Does Same-Sex Marriage Vote Mean To You?

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The same-sex marriage vote could not have come at a worse time for our viewers. Friday night at 10. Hundreds of New Yorkers were emailing, calling and tweeting to express their views (good and bad) on the historic vote. But the show ended. We thought to make up for the unfortunate timing tonight, and the viewer response has been overwhelming again. Read on for what Albany's vote means to your neighbor...

Friday night's vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York led to joyous celebrations throughout the weekend. The 33-29 vote by the Republican-led State Senate followed weeks of expensive lobbying and behind-the-scenes negotiating.

Today, Governor Cuomo said the vote helped to restore Albany's image. Cuomo said, "They're not laughing at Albany. Albany had become a punch line. And now they're talking about the great, progressive work that New York did again."

Also today, Mayor Bloomberg announced the City's tourism agency is planning a campaign to lure couples to marry in New York. Bloomberg said, "Stay in a hotel. Buy flowers, clothes, meals. It's good for the economy." What do you say?

What does legalizing same-sex marriage mean to you? How were New Yorkers reacting this weekend where you live, work or worship? Has your opinion of Governor Cuomo and Albany changed as a result of this vote?

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It is wonderful. Much credit to Governor Cuomo. He should be very proud of his efforts to repair Albany. Although sadly President Obama looks very small for playing it safe and staying on the sidelines. As usual.

Hudson Heights

Any bill that becomes Law that the Church and the Conservatives opposed; Im for. This will more than likely enhance Cuomo nationally in 2016 as well. I did not vote for him and he seems to have prowess as a lion tamer of the legislature which is necessary but makes me wary of him. Would I vote for him against 99% of the GOP/ you betcha.


My biggest concern about the new legislation is that many same-sex couples may rush into marriage, not so much because they want to form life-long bonds, but because they can. Marriage is a complex tangle of legal and financial obligations that do not always benefit each partner equally and that could come back to bite one or the other should things not work out. Many heterosexual couples have lived together for years without marrying, and some of these couples first begin to have problems once they do marry, although perhaps this is because they tied the knot in order to save an already troubled relationship.

But this law will be an absolute boon to those same-sex couples who have lived together for years, and even decades, without the legal and financial protections that married couples enjoy, and it's a win-win situation for everyone, and especially for divorce lawyers, who have aggressively lobbied for its passage.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

I don't know if it's good for our economy. Now there are going to be many more spouses covered by the working partners healthplan. Somebody asking career advice I'd suggest going into divorce law. It may be a growth industry a couple of years up the road.


And rent stabilization goes down the craphole huh? Pathetic politics.

Ari, Chelsea

[EDITOR'S NOTE: State lawmakers passed a bill Friday extending rent-regulations laws for another four years.]

Now we all have even more opportunities to wear ugly polyester dresses and tuxes as attendants in our friends' weddings!

Miss D.

Finally all NYERS know that they constitutional rights are guaranteed regardless of race, sex, or creed. They is no room for bigotry based on personal creeds. Cuomo finished what Patterson started.


Never am I so happy, when my cynicism towards our political process is proven wrong. Instead of going to Washington, Mr. Smith should have gone to Albany.


This Bloomberg should send someone for his City Tourism Agency to check out some of the real problems that we have. Like pot holes, bed bugs, crime, jobs, high rents, food prices, etc.


The fact that the change in the law was brought about by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans -- even Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who didn't support the change but allowed the legislation to come to the floor for a vote -- restores a lot of my faith in the legislature and state government. As to the change itself, while it doesn't affect me personally, it makes me feel like I live in a saner and, yes, better place than I did a week ago. I had quite a few friends, men and women, who never lived to see this happen who would almost certain have availed themselves of the right to marry, and I'm sorry they didn't see it, but I'm glad for all of those who can now stand up as equals before the law and the government of New York.

Upper West Side

Congratulations to Emperor Bloomberg, who overthrew the will of the people again, as he did in running for a third term. May Citytime be the noose around his neck just as Ed Koch had with Stanley Frieman and Donald Manes.

We can't smoke beacuse his empeoror dictated so, but its OK to drink more, which should make mothers against drunk driving happy.

A majority of New Yorkers do not want to recognize Gay marriages but thats not what was done by our Gestapo government. Homosexuals can't procreate and thats something that legislatively never can be changed.

Now New York will be the freak show that is San Francisco. Go government! Godsped Patrick Moynihan: the continual dumbing down of America until we are a third world country, corrupt and acceleratingly disappearing.

Brooklyn NY 11209

The Government can do as it pleases. However the Bible is clear that homosexuality is wrong, just as many other acts. I love all people without prejudice, but I support and uphold Bible standards. This legalization of same sex marriage shows a true separation between Church and State. Even if I disagree I will do so in love not hate or anger. Let us continue to love one another and be compassionate and freely forgiving just as God forgives us. Now what is next on the horizon?


