Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Brooklyn Lawmakers Arrested On Corruption Charges

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Instead of letting the Carl Kruger express crash and burn, Republican Party Chair Ed Cox almost stole the headlines today. To claim only Democrats have ethics issues is simply preposterous. So absurd it almost makes my blood boil. Then again, it already is thanks to Kruger, William Boyland and the latest batch of cheaters busted for abusing their power.

Two Brooklyn lawmakers face corruption charges for allegedly accepting bribes and steering taxpayer dollars to friends and business associates. Federal authorities say Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. were involved in a "broad-based bribery racket, reflecting an unholy alliance of politicians, lobbyists and businessmen."

Kruger is a 17-year State Senator and a member of the so-called "Gang of Four" that revolted against Democratic leadership two years ago. Republican Chairman Ed Cox says the latest charges show ethics is a "Democratic problem." What do you say?

What's your reaction to the corruption charges unsealed today? What do they tell you about the state of Albany politics? Are ethics concerns a Democrat problem?

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Ethics is not a Democratic Problem, it's a political problem. In the last 15-20 years the type of politicians that have/are running for office, and unfortunately being voted in, are shallow, self-centered, and self-interested. Long gone are the days of politicians actually running for office because they see it as a civic duty and want to truly help the "people", now it's an ends to a means, the means being their own agendas, careers and pockets. This is evident in the fact that they refuse to talk about or vote on such issues as rent stabilization in favor of the people it truly affects and not the lobbying and campaign contributing landlords, and putting a freeze on their own, and fellow employees of the city government's, pay raises or such that would help somewhat curtail the budget deficit. I mean if they feel that someone making 35,000 is well to do then they should try it themselves and lead by example.

Delia from the Upper Westside of Manhattan

Revolting! Dont yu mean a Democratic problem, Isnt Ted a Dem? I personally always found Kruger to be a slime-ball but wouldnt you say that Republicans are often ethically challenged. Ed Cox is an empty suit. We are not blessed in the so-called Empire State with statesman we have natty natterring nabobs of nincompoopery.


If it could be Carl Kruger then it can be anyone. Was not Kruger one of the very few to receive large contributions from Mayor Bloomberg (think so, not 100% sure) at the very best what does that say about the Mayor's judgement?? Kruger's high priced mouthpiece lawyer portraying him as hardworking, yes-for who? Did Seminerio plead guilty to taking payments after saying 'everyone's getting rich around here but me'? The Mayor lets business go on as usual - just tax more (but not the rich) to make up for it.


Hi John,

First of all why is this Republican Chairman Ed Cox still there. He should have been gone after the last election. It's about time that someone is starting to cleanup the mess. These politicians all seem to just look out for themselves and I hope we all get to see a parade of them from both sides getting arrested and then sentenced. It's just to bad that we have to wait so long for the process. They have never been concerned for us and our interests other than themselves.


Thank you John,

May he and brothers Espada and Monserrate rest in peace. (NOT!)

Liz in Sunnyside

Unethical behavior is a human problem, Democrat, Republican, communist, capitalist. No one's immune.

Sheepshead Bay



John, are my fellow NYER's Surprised??

The litany of corrupt law makers in Albany goes on and on. Can you say Clarence Norman, Joe Bruno, Pedro Espeda, the list goes on and on. It is not endemic to anyone party. But is endemic to a group of people who believe they are above the law and refuse to uphold the constitution and laws of a NY State, whose laws they are sworn to uphold and citizens to protect. They have contempt for those they serve. They believe they are deme-gods and are impervious to the laws that govern mere mortal beings such as their constituents!!!


DW Qns

the fbi should find out about all the other things he has done in brooklyn carl kruger is a dirt bag. he aint going to be driving his caddy any more that he does not pay for every year he is given a new one.


Please. Dirtbags come from all parties.

Midtown East


Lock them up
and throw away the key!!!!
Crooks are crooks !

Rick (The Everyman)

Sen. Carl Kruger is currently in the spotlight but keep this in mind - allegations are that lobbying fees placed into a bank account used by Kruger were applied, in part, to legislative support for lobbyist clients, among them local businesses fighting to stop "superstores" from opening in the city.

