Perfect A 15-Second Job Pitch

One employment expert says the difference between getting a job or not could be just 15 seconds. NY1's Employment reporter Asa Aarons filed the following report.

Communications experts say people could have as little as 15 seconds' worth of attention to convey a new idea, ask for a job or ask for a raise.

Those who think its too short to make an impact in a job interview say the need to perfect their timing.

Why 15 seconds - why not 30 or a minute.
"I saw it's perfect," says Laura Allen of 15 Second Pitch. I call this the "attention deficit disorder society." You have to be faster at everything. Nobody has two minutes, it takes 15 seconds."

Allen says she's found a way to make the A.D.D. interview work for to one's advantage. The key has to do with carefully and precisely focusing a message through a four-step process called the "15 Second Pitch."

Allen teaches the method in private seminars, and thousands of pitchers and pitchees gather on her website to compare notes and strategies.

The first two steps seem easy: say who you are and succinctly what you do. Next, say why you are the best person in your field.

"What makes you different and better than the competition," says Allen. "There are a lot of great candidates out there right now, so what makes you better than everyone else."

Finally, include a call to action, like "Call me."

As simple as it sounds, the four steps do yield some impressive results. Allen includes some striking before and after examples on her website.

She says in her experience the job market belongs to those focused enough to seize it.

"The biggest mistake job seekers make is they do what I call the kitchen sink pitch, they know a little bit of everything," says Allen. "You have to focus on that one thing that makes your better and make your pitch around that."

The website includes real examples, and a so-called "Pitch Wizard" that lets users practice at the most direct ways to sell one's talents.

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