The world didn't end! No surprise there. My neighbors were pleased, no apparent outrage, in my building anyway. It was the good and correct thing to do so Gov. Cuomo did the right thing. My opinion for Albany is mixed. Just because they did the right thing one time doesn't give them a pass on the other pressing issues for New York. It'll be interesting to see what they do about the ever awful MTA, Hydrofracking, etc.

Peace, Nick
Hell's K.

It means more weddings and more invites! It also means increased tax revenue which all are good for me.

Midtown East

Legalizing "same-sex marriage" in New York or any state or country is man's law, not the 'creator's." Someone please tell me how "the vote helped to restore Albany's image!" In my opinion, the only thing restored was what "New Yorkers" have been saying for years: It's dysfunctional! Three men in a room bullying and threatening those pathetic and spineless "law breakers" who disagree with them!

Those in the community that I live, work and worship are outraged!


It means if I were a matrimonial lawyer I would be very happy right now!

Chip formely of the upper east side

I am happy with the vote. It means that I don't have to question why my state was so behind the times anymore. Good job Governor Cuomo.

Rego Park

I now feel equal and respected,being able to marry,has changed the way I look at who im going out with,now I can plan a future and even have a family under the law,its living with dignity and respect.

John from Woodside

I'm ecstatic!! I believe in equal rights for all, so this is just great. My state senator is Tom Duane, and I was really moved by his speach when the vote was taken. He's waited a long time for this. Bravo!

Meryl from Manhattan

I am not gay but I have gay friends who have long term relationships with the same commitment and loyalty to their partners as straight people do; I'm so happy that they can finally marry. I'm so proud to be a New Yorker and to have lived in Greenwich Village for 46 years where it was a weekend long party and I swear the Gay Pride Parade was never bigger; the most common sign was "Thank you Governor Cuomo" a sentiment I share.

Greenwich Village

The same sex Sex Marriage should of done long time ago but finally, it happened and we are not a sticker but human beings just like everybody else. The governor did the right thing by signing the bill with his miracle hands. Andrew Cuomo for president next.

Bronx, ny webster ave

New Yorkers can feel proud and grateful that we, finally, have political leadership that can enact a collective expression of tolerance without the anger and acrimony so prevalent in political discourse throughout the rest of the country.

Bobby G
East Village

I wonder how many viewers realize that there are over one thousand rights granted by marriage but denied by so-called “civil unions”. So, finally we have an end to this form of discrimination via legislation that grants equal marriage rights to ALL couples. Hooray! To the idiots out there who claim that this legislation allowing homosexual marriage will lead to legislation allowing someone to marry his or her dog: If they REALLY believe allowing marriage between two humans could possibly lead to allowing marriage between two different species they are frighteningly stupid. And as for those bigots out there who say that homosexuals should not be permitted to marry because they cannot procreate: I am a heterosexual woman who cannot procreate. By their standard, I would be denied the right to marry, right? How absurd can you get.

East Side, Manhattan

Gays should have the same protections in terms of legal rights as heterosexuals, anything less is pure prejudice and discrimination.


It is very clear the minds of americans has become very sick. I want to know who is the man and who is woman in these so called couples. I wonder what is next?

Sheephead bay

To me the same sex marriage bill has destroyed our society as we know it. I feel this has opened up a can of worms for all to suffer in the future. I am disappointed at Guomo and the two Senators who voted for this bill who call themselves representing us as voters. I didn't like Gov. Christie, but because he is standing up against this in his state, he has earned my respect.

One good thing came out of this, is, I now know who I will not be voting for in the next election.


So, our state has legalized gay marriage. Will that make sexual relations between two people of the same gender (in particular, males) medically safe?

Charles, Stuyvesant Town

After reading the article in the Gazette about the behind-the-scenes games on Friday, particularly those that stifled Kevin Parker and Ruben Diaz, nothing in Albany has changed How dare the governor's staff play musical door locks.

Turtle Bay

I believe what this state has done with marriage equality is a disgrace. They did it for the money. Governor cuomo broke the true value of marriage, and family values. Cuomo is not thinking about people that are trying to raise children the right way. I believe gay people were not born this way it is a choice. The bible says in Leviticus 20:13, that if a man lie with a man as he does a woman, vise versa, it's an abomination. This tells you that homosexuality is a sin. Also it is a reprobate mindset as it is written in Romans 1:28. Marriage is btwn man and woman only. Anything else is like putting 2lbs of bologni in a 1lb bag. This thing with equality is another way of sugar coting sin.


