Red Bull Studios Bring Psychedelic Art to Chelsea

Featuring floor-to-ceiling psychedelic art and interactive pieces, the Spaced Out art exhibition in Chelsea includes works that aim to inspire the viewer's altered consciousness. NY1's Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

At The Red Bull Studios in Chelsea, it's like the set of an "Austin Powers" movie. Instead of meeting the International Man of Mystery, however, you can experience two floors of totally groovy psychedelic art.

"It's an immersive environment. It's meant to activate the viewer from floor to ceiling. It's playful. It's fun," says Maggie Barrett, the exhibit's Assistant Curator.

The exhibit is called "Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior," and you are sure to feel a bit spaced out here. There are works by an array of acclaimed artists, including Bruce Pearson.

"For me psychedelia and psychedelic art kind of goes back to the idea of mind expanding and hopefully perceptual shifts that you're not normally experiencing," says Pearson.

Artist Fred Tomaselli was inspired by the California deserts and its earthquakes when he created a piece using speakers and kitty litter.

"It's a work from 1987 called "Geology Lesson," and it's a basically a viewer-activated object that--where the sound slowly comes up through these speakers and vibrates kitty litter," says Tomaselli.

Psychedelic art is about having an altered state of mind. One way you can achieve that is by laying down on the exhibit's authentic shag rug. It's allowed. In fact, it's encouraged.

"I love watching kids come. They'll come down on the pink shag carpet and they'll just fall on their knees without saying anything, and people are just--they're just really loving it. It's really unexpected. It's not your typical art viewing experience. You come in here and you just feel a little bit more alive. It is a little bit altering, mind-bending," Barrett notes.

The exhibit is on display now through December 14.

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