Do not make any one politician the fall-guy for a system which is corrupt from top to bottom. Political theater for establishing political advantage has so dominated our public life that we are in danger of missing the real story - our political-system and governance-culture is literally structured to be a broad-based bribery racket with
lobbyists, businessmen, influence-peddling, and money laundering as the norm.

Rather than engage in a vindictive, punitive response and pat ourselves on the back for our 'holier-than-thou' scruples, we should be working to restructure our government through publicly-financed elections and a culture of transparency.

Voters should know what money a legislator is receiving. By mandating full transparency in gifts and campaign contributions, and by supporting a clean elections process, we could reshape our terribly disfigured body politic.


John, the guys we hear about are only the ones that get caught! I guarantee you at least half of these politicians are involved or have profited in corrupt dealings.... GUARANTEED!
The difference is some are smart enough not to get caught... and some of them are greedy and careless... and get caught!

I always thought the whole point of being a politician is to abuse your power and swindle as much as you could!!!! When did this change???

The question now is..... who's next?

Washington Heights

I agree that this is a Democratic problem in that there is no competition in this state. Carl Kruger, for example, ran unopposed last November. That is why there is corruption. It is a one-party system in this city. When one party has control, corruption will rule.

Staten Island

The founding fathers built our system on people who want to serve, open to all. It was never meant for a life time job, nor was a campaign suppose to cost millions, The answer is term limits and spending quota. Life in prison does not stop a felon the third time, tougher fines will not stop an elected official.

Murry Hill NYC

The role of an elected official is to serve the public. Today's indictments once again point out a number of elected officials believe the role of an elected official is to serve himself.


NY State definitely needs a new set of rules re: elected officials convicted of ethics violations. They should be fired immediately and stripped of all pension benefits with no exceptions. This is not surprising, it is definitely the norm. They're all crooks.


They should go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass their penthouse. Do not collect their pensions.

Forest Hills

Politicians are elected to work for US and to protect the public's interest, NOT by trying to line their OWN pockets while in office. What these lawbreakers did is shameful. They may be Democrats, but Republicans are hardly without a history of shady deals themselves. Mr Cox better hope that he does not have to eat his words someday.

Peace, Nick
Hell's K.

I don't think its a party problem, its a politician problem.
Always look at those that are quick to blame others and point the finger a little closer. From the 1875 whiskey ring of mostly republicans to Connecticut's Governor John Rowland resigned in disgrace and was sentenced to Federal prison after being convicted of corruption in 2004.
Ohio's Bob Taft III pleaded no contest in Aug. 2005 to charges that he violated state ethics laws, becoming the first governor in the state's history to be convicted of a crime.

[corruption:] Kentucky's Ernie Fletcher indicted in job scandal in May, 2006. Like Republican Gov, of Arkansas, Fletcher was an ordained Baptist minister.

[corruption:] Illinois George Ryan was found guilty by a federal jury of all 18 counts or bribery and corruption against him, ending an historic, marathon public corruption trial in April 2006, and he was sentenced in Sept. to 6 1/2 years in prison.

Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. "Republican Marty"): used to demonstrate in front of the Capital in Tallahassee, FL, with large signs and banners, denouncing the "filthy morals" of Bill Clinton. Not long after Bill left office, Republican Marty was arrested for having extended, multiple sexual contacts between himself and two girls, aged 13-14, delivering the drug LSD. On the way to the Police Station, he keeled over dead in the Police car, after downing the contents of a bottle of drain cleaner.

[corruption:] Former Alaska state Rep. Vic Kohring was convicted in Nov. 2007 on three of four counts of corruption for selling influence to Veco Corp. executives. A federal jury found him guilty of conspiracy, attempted extortion and bribery.

[corruption:] Former Speaker of the Alaska House, Pete Kott, was found guilty on three of the four charges brought against him. On December 7, 2007 he was sentenced to six years in prison

[corruption:] Former Alaska Republican state Representative Vic Kohring was sentenced last week to 42 months in prison for taking bribes as part of a scheme to keep Alaska oil taxes down. In November
2007 a jury convicted Kohring of bribery, attempted extortion, and conspiracy for soliciting and receiving multiple cash payments from executives of VECO Corporation, the list goes on and on. Its the reason our economy is in the gutter

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