I am an atheist and believe that marriage was only intended for a man, and woman. The analogy of civil rights for African Americans is absurd. Every society, large and small, for the entire history of mankind has only recognized the - 1 man - 1 woman union. Society needs laws and moral guidelines. I don't understand why civil unions with equal rights were not good enough for people. Gay people seemingly wanted to be allowed to marry, so-as to be 'normal' under society's norms. But they choose an alternative lifestyle. Seems like they want their cake and eat it too.

upper west side

The same-sex marriage vote means long overdue progress to me. Finally. It just makes sense.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

This means not having to pay an additional tax for my partner's health benefit. This means not having to worry that if i die, my partner will not be forced to leave the coop in which we live . This means not having to explain to the medical receptionist at the doctor's office what a domestic partnershp in front of the whole waiting room.

thank you to all the NYers who supported this bill


I am not pro gay marriage, but you know what - I am a New Yorker and we go with the flow!

Murry Hill

Many traditional Christians--Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox--are deeply disappointed and concerned about the passing of same-sex marriage into the law of New York State. Traditional Christians understand that they have a fundamentally different view of this issue from those who are advancing same-sex marriage as an aspect of civil rights. However, our greater concern is not whether other states will pass similar legislation. Rather, if same-sex marriage is seen as a basic civil right and ultimately becomes the law of the land, how will traditional Christians avoid being criminalized, and to what extent will advocates of this movement go to force this civil right upon the entire nation? By all appearances, this promises to be a case of "unstoppable force meets immovable object." Respectfully, advocates of same-sex marriage may wish to temper their euphoria with this realization. Remember Sisyphus.

Upper West Side

A glorious day for same gender couples who wish to marry, likewise for the attorneys who will be handling same gender divorces.

Enrique in Astoria

Gay marriage fine but "NYC I do campaign" is absurd! Welcoming deviants in masse and with open arms? As a lifetime new yorker I've witnessed the negative impact of politicians keeping their eyes on collecting money rather than ensuring the quality of life of people who actually live here, keep the city running and pay taxes. Don't we have enough tourists already?!

Signed concerned mom.

God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.. gay marriage should have not been legalized. the world coming to and end when gays are allowed to get married


Hi John,

Well, the gays got what they wished for, now let’s see what they say in a few years when divorces and blood sucking lawyers come into play. There’s the tax problems with Federal tax returns where gays cannot file jointly but now can on state tax forms; it’s going to cost plenty more to just do their taxes. How does it work with name changes: does one of them change their last name as does the woman in a straight marriage? What about alimony? Child custody & visitation rights (for those who were granted adoptions)? As the Everly Brothers once sang, “Problems, Problems, Problems.”

Singles can just walk away when they tire of each other, but not when you’re married. They may have opened a can of worms without realizing it. Welcome to horrible world of marriage.

New Dorp

There are gays from every walk of life, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Religion, God, Jesus, Allah have nothing to do with it & politics need to stay out of a person's private life. If people are fortunate enough to find another & love within that relationship, they should be able to marry. Life is short; live & love & let everyone be who they are!

Eileen from Kew Gardens

andrew was more concerned about ssm vote
Than jobs, education, people losing there homes
This was not priority!

Tony, albany

I think Dolly Parton put it very well: “Why shouldn’t gay people have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us?”

Upper East Side

I'm happy they pass the bill, it should of happen sooner, but it was going to happen eventually. Im also happy that the pastors, revs, etc got protection form haveing a suit against them for discrimnation, which they shouldn't get sued because of their religion beilef. love is love, and the bible is questionable.

Phedora from Brooklyn, Ny

In my opinion, I think that marriage should be between a man and a woman only: that's how I feel as a Catholic Christian what is wrong with Governor Cuomo? what kind of protection is this law going to provide for religious groups who are against gay marriage? same sex marriage is a issue that should not be put in to law into new york state> same sex couples who want to marry should not marry in new york state they should marry in another US State somewhere else where same sex marriage is legalized. Governor Cuomo should veto this bill and deal with other issues that should be put into law instead of this same sex marriage bill being passed and put into law hear in new york state

South Richmond Hill, NY, 11419

I would like to say that gay marriage should be upheld through the state, but not through the church. Its blatant discrimination, yes, but leave the ritual of marriage through the church through Christians. But let the social and economic aspects of marriage stand for anyone who wants it.


God made them Adam & Eve not Adam & steve. The law was passed only for economical gain. Listen to blpomberg.


I am a christian and i am happy that everyone has the ability to marry the person they love. Finally a step forward for my community and there is more to come.

Shary from the Bronx.

It was done for money the economy the Mayor said so today for tourist to come get married buy clothes , flowers, food, lol. If you thought that the Gov and the Mayor actually cared about people's rights then your very misguided it was done to help New York's economy plus it was a great political move for the Governor to head for the White House.

I have to laugh at Quinn at the big party the night before and the Mayor was absent due to his mother's passing. And Quinn had the whole show to herself lol Quinn was in full glory lol up there on the stage all to herself. lol. You could see that just wished that it could stay that way lol. All these people have tremendous ego's lol and love the media attention lol. When they see a camera they can't run fastest enough to get to it lol.

They say Schumer is the King when it comes to that disgusting What else is there to say this is New York and we are stuck with these ego's.

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