Students From Storm-Damaged School See Their Beloved Mascot Once More

One of the most unlikely victims of Hurricane Sandy was a six-foot tall mythical creature, but now thanks to some elementary school students from Brooklyn, the Scholars' Academy Seawolf is returning to the Rockaways. NY1's Education reporter Lindsey Christ filed the following report.

When the new year starts, students from Scholars' Academy in Rockaway Beach will still be displaced. These Queens students are split between two schools in the East New York section of Brooklyn, where they have been since Hurricane Sandy.

"The last couple months have been hard, but it's getting better, knowing there are people here to help us step forward," a student from Scholars' Academy said.

Some of these helpers are really tiny. They are elementary school students from P.S. 132 in Williamsburg who decided to "adopt" the sixth through 12th graders from Queens.

"Because they lost their home and their school," said a kindergarten student.

"We decided to give them star cookies, because we're the 'Shining Stars' of Williamsburg," said a first grader.

They also donated a Thanksgiving meal and supplies and spent weeks raising money. When it came time to buy something for Scholars' Academy, the principal had an unusual suggestion.

"He said it might be a really great idea to bring our school spirit back, and a great way to do that would be to bring our mascot back. It was lost in the storm," said P.S. 132 Principal Beth Lubeck.

"I heard that it was a wolf," said a kindergartener.

"They didn't have him anymore. We got a new mascot," said another kindergartener.

On Thursday, the mascot made a surprise visit to the Scholars' Academy middle schoolers, who are in one location, and the high school students, who are in another. All said they were incredibly touched.

"I thought that was really sweet of them," said a Scholar's Academy student. "That was really nice, because we don't even know them and they didn't even know us, and they just -- random act of kindness!"

The students in Williamsburg said it made them feel good to help.

"We want to help, everybody, even people we do not know," said a kindergartener.

Students and staff at both schools brought up the school shooting in Connecticut.

"I am really glad they brought in the Seawolf at this time, especially now that horrible things are happening," said a Scholar's Academy student.

"This has been a very traumatic week for us over here at the elementary school, and so this was a really great thing for us to do this week," said Lubeck.

Student after student said that they liked the new version of the Seawolf even better than the one before the storm, especially knowing where it came from.

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